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StarTiger - Browsing Entries matching Tag BirthYear::1926
Browsing Entries matching Tag BirthYear::1926
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  1. Big Brother 13 Houseguest; an outdoors industry executive from Ascension Parish, LA
  2. Actress - To Have & Have Not, Old Acquaintance, The Horn Blows At Midnight, Christmas Eve, Silver Lode. Cover Girl. Pin-Up Model
  3. Contemporary French Artist
  4. former major league infielder; played for Cardinals, Phillies, Cubs & Brooklyn Dodgers; participated in 1952 & 1953 World Series
  5. fashion designer
  6. Jan Morris  (2)
    Welsh historian, author and travel writer
  7. Author
  8. composer - The Elephant Man
  9. NFL, RB, Chicago Bears 1950-53, Cleveland Browns 1954-56. College - Ohio State
  10. Outfielder who debuted for Chicago Cubs in 1956. He passed away in 1996
  11. former NFL-GB
  12. nobel phy. laureate 1975
  13. Sportscaster, played himself in 'Rocky IV'
  14. President of Maldives, 1968 - 1978
  15. 507th p i r - ww 2
  16. Am. Actress (b: '26) - Hud (AA win, GG nom), The Subject Was Roses (GG nom), The Day The Earth Stood Still, A Face In The Crowd, Breakfast at Tiffany's, The Fountainhead, In Harm's Way, The Breaking Point, Operation Pacific, Ghost Story, Cookie's Fortune
  17. guitarist (mister rogers neighborhood)
  18. writer
  19. MLB pitcher from 1949-60 for Dodgers, Reds, Indians. 1952 & 53 Military. Known as 'Newk'. R.O.Y., MVP, Cy Young, 4x All-Star. Best seasons: 1951 went 20-9, 1959 went 20-5,1956 went 27 (Led league) -7./ Hit 7 HR's in 1955./ 3 W.S. went 0-4, 8.59 ERA
  20. Author
  21. French Actor - Mad. Strip-Tease, Come Dance With Me, The Gigolo, Maya, Stranger From Hong Kong, Mysterious Island '73, Nick Verlaine (TV - title role)
  22. Basketball Player (Boston Celtics)
  23. Actor: Airplane, Forbidden Planet, The Poseidon Adventure, Police Squad, Scary Movie, The Naked Gun, Spy Hard, Mr. Magoo, The Golden Girls, Highway to Heaven, M*A*S*H, Dracula - Dead and Loving It, Creepshow, Soul Man, Prom Night
  24. pop c&w singer (the bible tells me so)
  25. UK House of Lords
  26. Actress starred in Never The Twain and Last Of The Summer Wine
  27. medal of honor marines korean war
  28. actor
  29. John O'Neill  (3)
    Former Rugby League Player
  30. Actor: Ulysses, The Verdict, Romeo & Juliet, Barbarella, Theater of Blood, Sacco & Vanzetti, QB VII, Purple Rose of Cairo, The Dream Team, Opportunity Knocks, Only the Lonely, Me Mammy, Oz, The Butcher Boy, Murder in the Heartland
  31. Hockey Hall of Fame player
  32. Film scores (mondo cane, the yellow rolls-royce); 'More', 'Forget Domani', 'Blue Lace'
  33. cartoonist (rudy)
  34. Chordettes
  35. Actress
  36. Former Italian footballer. played for Fiorentina and Empoli
  37. Greek actress in european movies born 1926.'Zorba the Greek','The Guns of Navarone','Trojan Woman','Electra','Attila','Anne of 1000 Days','Bloodline','Lion of the Desert','The Unfaithfuls'
  38. Laszlo Papp  (2)
  39. Actress of 1950's
  40. auto racing driver
  41. British Actor (b:1926) - 'The Gorgon','Rasputin:The Mad Monk','Agent 8-3/4','Watcher in the Woods','Room At The Top','Sword of Sherwood Forest','Drummonds','Julius Caesar','The 3 Musketeers','Richard Wagner Story','Arch of Triumph','Her Majesty Mrs.Brown'
  42. Penn State Head Football Coach
  43. Football player - Linebacker Los Angeles Rams 1948-1955
  44. French director
  45. Author
  46. Architect
  47. British actor born 1926.A.R.P.Warden Hughes on'Dads Army'(1968-77),P.C.Wilson on'You Rang M´Lord?'(1988-93),'Carry On','Whats Up Nurse','Love Thy Neighbour','Mad About the House','Two in Clover'
  48. Author
  49. British character actor - Dads Army, One Foot In The Grave, Hi De Hi
  50. Actress - Three Coins In The Fountain, Viva Zapata!, Niagara, Pickup On South Street, Apache, Broken Lance, A Man Called Peter
  51. Former UK actress and announcer, introduced the live television broadcast of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953
  52. Secretary of Commerce 1972-1973
  53. R&B singer (sea of love 1959)
  54. Former baseball player with NY Giants and Cincinnati Reds 1947-1954
  55. AAGPBL player 1943-1948, shortstop and 3rd base for the Kenosha Comets and South Bend Blue Sox
  56. Instrumentalist
  57. British actress
  58. Writer-Director - High Road to China
  59. Magician. Actor
  60. Starting Michagan Quaterback 1944-45
  61. Songwriter; co-wrote the Carpenters song 'Merry Christmas Darling'
  62. Actor - Cleopatra Jones, Cleopatra Jones & The Casino Of Gold, 5 Clint Eastwood films, The Buddy Holly Story
  63. Country music entertainer, hits include 'crazy arms' and 'Heartaches by the number'
  64. Spanish actor
  65. Actress: Sesame Street, The Facts of Life, Diff'rent Strokes, The Worst Witch, Hello Down There, The Hot Rock, Sidewinder 1, Rabbit Test, Hair, Thunder in Paradise, Sisters, 101 Dalmatians - The Series, ER, You Don't Mess with the Zohan
  66. Former Foreign Minister of France (1986-1988)
  67. Actress from the late 1940s to the 1950s born August 1, 1926 in Clinton, Oklahoma, appeared in CrissCross 1949 and The life of Riley also played Kim Kettle in the Ma and Pa Kettle films. Last list appearance in 1961 T.V. show Surfside 6
  68. Writer-Producer - Topkapi
  69. Former Notre Dame, Cleveland Browns, Bills and Yankee QB
  70. Actor - We're No Angels, Pat & Mike, Miss Sadie Thompson, The Marrying Kind, Battle Cry, The Naked & The Dead, Nightfall, God's Little Acre, Riot On Sunset Strip, What Did You Do In The War, Daddy?, Dead Heat On A Merry-Go-Round, The Green Berets,
  71. former college quarterback/linebacker/coach; played for University of Michigan; coached at Delaware University; won 300 career games; member of College Football Hall of Fame; won three national championships
  72. Author
  73. Singer/Musician
  74. A singer and harpist-zitherist who was a star of the post- World War II folk music scene
  75. Steve Reeves  (2)
    Actor/Bodybuilder - Hercules & Hercules Unchained (title role); The Last Days Of Pompeii; Duel Of The Titans; Giant Of Marathon; The Thief Of Baghdad; Morgan The Pirate; The Trojan Horse; Jail Bait. At his peak, he was the highest paid actor in Europe
  76. film director (french lt's woman night must fall)
  77. Former Stripper/Actress-Date With Death,Deadwood 76,The Thrill Killers,Nasty Rabbit,Lady Godiva Rides,The Divorcee,The Hard Ride,Deep Roots,Interlude of Lust,Lady Streetfighter,Dimensions in Fear
  78. Italian singer and sometimes actor, husband of Rita Pavone
  79. Actor: Quiz Show, Disclosure, Serpico, Amistad, Jack, The Entity, Highlander 2, The Gambler, Betsy's Wedding, The Frisco Kid, Out to Sea, Judging Amy, Hill Street Blues, Rise, Guilty by Suspicion, Eating Raoul, Voices
  80. Hall of Fame Olympic pole vaulter, politician
  81. Insult Comedian/Actor: voice of Mr. Potato Head in Toy Story; Casino; Run Silent, Run Deep; Muscle Beach Party; Bikini Beach; Beach Blanket Bingo; Pajama Party; Kelly's Heroes; CPO Sharkey. Many Dean Martin roasts & 1 classic Twilight Zone episode
  82. Actor, Producer
  83. Larry Roberts  (2)
    Voice Actor - Lady & The Tramp (as the voice of Tramp). His only film role. Singer. Clothing Designer
  84. MLB H.O.F. pitcher 1948-66 for Phillies, Orioles, Astros, Cubs. 7x All-Star. 1952 P.O.Y. with 28-7, 2 saves, 2.59 era. 4 yrs in row led league in wins 1952-55, 2x K leader, most shutouts in 1950. 6 yrs in row with 20 or more wins. 1950 W.S. 0-1, 1.64 ERA
  85. Canadian ice hockey player. He was a member of the Edmonton Mercurys that won a gold medal at the 1952 Winter Olympics in Oslo, Norway
  86. Served in the U.S. Navy during both WWII and the Korean War; Author - Waiting; Dark Beyond the Stars; former speechwriter for politician Harvey Milk and is portrayed in the film
  87. Author
  88. Singer/Musician
  89. German born psychologist and parapsychologist who in 1958, alongside J.G Pratt defined a 'poltergeist' as a paranormal phenomenon which consists of events alluding to the manifestation of an imperceptible entity. He is now 85 and lives in Georgia, USA
  90. Known as the father of the geostationary satellite
  91. Score Composer: A Raisin in the Sun, Requiem for a Heavyweight, The House That Would Not Die, A Gunfight, Satan's School for Girls, Rooster Cogburn, The Island of Dr. Moreau, Logan's Run, Clash of the Titans, Young Indiana Jones
  92. Singer/Musician
  93. Author
  94. opera singer
  95. Former Congressman from Georgia
  96. british singer from the 50/60's
  97. Former NFL commissioner
  98. French director, now retired
  99. Composer/Songwriter
  100. Baseball: Giants
  101. Deputy Clem Foster on Bonanza
  102. Decorated Australian Military - Now deceased
  103. Author - Non Fiction
  104. Artist
  105. boxer
  106. former NFL-50s
  107. Italian Actor (b: 1926) - The Bird With The Crystal Plumage, Candy, The Conspirators, Casanova '70, City Under Siege, Last Stop On The Night Train, Secret Violence, Nude Odyssey, It Happened In '43, The Anonymous Venetian, Backfire, The Maniacs
  108. Comedian/Actor - Lunch With Soupy Sales, The Soupy Sales Show, Birds Do It, Black Scorpion. Game Show Panelist - What's My Line? (1968-1974), Hollywood Squares (1967-1978 - 24+ eps), The Pyramid (1973-1991 - 83+ eps). Singer - Do The Mouse. Radio DJ
  109. Author
  110. Scientist
  111. Greek in 1926 born actress in italian movies.'The Conformist','The Overcoat','The White Angel','This Angry Eye','Anima Nera'.Beside Lollobrigida and Loren the Diva of Italian movies in the 50/60tys.47 movies from 1964-72
  112. Negro League Baseball Player
  113. MLB outfielder, pinch hitter, pinch runner for Browns in 1951. Made famous for pinch running for the midget Eddie Gaedel who walked on 4 pitches from Bob Cain. Had the highest batting average of .446 in professional baseball in 1949
  114. Actor
  115. Nobel medicine laureate 1977
  116. Austrian born Actress, 'The Brothers Karamazov','The Hanging Tree','White Nights','Der Schinderhannes','Rose Bernd','Cimarron','The Mark','Ninotchka','99 Woman','Odessa File','Superman','Die glückliche Familie','Kojak,'Derrick','Tatort'
  117. 1959 Red Sox
  118. Children's Author
  119. Film Director - Midnight Cowboy, Marathon Man, The Day Of The Locust, Yanks, Darling, Billy Liar, Far From The Madding Crowd, Sunday Bloody Sunday, The Believers, Honky Tonk Freeway, The Falcon & The Snowman, Pacific Heights, Madame Sousatzka
  120. German actor, Husband of Helga Schlack
  121. German polititian, mayor of berlin 1967-1977
  122. German actor
  123. Actor - 6 Tarzan films ('55-'60 - as Tarzan), Duel Of The Titans '61, Goliath & The Vampires, Goliath & The Rebel Slave (Goliath in both), Zorro & Mask Of The Musketeers (Zorro), Hercules & The Princess Of Troy, Conquest Of Mycene (Hercules in both)
  124. Actor: Many roles in Doctor Who, often as a Dalek.
  125. army general educator
  126. Actor: Phantasm, Wishmaster, Subspecies, Scream Bloody Murder, The Lost Empire, Chopping Mall, The Lost Empire, Munchie, Legend of the Phantom Rider, Alias, John Dies at the End
  127. French mathematican, born 1926
  128. American Actor born 1926.'The Apartment','Navajo Run','The Love God','Gunfight in Abilene','Murder She Wrote','Ironside','Batman','Bonanza','Untouchables','Mike Hammer','CHIPs'
  129. writer
  130. movie critic for the 'Today' show
  131. jazz saxophonist flutist
  132. Guard who played for the Washington Capitols (1950-1951)and Boston Celtics (1951-1961). Enducted in the Basketball Hall of Fame as a Player in 1976 and a Coach in 2004
  133. The Red Shoes, Peeping Tom, ballet dancer
  134. Actress - The Thing '51, I The Jury, One Minute To Zero
  135. Actor
  136. Baseball / Played for 17 Years with 5 Teams 1949-64 / Rookie of Year in 1949 / Led AL in Homers & RBI's in 1957
  137. Author
  138. Italian actor born 1926.'Night of the Bloody Ape','Doctor of Doom','Geronimo','The White Orchid','Thunderbirds','Scalphunters','Barquero','Daniel Boone'
  139. Sim 
    French actor and humorist
  140. Melvin Simon  (2)
    co-owner of the pacers
  141. Producer - Porky's
  142. Author
  143. Italian actress born 1926.movies from 1950-86.'The Easy Life','Queen Bee','Massacre Time','Sherlom Holmes and the Deadly Necklace','Diabolical Dr.Mabuse','Bellissima','I am Sartana'
  144. American comic book artist for Marvel
  145. Former college/NBA guard; played for University of Minnesota & Minneapolis Lakers; All-American; 3X NBA Champion
  146. Actor - True Grit, The Sons of Katie Elder, Girls! Girls! Girls!, GI Blues, Wives & Lovers, I'll Take Sweden, The Born Losers, The Mini-Skirt Mob, The Devil's Brigade, The Aquanauts
  147. former major league pitcher; played for Braves, Orioles, Tigers, St. Louis Browns, Senators & Athletics
  148. basketball player/coach
  149. Children's Author
  150. former Chicago Cub, Milwaukee Brave, Philadelphia Phillie 1948-1958
  151. Billy Smith  (5)
    Former Rugby League Player
  152. Freddie Smith  (2)
    Former Auburn linebacker and school's all-time leading tackler
  153. Australian Politician
  154. MLB H.O.F. outfielder 1947-64 for Dodgers, Mets, Giants.8x All-Star, ML P.O.Y. (55). 'The Silver Fox' led league Rs 3x, hits, HR, RBI, BB. Best in 1954 with 120 RS, 39 doubles, 10 triples, 40 HR, 130 RBI, .341 BA. 6 W.S. (2x Champ) - 8 doubles, 11 HR
  155. American Football; Guard, Michigan, NFL, Redskins, Hornets, Lions, Cowboys
  156. Former Governor of Washington (1981-1985)
  157. former major league pitcher; played for NY Giants & Tigers
  158. Character Actress
  159. hockey hof defenseman
  160. Actor: Alien, Escape from New York, Christine, Paris Texas, Cisco Pike, Dillinger, The Godfather 2, Farewell My Lovely, Missouri Breaks, The Rose, Private Benjamin, Pretty in Pink, Wild at Heart, The Green Mile, The Straight Story, Big Love, Twin Peaks
  161. Doctor/Pioneer in Organ Transplant. Performed the first human liver transplant. Called 'The Father of Modern Transplant'
  162. former college guard; played for University of Tennessee & Army; member of College Football Hall of Fame; 1947 Outland Trophy winner; 2X All-American; former Army Head Football Coach
  163. Author
  164. Twenty-One scandal - contestant
  165. Author
  166. Actress (b: 1926) - TV series: The Doris Day Show, The Montefuscos, Vega$, My Three Sons, Dr. Kildare, That Girl, The Lawless Yrs. Films: The Apartment, Valley Of The Dolls, Convicts 4, The Black Orchid, The Hawaiians, Buona Sera Mrs. Campbell
  167. MLB shortstop from 1950-60 for Pirates and Indians. Former Indians manager. Best season was 1953 with .284 batting average
  168. Actress (b: 1926) - Search For Tomorrow (1951-1986, as Joanne Gardner Barron Tate Vincente Tourneur), Guiding Light, One Life To Live, Adventures of Don Juan, Thunderhoof, The Big Punch. Singer - Percy Faith, Michel Legrand. Songwriter
  169. Author
  170. Alan Sues (born March 7, 1926) is a U.S. comic actor best known for his performances as part of the ensemble on the 1968-1973 television program Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In. Sues' on-screen persona was campy, outrageous and contained verbal slapstick
  171. Actress played Ozawa-San in Godzilla 1954
  172. businessman publisher
  173. British Opera singer born 1926.lives today in Switzerland.'The Merry Widow','Maria Stuart','Die Fledermaus','Norma','Lakme','Don Giovanni'
  174. Formula One Driver from Belgium
  175. Author
  176. Architect, born in 1926
  177. Fought at Iwo Jima.Veteran featured on the HBO miniseries The Pacific
  178. American child actress 'Our Gang'. Born June 29, 1926
  179. Played for the 1953 Brooklyn Dodgers
  180. Last surviving member of the Desi Arnaz Orchestra during the years 1951-1957; part of The Wrecking Crew; worked with everyone from Elvis to Sinatra, Como, Dylan, Dean Martin, Streisand, a.o. TV/movie work, I Love Lucy, Star Trek, Simpsons, many more
  181. former mlb pitcher - boston braves (1952)
  182. Author
  183. Ross Thomas  (2)
    Author - Out on the Rim; Briarpatch; Cold War Swap; Fools in Town Are on Our Side
  184. Pop/Country Music Singer (b: 1925) - Sad Movies (Make Me Cry), Norman, Paper Tiger, James (Hold The Ladder Steady) & 9 charted C&W hits with Don Gibson (1971-1976)
  185. director - Kung Fu tv series
  186. Australian actor from sixties and seventies
  187. Actress - Cries & Whispers, The Silence, Wild Strawberries, The Magician, The 4 Horsemen Of The Apocalypse, The House Of Smiles, Brink Of Life, Foreign Intrigue, Return From The Ashes, The Damned, The Cassandra Crossing
  188. Mexican American activist
  189. businessman
  190. former college/AAFC/NFL quarterback; played for LSU, 49ers, Colts & Giants; 7X Pro Bowler; member of Pro Football Hall of Fame; holds NFL passing record 7 TDs in one game, threw 36 TDs in 1963, NFL record till 1984
  191. golfer
  192. Jazz musician
  193. Rugby League Player (deceased)
  194. former college/NFL running back; played for Penn State University, Lions & Cardinals
  195. French cook and writer
  196. Male Voice Over Talent
  197. Actor - I Married A Monster From Outer Space, The Cardinal, Texas John Slaughter, In Harm's Way. Author - The Other, Harvest Home, Fedora
  198. Shino in Akira Kurosawa's ''Seven Samurai'' (1954)
  199. voice of the Robot on Lost in Space
  200. producer - The Graduate
  201. Author
  202. baseball - 1950-1952 Browns and Senators
  203. Rugby League Player (Deceased)
  204. former major league pitcher; played for Philadelphia/Kansas City Athletics
  205. 1950's Quiz Show Scandal Contestant
  206. Politician
  207. JFK - Mayor of Arlington; attended the Fort Worth breakfast for President Kennedy on November 22, 1963; Marguerite Oswald was briefly employed in his home
  208. French actor (TV, theatre)
  209. Former Italian football goalkeeper, Juventus Turin F.C
  210. opera singer
  211. movie 'Reversal of Fortune' based on his life story, divorcee of heiress Martha Crawford, aka Sunny von Bulow
  212. Former President of Senegal (2000 - 2012)
  213. writer
  214. Author
  215. Polish film director
  216. Miss America 1947
  217. singer
  218. Boston Red Sox Pitcher (circa 1959)
  219. Governor of Alabama (1967-1968)
  220. Retired General
  221. Psychic Researcher and Author of Graveyard, The Hunted, The Demonologist..ect
  222. singer
  223. American Actress and Dancer born 1926.Victoria Scott in 'Always in My Heart','Cinderella Swings It','Bells of San Fernando','Dangerous Money','Dont Gamble with Strangers'
  224. American Child Actor born 1926.'Mr.Smith Goes Washington','Clipped Wings','Heidi',Lone Star Ranger','Annie Oakley','Great O´Malley','Change of Heart','Kentucky'
  225. Businessman, President, CEO and chief planner for The Irvine Company, former Chairman of Walt Disney Productions, Disney Legend
  226. Singer/Musician
  227. Actor: Creepshow, Demon Seed, Black Sunday, Fail-Safe, Marathon Man, The Day Of The Dolphin, The Legend of Lizzie Borden, Jaws of Satan, A Death in California, The X-Files, The Thomas Crown Affair, Law & Order, Star Trek DS9
  228. former college/NFL end/wideout; played for University of North Carolina & New York Yanks; All-American 1948 & 1949; member of College Football Hall of Fame
  229. Author
  230. Author
  231. Swiss Film Director/Writer - Seven Beauties (2 AA noms - Best Director & Writer, 1977. 1st woman ever nominated for a director AA) Swept Away, A Night Full Of Rain, Camorra..., Love & Anarchy
  232. jazz pianist
  233. AAGPBL bat girl for the 1949 Kenosha Comets
  234. Author
  235. editorial cartoonist
  236. Comedian, actor, writer, raconteur, diarist. Best known for the Carry On films
  237. German show jumping rider and 5 times olympic champion
  238. College football player at Miami University under Sid Gilman and Woody Hayes. He played and coached in Canada in the 50's and 60's
  239. Played for the south bend blue sox in 1946, AAGPBL
  240. American Child Actress born movies from 1932-63.'Giant','Hunchback of Notre Dame','Johnny Doughboy','Bright Eyes','Rascals','North Star','Captain Newman M.D.','Her First Beau','Golden Hoofs','Shooting High'
  241. Former U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania (1991-1995)
  242. Baseball player was on the 1950 New York Yankees which won the World Series
  243. Peter Wright  (2)
    British Actor
  244. American actress born 1926.was married to actor Errol Flynn.Movies->'The Big Trees','Oceans Eleven','Ill See You in My Dreams','Chamber of Horrors','The Man Behind the Gun','Tea for Two','Starlift'
  245. Author
  246. Author
  247. Bulgarian violinist
  248. MLB 3rd baseman from 1944-62 for 3 teams. Military in 1945. Known as 'The Walking Man'. Led league in walks 6 times. All-Star (52). Most doubles in league in 1951 and RS(115) in 1959 while getting 21 HR's. Best season 1950 with 114 RS, 58 RBI, 295 BA
  249. Austrian Director and Actor (Kommissar X, Käfer-Serie)
  250. German Actress born 1926.'Schwarzwaldmaedel','Am Brunnen vor dem Tore','Hollandmaedel','Die Lustigen Weiber von Windsor','Kaiserball','Der Zarewitsch','Das Bad auf der Tenne','Opernball','Darkness Fell on Gotenhafen','Matter of Who','Axel Munthe'
  251. motvational author-speaker
  252. Author
  253. Director of the United States Office of Management and Budget from 1968-1969 under President Lyndon B. Johnson