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StarTiger - Browsing Entries matching Tag BirthPlace::Philadelphia
Browsing Entries matching Tag BirthPlace::Philadelphia
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  1. football player (91) (de)
  2. Luis Valdez  (2)
    Baseball A+ - Lynchburg Hillcats 2007
  3. Actor & Male Model- 'The Lake' & 'Tower Prep' among other TV guest spots
  4. Voice of Wilma Flintstone on The Flintstones
  5. Robert Vaughn  (2)
    Baseball Player
  6. Puerto Rican television clown, 'Payaso Remi'
  7. Architect
  8. Providence, The naked truth, Central Park West, American Dreams, L.A. Law, Die Hard 2, From the earth to the moon
  9. Singer/Musician
  10. WWII veteran WASP (Women Airforce Service Pilot)Flew the AT-10, BT-13
  11. Screenwriter - Axefall, Space
  12. Mr. Boddy in Clue
  13. Hockey Player
  14. Son of Georg and Maria Von Trapp ('The Sound of Music')
  15. Basketball Player
  16. Actor - The Clan Of The Cave Bear, ...And Justice For All, The Thing, On The Yard, The Warriors, Oz
  17. Janet - Gilmore Girls
  18. Actress (b: 1943) - Slap Shot (as the Chiefs owner), The Adams Chronicles (as Abigail Adams), DARYL, Blade '73, Neighbors, Search For Tomorrow, Another World, Beacon Hill
  19. Actress - TV: Rhoda, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, McMillan & Wife, Family Affair, Blansky's Beauties, The Nancy Walker Show, True Colors. Long-Running TV Commercials for Bounty Paper Towels (as Rosie). Films: Murder By Death, 40 Carats. Director
  20. Actor - Soul Searchers, Extra in Friday Night Lights (NBC)
  21. Scott Walker  (9)
    Actor: High Plains Drifter, Dirty Little Billy, Cahill U.S. Marshal, The Hindenburg, Orca, The Muppet Movie
  22. (1921-1994) 22 Broadway Productions 1960-1973/'Love Story' 'Prelude To a Kiss' as the Old Man 'Mrs. Doubtfire' as the Bus Driver
  23. Saboteur from U.S.S. Barb WW II
  24. Author - Final Bearing
  25. Retired June 28, 2010 NBA Player - Center/Forward Washington, Detroit Pistons, Portland Trailblazers, Hawks, and Celtics
  26. Football Player
  27. Actor, Tom Goes to the Mayor, Tim and Eric Awesome Show
  28. James Warren  (2)
    Tuskegee Airmen ww2
  29. Former Syracuse, Bucks, Grizzlies power forward; currently with the Bulls
  30. Retired professional basketball player. Played at Villanova 1962-65
  31. Chris Waters  (3)
  32. singer
  33. U.S. Ambassador to Panama (2002-05)
  34. Baseball Player
  35. former college/NFL running back; played for University of Virginia & New York Giants; retired in 2000; current Giants Director of Player Development
  36. football
  37. Bob Welch  (3)
    Reporter/cameraman WBAP-TV/Covered attempted shooting Gen. Edwin Walker. November 22, at Love Field, Trade Mart & Parkland, captured only sound recording of announcement of President Kennedy's death. In 1964, he covered the Jack Ruby trial
  38. author/photographer
  39. American actress born Santa Fe,New Mexico.movies from 1951-64.'Desire Under the Elms','Juvenile Jungle','The Brass Legend','Perry Mason','Alfred Hitchcock Presents'
  40. film director (gidget films, because they're young)
  41. Basketball Player
  42. WWII Pilot Ace- Flew the P-38 & P-40--[14 victories]- DSC
  43. Author
  44. sportscaster
  45. David White  (5)
    Singer and songwriter who was the founder of the Juvenaires who became Danny & The Juniors; he was their first tenor. He co-wrote 'At The Hop', and wrote the Rock'n'Roll anthem 'Rock'n'Roll Is Here To Stay'
  46. Dwayne White  (2)
    Former Jets' Guard
  47. Basketball player at Villanova 1959-62
  48. former college/NFL tightend; played for Ohio State University & Buffalo Bills
  49. played Principal Michael Woodman on Welcome Back Kotter
  50. Actress
  51. Cosby show stand by me
  52. Baseball, MLB Draft Round 34 by Mets in 2012 Baseball, MLB Draft Round 2 by the Athletics in 2015
  53. Football Player - New York Dragons 2007
  54. Forward Denver Nuggets
  55. 1951 College basketball players of the year. (NCAA Scandal, suspended for life)
  56. Ted White  (2)
    Howard University QB who formerly played for the KC Chiefs before falling into NFL Europe
  57. 'The Alamo' 1960, Friday The 13th Part IV (Jason), stunt man who's doubled for Clark Gable, John Wayne, Lee Marvin, and Fess Parker, appeared in The X- Files, Major League, Starman, The Wild Life, Romancing The Stone, Man From UNCLE, Gone In Sixty Second
  58. Baseball / Played for 4 Teams 1956-68 / Play By Play Announcer for Yankees for Many Years / Also Served as President of the National League
  59. Actress: Trial by Jury, Major League, The Man Without a Face, Big Girls Don't Cry They Get Even, Little Monster, Spenser for Hire, Tales from the Darkside, Nine 1/2 Weeks, The Secret of my Success
  60. Author/'Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm'
  61. Actor:Host of 'Cities Of The Underworld'
  62. Negro league baseball
  63. Director
  64. Retired career US foreign service officer, Author - The Third Try: can the UN work?
  65. basketball player
  66. Football Player
  67. Tuskegee Airmen
  68. Tuskegee Airmen
  69. 1984 Dallas Cowboys
  70. former college/NFL offensive lineman; played for Central State University, Dallas Cowboys & Baltimore Ravens; 4X Pro Bowler; 3X Super Bowl champion; 2X All-Pro
  71. British ace from WW2
  72. Former Arizona State Sun Devils' running back of the 1970s
  73. Baseball player. In Negro League 1944 with Clowns and then in the minor leagues with the Dodgers organization in the early 50's
  74. Football Player
  75. football player (50) (lb)
  76. Lee Williams  (4)
    Soccer Player
  77. Pat Williams  (2)
    NBA executive, Professional Speaker
  78. Actor - Beyond the Breal, Stateside, Corpses, Ma & Bob
  79. Actor in: 'The Final Countdown' (1980) as one of the 'USS Nimitz Crew' members
  80. Professional skateboarder
  81. Negro League Star, Newark Eagles 1937-40
  82. Former Los Angeles Police Chief (1992-1997)
  83. Author - Fiction
  84. Actor: The Postman, Rounders, The Wire, 6 Souls, Law Abiding Citizen, Law & Order SVU, 6 Degrees of Hell, Creed
  85. ex footballer now Manager
  86. George Wilson  (3)
    D-Day Survivor
  87. Female Voice Over Talent
  88. Mary Wilson  (2)
    Poet, widow of ex Prime Minister Harold Wilson (UK) Born: 01/12/1916
  89. Actor in: 'The Final Countdown' (1980) as one of the 'USS Nimitz Crew' members
  90. Robert Wilson  (3)
    Decorated former US Army General, Cmdr usa installation management command, CEO Robert Wilson Consulting
  91. Played Biff Tannen in the Back To The Future Trilogy, April Fools Day
  92. Tom Wilson  (6)
    Male Voice Over Talent
  93. Tom Wilson  (4)
  94. Actor
  95. Medal Of Honor
  96. Author
  97. Author
  98. American Boxer who was twice World Heavyweight Champion
  99. Basketball Player
  100. 4-Star General
  101. Frank Wolf  (2)
    U.S. Representative from Virginia (1981-present)
  102. Actor - Broadway: The Music Man (1958 - created the original role of Marcellus Washburn). Films: 1941, Telefon, several Disney films
  103. Author
  104. Female Voice Over Talent
  105. Actor: Seinfeld, Watchmen, Conan, Lord of Illusions, Jingle All the Way, Tracey Takes On..., Lost & Found, The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas, Special Unit 2, Charmed, Employee of the Month, Passions, Mirror Mirror, Bones
  106. football player (22)(s)
  107. Former NBA Player
  108. US jazz musician
  109. Musician recorded with Hank Williams in 1949
  110. Writer
  111. Controversial Pastor of Barak Obama
  112. Texas Ranger, drove Mayor's car in JFK's Dallas motorcade. Helped remove the President's body from the limo on arrival at Parkland Hospital. Later served 16 years as a county sheriff
  113. Actor
  114. Author
  115. former college/NFL tightend; played for University of Maryland, Washington Redskins & Houston Oilers/Tennessee Titans; 3X Pro Bowler; retired in 2003
  116. U.S. Representative from Maryland - 4th District (1993-2008)
  117. Actor/Comedian - Vaudeville. Nicknamed 'The Perfect Fool'. TV - The Ed Wynn Show, 1 Twi. Zone. Films - Diary Of Anne Frank (AA nom), The Great Man (G.Globe nom), Mary Poppins, Alice In Wonderland (v/The Mad Hatter), Babes In Toyland, Abs-Minded Professor
  118. Beverly Hills 90210
  119. American Actor and Producer born 1918.'The Cool Ghoul','Frankenhooker','Dr.Horrors Erotic House of Idiots','Brain Damage','Horrible Horror','Dinner With Drac','The Drunken Dead Guy','Vampira'