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  1. Financier/Executive Producer of the 'Halloween' film series
  2. Actress-Angel 3,Road House,Dr.Caligari,Dr.Alien/Stunt Work-Scream 3,Coyote Ugly,Starship Troopers,Charlies Angels,The Fast and The Furious,The One,Halloween H20,6 Days 7 Nights,Sudden Death,Double Drago,Fists of the North Star, Star Trek TNG
  3. Actress: Ryan's Hope, Halloween II, Coward of The County, Falcon Crest, Romero
  4. Actress: Halloween 6
  5. Actor: appeared as Tommy Doyle in 'Halloween' (1978)
  6. Actor: Escape From New York, The Fog, Halloween III, Lethal Weapon, Night of The Creeps, Maniac Cop, Creepshow, Striking Distance, The Rockford Files, Bruiser, My Bloody Valentine, The New Kids
  7. Model/Actress - Victoria Secret, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, America's Next Top Model, Black or White, Inferno, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, A Woman Like That, New York Undercover, Coyote Ugly, Love Stinks, Love and Basketball, Halloween:Resurrecti
  8. Actress - 'Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982)'
  9. Movie Producer: Friday the 13th 6, Halloween
  10. Actress - Bosom Buddies, The Ropers, Duel (as the Snakerama lady), Mame, 1941, Paul Bartel's Private Parts, The Fugitive Kind, Women In Chains, The Devil's Daughter, Halloween 2, Silver Streak, Slaughterhouse-5, Little Fauss & Big Halsy, Pollyanna '82
  11. Screenwriter & Director: Halloween 5, Open House, Play Dead, Peephole
  12. Actor: Halloween 6, The Secret Life of Girls, Love and Happiness, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, One Life to Live, Hangmen
  13. Halloween 2007
  14. Screenwriter & Director: Halloween 8, Paranoia, The Drifter,
  15. Halloween Resurrection
  16. Girl on phone in beginning of Halloween II
  17. Jurassic Park, Halloween III: Season of the Witch
  18. Director: 'Halloween', 'Escape From New York', 'Escape From L.A.', 'Vampires', 'The Thing', 'Christine', 'Elvis', 'Big Trouble In Little China', 'Village of The Damned', 'They Live', 'In The Mouth of Madness', 'Cigarette Burns', 'The Fog'
  19. Actress: Halloween 5
  20. Actor: 'Michael Myers' in Halloween // Screenwriter & Director: Escape From New York, The Last Starfighter, The Boy Who Could Fly, Dennis The Menace, Major Payne, Mr. Wrong, TAG
  21. Actor: Halloween 5
  22. Halloween 6, Actor
  23. Cinematographer: Halloween 4, The Amityville Horror, Higher Learning
  24. Actor: Halloween 5
  25. Chris Conner  (2)
    Halloween 2
  26. Actress: played Rachel Carruthers in 'Halloween 4' (1988) and 'Halloween 5' (1989), also appeared in the film 'House of The Dead' (2003), House of the Dead 2
  27. Actor: Halloween 3
  28. Actress-Halloween(1,2,H20,Ressurection),A Fish Called Wanda,Perfect,True Lies,Freaky Friday,Trading Places,My Girl 1-2,Blue Steel,Christmas With The Kranks,Drowning Mona,The Fog,Forever Young,Anything But Love,Fierce Creatures,Playboy November 1983
  29. Stunts in Halloween remake
  30. Veteran Character Actor: Sherriff Brackett in Halloween and Halloween II, The Fog, Escape From New York, Assault On Priecent 13
  31. Halloween:Resurrection...stunts
  32. Cinematographer & Director: Halloween 6, Ally McBeal, One Tree Hill
  33. Cinematographer: Halloween 5, The Spitfire Grill, Dr. Giggles
  34. Young Laurie Strode in 'Halloween 2' (1981)
  35. Michael Myers/The Shape in 'Halloween H20'
  36. Halloween Night
  37. Halloween 2
  38. Actor: Halloween 2, Payday, Thunderbolt and Lightfoot, Barracuda, Return to Horror High, Family, The Incredible Hulk, Little House On The Prairie
  39. John Strode in 'Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers'
  40. Stunt Woman; Red Eye, Cursed, Species III, The Ring, CSI, What LIes Beneath, Halloween 4, Critters 2, Return To Horror High, Friday The 13th 5,
  41. Tracy Evans  (2)
    Halloween 5 stunts
  42. appeared as the young Michael Myers in 'Rob Zombie's Halloween'
  43. Halloween, Male Voice Over Talent
  44. Screenwriter: Halloween 6, The Tooth Fairy
  45. Halloween 4, The Wedding Singer
  46. Actress: Halloween 5, Blood Deep
  47. Paul Freeman  (2)
    Film Producer: Halloween 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8, Trantulas
  48. Halloween 2
  49. Danny Strode in 'Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers'
  50. David Geddes  (2)
    Cinematographer: Halloween 8, The Messenger, Y2K
  51. Actress, singer and former comic book editor for Top Cow comics from 1996 and in 2006.She has edited titles such as Witchblade, Battle of the Planets and Tomb Raider.Married to actor Tyler Mane.Appeared in the movie Halloween II (2009)
  52. Actor: Barry Sims in Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers, also appeared in Silent Night, Deadly Night and Near Dark
  53. Actress (b: 1946) - Life Goes On (1989-1993), California Suite (1978), Halloween II (1981), Death Of A Centerfold: The Dorothy Stratton Story (1981), Going Berserk (1983), D.C. Cab (1983), Vice Versa (1988). Acting coach. Director
  54. Actor, Bryan pearson on 'The Bill Engvall Show
  55. Actress: Halloween 5
  56. Halloween 2
  57. GI Joe, Dark Shadows, Holy Matrimony, Roseanne, The Juror, Angels in the Outfield, Forever Lulu, 3rd Rock, Halloween H2O,Ten Things I Hate About You, Manic, Brick, Latter Days, Mysterious Skin, Havoc, Shadowboxer, The Lookout, Killshot,Stop Loss,500
  58. Halloween
  59. Screenwriter: Halloween 7, Reign of Fire, The Prophecy 2
  60. Actor (b: 1960) - The Last Starfighter, Halloween II, Jaws: The Revenge, Stepsister From Planet Weird, Knot's Landing, Life Goes On
  61. Actor: Played the Young Michael Myers in flashback scene of Halloween 2.
  62. Halloween H20
  63. Remington Steele, Halloween II, MacGyver, The Twilight Zone, Mama's Family, Babylon 5
  64. Halloween 6, Terminator 3, Wishmaster, Wrong Turn 2, Hatchet, Saw
  65. Actress: Halloween, That's Life, Roseanne, Wish Upon A Star, Urban Legend, The Last Boy Scout, The Victim, Daylight, Brooklyn South, See No Evil 2, Hatchet 3, Free Willy, Marked for Death
  66. Actor - The Faculty, Halloween H2O, The Virgin Suicides, Here On Earth, Pearl Harbor, Wicker Park, and 4o days-40 nights. 'The Black Dahlia', 'Lucky Number Sleven'
  67. Coma, 9 To 5, Halloween II, Twilight Zone: The Movie
  68. Producer of 'Halloween', 'Halloween II', 'Halloween III', 'Escape From New York', 'The Fog', 'Crazy In Alabama', 'Roadracers', & 'The Dead Zone', longtime collaborator of John Carpenter
  69. Screenwriter: Halloween 8, The Crow-Wicked Prayer
  70. film scores (halloween 2-6 escape from ny.)
  71. Frankenstein in Halloweentown
  72. Film and stage composer, orchestrator and conductor; worked on such films as Halloween H20, Fantatstic Four, Superman Returns, Dreamgirls
  73. Director: Death Train, Return to Halloweentown; Locusts; Buffalo Dreams; Do or Die; Atomic Train; Jesse Ventura Story; The Spring; The Wrong Girl; Wolverine; Home Invasion; Voice from the Grave; The Lake.
  74. Screenwriter: Halloween 5, Wild Grizzly
  75. Halloween H20
  76. Halloween 4, Dazed & Confused
  77. Actress: Judith Myers in 'Halloween' (1978), also appeared in Surfer Girls, H.O.T.S., Gas Pump Girls, The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas, and Dracula: Dead and Loving It, Playboy - Miss June 1974
  78. Stunt Coordinator: Halloween 8, The Jimmy Show, Virus
  79. Lynda in Rob Zombie's 'Halloween' remake
  80. Mrs. Blankenship in Halloween 6, SCL Punk
  81. Halloween Night, When a Killer Calls, Freakshow, Eating Out 1, 2, & 3
  82. Confession, Halloweentown 2:Kalabar's Revenge, & American Dreams.
  83. 'Annie' in 'Halloween'(1978) and 'Halloween II'(1981), 'Julie' in 'Assault On Precinct 13'(1976), 'Sandy' in 'The Fog'(1980), Mrs. Challis in 'Halloween III: Season of The Witch'(1982)
  84. Actor: Billy Hill in 'Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers'
  85. Actor & Stuntman: Played 'Michael Myers' in a few scenes in 'Halloween 6', Twin Peaks, The Shawshank Redemption, Total Recall
  86. Stunt Coordinator: Halloween 4, The Soul Collector, Dazed & Confused
  87. Halloween 2
  88. Screenwriter: Halloween 4
  89. Screenwriter & Director: Halloween 4, Anacondas 2, Deep Blue, Marked for death
  90. Actor: Michael Myers in Halloween: Ressurection
  91. Associate Producer for 'Halloween'
  92. Composer - Halloween Resurrection
  93. Actress: Halloween-Resurrection, Disturbing Behavoir, Lake Placid, 40 Days 40 Nights, Stark Raving Mad, A Guy Thing, Devil's Highwway, Elektra, Wish You Were Here, Bound By Lies, Awake, Bloodsuckers, Chaos, Dead or Alive, Sex & Death 101, Slave
  94. Halloween 25 Years of Terror
  95. Halloween 25 Years of Terror
  96. Halloween Resurrection
  97. Lee McConnell  (2)
    'Roommates':Ass't Director&Stunts-Halloween 5
  98. Halloween: Resurrection,Special Unit 2, Angel, 3000 Miles To Graceland
  99. Screenwriter & Director: Wrong Turn, Halloween 4, Layover, The Marine, Left Behind, Spawn
  100. Rob Zombie's Halloween and Friday the 13th (2009)
  101. The Deep End of the Ocean, Disney's The Luck of the Irish, Halloween Resurrection, The Colt, The Ring 2, Spin, Final Destination 3
  102. Actress: Halloween 7, Under Pressure
  103. Andy in 'The Fog', 'Halloween II', Assistant Cameraman on 'Ivory', 'Julia', 'Domestic Doug'
  104. Actor: appeared as Michael Myers (age 23) in the unmasking scene of 'Halloween' (1978), brother of 'Happy Days' actress Erin Moran (Joanie Cunningham)
  105. Actor/Stuntman: one of two actors to play Michael Myers in 'Halloween 4', Jason Voorhees in 'Friday The 13th Part V', appeared in 'Star Trek', 'Suburban Commando', did stunts for 'Dallas', 'Ghostbusters', 'Child's Play', 'Jaws 4', 'National Treasure'
  106. Actor/Bratz-Halloween Night
  107. Halloween 4 as the Guard, The Rock as Park Ranger Bob, My Blue Heaven
  108. Actor - Robinson Crusoe '48 (Oscar nom.), Waterloo, Fail-Safe, Invasion USA, Halloween 3, RoboCop 1-2, The Last Starfighter, The Dead, The Big Cube, The Travels Of Jamie McPheeters
  109. Author Of Halloween Books,about Michael Myers!
  110. Cinematographer: Halloween 7, Texas rangers, Lake Placid, Phantasm 2
  111. Jeff Olson  (2)
    Actor: Halloween 4
  112. Actor - Halloween films (as Dr. Sam Loomis), The Great Escape, You Only Live Twice (as Blofeld), Fantastic Voyage, Dracula '79, Dr. Crippen, Circus Of Horrors, THX-1138, Escape To Witch Mtn., Telefon, Escape From NY, Will Penny, Night Of The Generals
  113. The 'Modern' Godfather of Halloween, creating/selling latex masks, commonly used in the entertainment industry. Don Post Studios are famous for creating rubber masks for commercial sale & use in movies, including Star Wars and the Halloween films
  114. Actor: Young Michael Myers in Halloween 4
  115. Actor in Halloween: The Curse Of Michael meyers
  116. Screenwriter & Producer: Halloween 4, Gacy, Dahmer
  117. Lindsey on Halloween 4
  118. Actor: Halloween 5, Ed and his dead mother, Sour Grapes
  119. Earl in 'Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers'
  120. Screenwriter: Halloween 4
  121. Actor: Played the 6 Year old Michael Myers at the begining of 'Halloween'.
  122. Actor: Little Buddy in 'Halloween III: Season of The Witch'
  123. Movie Editor; Halloween II (1981)
  124. Halloween 2
  125. Actor/Stuntman: played Michael Myers in 'Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers', also appeared in 'I Always Know What You Did Last Summer'
  126. Halloween III: Season of the Witch, Roots: The Next Generation, Night Court, Hill Street Blues, The Incredible Hulk
  127. Halloween II (1981)
  128. Actor: Sheriff Meeker in 'Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers' and 'Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers'
  129. Wade in Halloween 4
  130. Actress: Halloween 3
  131. Actress: Halloween 1, 2 & H20 (as Nurse Marion Chambers), Escape From New York, Life Goes On (as Sharon Galloway, 2 episodes)
  132. Actress, Played as Lindsey Wallace in Rob Zombie's Halloween
  133. Sam Stone  (2)
    Halloween Night, Big Time Rush
  134. Halloween 2007
  135. Actor: Halloween 4
  136. Halloween 25 Years of Terror
  137. Halloween
  138. Actor: Halloween 3, Cutter's Way, Deal of the Century, Against All Odds, Return of the Living Dead 1 & 2, Homefront, Bound by a Secret
  139. Halloween: Resurrection, Save the Last Dance, The District, funny brief cameo in Noth Another Teen Movie
  140. Actor: Halloween 5
  141. Actor: Deputy Sheriff Hunt in 'Halloween II', 'High Anxiety', 'History of the World: Part I', 'Missouri Breaks' The Girl in the Empty Grave, Deadly Game
  142. Actor: Halloween 5, The Princess Diaries 2, Gurdian Angel
  143. Production Designer/Editor for 'Halloween' and 'The Fog', Director of 'Halloween III', 'Fright Night II', appeared as 'The Shape' during the closet scene in 'Halloween', played one of the ghosts in 'The Fog'
  144. Actor/Stuntman: Michael Myers or (The Shape) from 'Halloween II', former stunt double for Kurt Russell, Richard Dreyfuss' stunt double in 'Jaws' (sharkcage scene), father of actor Billy Warlock and musician/composer Lance Warlock
  145. Actor/Musician: Boom Box Boy in 'Halloween II', son of actor/stuntman Dick Warlock (The Shape in 'Halloween II')
  146. Halloween:Resurrection...stunts
  147. Film Producer: The Mist, Grindhouse, Pulse, The Brothers Grimm, Cursed, Kill Bill, Halloween 7, 8 & 9
  148. Actress: Halloween 3
  149. Actor/Stuntman: played Michael Myers in 'Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers' and 'Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers', also performed stunts in 'Escape From New York'
  150. Actress - Dawsons Creek, Species, Dick, Brokeback Mountain (AA nom), Blue Valentine, Shutter Island, The Station Agent, Prozac Nation, A Thousand Acres, Halloween: H20, Perfume, Wendy & Lucy, The Baxter, My Week With Marilyn, Oz the great and powerful
  151. Stuntman / Screenwriter / Director: Halloween (Michael Myers' Stunt Double), The Fog, Evil Altar, Escape From New York, TRON, Knight Rider, Magnum PI, Once Bitten, Popcorn, The Fall Guy, Hunter, The Towering Inferno
  152. Terry on 'Six Feet Under', 'Enterprise', 'Halloween H20', 'Wes Craven's New Nightmare'. Son of Stan Winston
  153. Movie Distributor/Executive Producer of 'Halloween' (1978)
  154. Halloween 2
  155. Executive Producer of the 'Halloween' movie series, 'Hell Night', 'Prison'
  156. Halloween, Son of Irwin Yablans
  157. Screenwriter/Director: Christmas is Here Again!, Halloween H20, Five Days Til Midnight, Home Improvement, Buddies