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StarTiger - Browsing Entries matching Tag background::solo_singer
Browsing Entries matching Tag background::solo_singer
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  1. Singer/Musician
  2. Singer/Musician
  3. female rapper (my neck, my back/02)
  4. Lebanese singer
  5. Singer/Musician
  6. Singer/Musician
  7. Singer/Musician
  8. Singer/Musician
  9. Singer/Musician
  10. Singer/Musician
  11. Singer,songwriter, played in Joe Dirt and Osmosis Jones
  12. jazz singer
  13. Singer/Musician
  14. singer
  15. Singer of The Red Hot Chili Peppers Actor:The Chase
  16. Composer
  17. lead singer of the 80's group 'The Greg Kihn Band'
  18. Singer/Musician
  19. singer (church)
  20. singer/songwriter
  21. singer/song writer
  22. Singer/Musician
  23. Singer/Musician
  24. Singer/Musician
  25. Singer/Musician
  26. Singer/Songwriter
  27. Singer of 'Baby I Love You'
  28. Opera Singer
  29. Singer (Toto); sang lead on songs Rosanna, Africa, Hold The Line
  30. Winner Of NBC's 'America's Most Talented Kid'
  31. Singer/Songwriter known for her breakout performance with Gotye on 'Somebody I Used to Know' as well as her debut solo album, Vows
  32. Singer/Musician
  33. Albert King  (2)
  34. Blues Guitarist
  35. Singer/'Stand By Me'
  36. Singer/Songwriter1990 rock and roll hall of fame inductee/Staunch Democrat
  37. blues singer, appeared in 'O Brother, Where Art Thou'
  38. Country Music Singer/Songwriter (b: 1923) - Wolverton Mountain, Tiger Woman, Big Woman Big Man, The Comancheros, All For The Love Of A Girl, The Burning Of Atlanta, Hey Lucille!, Sam Hill, I've Got The World By The Tail, Little Buddy, Sheepskin Valley
  39. Claude King  (2)
    Football player for 1962 Boston Patriots
  40. Dave King  (4)
    Vocalist/Musician -Katmandu -Fastway
  41. R&B singer (find my way back)
  42. Musician/Guitarist
  43. singer
  44. Musician/Blues Guitarist
  45. Jim King  (2)
    Played basketball for 1969 Cincinnati Royals
  46. John King  (4)
  47. John King  (5)
    Country music singer
  48. Singer/Musician
  49. Solo jazz musician - Level 42
  50. Singer/Songwriter-Playboy October 2011
  51. American jazz singer and actress born 1930.Mama Corleone in'The Godfather'movies,'A Brooklyn State of Mind','The Dean Martin Comedy Hour'.Songs-->'Walk On By','A Taste of Honey','When the World was Young','Easy Living'
  52. Nathan King  (2)
    Level 42
  53. Rugby Player
  54. Country-Western Singer/Songwriter - Slow Poke, Tennessee Waltz, Tennessee Tears, Tennessee Polka, Bonaparte's Retreat, Changing Partners, Bimbo, Silver & Gold, Busy Body, Backward Turn Backward, You Belong To Me. Country Music HOF - 1974
  55. Singer of the 50's with Big Band
  56. Singer/Musician/Actress-Married to Larry King
  57. American lounge singer
  58. Ted King  (3)
    WWII ship Reuben James survivor
  59. Singer/Musician
  60. Heavy Metal Singer
  61. r&b singer (groove me, baby let me kiss you)
  62. Singer/Musician
  63. Singer/Musician
  64. Singer/Musician
  65. Sixties singer
  66. DJ/Female lead singer of DEEE-LITE
  67. drummer with 'bad company',ex 'free'.
  68. Blues Music PlayerBorn in Jamaica
  69. Singer/Songwriter/Keyboardist - The Association
  70. member of 'N Sync
  71. Singer/Musician
  72. Slovakian singer
  73. Early member of Fleetwood Mac
  74. Singer/Musician
  75. Canadian Country Music Singer, debut single, "Started with a Song", was released on June 17, 2013
  76. Singer/Musician
  77. Singer & Actress: The Emperor's New Groove, St. Louis Blues, Anna Lucasta, The Chastity Belt, Friday Foster, The Serpent Warriors, Erik the Viking, Batman, Boomerang, Ernest Scared Stupid, Fatal Instinct, Harriet the Spy, Holes
  78. Female german Rapper
  79. Member of the dutch group 'Luxus' and plays in the phantom of the opera
  80. Singer/Musician
  81. Disney actress; appears in Lemonade Mouth
  82. Christian Rapper sings Rise Up, Dear Slim
  83. Singer/Musician
  84. Singer/Musician
  85. Singer
  86. Superstar of Germany 2003/Singer in 'Tanz der Vampire'
  87. Singer/Musician
  88. singer songwriter
  89. Christian rock singer
  90. UK R&B singer
  91. C&W singer/songwriter (something's charged)
  92. Singer/James Bond - Licence To Kill Theme song; multiple Grammy winner, best known for recording, 'Midnight Train to Georgia' with 'The Pips'
  93. Australian singer
  94. Country Music singer
  95. New Kids on the Block
  96. New Kids on the Block member
  97. Singer/Musician
  98. 1967 singer who had a hit song with' Everlasting Love '
  99. Singer
  100. former member of Dire Straits, brother of Mark Knopfler
  101. Singer and guitar player. Lead singer in Dire Straits
  102. Singer/Musician
  103. Singer/Musician
  104. Little sister of Beyonce Knowles and starred in Bow Wow's video Puppy Love
  105. Rockabilly Singer/Songwriter - Party Doll, Hula Love, Rock Your Little Baby To Sleep
  106. Singer/Musician
  107. drummer/singer - doobie brothers
  108. Norwegian singer
  109. Musician/Guitarist
  110. singer (lunachicks)/actress
  111. German rapper
  112. 70's Singer 'Clocks and Spoons'
  113. Rapper & Actor
  114. blues/rock artist b, s, & t, blues project
  115. Turkish psychedelic rock musician
  116. Guitarist, songwriter, producer
  117. Singer/Musician
  118. Lead Singer of Vanity 6. She replaced lead singer Vanity in 1984. Actress - Purple Rain, Falcon Crest, Black Magic Woman, Ministry Of Vengeance, Back To Back. Born: 1959
  119. Athlete
  120. Guitarist, singer, and songwriter. Formerly with Poison & Mr. Big
  121. American Football, End, Notre Dame, NFL Redskins, Cleveland Rams of the NFL in 1938
  122. Singer/Musician
  123. Lead singer of the band 'Live'
  124. Singer/Musician
  125. Canadian jazz Vocalist/Piano Player
  126. 1960's British Invasion Singer - Billy J. Kramer & The Dakotas (Little Children, Bad To Me, I'll Keep You Satisfied, From A Window, Trains Boats & Planes)
  127. Singer
  128. Guitarist for several bands including the MC5, Was Not Was, Gang War, and also a reformed version of the MC5 called DKT/MC5, as well as many solo records.
  129. Finalist German Idol (Deutschland sucht den Superstar)
  130. Musician, famous songs include 'again' 'american woman'
  131. rap artist - bone thugs-n-harmony
  132. Singer/Musician
  133. Singer & Songwriter: Hit singles include 'Leaving on a Jet Plane', 'Surrounded', 'Wayne' and 'God Made Me' // Actress: Century Hotel, Kiss and Cry, Welcome to Nowhere
  134. Musician/Guitarist
  135. Guitar player with the 60s group The Doors
  136. Christian Singer
  137. Singer/Musician
  138. Singer - Leaves' Eyes, Ex-Theatre of Tragedy, has done guest work with Delain and Cradle of Filth
  139. Singer/Songwriter: Me & Bobby McGee, For The Good Times, Sunday Mornin' Comin' Down // Actor: A Star Is Born, Blade, Convoy, Cisco Pike, Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid, Semi-Tough, Limbo, Rollover, Heaven's Gate, Payback, Fire Down Below
  140. singer (nickelback) songwriter
  141. Singer/Musician
  142. Singer
  143. Norwegian jazz singer
  144. rap artist
  145. German singer - Die Prinzen)
  146. Cosette in the original Broadway production of Les Miserables and 1995 concert and also provided singing voice for Pocahontas
  147. Guitarist for KISS (1985-1997) currently with Grand Funk RailRoad, brother of Bob Kulick who tours as guitarist for many other bands
  148. Singer, song writer
  149. Folk singer, song-writer,founder and member of The Coyote Sisters
  150. Broadway Actor, 'Miss Saigon', 'Les Mis' 'Joseph and the Amzazing Technicolor Dreamcoat'
  151. Rapper/Actor - The Penthouse (2010) | Vice (2008) | Half Past Dead 2 (2007) | Half Past Dead 2 (2007) | Brothers in Arms (2005) | Hollywood Homicide (2003) | Dark Blue (2002) | Half Past Dead (2002) | The Wash (2001)
  152. singer
  153. Singer/Musician
  154. Singer/Musician
  155. hip hop MC, half of Black Star
  156. rock singer/songwriter (walk on me/02)
  157. Canadian Hip Hot Artist 'This Is My Hit', part of sweatshop union, appeared on an episode of The Collector
  158. Female singer from Norway; performed wordless vocals on the Titanic soundtrack
  159. Drummer in the Band Sweet Things Co host of 'Popular Mechanics for Kids'
  160. French singer
  161. French rap singer
  162. American Singer,Composer and Actor born 1930.Songs-->'Moon River','Cheek to Cheek','My Romance','Just in Time','Volare','Foolish Heart','Domani','Funny Valentine'
  163. TV Drag Queen
  164. Music - Queensryche lead vocalist (2012-)
  165. French singer, sometimes actress
  166. American Idol 3
  167. singing diva
  168. Singer for Dream Theater
  169. Singer/Musician
  170. Singer/Musician
  171. Singer/Dancer/Host-98 degrees, Dancing with the Stars champion, host of Bruno-Carrie Ann Dance War, brother of Nick Lachey
  172. Founding member of Blondie, Author
  173. French actor, TV host and sometimes singer
  174. Hip-hop MC and producer
  175. Singer/Musician
  176. Drag Queen, Founder, ]Organizer And Hostess Of Wigstock
  177. Singer: The First Lady of Dancehall
  178. British Rap Artist
  179. Singer/Musician
  180. female german pop singer
  181. French singer, e.g. 'Le géant de papier'
  182. Belgian singer, composer and songwriter
  183. Singer/Musician
  184. Jazz Singer/Musician
  185. French singer, sometimes TV host
  186. Female Model
  187. british artist/jazz singer
  188. Pop Singer - That Lucky Old Sun, Mule Train, High Noon (Do Not Forsake Me), I Believe, Moonlight Gambler, The Cry Of The Wild Goose, That's My Desire, Jezebel, Jealousy, Shine, Hey Good Lookin', Tell Me A Story, Hey Joe!, Granada, You Gave Me A Mountain
  189. Contestant on American Idol
  190. Singer/Musician
  191. Singer. musician, formerly with 80's pop group The Dream Academy
  192. Youtube Sensation, popular video Show Me Your Genitals
  193. Actor
  194. musician, former guitarist for Emerson, Lake, and Palmer
  195. English folk singer, songwriter, and musician
  196. Singer / songwriter and Actress (Live tomorrow)
  197. Rapper, Musical guest on SNL on 1/26/2013
  198. Singer-Celtic Woman
  199. contestant on American Idol 8
  200. Singer, Americal Idol
  201. Mary Lambert  (2)
  202. Country Singer - 'Me & Charlie Talking' - First Runner Up On Nashville Star (Season One)
  203. Swedish girl group Play
  204. singer, keyboardist - chicago
  205. Singer/Musician
  206. Singer/Musician
  207. folk singer-songwriter
  208. Christian singer
  209. Opera singer
  210. Actor - I Walked With A Zombie, The Curse Of The Cat People, Brute Force, The Ghost Ship, Zombies On Broadway, To Have & Have Not, The Buccaneer, The Unknown Terror. Calypso Music Singer
  211. Drummer for the band Kittie
  212. Singer/guitarist for the band Kittie
  213. Singer/Musician
  214. Singer/Musician
  215. Singer/Musician
  216. Singer/Musician
  217. gospel singer
  218. singer / composer - warrant
  219. Singer/Musician
  220. Singer/Musician
  221. singer (screaming trees)
  222. Singer/Musician
  223. singer,guitarist,songs like 'Lie To Me' and 'Wander This World'
  224. Singer: Constant Craving
  225. Photographer. Son of film comedian Harry Langdon
  226. Singer/Musician
  227. Music Producer/Songwriter, former member of Frozen Ghost and Sheriff
  228. Produce of U2, Bob Dylan, Peter Gabriel
  229. Aka Cronos; Bassist for Venom
  230. Singer/Musician
  231. French singer and musician
  232. Musician
  233. Contestant from Rockstar Supernova
  234. singer/songwriter
  235. Came third with Dutch Idols, Now where to run, Album coming.
  236. Former member of the group Groove Theory. Now soloist.
  237. 'From Dusk Till Dawn'
  238. Country Music Singer 'How Do You Get That Lonely'
  239. M2M Member, Now going solo
  240. Singer - 'Lotta Love'
  241. Swedish artist with the hit Uncover
  242. Singer/Musician
  243. contemporary christian pop/rock singer/songwriters
  244. Texas/Red Dirt Music Artist
  245. singer
  246. Singer/Musician
  247. 'Maritza' on Taina
  248. Ex member of Steps, Actor in Grease The musical
  249. Hip-hop artist
  250. singer
  251. Singer, Olivia Newton John's daughter
  252. Opera Singer
  253. singer
  254. singer
  255. singer/songwriter
  256. Singer-Girls Just Wanna Have Fun,She Bop,I Drove All Night,Time After Time,True Colors,The Goonies R Good Enough,Change of Heart,Iko Iko,Money Changes Everything/Actress-Prime Cuts,Vibes,Life With Mikey,Mad About You,The Opportunists
  257. Singer/Musician
  258. Country Singer
  259. Member, The Supremes (70's)
  260. French singer
  261. Singer/Musician
  262. Singer/Musician, Actress - Wanda Jackson in the movie Walk the Line
  263. Singer
  264. Singer/Musician
  265. Canadian Punk-Pop singer. 'Complicated' & 'Sk8ter Boi', Voice of Heather in Over the Hedge
  266. Singer/Musician
  267. French singer
  268. French singer
  269. Singer
  270. Singer/Musician
  271. Canadian singer and songwriter
  272. French singer and actor
  273. Singer/Musician
  274. CBC Personality
  275. American Songwriter, with Doc Watson
  276. Singer & Actor: The Blues Brothers, The Lonely Guy, Hardcastle & McCormick, The Nanny, The Contract, The Yards, Ocean's Eleven, The Christmas Pageant // Host: The Steve Lawrence - Eydie Gorme Show, The Carol Burnett Show, The Tonight Show
  277. country music singer
  278. Singer/Musician
  279. jazz sax. (every generation, stay awake)
  280. Country Music Singer
  281. Singer/Musician
  282. Singer/Musician
  283. Country Singer
  284. Blues drummer
  285. rap artist - bone thugs-n-harmony
  286. Singer/Musician
  287. Lead singer for Taking Back Sunday
  288. singer/songwriter - duran duran
  289. French singer and songwriter
  290. guitarist, former member of the Eagles
  291. Australian Singer
  292. Italian singer
  293. Greek singer born 1948 with many international Hits.'Theo wir fahrn nach Lodz','Apres Toi','Ich hab die Liebe gesehn','Rot ist die Liebe','Ich Liebe das Leben'.1971 first place at Eurovision song contest with 'Apres Toi'
  294. Model/Singer/Actress-Don't Play With Martians,W Le Donne,Gigolo,Grottenolm,Love Reinvented,Bimboland,Dance Challenge
  295. Musician/Producer/Guitarist. Best known as the guitarist for the band The Butthole Surfers
  296. Singer/Musician
  297. Drummer and Backup Singer for popular christian rock band Skillet
  298. Swedish singer
  299. world champion bareback rider and country music star
  300. Musician, Singer-songwriter, Guitar, Piano, Mandolin. Member of Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings
  301. guitar viruoso from Ten Years After/solo performer
  302. Singer/Musician
  303. Amy Lee  (2)
    Singer // Evanescence
  304. Actor; 'Bulletproof Diva', 'Law & Order: SVU', 'General Hospital'
  305. Actor
  306. alt. rock artist (breathing tomados-grand royale)
  307. Ben Lee  (2)
    Actor - played PC Billy Rowan in TV's The Bill
  308. singer - Th Shirelles; Will You Love Me Tomorrow, Dedicated To The One I Love, Tonight's The Night, Mama Said, Soldier Boy. Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
  309. vocalist/former teen singing sensation - top ten hits w/ 'i'm sorry' (1960), 'rockin' around the christmas tree' (1960), 'sweet nuthins' (1960), 'break it to me gently' (1962)
  310. Musician/Blind Guitarist
  311. Ms Oh on 'Degrassi' Singer
  312. R&R Singer - Pretty Little Angel Eyes, Under The Moon Of Love (both songs produced by Phil Spector)
  313. Singer/songwriter: She Thinks I Still Care, I Saw Linda Yesterday, Patches, The Keeper Of The Stars
  314. bass player/vocalist for Rush
  315. Jesse Lee  (2)
  316. Jessica Lee  (2)
  317. Country Singer: 'Lookin' For Love (In All The Wrong Places)', 'You Can Bet Your Heart On Me'
  318. Jonna Lee  (2)
  319. Actress from 1960s usually uncredited, in the Matt Helm series as a SlayMate
  320. Folk Singer Born 10/23/1919
  321. Katie Lee  (2)
  322. Rapper In The St. Lunatics
  323. American Jazz and Traditional Pop singer
  324. Rita Lee  (2)
    Rita Lee Jones Carvalho (born Rita Lee Jones, December 31, 1947), simply known as Rita Lee, is a Brazilian rock singer and composer. She has sold more than 60 million albums worldwide
  325. Robin Lee  (2)
    Country Singer
  326. Singer/Musician
  327. CBC Personality
  328. Rapper, 'Roll With The MVP'
  329. drummer for Motley Crue
  330. Retired Marine Officer who served on the ?Death Watch? for President John F. Kennedy?s casket following the assassination
  331. Country singer
  332. Composer/Songwriter
  333. Currently playing the Toy Maker in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang in the West End
  334. Musician/Guitarist
  335. guitarist - heart
  336. One of 80's band Thompson Twins
  337. Opera Singer
  338. Simple Plan-Guitar, Backing Vocals
  339. Grammy winning American R&B singer, 'Get Lifted', 'Ordinary People'
  340. Johnny Legend  (2)
    Rock & roller; Actor: 2001 Maniacs, Children of the Corn III, Bride of Re-Animator
  341. Member of hee haw and singer of two doors down
  342. Humorist/Satirist/College Prof.
  343. Singer/Musician
  344. Country Music Singer
  345. Country Music Singer (1978 December cd)
  346. Singer/Musician
  347. Singer/Musician
  348. Singer
  349. British R&B singer
  350. Singer/Musician
  351. Famous singer
  352. American Idol Contestant
  353. German singer, actress and dancer
  354. Singer/Musician
  355. Singer/Musician
  356. French writer
  357. Member of the group A*Teens
  358. English rock musician, Beatles
  359. Singer, Son of John Lennon
  360. Musician. Albums include 'Into The Sun' and 'Friendly Fire'. Son of John Lennon & Yoko Ono.
  361. Uk-Singer
  362. American punk rock singer, songwriter and guitarist
  363. Actress-Former Colleen on 'Y&R', Brook Lynn Ashton On General Hospital
  364. Singer, Composer, Arranger, High Tenor for the vocal group Rockapella
  365. singer
  366. British solo artist / musician
  367. Norwegian singer/songwriter
  368. Actor & Stuntman: Played 'Michael Myers' in a few scenes in 'Halloween 6', Twin Peaks, The Shawshank Redemption, Total Recall
  369. Singer
  370. Bass player with grateful dead
  371. 1997 Eurovision winner. Katrina and the Waves. 'Walking on Sunshine' and 'Love Shine A Light'.
  372. Singer/Musician
  373. Actress: Little House On The Prairie/Hester-Sue Terhune, Morningstar/Eveningstar, Juanita Jones in Blacula Singer: Love Letters (1962)
  374. Singer
  375. Singer/Musician
  376. singer - O'Jays ('70s R&B group - 'Love Train')
  377. R&B singer (private line, baby hold on to me)
  378. Firehouse guitar play
  379. Singer/Musician
  380. Composer
  381. guitarist (paul revere & the raiders)
  382. Singer/Musician
  383. Lead singer for Maroon 5
  384. Adam Levine  (2)
    Author - The Philadelphia Flower Show
  385. Lead singer for several bands (mostly bubblegum groups) like the Ohio Express 'Yummy Yummy Yummy' Reunion 'Life is a Rock' and many more. He also was a prolific songwriter
  386. singer (rascal flatts)
  387. Singer/Musician
  388. Reggae/Dance Hall Artist
  389. Singer/Musician
  390. Lead singer of Hit bad 'Staind'
  391. Alex Lewis  (2)
  392. Australian stage actor singer
  393. singer
  394. American Idol contestant
  395. 60s-70s country music star bobby lewis age 70 now and still performing - born in hodgenville ky
  396. Bronze team Nasa Flight Director for the Apollo program
  397. Christian Singer: 'Beauty For Ashes', 'God's Been Good To Me', 'Healing Oil', 'People Get Ready'
  398. Actor
  399. singer (i love you always forever)
  400. Singer/Musician
  401. Pop Singer (Gary Lewis & The Playboys) This Diamond Ring, Count Me In, Everybody Loves A Clown, She's Just My Style, Save Your Heart For Me, Green Grass
  402. Singer & Actor: Back to the Future, Duets, Sphere, .com for Murder, Short Cuts, One Tree Hill, Hot in Cleveland
  403. 60s country music star
  404. Singer/Musician
  405. Actress: Life With Lucy, Brooklyn Bridge, Shannon's Deal, The Wizard, Foxfire, Pleasantville, Runaway Daughters, Troop Beverly Hills, Trading Hearts, Little Boy Blue, Big Girls Don't Cry They Get Even, Convicted
  406. Singer/pianist/composer1986 rock and roll hall of fame inductee
  407. American Idol Season 3
  408. Musician/Folk Singer Songwriter
  409. Singer/Musician, winner of the third series of the The X Factor
  410. Singer - Albums Class Style, Lark, Woman Overboard, Rock a Doodle Doo, Not a Little Girl Anymore
  411. C&W singer, youngest sister of jerry lee lewis
  412. Ukulele Player, Youtube Star
  413. Singer
  414. Band L.A. Guns
  415. Former Member Of Girl Group All Saints, Has Small Role In Film Bend It Like Beckham - Now A Solo Singer/writer
  416. Ted Lewis  (2)
  417. Singer/Musician
  418. Singer/Musician
  419. Singer/Musician
  420. Singer/Musician
  421. Musician and soul singer
  422. Singer/Musician; sang 'The Great American Melting Pot' for Schoolhouse Rock
  423. Also known as Ligabue or Liga
  424. Lead singer for Snow Patrol
  425. Canadian Singer/Songwriter - Sundown, The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald, If You Could Read My Mind, Carefree Highway, Rainy Day People, For Lovin' Me, Early Mornin' Rain, Canadian Railroad Trilogy
  426. Singer
  427. Musician/Guitarist
  428. Singer/Musician
  429. Rapper/ rap artist
  430. Rapper
  431. Rapper
  432. Rapper
  433. rapper
  434. rap artist
  435. singer
  436. Rapper, 'This is The Way We Ball'
  437. Singer/Musician
  438. Singer/Musician
  439. American rapper
  440. R&B Singer, Hit Song '4 ever'
  441. rapper
  442. Singer/Musician
  443. 80s freestyle singer song take me in your arms
  444. Rapper/Hip Hop
  445. Rapper
  446. lead singer (kajagoogoo) solo (never ending story)
  447. r & b/dancer singer (where love lives/91)
  448. R&B / hip-hop singer
  449. R&B/Jazz Singer. Actress - For Love of Ivy, Mo' Better Blues
  450. folk-rock singer/songwriter (eluslve butterfly/1966)
  451. Singer
  452. Drag queen
  453. Author
  454. Swedish pop singer
  455. Singer/Musician
  456. Lead Singer of Rammstein
  457. singer - dire straits
  458. Entertainer / Singer
  459. Singer from Skellefteå, Sweden. Pop / Dance. He is known from the Eurovision Song Contest. Albums: 'Get Started', 'Ignite the Beat'
  460. Singer/Musician
  461. founding member of the 60s rock band 'paul revere and the raiders'
  462. Australian singer
  463. '70s country music singer who is mostly forgotten today
  464. Singer/Musician
  465. Level 42
  466. country singer, 'You Can't Hide Beautiful'
  467. Member of They Might Be Giants, featured in the movie 'A Tale of 2 Johns'
  468. danish singer/actress
  469. Singer/Musician
  470. Recording Artist
  471. Lior  (2)
    Australian singer-songwriter
  472. Singer/Musician
  473. Singer/Musician
  474. Recording Artist
  475. Dutch singer
  476. UK Musician/Guitarist
  477. Australian balladeer
  478. Singer/Musician
  479. R&B Singer - The Locomotion, Keep Your Hands Off My Baby, Let's Turkey Trot, Swingin' On A Star (w/Big Dee Irwin), Old Smokey Locomotion. Discovered by Carole King & Gerry Goffin. Eva was their babysitter
  480. Singer/Musician
  481. blues singer/guilartist (we're gonna make it 1965)
  482. R&B Singer/Songwriter - Good Golly Miss Molly, Long Tall Sally, Lucille, Tutti-Frutti, 1986 rock and roll hall of fame inductee
  483. Singer/Musician
  484. Italian Singer
  485. Singer/Musician
  486. singer/songwriter-Backstreet Boys
  487. Air guitar champion, subject of documentary 'Air Guitar Nation'
  488. Singer, songwriter, percussionist; origninal member of The Wailers
  489. Swedish singer/songwriter
  490. Singer & Actor: NCIS: Los Angeles, The Hard Way, In the House, Toys, Halloween H20, Deep Blue Sea, Any Given Sunday, Rollerball, S.W.A.T., Edison, In Too Deep
  491. Singer/Musician
  492. Singer/Musician
  493. Lloyd  (2)
    Singer/Musician - Murder Inc
  494. Singer-Album 'Distant Light'
  495. Singer - finished 4th in the 2010 X Factor series
  496. Last surviving witness to 'The Sutton Hoo excavation' in 1939, considered to be one of the most important excavation's made in British archaeological history. She lives in Chester, UK and is now 84 years old
  497. Singer/Musician