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  1. Dozier, Debbie 
    Actress, daughter of William Dozier and Joan Fontaine (and later the stepdaughter of Ann Rutherford) was in films 1972-1972 In Playmates as a bikini girl and in Gunsmoke
  2. Draganska, Anna 
    Supermodel-Playboy September 2006
  3. Dragomirescu-Ciotika, Sabine 
    Female Model-Playboy March 1990,Playboy Germany April 1989
  4. Dragoo, Shannon 
    Big Brother 2 contestant and Playboy model
  5. Drake, Michele 
    playboy playmate - miss may 1979
  6. Drayton, Kia 
    Playboy Playmate-Miss December 2006
  7. Dresia, Lisa 
    Female Model-Playboy Women of Atlanta August 1996
  8. Driggs, Deborah 
    playmate - miss march 1990
  9. Duberson, Sally 
    playboy playmate - miss january 1965
  10. Dubuc, Marie-Claude 
    playboy model
  11. Duenas, Leilani 
    Female Model-Playboy Special Editions,Baywatch Hawaii
  12. Duffek, Patty 
    Playboy Playmate-Miss May 1984,Hard Ticket To Hawaii,Picasso Trigger,Savage Beach
  13. Dunae, Amara 
    Playboy cover modeal us march 1996
  14. Dunbar, Allison 
    Actress-Strip Mall,Guiding Light,The Sopranos,Playboy Babe of the Month April 2004
  15. Duncan, Amanda 
    Female model, Playboy Special Editions
  16. Dunlap, Carla 
    Female Bodybuilder/Former Ms.Olympia/Personal Trainer-Playboy February 1991
  17. Dunn, Maritza 
    Female Model-Playboy Special edtions
  18. Dunn, Shleena 
    Female Model-Playboy Special Editions
  19. Dunst, Kirsten 
    Actress - Jumanji, Small Soldiers, Dick, Drop Dead Gorgeours, Interview with a Vampire,Spiderman 1+2,Crazy/Beautiful,Playboy May 2005
  20. Duplaix, Daphnée 
    Playboy playmate - Miss July '97, actress - Passions (t.v. series, 2004-present)
  21. Duryea, Leah 
    Model-Former NFL Cheerleader,Playboy February 1999
  22. Duvall, Shelley 
    Actress (b: 1949) - The Shining, Popeye, Nashville, Brewster McCloud, McCabe and Mrs.Miller, Annie Hall, Time Bandits, Roxanne, Thieves Like Us, Buffalo Bill & The Indians, 3 Women, Frankenweenie, Frog/Frogs, Home Fries, S. Duvall's Bedtime Stories
  23. Dworaczyk, Hope 
    Playboy Playmate of the Year 2010,Miss April 2009
  24. Dye, Sara 
    Female Model-Home Shopping Network,Playboy Special Editions,Playboy Employee of The Month March 2005
  25. Dziubinska, Anulka 
    Playboy Playmate-Miss May 1973,Vampyres,Bare Essence,Lisztomania,The Likely Lads
  26. Earl, Jonel 
    Performance Artist for Zumanity:Cirque du Soleil,Playboy August 2005
  27. Eastwood, Alison 
    Actress: Tightrope, If You Only Knew, Black & White, Midnight in the Garden of Good And Evil, Poolhall Junkies, The Spring, Lesser Evil
  28. Eaton, Sally 
    Actress-Musical Hair,Playboy December 1969
  29. Ebbert, Kyla 
    Playboy - Banned from Southwest Airlines for inappropriate clothing
  30. Ebert, Sandra 
    German Playboy model
  31. Ecclestone, Tamara 
    Model-Playboy May 2013
  32. Eden, Carol 
    playboy playmate - miss december 1960
  33. Eden, Rolf 
    German Playboy and actor born 1930.in movies from 1959-85.'Terror of Doctor Mabuse','Das Siebente Opfer','De Sade','Drei Lederhosen in St.Tropez','The French Sex Murders','Higher and Higher'
  34. Eden, Simone Fleurice 
    playboy playmate - miss february 1989
  35. Eder, Melanie 
    German Playboy model, Playmate of the year 2003
  36. Edl, Jennifer 
    Former Playboy Bunny,Playboy October 1976
  37. Edmondson, Donna 
    Playboy Playmate-Miss November 1986,Playmate of the Year 1987
  38. Edmondson, Jaime Faith 
    Former nfl cheerleader was on the amazing race, Playboy Playmate-Miss January 2010
  39. Edwards, Barbara 
    Playboy Playmate-Miss September 1983,Playmate of the Year 1984
  40. Edwards, Jennifer 
    Actress (b: 1957) - Heidi (title role in the infamous 1968 NBC special that interrupted the Raiders-Jets FB game. Viewers deluged NBC with phone calls, causing the switchboard to blow out), many of her father's films (Blake Edwards), Spyder Games
  41. Edwards, Sandra 
    Playboy Playmate - Miss March 1957. Actress - Parrish, Sugarfoot
  42. Egger, Jolanda 
    playboy playmate - miss june 1983
  43. Eggers, Kira 
    Adult Model/Actress-Big Brother VIP,Filthy Rich Girls,More Mercy,Being Ron Jeremy,Sex Columnist For FHM,Playboy Special Editions
  44. Egler, Kim 
    Female Model-Playboy Special Editions
  45. Eisner, Ines 
    German Playmate, February 2008
  46. Ekberg, Anita 
    Swedish Actress born 1931.Playboy Model 01/1979 and 01/1989.Movies->'La Dolce Vita','War and Peace','Artists and Models','Paris Holiday','Sheba and the Gladiator','Boccacio-70','Alphabet Murders','4 for Texas','Call Me Bwana','Killer Nun','Zarak'
  47. Ekland, Britt 
    Actress-The Wicker Man,Get Carter,The Man With The Golden Gun,Endless Night,Cold Heat,Scandal,Beverly Hills Vamp,High Velocity,Royal Flash,Stiletto,The Double Man,After The Fox,Playboy November 1979/November 1981/May 1989,The Commandent
  48. El Dursi, Klaudia 
    Female Model-Playboy May 2012
  49. Electra, Carmen 
    Model/Actress-Baywatch, Beyond Legend Johnny Kakota, Scary Movie, Starsky and Hutch, My Bosses Daughter, Playboy June 1997/June 1998/December 2000/April 2003/March 2006/March 2007/January 2009
  50. Eleniak, Erika 
    Playboy Playmate-Miss July 1989/December 1993,Under Siege,Tales From The Crypt:Bordello Of Blood,Baywatch,The Beverly Hillbillies,Real Gilligans Island,Dracula 3000,Chasers,Charles in Charge,The Blob,ET,Pyromaniacs:A Love Story,Pandora's Project
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