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Browsing Entries matching Tag height::1.75
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  1. Female Model-Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue
  2. Wrestler for MAX Wrestling
  3. Soccer Player- Arsenal FC
  4. WTA Tennis Player
  5. Soccer Player
  6. Kirk Millar  (2)
    Soccer Player
  7. Former Giants, Dodgers and Blue Jays reliever/ Currently in the Seattle organization
  8. Hockey Player
  9. New Zealand Rugby Player
  10. Female Model won Miss World 2010 which was in China
  11. Soccer Player, Manchester City FC
  12. John Mitchell  (8)
    Left wing for the Phoenix Coyotes. Formally played for Washington Capitals and Anaheim Ducks
  13. Female Adult Model/Film Star
  14. JFK - Marine Color Guard serving in official functions for the Kennedy adminstration as well as at JFK's funeral
  15. Soccer Player- AS Monaco FC
  16. Cyclist
  17. Cyclist
  18. Female Model
  19. Olympic Skeleton (Canada); Host of the Amazing Race Canada
  20. Witness to JFK assassination from 7th floor of a building 2 blocks away, while working in a Navy recruiting station
  21. Actress - Emmerdale, Hollyoaks, Coronation Street
  22. Adult video actress
  23. Mary Moore  (3)
    Actress, ex wife of Clayton Moore. Acted in films and serials in the 40's
  24. Actor-LOST,Hallow's End,Premonition
  25. track athlete
  26. Professional Cyclist Of Italy
  27. Professional Soccer Player
  28. Miss Universe 2007
  29. New Zealand Rugby Player
  30. Soccer Player
  31. Soccer Player
  32. USS Indianapolis Survivor
  33. Tim Murphy  (2)
    Baseball Player - Rangers prospect
  34. Soccer Player
  35. actress (16 blondie comedies, cookie burnstead)
  36. German actor 'Der Hauptmann von Koepenick'
  37. A retired Japanese soccer player/One of the old Yon-chu-ko Trio (1992-2004: Flugels, Avispa, Trinita, etc.)
  38. Soccer Player -Formerly of Arsenal
  39. Soccer Player
  40. Australian Swimmer
  41. Jimmy Nelson  (2)
    Tall (6'-6") right-handed pitching prospect who was the #2-round draft pick of the Brewers in 2010
  42. Former New Zealand Rugby Player
  43. 2010 Heisman winner,Carolina Panthers quarterback,2011 NFL Draft 1st overall pick
  44. US Marine Sgt./Vietnam/Last out before the fall of Saigon/sent to attache office to guard millions of dollars before cash was burned & compound blown up by the Americans to keep the enemy from raiding it and obtaining classified documents
  45. Soccer Player
  46. Soccer Player
  47. Rangers Football Club - Striker
  48. tennis player
  49. Athlete
  50. Rugby Player
  51. Jim O'Brien  (6)
    Aka: 'Jimmy O'Brien.' Former OSU Head Coach; 1971-75 ABA Point Guard
  52. Former Rugby League Player
  53. Austrian Soccer Player
  54. Athletics
  55. Soccer Player
  56. She Won Olympic Gold in Beijing in the Womens 400 metres. Her victory in the Beijing Games was the 50th gold medal for Great Britain in Athletics at the Olympics
  57. Brazilian professional footballer who plays for Dutch club Vitesse on loan from Chelsea
  58. Mark Oliver  (4)
    British actor who appeared in Doctor Who, Still Life, The Unloved, The Deal (which he also directed), Casualty & Moses Jones
  59. Soccer Player
  60. Soccer Player
  61. Soccer Player
  62. Brother of Lee Harvey Oswald alleged assassin of President John F. Kennedy
  63. Canadian Olympic Swimmer: Won three medals in the 1984 Summer Olympics
  64. renowned athlete from Jamaica
  65. Soccer Player
  66. Soccer player
  67. Actress: Gorky Park, Tombstone, Warlock 2, Black Ice, Virus, Timemaster, In Praise Of Older Women, My Giant, Private Lessons 2, Dinocroc, The White Raven, The Haunted Sea, Death Before Dishonor, Brutally Normal, Marked for Death
  68. Professional Footballer
  69. Argentian soccer player
  70. Soccer Player
  71. Professional Footballer
  72. NZ Rugby
  73. motorcyle racing rider
  74. Scott Parker  (2)
    Soccer Player
  75. WTA Tennis Player
  76. Soccer Player
  77. medal of honor army vietnam
  78. Hockey Player
  79. Footballer, West Ham Utd and France
  80. Rugby League Player
  81. Aaron Payne  (2)
    Baseball Player
  82. Soccer Player
  83. 98 year old fighter ace WWII, Pacific theatre
  84. Athlete
  85. Professional Cyclist Of Italy
  86. Soccer player
  87. Dominican-born left-handed pitcher who was signed as a free agent by the Braves in 2008 (born 11/20/91)
  88. Former University of Washington cornerback, selected #18 in 2015 NFL Draft
  89. ATP Tennis Player from Germany
  90. Tony Phillips  (3)
    Drafted by the New York Mets in the 19th round of the 1990 MLB June Amateur Draft and the Seattle Mariners in the 19th round of the 1991 MLB June Amateur Draft, Also played for Team USA Baseball team in 1991
  91. Soccer Player
  92. Soccer Player
  93. Rugby Player
  94. Former San Diego State offensive tackle, selected in 4th round of 2015 NFL Draft by Seattle
  95. Professional Cyclist From Ukraine
  96. Soccer Player
  97. 'Royal Air Force Test Pilot for the Development Flights of the Man-Powered Aircraft Jupiter'
  98. Conor Powell  (2)
    Soccer Player
  99. Spanish born midfielder for West Ham United. Plays for England internationally
  100. Soccer Player
  101. Child actor who played young Davros in Doctor Who
  102. MLB pitcher 1962-71 (Pirates, Giants, Senators, White Sox, Angels, Braves)
  103. Canadian Rugby Player
  104. figure skater
  105. Soccer Player
  106. Soccer Player
  107. Rugby Player
  108. Soccer Player
  109. Professional Footballer
  110. Soccer Player
  111. Soccer Player
  112. Author
  113. ATP Tennis Player from Thailand, brother of Sonchat Ratiwatana
  114. ATP Tennis Player from Thailand, brother of Sanchai Ratiwatana
  115. Rugby Player
  116. Soccer Player - Formerly of Wimbledon, West Ham United & Aston Villa FC
  117. Ipswich town footballer
  118. Cyclist
  119. Soccer Player
  120. Alpine Skier
  121. American former amateur and professional tennis player who was active in the 1960s and 1970s
  122. Rangers Football Club - Defender/Midfielder
  123. Bodybuilder, born 1944, Munich, Germany, Mr. Germany 1965 , Mr. Europe 1970 (Tall Division), Mr. Europe 1972 (Tall Division), famous physic model in the 1960s
  124. Soccer Player- Fulham FC - Brother of John Arne Riise
  125. Soccer Player
  126. tennis player
  127. WTA Tennis Player
  128. Former soccer midfielder. Spend most of his career playing for A.C. Milan. He won Ballon d'Or in 1969
  129. Rugby Player
  130. Supermodel-Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue;Actress-Simone
  131. WWII veteran and Pearl Harbor survivor, USS Maryland
  132. Australian Olympic Diver
  133. Comic book artist for Marvel, DC, and others. Provides artwork for Upper Deck's VS game.
  134. Professional Soccer Player
  135. Paul Robinson  (5)
    Professional Footballer with WBA
  136. Former professional road racing cyclist (in 1987, win the Triple Crown of victories in the Tour de France and the Giro d'Italia stage races, plus the world cycling championship)
  137. Former Olympic Marathoner, running author, owner of Bill Rodgers running center
  138. This is the Venezuelan-born left-handed pitcher who was born April 7, 1993. He was traded by the Orioles to the Red Sox in the Andrew Miller deal, and, as of spring, 2018, is a starting pitcher for Boston
  139. Soccer Player
  140. PGA Golf Player
  141. Baseball's All-Time Hits Record Holder/Banned from Baseball in 1989 due to gambling on the game
  142. Professional Footballer
  143. Soccer Player, Manchester City FC
  144. Male Voice Over Talent
  145. NZ Rugby Player
  146. Soccer Player
  147. Rugby Player
  148. Retired Professional Female Tennis Player-US Open(1990 Singles Title),Wimbledon(1988 Doubles Title),Silver Medal at The 1988 Olympic Games
  149. Soccer Player
  150. Female Model
  151. Female Model
  152. Actor
  153. Soccer Player
  154. Soccer player
  155. Former WWF wrestler
  156. A retired Japanese soccer player (1991-2005: ANA/Flugels and Reysol)
  157. Soccer Player
  158. UK Comedian
  159. Soccer Player
  160. Writer for the Batman Comics in the 50's
  161. Former Italian soccer player, winner of the 'Golden Boot' for the 1990 World Cup
  162. Female Model
  163. alpine skier
  164. Soccer Player
  165. model
  166. Former Rugby League Player
  167. Rugby Player
  168. Soccer Player
  169. Soccer Player
  170. Author of the book Beautiful: The Life of Hedy Lamarr, born 1951
  171. Kevin Sheedy  (2)
    Ex Everton footballer now Academy Coach
  172. John Shelby  (2)
    Baseball A - Kannapolis Intimidators 2007
  173. A retired Japanese pro-soccer player (1990-2004: Hitachi/Reysol & FC Tokyo)
  174. Professional Soccer Player
  175. Professional Footballer
  176. Soccer Player
  177. Rugby Player
  178. Soccer Player
  179. LPGA Player
  180. WWII - VJ-Day 14 August 1945. In the famous scene of a sailor kissing a nurse, Mr. Smalley can be seen as a bystander
  181. hockey
  182. David Smith  (4)
    Baseball Player born 1981, drafted by the Toronto Blue Jays in the 15th round of the 2002 MLB June Amateur Draft
  183. Jim Smith  (5)
    Former CIA Agent, Married to Barbara Hearn
  184. Forward Milwaukee Bucks, formerly Minnesota Timberwolves/ Traded to Cleveland Cavaliers
  185. WWII Fighter Ace (6 kills), 56th Fighter Group, 'Zemke's Wolfpack', flew the p-47
  186. singer (tams)
  187. Soccer Player
  188. American Tennis Player
  189. Cyclist
  190. Soccer Player
  191. Soccer Player
  192. American tennis player
  193. Soccer Player
  194. LPGA Golfer
  195. Soccer Player, Wigan Athletic FC
  196. Soccer Player
  197. Dallas Policeman, at the Dallas Trademart when JFK shot. On the scene days later when Oswald was shot
  198. Female Model
  199. Former LSU outfielder. 2015 draft pick of the Nationals
  200. John Stewart  (4)
    Vietnam/Fall of Saigon/Drove bus through Saigon & pick up eligible to leave. Saw anger growing among those on the streets as people realized the end was near & U.S. was pulling out. A rocket hit near the bus & was shaken by shrapnel
  201. Soccer Player
  202. WW2 VF-14 Hellcat Fighter Ace - 8 Kills - US Navy
  203. Rugby Player
  204. Ski Alpine
  205. Soccer Player
  206. Soccer Coach
  207. John Stuart  (2)
    Lead singer of Australian Band - Dee Minor and the Dischords
  208. Rugby League Player
  209. Screenwriter & Producer: The Greatest American hero, The A-Team, born June 18 1931
  210. Figure Skating
  211. Pro cyclist
  212. Soccer
  213. Soccer Player
  214. Played football LA Rams1955
  215. Ian Taylor  (2)
    Male Model
  216. NFL - Pittsburgh Steelers 2006
  217. John Taylor  (8)
    Lord Taylor of Holbeach, British Politician born 1943
  218. Production Designer
  219. Director of Photography
  220. Soccer Player
  221. Steven Taylor  (3)
  222. Kickboxing
  223. Daniel Thomas  (3)
    Baseball player drafted by Oakland
  224. Edward Thomas  (4)
    World War 2 Vet was a Pfc and fought in Iwo Jima
  225. Frank Thomas  (2)
    Broadcast Personality, Technical Director of USGA (1973-2000)
  226. Actor
  227. Football Coach
  228. Bears kicker
  229. 1977 Houston Astros; 1978-1980 St. Louis Cardinals; 1983-1987 Seattle Mariners
  230. Ryan Thomas  (3)
    Soccer Player
  231. minor league baseball
  232. Author
  233. Soccer Player
  234. Musician/Guitarist. Lead guitarist in the band Slipknot
  235. Professional Footballer
  236. Soccer Player
  237. Professional Soccer Player
  238. Former Rugby Player
  239. Australian Cyclist
  240. Soccer Player
  241. Soccer
  242. Soccer Coach Of The Republic of Ireland National team
  243. Football Coach
  244. Cyclist
  245. New Zealand Rugby Player
  246. Soccer Player
  247. Author
  248. Actor - Heartbeat, Holby City, Party Animals
  249. Soccer Player
  250. A retired Japanese soccer player (1988-94: ANA, Mazda; Sanfrecce)
  251. Cyclist
  252. Soccer Player
  253. Bobsleigh
  254. Luis Valdez  (2)
    Baseball A+ - Lynchburg Hillcats 2007
  255. Dutch born fullback playing for Sunderland. Formally of Chelsea FC
  256. Soccer
  257. Rugby Player
  258. Chile Soccer Player
  259. Robert Vaughn  (2)
    Baseball Player
  260. Puerto Rican television clown, 'Payaso Remi'
  261. Rugby Player
  262. Former Rugby League Player
  263. Basketball Player
  264. English Rugby Player
  265. Dutch footballer who plays as a midfielder for Feyenoord in the Eredivisie
  266. Soccer Player, FC Barcelona & Spain
  267. WWII veteran WASP (Women Airforce Service Pilot)Flew the AT-10, BT-13
  268. Screenwriter - Axefall, Space
  269. Cyclist
  270. singer from the netherlands
  271. Angela Visser  (2)
    Actress: USA High (1997-1999), Killer Tomatoes Eat France, Miss Universe 1989
  272. Australian netball
  273. Soccer Player
  274. Soccer Player
  275. Rugby Player
  276. Soccer Player
  277. Actor - Soul Searchers, Extra in Friday Night Lights (NBC)
  278. Scott Walker  (9)
    Actor: High Plains Drifter, Dirty Little Billy, Cahill U.S. Marshal, The Hindenburg, Orca, The Muppet Movie
  279. Saboteur from U.S.S. Barb WW II
  280. Author - Final Bearing
  281. Played football for 1960 Los Angeles Chargers
  282. Former Rugby League Player
  283. Soccer
  284. James Warren  (2)
    Tuskegee Airmen ww2
  285. U.S. Ambassador to Panama (2002-05)
  286. Baseball Player
  287. Golf Player
  288. Australian Rugby Union Player
  289. Rugby Player
  290. Professional Footballer
  291. Soccer Player - SK Sturm Graz
  292. Bob Welch  (3)
    Reporter/cameraman WBAP-TV/Covered attempted shooting Gen. Edwin Walker. November 22, at Love Field, Trade Mart & Parkland, captured only sound recording of announcement of President Kennedy's death. In 1964, he covered the Jack Ruby trial
  293. author/photographer
  294. Miss France 2012
  295. Rugby League Player
  296. WWII Pilot Ace- Flew the P-38 & P-40--[14 victories]- DSC
  297. former college/NFL tightend; played for Ohio State University & Buffalo Bills
  298. Baseball, MLB Draft Round 34 by Mets in 2012 Baseball, MLB Draft Round 2 by the Athletics in 2015
  299. Football Player - New York Dragons 2007
  300. Ted White  (2)
    Howard University QB who formerly played for the KC Chiefs before falling into NFL Europe
  301. 'The Alamo' 1960, Friday The 13th Part IV (Jason), stunt man who's doubled for Clark Gable, John Wayne, Lee Marvin, and Fess Parker, appeared in The X- Files, Major League, Starman, The Wild Life, Romancing The Stone, Man From UNCLE, Gone In Sixty Second
  302. Soccer Player
  303. Georginio Gregion Emile Wijnaldum (born 11 November 1990) is a Dutch footballer who currently plays as an attacking midfielder for Dutch Eredivisie club PSV and the Netherlands national football team
  304. Soccer Player
  305. Director
  306. Retired career US foreign service officer, Author - The Third Try: can the UN work?
  307. Model
  308. Football Player
  309. Tuskegee Airmen
  310. Tuskegee Airmen
  311. British ace from WW2
  312. Former Arizona State Sun Devils' running back of the 1970s
  313. Former Rugby League Player
  314. Baseball player. In Negro League 1944 with Clowns and then in the minor leagues with the Dodgers organization in the early 50's
  315. Football Player
  316. football player (50) (lb)
  317. Lee Williams  (4)
    Soccer Player
  318. Tennis Player-Playboy April 2010
  319. Actor - Beyond the Breal, Stateside, Corpses, Ma & Bob
  320. Actor in: 'The Final Countdown' (1980) as one of the 'USS Nimitz Crew' members
  321. Negro League Star, Newark Eagles 1937-40
  322. Soccer Player
  323. ex footballer now Manager
  324. NZ Rugby
  325. George Wilson  (3)
    D-Day Survivor
  326. Mary Wilson  (2)
    Poet, widow of ex Prime Minister Harold Wilson (UK) Born: 01/12/1916
  327. Actor in: 'The Final Countdown' (1980) as one of the 'USS Nimitz Crew' members
  328. Robert Wilson  (3)
    Decorated former US Army General, Cmdr usa installation management command, CEO Robert Wilson Consulting
  329. Tom Wilson  (4)
  330. Soccer Player
  331. Soccer Player
  332. Female Voice Over Talent
  333. Rugby League Player
  334. Coach - PSV
  335. WTA Tennis Player
  336. Musician recorded with Hank Williams in 1949
  337. Writer
  338. Former Soccer Player for Crystal Palace, Arsenal, West Ham United,Celtic And England. Now Turned TV & Radio Presenter, as well as columnist for The Sun newspaper
  339. Texas Ranger, drove Mayor's car in JFK's Dallas motorcade. Helped remove the President's body from the limo on arrival at Parkland Hospital. Later served 16 years as a county sheriff
  340. Actor
  341. Figure Skater
  342. A former member of Japanese soccer national team (1991-2006: Mazda SC-Toyo, Sanfrecce, Gamba; Cerezo)
  343. Soccer Player
  344. Former WWE Wrestler
  345. Professional Footballer
  346. Soccer player
  347. European Rugby Player
  348. Soccer Player
  349. Ski Alpine
  350. Boxer - Olympic champion 1988