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  1. Actress - Movie 'Cheerleader Massacre'
  2. Sarah Baker  (2)
    Actress - 'The Campaign'
  3. Redirect Entry for Lydia Parks
  4. Minnesota Twins starting pitcher, now with the Seattle Mariners
  5. Scott Baker  (2)
    Male Adult Film Star/Model
  6. Scott Baker  (3)
  7. actor (hospital/cotton, all my children/craig)
  8. Actor - Soldier Soldier, Black Beauty
  9. Sean Baker  (2)
    Football Player
  10. Actor
  11. actor: Quick Williams on V.I.P., The District, NYPD Blue
  12. Basketball Player (Georgia '06, New York Liberty 06-07, Los Angeles Sparks 07-present) )
  13. L.A. Confidential, Land of the Dead, The Guardian, Home and Away - James Healey (1994) & (2005), The Devil Wears Prada, The Mentalist (TV Show)
  14. Native American actor, 'Into the West'
  15. Musician, Blues / Soft Rock / Instrumental Las Vegas, NV US. 'Emotion', 'Space Race', 'Moody Blues'
  16. Singer/Musician
  17. former college/NFL wide receiver; played for Fresno State University and New York Giants; member of Giants Super Bowl XXV championship team
  18. Stephen Baker  (2)
  19. Former major league pitcher for the Detroit Tigers (1978-1979), Oakland A's (1982-1983), and St. Louis Cardinals (1983)
  20. Steve Baker  (2)
  21. Steve Baker  (3)
    Former NHL goalie for the New York Rangers (1979/80 - 1982/83)
  22. Steve Baker  (4)
    British Politician
  23. Steve Baker  (5)
  24. singer
  25. Later round draft pick of the Padres in 2002. Outfield prospect, but never played in the major leagues
  26. Comic Country performer/actor. Tours as his ornery redneck persona, Unknown Hinson. Best known as the lead voice of Early Cuyler in the cartoon 'Squidbillies.'
  27. Author
  28. Actress - 'Citizen Smith'
  29. Author
  30. Male Voice Over Talent
  31. Body Builder - Fox on 'Gladiators' (UK 1996- 1997)(South Africa 1998)
  32. Author of 'I'm Not Dancing Anymore', niece of O.J. Simpson
  33. Retired Punter for the CFL..played for the Roughrider, Argonauts, Alouettes
  34. NFL, QB, Los Angeles Rams 1963-65. CFL, QB, Enmonton Eskimos 1967. College - Oregon State. Heisman Trophy 1962
  35. One of the pilots who took part in the mission during WWII to shoot down Admiral Yamamoto's aircraft
  36. Thomas Baker  (2)
    Soccer Player
  37. Georgia State Attorney General (1997-present)
  38. Female Model
  39. Former Texas Tech, Steelers WR 2001
  40. Tim Baker  (2)
  41. Tim Baker  (3)
  42. Actress-Mystery ER
  43. Baseball Coach
  44. British Actor born 1934. Doctor Who (1974-81), Vault of Horror, The Golden Voyage of Sinbad, Mutations, Nicholas and Alexandra, Little Britain, Monarch of the Glen, Medics, The Curse of King Tuts Tomb, Hound of Baskervilles (1982), Blackadder II
  45. Tom Baker  (2)
    PBA Bowler
  46. Football Player
  47. Author
  48. Tony Baker  (2)
    born 1964, Running Back for the Frankfurt Galaxy
  49. Football Player
  50. Rugby League Player
  51. Baseball Player
  52. ECHL Hockey Player
  53. Voice Actor
  54. Drafted by the Cleveland Indians in the 50th round of the 2011 MLB June Amateur Draft and the Arizona Diamondbacks in the 15th round of the 2014 MLB June Amateur Draft
  55. Rugby League Player
  56. Liberator of the Dachau concentration camp at the end of World War II
  57. Medal of Honor, US Army, World War II
  58. Redirect Entry for Victoria Fuller
  59. former college/NBA power forward; played for University of Hartford, Timberwolves, Bucks, Supersonics, Clippers, Knicks, Celtics & Rockets; #8 pick overall 1993 NBA Draft
  60. JFK assassination witness. Bookkeeper at the Texas Schoolbook Depository. On curb in front of TSBD when motorcade passed
  61. Original 1972 Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader
  62. track athlete
  63. Oldest Living Person in Delaware,Born 01/09/1898
  64. Male Model
  65. John in Gunsmoke's Kimbro (1973); Scott in cult hit: 'On the Air Live with Captain Midnight '(1979) pirate radio station in back of van.
  66. Author
  67. Actor
  68. Engineer
  69. William Baker  (2)
    Former Alcatraz Inmate
  70. U.S. Secretary of the Treasury (1985-88); U.S. Secretary of State (1989-92)
  71. Half sister of Marilyn Monroe; co-author of the book 'My Sister Marilyn'
  72. Redirect Entry for BWR Public Relations
  73. Actress - Stan Against Evil, The Great Indoors
  74. Singer/Musician
  75. Actress - 'Beowulf' And 'Star Trek: Voyager' Episode 'Inside Man' As Leosa
  76. Actor - plays Chris Malachay in TV's Grange Hill
  77. former PGA star, current golf course designer/owner
  78. Toronto writer - Last Summer at Barebones
  79. Redirect Entry for Phyllis Baker
  80. Baseball Player
  81. Baseball team
  82. The Edmonton Oilers AHL Affiliate
  83. Independent Minor League Baseball Team
  84. EX Wife Of Dennis Rodman
  85. Male Voice Over Talent
  86. Broadcaster and journalist. BBC Television and Radio 2/3/4
  87. Author
  88. Fashion Stylist
  89. Author
  90. Actor - All Quiet On The Western Front, Gone With The Wind, The Iron Mask, Hop Harrigan (title role), Dance Fools Dance, Gold Diggers Of Broadway, The Bat Whispers, Back Street, Radar Men From The Moon, Disney's Davy Crockett mini-series (Major Norton)
  91. Belarus Female Fashion Model
  92. Belarus Model
  93. Female Model
  94. Actor-Sexy Boys,Chaos
  95. Restaurant Consultant And Public Relations Expert.TV Program 'Iron Chef' - America Judge
  96. Scottish Actress - 'Doctors' And 'Waterloo Road'
  97. general correspondent for FOX News Channel, Former CNN Headline News nightly anchor
  98. Football Player
  99. Football Player
  100. Model
  101. Actress
  102. Head Baseball Coach Maryland
  103. Former Notre Dame University linebacker in early '90's
  104. Soccer Player
  105. writer
  106. President of Kyrgyzstan (2005-10)
  107. Soccer Player
  108. Soccer Player
  109. 1978 Supreme court decision. He was denied access to Med school (UC DAVIS)because of color quota.. Affirmative action
  110. Actress: Under Siege 2, Hardbodies 2, Dangerous Love, Nowhere To Run, Tales From The Crypt - Demon Knight, Terminal Voyage, Hot Shots Part Deux, L.A.Confidential, The Quickie, Leave No Trace, American Gothic
  111. Soccer player from Norway. Currently plays for SK Brann in Norway
  112. Actor
  113. Female Model
  114. Female Model
  115. Actress-Waterclock
  116. Alpine Skier Norway
  117. Daily Show
  118. WHL Player - Seattle Thunderbirds
  119. heart surgeon inventor
  120. USA Women's bobsled - 2002 Gold Medal
  121. former college/NFL kicker/punter; played for University of Wisconsin & St. Louis Cardinals; member of 1960s & 1970s NFL All-Decade team; 4X Pro Bowler; set the NFL record for most field goals in a game with 7
  122. Jazz singer
  123. Actor
  124. Beauty and the Geek Season 1
  125. Actress
  126. Actress-Deadline
  127. Dutch Author
  128. Baseball A+ - Winston-Salem Warthogs 2007
  129. Author
  130. German Playboy Playmate June 2010
  131. Dutch Archeologist
  132. Author
  133. evangelist/ex-con (PTL Club fraud)
  134. Dutch sculpture maker
  135. Baseball player drafted by the philadelphia phillies in 2000
  136. Wife of televangelist Jim Bakker, appears on The Jim Bakker Show
  137. Vocalist
  138. Dutch Reporter And Voice Over Talent
  139. German Radio Presenter
  140. Female Model
  141. Author
  142. Children's Author
  143. Stage Actress
  144. Hockey Player
  145. Actress - 'School Nurse' in 'Agent Cody Banks' Movie
  146. Football Player - Edmonton Eskimos 2007
  147. Daughter of Jim BakkerHost of PTL Club
  148. former tv evangelist turned actress, host, celeb
  149. Actress
  150. Dutch Idols winner
  151. Female Model
  152. Actress-The Britishes
  153. Former Hot Bench T.V. judge/attorney
  154. Actress: New York Stories, One Good Cop, Red Shoe Diaries, Dark Tide, Class of 96, Replikator, Strange Days, Double Take, Primary Suspect, Gargoyles, Wrong Number, Mind of a Married Man, Californication, Law & Order, G-Spot
  155. Nigerian Director. Directed Road to Yesterday. Lives in Abuja, Nigeria
  156. former Orioles, Cubs, Tigers, Brewers, Marlins, Dodgers, Braves, Astros & Royals catcher; currently with Cincinnati Reds
  157. Author
  158. Opera Singer
  159. Actor-ER,Ryans Hope
  160. Hockey Player
  161. Author
  162. NHL: Canucks (Retired)
  163. Model
  164. Former Mayor of Athens - Now Minister for foreign affairs
  165. Soccer Player
  166. Actor-The Passion of The Christ
  167. Israeli Arab actor, film producer and film director
  168. Actor-Zion and His Brother
  169. Soccer Player
  170. Redirect Entry for Shannon McRandle
  171. Football Player - Chicago Slaughter
  172. Pro Bass Fisherman
  173. Actress
  174. aka Brownsound, former lead guitarist in the Canadian punk rock band Sum 41
  175. Baseball Player
  176. English Theater, Television, Movie, And Video Game Voice Actress
  177. Female Model
  178. Director of Photography
  179. Executive producer Rebound The Legend of Earl 'The Goat' Manigault
  180. Director of Fritz The Cat, American Pop, Cool world
  181. Costume Designer
  182. Female Model
  183. Actor: Quantum Leap, Star Trek Enterprise, Murphy Brown, Designing Women, Chuck, Gung Ho, Mr & Mrs Smith, Men Of A Certain Age, American Beauty, Lord of Illusions, Color of Night, Sibling Rivalry, Major League 3, The Informant!
  184. Actress-The Bernie Mac Show
  185. Actor-One Tree Hill
  186. Baseball player
  187. Soccer
  188. Actor
  189. Redirect Entry for Alexander Bal
  190. Male Model
  191. Actress-Cryo
  192. Male Model
  193. Actor - Remington Steele
  194. Actress: Suzanne Collins on 'Bachelor Father', Nancy Crater on the 'Star Trek' original series episode 'The Man Trap'
  195. USA - Swimmer
  196. Belgian Director
  197. Cinematographer: Night of the Demons 3, Wrong Number
  198. Band
  199. Actress
  200. Hockey player
  201. Actress
  202. Female Model
  203. Actor-Notes from the Underbelly,My Name is Earl, Will & Grace,Grey's Anatomy,The Walking Dead
  204. Actor & Director: Midnight Cowboy, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Gosford Park, Altered States, Absence Of Malice, 2010, The Majestic, The Late Shift, Jakob The Liar, Dead Bang, Bank Shot, Seinfeld
  205. Professional Footballer
  206. Actress ~ Above and Beyond, Burnt Toast, Leo, Anniversary Present, Eternal, Seven Times Lucky, Happy Here and Now, World Traveler, After the Harvest, Saint Jude, New Waterford Girl
  207. Wrote the music and voiced Mr. Salt on 'Blue's Clues'
  208. Female Model
  209. Opera Singer
  210. Male Voice Over Talent
  211. Italian Actress - Reporter in movie - 'La Dolce' Vita'
  212. Portugal Female Actress And Model
  213. Actor -Midsomer Murders, A Touch of Frost, Neil In 'the Office', Also Stars As Roger Hurley In BBC 3's 'Bodies'
  214. Arkansas state red wolves head basketball coach
  215. Opera Singer - Soptano
  216. Plays Smackle on Girl Meets World
  217. Female Actress And Voice Over Talent - Movie - 'The Debut'
  218. Sky Sports Columnist
  219. Spanish singer of the 50's and 60's .Eurovision 1962: 'call me.'
  220. Spanish Director - '[REC]', 'Fragile', 'Darkness', 'The Nameless'
  221. Cuban prospect, signed by Cubs
  222. Actress - National Treasure
  223. Female Model
  224. India Actor
  225. Female Model
  226. Actor-Cyprien
  227. Indian Cricketer
  228. Author
  229. Actor-The Naked Monster
  230. Ex Bulgarian Footballer now Manager
  231. Redirect Entry for Krassimir Balakov
  232. Actor-How To Time Travel
  233. Movie Director
  234. BBC Childrens Show set in the small Island Community of Balamory
  235. Musician
  236. Comedian
  237. Actress-Me,Them & Laura
  238. Hockey Player
  239. Hockey Player
  240. Hockey Player
  241. Bollywood Actress
  242. Singer/Musician
  243. cosmonaut
  244. Singer/Musician
  245. Actress-'Space:1999'
  246. Former pro basketball player. Georgia Tech '90-'94. red-shirt freshman '89-'90. played professionally in Greece for Aris Thessoliniki '94-'95
  247. Actress-Clem
  248. Soccer Player
  249. Former Romanian athlete, Olympic champion and world record holder in high jump, who is considered one of the greatest high jumpers ever
  250. former pitcher for the Boston Braves
  251. Series Director for Nascar Busch Series
  252. Female Model
  253. Author
  254. Actress - The Howling (1981), Piranha, Gremlins
  255. Model
  256. French actress-French Twist
  257. composer
  258. Actor-Cefalonia
  259. Actor-The Passion
  260. Male Model
  261. Soccer Player
  262. Actress-Downton Abbey,Sex Drugs & Rock and Roll
  263. movie director
  264. former mlb player
  265. WWII: Bataan Death March (9 April 1942)
  266. Female Model
  267. Composer
  268. Actor-Spiral
  269. Female Model
  270. Australia TV Presenter And Model
  271. Motorsport Driver
  272. French Actress, Comedian, And Singer
  273. Nancy Balbirer (born October 8, 1965) is an American actress, playwright, performance-artist and author, best known for her solo show, I Slept With Jack Kerouac and Other Stories, and memoir Take Your Shirt Off and Cry: A Memoir Of Near-Fame Experiences
  274. Male Adult Film Star/Model
  275. soccer player
  276. Actor
  277. ESPN's Mike & Mike
  278. Current hitting coach for the State College Spikes, former Yankees & Mariners outfielder/DH, Nicknamed 'Bye Bye Balboni'
  279. Female Voice Over Talent
  280. Actor-Sleepers of The City
  281. Paraguayan soccer player
  282. Author
  283. Actor-The Twisted Tale of Bloody Mary
  284. Actress-Laura's Secret
  285. Screenwriter & Producer: Law & Order
  286. Professional Hockey Player
  287. Basketball Player
  288. Author
  289. Author
  290. Author
  291. Author
  292. Author
  293. Lord Lingfield, British Politician
  294. Did Stunts on It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World; also did car stunts for Elvis Presley
  295. Female Model
  296. Male Model
  297. playboy playmate - miss august 1965
  298. Baseball Player
  299. Women's basketball Coach,Vanderbilt University
  300. Cricket
  301. British Movie and Stage Actress born 1925.'An Ideal Husband','Wittgenstein','Edward II','Nicholas Nickleby','General Hospital','Selling Hitler','Saraband'
  302. Redirect Entry for Maren Beautte
  303. Model
  304. Fawcett comic book artist, Dark Shadows comic strip artist
  305. Comedians
  306. Animation
  307. author 'Absolute Power'
  308. U.S. Representative from Maine (1995-2003); Governor of Maine (2003-2011)
  309. Nfl player steelers
  310. Actress-The 5th Empire
  311. Actor-Zombies vs. Strippers
  312. WWII: ETO. 350th Bomb Sqdn, 100th Bomb Group, 8th Air Force. Radio Operator/Gunner of B-17 #42-3413 'Hard Luck'. POW
  313. contestant/racer, The Amazing Race
  314. Actress In Movies - 'Play Hard' and 'The Human Condition'
  315. Actor-Bring Me Alice's Head
  316. Male Model
  317. Actress
  318. Linebacker for San Fran 49ers 1977-1978
  319. Professioanl Cyclist From Italy
  320. Soccer Player - Cashpoint SCR Altach
  321. Actress - Medical Center as Nurse Holmby (45 episodes), Star Trek as Angela Martine (2 episodes)
  322. Soccer Player
  323. French-born Guinea international professional footballer, who plays for Valenciennes FC
  324. Actor
  325. Singer
  326. Spanish footballer who plays as a forward for Italian club Lazio
  327. Actress-Chabada
  328. Former Rays and Red Sox OF- now a coach for Tampa
  329. One of the children of the Seven Up! British documentary
  330. Dancer on the Lawrence Welk Show
  331. German show host
  332. Singer/Musician
  333. Actress from Belgium
  334. Adult Model
  335. Hockey player
  336. Redirect Entry for Helmuts Balderis
  337. Director of Photography
  338. Male Voice Over Talent
  339. Actor-Like Father Like Son,Highway to Heaven
  340. Coach for The 2010 Canadian Olympic Curling Team
  341. Actor-Costanza
  342. conceptual artist
  343. Designer
  344. Actress
  345. Director
  346. Actress-Homegirls,Damagaes
  347. Actor-A Place In The Sun
  348. Male Model
  349. Actress-The Mother
  350. Italian WWII pilot and ace, finnishing the war with five victories, born 26. December 1919
  351. Male Model
  352. UK Racehorse Trainer
  353. BBC sports presenter
  354. UK Racehorse Trainer
  355. Actress: Soap, Charmed, Makin' It, Guns Of Paradise, Lou Grant, The Boogens, Silent Scream, The Gathering 1-2, Deadly Game
  356. former college/NFL guard/tackle; played for Duke University, Cowboys, Colts & Eagles; former FOX sportscaster
  357. Professional Cyclist
  358. former college/NFL defensive lineman; played for Wake Forest, Colts, Bills & Chiefs; his two brothers, Brian & Rich also played in the NFL
  359. former college/NFL guard/tackle; played for Wake Forest, Giants, Chiefs & Patriots; brothers Brian & Gary also played in the NFL
  360. Italian Fencing Champion
  361. Italian Cyclist Champion Called 'il Treno Di Forli'
  362. Actress-Welcome to The North
  363. Italian Actor
  364. Actor - Played 'Vito Andolini' as boy in Godfather 2
  365. Italian actor in european movies born 1921.'Giants of Rome','The Slave Merchants','Yellow Devil','Girl With Suitcase','Head of a Tyrant','Four ways Out','Esther and the King','Colpo in Canna'
  366. Actor-To Kill In Science
  367. Athlete
  368. Author
  369. Voice Over Talent
  370. Basketball Coach
  371. Star Prospect for the New York Mets
  372. Football player
  373. Male Model
  374. Comedian
  375. Actor-Letters To Juliet,Surrounded
  376. Soccer Player
  377. Actor-Breakout
  378. Soccer Player
  379. Soccer Player
  380. Baseball Player
  381. actor- Everwood
  382. Minor League Baseball Player currently in the Los Angeles Angels Organization
  383. Actor-To Love is Forever
  384. Female Model
  385. Actress - Spanish TV Series 'Love In Difficult Times'
  386. Football Player
  387. Minor League Baseball Player drafted by Yankees in 1965 & 1966
  388. Singer/Musician
  389. Actress-Star Trek Into Darkness
  390. Actor-24,Catch Me If You Can,Star Trek:Enterprise
  391. Baseball Player
  392. Jackie Kennedy's secretary and author
  393. Secretary of Commerce 1981-1987
  394. blues rocker (don't try to lay no boogle woogie)
  395. Stepan, Mr. Bean's HolidayCaesarion, Rome
  396. British Politician
  397. Baseball / 1960's Relief Pitcher / Hurled for the Phillies,Padres and Reds
  398. Actor-The Bandit K
  399. Italian actor born 1922.'Hercules and the Tyrants of Babylon','Two Woman','Head of a Tyrant','Day of Anger','Perversion Story','Schizoid','A Man Called Sledge','Mussolini Story'
  400. Actor-Bloody Sin
  401. Female Model - Italy Top Model Contestant 2008
  402. Female Italian Model And Actress, Now Living In USA
  403. Actor-Don Matteo
  404. Author
  405. Singer/Musician
  406. Female Model
  407. Baseball A+ - Wilmington Blue Rocks 2007
  408. Singer
  409. Band
  410. Actress-Lindenstrasse
  411. Former Congressman from Wisconsin
  412. Male Model
  413. Actor-Flies On The Wall
  414. American actor born 1928.'Kellys Heroes','Zorro the Gay Blade','Bewitched','Here Comes the Bride','The Partridge Family','Kojak','The Amazing Spider Man','Columbo','Killer Instinkt'
  415. Redirect Entry for Dick Balduzzi
  416. Vocalist
  417. actor, starred as Mike in the 'Phantasm' movies
  418. Actor -'Bones', Animal Mother in Full Metal Jacket, Firefly, Serenity, guest star on Angel, Casey on Chuck, Linderman on My Bodyguard
  419. Actor: Beetlejuice, Married To The Mob, The Shadow, The Marrying Man, The Hunt For Red October, Miami Blues, The Getaway, The Cat In The Hat, 30 Rock. Former husband of actress Kim Basinger
  420. Alfred Baldwin (born June 23, 1936) was the 'shadow man' in the Watergate first break-in and the ensuing Watergate scandal, but he played an important role. A former FBI agent, Baldwin had been hired by James McCord for a variety of purposes, one of which
  421. Author
  422. Baseball Player
  423. Baseball AA - West Tennessee Diamond Jaxx 2007
  424. Andy Baldwin  (2)
  425. Actress-Harry Potter & The Cursed Child
  426. voice in Dudley Do Right and George of the Jungle
  427. Male Fashion Model
  428. Presenter - Make Your Play, ITV1
  429. Actor-Brothers
  430. 'WW2 Navajo Indian Code Talker'
  431. Author
  432. Outfielder NY Mets/Detroit Tigers
  433. Billy Baldwin  (2)
  434. Singer/Musician
  435. CEO, President of the Bellagio Resort and the MGM Grand
  436. USA Water Ski
  437. News Anchor/Correspondent on CNN
  438. President of the Pensacola Blue Wahoos, former president of Richmond Braves
  439. Choreographer
  440. Baseball Player
  441. Voice actor on Gravity Falls Tad Strange
  442. 2008 Presidential nominee of the Constitution Party, formerly the pastor of Crossroad Baptist Church in Pensacola FL
  443. Hockey Player
  444. Played Calvin on 227
  445. US pianist
  446. Actor: Homicide - Life on the Street, Vampires, Mulholland Falls, Harley Davidson & the Marlboro Man, Attack of the 50-Foot Woman, Killing Moon, Paparazzi, Stealing Candy, The Pandora Project, Grey Gardens, Sydney, Cold Case, Christmas with a Capital C
  447. Football player defensive end for the Ohio State University 'Buckeyes'
  448. Baseball
  449. Dave Baldwin  (2)
    Former Member of The Drifters who did There Goes My Baby
  450. Dave Baldwin  (3)
    Offensive coordinator for the University of New Mexico. Former Head football coach at Cal State Northridge (1995- 1996), San Jose State (1996- 2000), offensive coordinator at Michigan State (2003-2006)
  451. Author
  452. Redirect Entry for Dean M. Roll
  453. Super Centenarian. One of the oldest people in Britain
  454. Actor-Leverage
  455. Doug Baldwin  (2)
    Football Player
  456. Earl Balwin of Bewdley. UK House of Lords
  457. Professional Poker Player
  458. Football Player
  459. Author
  460. Born: 03/31/1896 #2 Oldest Documented Person in the World. Lives in England
  461. Actress-Phoneshop
  462. Actor-Hope Springs
  463. Animator, b.1929. Worked on Mr. Magoo, Rocky & Bullwinkle, Hanna-Barbera shows, produced/directed The Smurfs in the 1980's
  464. Hockey Player
  465. Voice Over Talent
  466. Actress - Rogue's Gallery (1968 Golden Globe nom.), Project X
  467. Greta Baldwin  (2)
    Opera Singer - Soprano
  468. Fashion Model
  469. British Politician
  470. former hockey exec, former Crusader Entertainment exec, formed Baldwin Entertainment Group
  471. WWII pilot (Hell's Angels)
  472. model, daughter of Alec
  473. auto racing driver
  474. MLB pitcher - Chicago Whitesox (1995-01), Los Angeles Dodgers (2001), Seattle Mariners (2002), Minnesota Twins (2003), NY Mets (2004-present)
  475. James Baldwin  (2)
    Author - 'Native Son' Evidence of Things Not Seen; Price of the Ticket
  476. James Baldwin  (3)
    Drafted by the Los Angeles Dodgers in the 4th round of the 2010 MLB June Amateur Draft
  477. Author
  478. Actress (b: 1953) - Born Innocent, Ruby, Gatorbait, Humongous, Prime Cut, The California Kid, The Phantom Of The Paradise. Fashion Designer
  479. Member of West Memphis 3
  480. retired Baseball player
  481. Actress
  482. Co-founder of Starbucks, with Gordon Bowker and Zev Siegl
  483. Drummer with R & B group Bobby Moore & The Rhythm Aces
  484. John Baldwin  (2)
    Olympic Skater
  485. navy admiral
  486. Kansas City Chiefs line backer. Drafted by the Detroit Lions (5th round) from Alabama A&M
  487. Football Player
  488. Kansas City Chiefs 2011 1st round pick 27th overall wide receiver
  489. Actress - The Stepford Wives, The Stepford Children, Rescue From Gilligan's Island/Castaways On Gilligan's Island (as Ginger), No Small Affair, Pretty Woman, Evil Knievel, Emerald Point N.A.S., Exit To Eden, Made In USA, The Bold & The Beautiful, Vegas