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  1. Entomologist/Science Teacher - known for her work with parasitic insects and there chemical responces to there host, also has had 30 years in Research on the Texas Field Cricket
  2. Co-Invented the WWW
  3. Flight scientist
  4. 19th project member at at 'Project Manhattan' (Trinity)
  5. Game maker (Diplomacy) & writer
  6. English biologist, lead team that cloned Dolly the sheep, the world's first cloned animal
  7. Co-winner 2015 Nobel Medicine Prize/cited for discovering avermectin, derivatives of which helped lower incidence of river blindness & lymphatic filariasis 2 diseases caused by parasitic worms that affect millions of African & Asian people
  8. Italian Doctor/Plans to perform the first human head transplant, says he believes he has a 90 percent chance of success
  9. Nobel laureate in medicine 2007
  10. Scientist
  11. nobel medicine laureate 2000
  12. Founder Armadillo Aerospace; team that won Lunar Lander Challenge
  13. 08 Lasker Prize winner. one of three
  14. British born US planetary geologist, born 1935. Worked on nearly every Mars planetary probe, including as the imaging team leader for the Viking missions. Worked on lunar mapping and geological aspects of the 1960's Apollo program
  15. Member of National Inventors Hall of Fame
  16. Ben Carson  (2)
    Neurosurgeon, Republican Politician, Secretary of Housing & Urban Development
  17. Mathematician Born: 07/08/1904
  18. Australian theoretical physicist, best known for his work on the properties of black holes in the Solar System
  19. Robert Carter  (2)
    WWII: One of the last surviving members of The Manhattan Project, he was Enrico Fermi's lab technician: helped create the world's first atomic bomb. Witness to the explosion of the first a-bomb ('Trinity', July 16, 1945)
  20. Doctor, Writer Torture Survivor and Activist
  21. Geiger counter; science advisor
  22. Psychologist
  23. Author, scientist, and noted conservationist. Working to save Mexican endangered species
  24. Flight scientist
  25. nobel chemistry laureate 1989
  26. Member of National Inventors Hall of Fame
  27. Inventor of the internet
  28. Biologist who engineered the oil eating bacteria
  29. Nobel laureate chemistry 2008
  30. nobel physics laueate 1959
  31. Scientist, invented the world's first artificial cell
  32. Inventor
  33. nobel physics laureate 1992
  34. French professor and researcher in microbiology, genetics and biochemistry. In 2020, Charpentier and Jennifer Doudna were awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 'for the development of a method for genome editing'
  35. Nobel prize laureate chemistry
  36. Co Inventor of Bubble Wrap
  37. Known for inventing the self-balancing hoverboard
  38. nobol physics laueate 1958
  39. Russian Rocket Designer. Born: 03/01/1912
  40. Paleontologist and ichnologist. In 1998, Dr. Chin studied the first fossilized T. rex dung (coprolites) that contained bits of Triceratops frill. Chin received her Masters Degree from Montana SU, and her Ph.D. from UCSB (1996)
  41. Scientist
  42. Scientist
  43. Inventor
  44. Renowned author, Linguistics Professor at MIT
  45. astronomer discovered pluto's moon
  46. Atomic physicist; worked on Manhattan Project
  47. American theoretical physicist and later astrophysicist and one of the last people alive to have worked on the Manhattan Project
  48. Nobel Laureate (Physics 1997); U.S. Secretary of Energy (2009-13)
  49. Invented the three-dimensional version of the Sudoku puzzle in 2005
  50. Geneticist, molecular engineer/Successfully copied woolly mammoth genes into the genome of an Asian elephant/Will have reproduced the extinct Wooly Mammoth in the next three years
  51. Scientist, 2004 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
  52. Turkish archaeologist and Assyriologist who specializes in the study of Sumerian civilization
  53. Oncologist who developed the CD34 monoclonal antibody, which made it possible for the first time to identify, isolate and collect hematopoietic stem cells, the immature cells in the human body that grow into mature blood, marrow and immune cells
  54. Colin Clark  (2)
  55. Inventor of cochlear implant
  56. Director of the Goddard Space Flight Center from 1965-1976
  57. Human computer at the aberdeen Proving Ground. Engineer on B2 Stealth bomber
  58. Scientis
  59. Scientist, teacher, naturalist, state park ranger, national park ranger, cruising sailor, photographer, and author
  60. Inventor Neutron Bomb
  61. nobel med. laureate 1986
  62. Nobel physics laureate 1997
  63. Scientist
  64. World-Renowned Cryptozoologist And Author
  65. Doctor
  66. scientist
  67. invertor (enovid oral contraceptive)
  68. inventor (tetracycline antibiotic)
  69. Flight scientist
  70. Venezuelan epidemiologist specialist in tropical diseases. Born: 09/11/1913
  71. Mathematician
  72. Computer Scientist and transgender activist
  73. Biophysicist
  74. Is a centenarian and a Canadian geologist and palaeontologist, and Emeritus Professor at Dalhousie University. The author of several scientific books
  75. Doctor - Aerobics advocate
  76. nobel physics laureate 1972
  77. Inventor of Cell Phone
  78. American immunologist, born 1933. 2019 Lasker Award recipient for his work identifying T cells and B cells
  79. American Inventor/Chemist (b: 1919)
  80. Scientist
  81. Anthropologist
  82. Flight scientist
  83. nobel chemistry laureate 1990
  84. nobel physics laureate 2001
  85. Nobel chem. laureate 1975. Born: 09/07/1917
  86. Director of NASA's Langley Research Center, and Chairman of the Apollo 13 Review Board which investigated the explosion that occurred during the Apollo 13 spaceflight in 1970.
  87. Eastman Kodak engineer, worked on the camera team for NASA's Lunar Orbiters that photographed the moon, and mapped landing spots for the Apollo missions. Led to the first photo of the earth from the moon, a B&W grainy one, in 1966
  88. British astronomer
  89. Scientist
  90. German-born, American physicist (1924- ). Built circuits for the Manhattan Project. One of the few surviving witnesses of the Trinity Test, the first atomic explosion
  91. oceanographer
  92. American physical chemist, worked at ' Manhattan Project' (Trinity)
  93. Scientist, Physicist, host of 'Physics Girl' on YouTube
  94. Scientist
  95. Brian Cox  (2)
    TV Presenter, Author - Why Does E=mc2?
  96. Biochemist who helped determine the DNA structure
  97. Scientist
  98. Whiplash expert, director ofspine research institute of san diego
  99. nobel physics laureate 1980
  100. nobel chemistry laureate 1995
  101. Actress - The Goodbye Girl, Family, Big Eddie. Inventor/Company President - Hip-Hugger baby-carrying sling-type device
  102. nobel chemistry laureate 1996
  103. Palaeontolist, curator, author
  104. Co-founder of Acorn Computers, a British computer company established in Cambridge, England, in 1978. The company produced a number of computers which were popular in the UK. Due to its innovative designs, Acorn is sometimes known as the 'British Apple'
  105. Physicist, best known for the Cutkosky cutting rules in quantum field theory, which give a simple way to calculate the discontinuity of the scattering amplitude by Feynman diagrams