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Browsing Category Home->Historical, Scientific & Military Figures->Historian , A-Z Filter: C
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  1. Spanish Former Female Historic Person - Member Of The Socialist Youth Of Catalonia (PSUC) During The Spanish Civil War. She Was The Last Living Survivor Of The Nazi Concentration Camp 'Ravensbrück'.
  2. American historian and journalist, best known for his books on the American Civil War. Known as a narrative historian/Pulitzer Prize in 1954 for A Stillness at Appomattox
  3. Historian of Birmingham
  4. Chinese Australian aviation writer, photographer and vlogger
  5. World War 2 historian and author
  6. Paul Clancy  (2)
    Author and historian
  7. (Born July 26, 1919) was a civilian employee for Army Intelligence and an American Red Cross volunteer stationed in India during World War II
  8. Survivor of SF Earthquake of 1906. Born:10/09/ 1902.Rose Cliver is thought to be the last known San Francisco born survivor of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. One of only three remaining from this historic event
  9. Author of the Other Side of the River, South Carolina Historian
  10. British Historian
  11. African Americans' rights activist, Pioneer of the African American civil rights movement; Nine months before Rosa Parks refused to move to the back of the bus, 15-year-old Colvin refused a bus driver?s orders to relinquish her seat and was arrested
  12. British writer, British historian, became one of the best-known writers on the Soviet Union
  13. American historian, author, and educator
  14. French resistant and historian
  15. Forensic Archaeologist, Channel 4's Time Team.
  16. RIBA Chartered Architect, Professional Wrestling Historian and Author
  17. British World War 2 historian and author
  18. Vietnam/Commanded the 198th Signal Detachment, which was attached to the 118th Assault Helicopter Company/He photographed mission
  19. Native American Historian belongs to the Crow Tribe. Became the last Crow War Chief during WWII. Grandfather was a scout for George Custer. Appeared in Ken Burns' 'The War'
  20. Dr Who worked on JFK After he was shot