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Browsing Category Home->Authors & Writers->Comics & Cartoons , A-Z Filter: E
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  1. Comic Artist
  2. cartoonist
  3. Writer and animator
  4. columnist
  5. Creator of The Tick Comic Book, Firefly, Point Pleasant, Angel-Supernatural-
  6. Animator
  7. cartoonist
  8. Russian Cartoonist/Kiev, Russia/Born 1900 Still employed by newspaper Izvestia
  9. Animator, writer. Worked at PK&A studios during the production of the first Schoolhouse Rock shorts. Credited with designing The Four Legged Zoo
  10. Artist & Co-creator of MORNING GLORIES, Eisner-nominated & NY Times Bestseller from @imagecomics. DC Comics, Vertigo, Valiant, Boom!, Archie & IDW artist
  11. Cartoonist - Katzenjammer Kids, Popeye
  12. cartoonist (the spirit)
  13. Cartoonist - MAD Magazine, Little Annie Fanny
  14. syndicated cartoonist of stone soup
  15. Comic Book Writer (The Authority, Planetary, Global Frequency)
  16. Draws 'Mark Trail' Comic Strip
  17. editorial cartoonist
  18. editorial cartoonist
  19. Comic Book Writer
  20. Comic book writer (Preacher, Hitman, Hellblazer)
  21. Comic Book Inker
  22. Comic Artist / Cartoonist - Six Chix
  23. Comic book artist
  24. German comic artist, part of the WOC - World of Comics crew
  25. Cartoonist f.ex.Futurama, Simpsons
  26. Comic Book Artist
  27. cartoonist
  28. Comic book artist
  29. Dustin Evans  (2)
    Comic Book colorist on Scouts!:Prepare For Adversity
  30. cartoonist (anne & corrigan)
  31. syndicated cartoonist of luann
  32. Malcolm Evans  (2)
    New Zealand political cartoonist
  33. Artist, protege of Snoopy cartoonist Charles M. Schulz