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  1. Specialist in the history of linguistics
  2. An American astrophysicist and astronomer; Secretary of the Smithsonian (1928-1944)
  3. Physcial chemist
  4. Animal trauma surgeon, 'UK's Favourite Vet'
  5. nobel physics laureate 2003
  6. Founder of Geshundheit Institute, portrayed by Robin Williams in movie of same name.
  7. Space Scientist
  8. Computer Scientist one of the inventors of the RSA encryption algorithm
  9. Inventor of the Wireless Remote Control (TV)
  10. Chemist worked on the Manhattan Project
  11. nobel chemistry laureate 2003
  12. An internationally renowned neuroscientist, he has made outstanding contributions to the medical field, particularly through his work in the regeneration of the nervous system. Member of the Order of Canada
  13. Engineer
  14. sociologist
  15. Japanese scientist. He was also awarded the 2014 Nobel prize in Physics, together with Hiroshi Amano and Shuji Nakamura
  16. space scientist/geologist
  17. chemist
  18. animal scientist
  19. 'Dr. Wernher Von Braun Rocket Scientest Team Member'
  20. physicist
  21. nobel physics laureate
  22. Flight (scientist)
  23. Flight (scientist)
  24. French Physician and Politician. Born: 02/09/1907
  25. Paul G. Allen  (2)
    NFL - Owner Seattle Seahawks (1997 - present). Co-Founder of Microsoft (W/ Bill Gates)
  26. biochemist
  27. An American immunologist who holds the position of professor and chair of Immunology. In2018, he won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine respectively along with Tasuku Honjo
  28. American physicist, worked at 'Manhattan Project' in Los Alamos. Was the man who did the countdown on the first a-bomb test (Trinity) on July 16, 1945
  29. Flight (scientist)
  30. Canadian chemist. He is a Professor of Chemistry at the University of Ottawa. He is best known for his research of catalysis in chemistry. Member of the Order of Canada
  31. American medical researcher, virologist, physician. This work eventually led to the discovery of the hepatitis C virus in 1988, for which he shared the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2020 along with Michael Houghton and Charles M. Rice
  32. nobel chemistry laureate 1989
  33. (June 13, 1911 - September 1, 1988) was an American experimental physicist, inventor, and professor who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1968
  34. Pakistani mountain climber & engineer. First Pakistani to reach the summit of K2
  35. Japanese physicist who has been awarded the 2014 Nobel Prize in Physics together with Isamu Akasaki and Shuji Nakamura
  36. Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of California, Berkeley, and a Senior Scientist at Children's Hospital Oakland Research Institute (CHORI)
  37. Chernobyl diver
  38. Canadian neurologist known for his research of epilepsy. Member of the Order of Canada
  39. Don Anderson  (3)
  40. Scientist
  41. Ames Laboratory scientist, Inventor, National inventors hall of fame
  42. nobel physics laureate 1977
  43. Anthropoligist
  44. Astronomer
  45. Uruguayan astronomer who is best known for his work on the Kuiper belt. He also has an asteroid named after him
  46. nobel medicine laureate 1978
  47. Civil engineer who oversaw the nation's developing highway system during the Eisenhower administration
  48. Scientist
  49. Founder of psycology of Art
  50. Steve Arnold  (3)
    NatGeo TV show 'Meteorite Men'
  51. Scientist
  52. Scientist
  53. Regenerative tissue scientist
  54. author/doctor - Atkins Diet
  55. British TV anthropologist and writer (*1926) - brother of the late Richard Attenborough; 'State of the Planet', 'Survival Island', 'The Life of Birds', 'Trials of Life', 'The Living Planet', 'Face the Music', 'Private Live of Plants', 'The Natural World'
  56. Scientist
  57. Nobel Laureate Economics
  58. Nobel Prize winner 2004 in Physiology or Medicine winner
  59. nobel medicine laureate 1970
  60. Food Scientist
  61. Invented Email in 1982