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Browsing Category Home->Performing Arts->Director/Producer , A-Z Filter: F
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  1. Director of photography
  2. Screenwriter/Director
  3. Director
  4. Director
  5. Italian director, 'Cop Killer' (1983)
  6. Author and American television producer who is the former chairman of CBS News and former executive producer of 60 Minutes
  7. Director
  8. Director
  9. Director: Crocodile Dundee and the american road movie Dutch, Australian television producer
  10. Actor
  11. Director
  12. Author
  13. Director/Screenwriter
  14. Director of Baseball Operations, National Independent Baseball Association
  15. French director
  16. Director
  17. Director from Quebec
  18. Director
  19. Author
  20. The only way is essex
  21. Director
  22. Director
  23. Television producer, screenwriter, author
  24. Producer; Co-Host 'Between The Lines' Radio Sports Show
  25. Screenwriter
  26. Director
  27. Belgian filmdirector and scenarist
  28. Director
  29. Chris Fallon  (2)
  30. Animation director
  31. Director
  32. Actor: 'Lbs'WriterDirector
  33. The Mandalorian, Dope,
  34. Actor (Black Saddle, Parrish, many TV guest-star roles) Screenwriter (Blade Runner). Director. Former husband of actress Sue 'Lolita' Lyon (1963-1965)
  35. Actor
  36. Music Video Director
  37. French director
  38. Italian actor and director born 1928.'Space Man','Giant of Marathon','El Cid','Sword of Zorro','Lion of Thebes','The Rover','Adios Sabata','Zombie','Little Buddha','Black Demons'
  39. Director/Screenwriter
  40. Swedish director (zozo, jalla jalla etc)
  41. Director
  42. Director
  43. Screenwriter/Director
  44. French director
  45. Director: The Enforcer, Every which way but loose, Forced Vengeance, The A-Team, Born to Race, Second Chances
  46. Native Iranian screenwriter and film director. At the 61st Berlin International Film Festival which finally earned him Golden Bear for best film
  47. Co-writer/director of Little Miss Sunshine with partner Jonathan Dayton
  48. Director
  49. '50s child actor later a director
  50. American director, also played a Zombie in 'Day of the Dead'
  51. Director
  52. Director
  53. Film/TV Writer - MI-5
  54. Screenwriter / Director / Producer: Halloween 6, The Tooth Fairy, The Girl Next Door, The Trouble with the Truth, Havenhurst, Amityville The Awakening
  55. Writer/Director: 'The Homecoming' & 'Cupboard Love'
  56. Co-Director: There's Something About Mary, Dumb and Dumber, Kingpin, Me Myself & Irene, Shallow Hal, Stuck on You, Fever Pitch
  57. Director: There's Something About Mary, Dumb and Dumber, Kingpin, Me Myself & Irene, Shallow Hal, Stuck on You, Fever Pitch
  58. Director/Screenwriter
  59. John Farrow  (2)
    Movie director ['Hondo']. Father of Mia Farrow
  60. director
  61. French actor, comedian, film director, TV/radio host
  62. Acclaimed American director, filmmaker and Contour photographer whose most notable work is in action sports, music, documentary films, high - end commercials and intimate celebrity photography Movies: Chuck Leavell: The Tree Man
  63. Animation director
  64. Black Roses
  65. German director
  66. Director
  67. Director
  68. Director
  69. Director
  70. Director of photography
  71. Director
  72. Cinematographer & Director: Jeepers Creepers 1 & 2, Anaconda 3 & 4, The Goonies
  73. Maripol is an artist, film producer, fashion designer and stylist
  74. Director
  75. Actor
  76. Developer and former Executive Producer of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic; co-developer of Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. Also known for working on The Powerpuff Girls; wife of creator Craig McCracken
  77. Director
  78. Director
  79. Screenwriter/Director
  80. Director
  81. Actor/Writer/Director: Swingers, Very Bad Things, Deep Impact, Iron Man, Elf, Couples Retreat, The Replacements, The Break-Up, Rudy, Friends, The Jungle Book
  82. Screenwriter & Director: Ginger Snaps, The Boys Club, The Dark, Lost Girl, Orphan Black
  83. Producer
  84. Ed Fay 
    Production Manager on Klute 1971
  85. Director
  86. Film Producer
  87. Film Producer
  88. Screenwriter
  89. Actor & Director: Witchblade, Highlander, Wiseguy, 21 Jump Street, War of the Worlds, Cobra, Bordertown, Neon Rider, The Outer Limits, Christmas in Canaan, Daydream Believers, Cedar Cove
  90. French actor, compositor, musician and producer born in 1942. Member of the group 'Les Charlots'
  91. Writer/Producer of CHUCK
  92. From Dusk Till Dawn,Skin Crawl,Kinky Kong,Strange Case Of Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde,Ghoul School
  93. Storyboard artist of Cars and Cars 2, Director of Cars 3
  94. Director
  95. Director - most known for his film 'HELL' (2011)
  96. Screenwriter/Director
  97. Film producer and former seamstress for the Elton John band who was married to John's frequent collaborator Bernie Taupin
  98. A Dead Calling, Ed Gein The Butcher of Plainfield
  99. Film Producer
  100. Creator/Writer/Supervising Producer - Raising The Bar
  101. Producer -Iron Man -The Incredible Hulk -Fantastic Four -X-Men -Daredevil
  102. Director of the film Windsplitter and also wrote Dark Night of the Scarecrow
  103. Director: Dallas, Knots Landing, Charmed, 7th Heaven, Touched By an Angel, Safe Harbor, Beverly Hills, 90210, Melrose Place, Titans, University Hospital, Burke's Law, Bodies of Evidence
  104. Director
  105. Tv producer
  106. Writer & Director
  107. Created the Cartoon Network series Cow and Chicken and its spin-off, I Am Weasel
  108. Director
  109. Producer-numerous films including Red Dawn,Rambo First Blood Part II among others
  110. Screenwriter & Producer
  111. Director
  112. Screenwriter & Director: Real Men, Virus, Species
  113. Director and Writer/Screenwriter
  114. Spanish director of cinema of documentary
  115. Director/Writer/Animator The Tale of Depereaux & Flushed Away
  116. Italian Director - La Dolce Vita, 8-1/2, La Strada, Fellini's Satyricon, Fellini's Casanova, Fellini's Roma, Fellini's Intervista, Amarcord, I Vitelloni, Rome Open City, Paison, Nights Of Cabiria, City Of Women, Ginger & Fred, Juliet Of The Spirits
  117. The Big Lebowski executive producer
  118. Creator/ exec producer
  119. Simon Fellows  (2)
  120. Producer tv Man From U.N.C.L.E. Born: 04/29/1913
  121. French director
  122. film director (terror in the wax museum, arnold)
  123. Associate producer: Dallas, Walker, Texas Ranger
  124. Animation supervisor - pee wee's playhouse
  125. Writer + producer: The Gail O'Grady Project (1996). Married to Leeza Gibbons since '11. Previously married to Gail O'Grady. B.H.HS grad of '88; + actor: 'One Step Beyond'('60)='The Earthquake'. Elected to the B.H. Board of Education Nov 07
  126. Director
  127. French director
  128. Jay Ferguson  (2)
  129. T.V. Director/Writer/Producer - married to Actress Jana Shelden
  130. Director: Telling lies in America, Dirty Dancing 2, The Babysitter
  131. Voice Actor-Original Voice of Speed Racer and Racer X on the 1960's Speed Racer Cartoon
  132. Director of photography
  133. French director
  134. Headless Horseman, Boo, Wishmaster 2, The Dentist, Scarecrow
  135. Film director and screen writer (bad lieutenant, body snatchers) (mary) (New Rose Hotel)
  136. French humorist
  137. Director
  138. Director
  139. Director
  140. Director Parasites
  141. Screenwriter/Director
  142. Abel Ferry  (2)
  143. Actor/producer 'Salvage'
  144. Director: Habit, Wendigo, The Last Winter
  145. Director
  146. Screenwriter/Director
  147. Screenwriter & Director: Bad Santa, Cats & Dogs, Bad News Bears, I Love You Phillip Morris, Crazy Stupid Love, Focus, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
  148. Italian actor-writer-commedian
  149. Producer / director
  150. German Production Manager/Asst. Director 1930's-50's Born: 11/23/1909
  151. John Fiedler  (2)
    Producer: The Beast, Mortal Thoughts, Beyond the Law, Serial Mom, Copycat, Simply Irresistible, Cecil B. DeMented // Spouse of actress Bess Armstrong
  152. Dancer, choreographer, director (1934-89). Choreographed the original run of Cabaret (Tony Award), directed and choreographed Applause
  153. Actor
  154. Singer, actress, director; sang with a regrouping of the Ronettes in 1973; mother of actress Kim Fields
  155. founder Mrs. Fields Cookies, TV shows The Dessert Show, The Hospitality Show, Hollywood Squares, Great American Desserts on PBS
  156. American film producer - American Gigolo
  157. Director, Veronica Mars
  158. Director
  159. Video game producer for Larian
  160. Writer & Director: Leaving Las Vegas, Timecode, One Night Stand, Internal Affairs, Stormy Monday, Cold Creek Manor
  161. Director
  162. Director
  163. Animation producer
  164. Director/Screenwriter
  165. Actor: Jaws // Producer: Big Night, The Siege, Inside Man, American Gangster, Sex and the City, Bride Wars, Mr. Popper's Penguins, Elementary, The Blacklist
  166. Director
  167. Director
  168. Screenwriter
  169. Director of Seven, Fight Club, The Game, Panic Room, Alien 3 (Special Edition)
  170. German Actor/Director - Noch Fünf Stunden (Short), Dogville (Theatre)
  171. Director/Screenwriter
  172. Director/producer/actress x & r soft porn films
  173. Producer. Did many from 1988 including Forrest Gump 1994, The Fan 1996 and The Devil Wears Prada 2006
  174. Executive producer
  175. Director/Producer-CSI
  176. Director
  177. Lifestyle Host & Video Producer
  178. Writer / executive producer
  179. TV Producer, Writer, Director. Produced: The Eddie Fisher Show, The Dinah Shore Chevy Show, The Andy Williams Show, multiple broadcasts of The People?s Choice Awards, Oscars, and Emmy Awards. Also produced Elvis: The 68 Comeback Special
  180. Screenwriter & Producer: Brooklyn South, LA Law, Law & Order, NYPD Blue, Murder One, Cop Rock
  181. Screenwriter/Director
  182. Director
  183. Film/TV Producer
  184. Film Producer
  185. Director
  186. Director
  187. Director
  188. film director (cyborg cop 1 & 2 rev. of the ninjia)
  189. Director
  190. Mime/Performer/Director
  191. TV Writer: Marcus Welby, M.D. Baretta, Columbo etc
  192. Director
  193. Director
  194. Movie Director
  195. Art Director at KRLD-TV in '63 , Charles processed film all over the world the weekend of the assassination . In '64 he was a sketch artist for the Jack Ruby trial
  196. Jeff Fisher  (2)
    Film Director & Reality TV Producer
  197. Television producer and executive - Parkinson, 'The Bob Monkhouse Show', 'The Ken Dodd Show', 'Joan Rivers, Can We Talk'
  198. Theatre Director - The Bastard from the Bush, A Star is Torn
  199. Producer. Son of Debbie Reynolds. Brother of Carrie Fisher
  200. Brandon F youtuber
  201. Production Designer
  202. Director - Day of the Roses (mini-series), Frankie's House (mini-series)
  203. Screenwriter/Director
  204. Director
  205. Director of 'Mata Hari', 'The Son Of The Sheik', 'As You Desire Me' etc
  206. Writer/Director
  207. Production Designer
  208. Screenwriter & Director: Clifford, Who's Harry Crumb?, 18 Again!
  209. Actor
  210. Mike Flanagan  (3)
    Writer and Director of hit Netflix series Haunting of Hill House, Haunting of Bly Manor, and Midnight Mass. Director of Netflix movie Hush
  211. Music Video Director
  212. film director (kiss the girls)
  213. Film Director - 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, Fantastic Voyage, The Boston Strangler, Dr. Dolittle, Soylent Green, Red Sonja, Compulsion, The Vikings, Barabbas, Mr. Majestyk, Tora! Tora! Tora!, Che!, The Jazz Singer, Amityville 3-D, Violent Saturday
  214. Director: Zombieland
  215. movie director producer
  216. Director
  217. TV and movie producer; creator and writer of The Bachelor, The Bachelorette. Producer of the 2003 remake The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning
  218. Director & Screenwriter: Bad Dreams, The Craft, Threesome, Dick, The In-Laws, hard Hearts
  219. Bill Fleming  (2)
  220. film director (dr. who & the daleks, the split)
  221. Director: Idle Hands, Leprechaun 2, The Unborn, Tales from the Crypt, Nature of the Beast, Conan O'Brien Can't Stop
  222. Dancer/Actress/Director/Choreographer - Step Up (2006), 27 Dresses (2007), Hairspray (2007), The Proposal (2009), Rock Of Ages (2012)
  223. Star Wars-Episode III:Revenge of The Sith(1st Assistant Director)
  224. Co-artistic director of 'People Can Run Theatre Company'
  225. Director
  226. Director
  227. Writer/Director of film 'The President's Analyst', also TV director and co-creator of 'Barney Miller' The Andy Griffith Show
  228. Director
  229. Producer (Opera)
  230. Swedish singer/songwriter, actor and director
  231. Director/Screenwriter
  232. Director
  233. Writer & Producer
  234. Director
  235. director of Brainscan and Lock Up
  236. French director
  237. French film director, screen writer and actress
  238. Director/Screenwriter-Booksmart,The Flight Attendant
  239. Executive producer / writer, married to Actress Caitlin Thompson
  240. Film Producer & Executive
  241. movie director
  242. Professional Speaker
  243. Director: The Chamber, Fear, Reckless, At Close Range, Who's That Girl, The Corruptor, After Dark My Sweet, Glengarry Glen Ross, House of Cards
  244. Deputy Director, U.S. Secret Service
  245. Director
  246. Director
  247. American Werewolf In London, Hostel
  248. Producer of Dennis the Menace
  249. Director of Photography Kong Skull Island, Predator, Superman vs. Batman
  250. Screenwriter/Director
  251. Director of photography
  252. Music Producer
  253. writer-prod. (homicide, life on the street oz)
  254. Screenwriter/Director
  255. belgian director, actor and producer
  256. Foote's professional portfolio spans a wide range of titles, including Fine Artist, Filmmaker, Creative Director, Children's Book Illustrator, Motion Graphic Designer, Animator, and Fashion Illustrator
  257. Writer/Director
  258. British Producer,Director,Writer and Actor born 1926.married to Actress Nanette Newman.'Chaplin','Stepford Wives','Deadfall','King Rat','Of Human Bondage','Guns of Navarone','Seance on a Wet Afternoon','Colditz Story','Baby and the Battleship','Enemy from
  259. narrator/creator/producer/writer -'Behind The Music' (VH1), 'Infamous' (E!)
  260. Director from Québec
  261. Film Director born in 1894. Directed films like Drums Along the Mohawk, Fort Apache, 3 Godfathers, She Wore a Yellow Ribbon, Rio Grande, The Battle of Midway, The Fugitive, etc
  262. Production Designer
  263. Tiffany Ford  (2)
    Animation director
  264. Film Director, Academy Award 2018 Nomination for 'Strong Island'
  265. Daughter of boxer George Foreman. She was a producer on the tv series Divorce Court
  266. producer
  267. French humorist, comedian and actress
  268. Director
  269. Director
  270. French director
  271. Film Producer
  272. Film Director - One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, Hair, Ragtime, Amadeus, Valmont, The People Vs. Larry Flynt, The Man On The Moon, Goya's Ghost
  273. Director
  274. Director: Law & Order, Profiler, Millenium
  275. Austrian actor and director
  276. director, producer
  277. movie director
  278. producer of Ice Age 1+2
  279. Director
  280. Film & TV Director
  281. Award winning Broadway and film choreographer. Original productions of 'The Pajama Game', 'Damn Yankees', 'Pippin', 'Chicago'
  282. Author
  283. General Hospital, Producer
  284. David Foster  (4)
    Director and Producer on many TV shows such as 'Timeslip', 'Tightrope' and 'Sapphire and Steel'
  285. An American songwriter, record producer, and founder of Monument Records
  286. Director/producer directed episodes of 50's tv shows including Whirlybirds and Sherrif of Cochise
  287. Director
  288. Film Producer
  289. Director of 'Monster's Ball' and 'World War Z' staring Brad Pitt
  290. Writer/Producer -Heroes -Night Stalker -Xena: Warrior Princess -Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
  291. Actor
  292. Screenwriter
  293. Tony Award-winning actress for Thoroughly Modern Millie. Also starred in Little Women, The Drowsy Chaperone, Young Frankenstein - the Musical, SHREK - The Musical
  294. Director
  295. Screenwriter/Director
  296. Director
  297. Actor
  298. French director
  299. Producer (Opera)
  300. Musician-Composer-Producer-Author
  301. Director/Screenwriter
  302. Paul Fox  (3)
  303. Paul Fox  (4)
    British television executive (Born: 1925) who spent much of his broadcasting career working for BBC Television, most prominently as the Controller of BBC 1 between 1967 and 1973. He commissioned Dad's Army, The Two Ronnies
  304. Production Designer
  305. Director
  306. Film Producer
  307. Director
  308. Producer For A Few More Dollars
  309. Director
  310. Actor/Director: Star Trek, Gargoyles, North & South, Falcon Crest, Paper Dolls, Bare Essence, Days of our Lives, The Doctors, Clockstoppers, Highway to Heaven, Dukes of Hazzard, Lois & Clark, Criminal Minds
  311. Movie Director
  312. Director of Ennemi Public
  313. Italian Director of Hercules Movies
  314. Actor, Director, Writer, Host
  315. 5th Season as Principal Conductor of Caminos del Inka and his third season as Artistic Director of Concerts in the Garden/Frequent guest conductor in the U.S., Europe and South America
  316. Spanish Director - Vampiros Lesbos, The Awful Dr. Orloff
  317. Spanish Horror Director: Oasis of the Zombies, Sinister Dr. Orloff, Brides of Dr. Jekyll, Count Dracula, Demoniac
  318. Film Producer
  319. Director
  320. French pop singer, composer, songwriter, producer, drummer and dancer. Wrote 'Comme d'habitude' (My Way), 'Parce que je t'aime mon enfant' (My Boy). Most famous songs: 'Le lundi au soleil', 'Magnolias for Ever', 'Alexandrie Alexandra'
  321. Director
  322. Charles Frank  (2)
    Belgium Film Director.Born: 01/23/1910
  323. Former actor (guest on 'Hogan's Heroes), now a producer
  324. American broadcast news executive. Created the groundbreaking Huntley-Brinkley Report, and was its producer until 1964. Served two tenures as president of NBC News. Mentored such journalists as Tom Brokaw, John Chancellor & Linda Ellerbee
  325. Production Designer
  326. Director
  327. Theatre Director
  328. Screenwriter & Producer
  329. British film director
  330. Screenwriter & Producer
  331. American composer and musical theater director; composed the music for the Broadway musical Grey Gardens
  332. director-reindeer games, ambush, island of dr. moreau
  333. Actor (b: 1949) - The Fantastic Voyage (TV series - Dr. Walters), The A-Team (Capt. Crane), McClain's Law, Eye Of The Eagle 2. Director - Devil In A Blue Dress, High Crimes, One False Move, One True Thing, Out Of Time, Eye Of The Eagle 2. Writer
  334. Hollywood producer, best-selling author and motivational speaker. He is a regular on The Dr. Oz Show, offering his guidance on a range of topics including faith, relationships and spiritual wellness
  335. movie director writer
  336. Producer- Full House, Laverne & Shirley
  337. Director of Psycho II
  338. Creator - Psych
  339. Director
  340. Eric Fraser  (2)
    Production Designer / Art Director
  341. Tv producer
  342. Tim Fraser  (2)
  343. directed 32 out of 58 episodes of 'The Monkees' 1960s tv show
  344. Director
  345. Was born on July 1, 1986 in London. He is an actor and director, known for Ten Dead Men (2008), Thunderslam: Wrestlefest 10 - Palace of Pain (2008) and Thunderslam: Wrestlefest 5 - Halloween Havoc (2007)
  346. Director - The Grifters (AA nom.), The Queen (AA nom.), Dangerous Liaisons, Mary Reilly, The Hi-Lo Country, High Fidelity, The Van, Dirty Pretty Things, Prick Up Your Ears, My Beautiful Laundrette, The Snapper, Hero, Fail Safe (TV - Emmy nom.), Gumshoe
  347. Director
  348. film director (caltiki-the immortal monster)
  349. Director
  350. YouTuber - Matthias, Team Edge, Get Good Gaming, and Battle Universe CEO of Hi5 Studios
  351. 60s teen singer, related to mgm music producer arthur freed
  352. Playwright novelist director producer teacher activist
  353. Director of Graduation Day
  354. Production Designer / Art Director: A Christmas Story, Prom Night, Food of the Gods II, The Changeling, Porky's, Killer Party
  355. Writer & Director
  356. Screenwriter
  357. Screenwriter & Director: American Psycho 2, Hurricane Streets, Desert Blue
  358. Paul Freeman  (2)
    Film Producer: Halloween 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8, Trantulas
  359. Screenwriter & Producer: Dark Justice, Freddy's Nightmares
  360. Animator/Cartoonist/Director/Producer for Warner Bros. Helped in creating the Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies series. Created or Assisted in the creation of characters Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig, Tweety Bird, Sylvester the Cat, Yosemite Sam and Speedy Gonzal
  361. Director
  362. Director
  363. Producer/Director Born: 1895
  364. Director
  365. Director
  366. German comedian, actor and web video producer
  367. Director '28 Weeks Later'
  368. Director-Homecoming,Thicker Than Water
  369. Director
  370. Writer and Director
  371. Director
  372. Barbara Frey  (2)
    Swiss artistic director born 29.04.1963
  373. Russian Director 1940's-80's. Born: 09/02/1909
  374. Emmy Award-winning producer and best-selling author of The Wizard of Oz: The Official 50th Anniversary Pictorial History.
  375. Icelandic director, Oscar nominee
  376. Director: 'Date Movie', 'Epic Movie', 'Meet The Spartans', 'Disaster Movie', 'Vampires Suck'. Writer: 'Scary Movie'
  377. Production Designer
  378. Actor - Das weiße Band
  379. Screenwriter & Director: Good Times, The French Connection, The Exorcist, Sorcerer, Deal of the Century, To Live and Die in L.A., Blue Chips, 12 Angry Men, Rules of Engagement, The Hunted, Killer Joe
  380. Producer/Writer: Blood Feast, Two Thousand Maniacs, Color Me Blood Red, Trader Hornee, Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS, Blood Feast 2
  381. Executive Producer For Wheel Of Fortune & Jeopardy
  382. Screenwriter & Director
  383. Second assistant director
  384. TV Writer/Producer/Actor, teaches T.V. Writing course at Chapman University
  385. Director/Screenwriter
  386. Director
  387. Director/Screenwriter
  388. Director
  389. American film producer
  390. Film Producer
  391. Director/Screenwriter
  392. Director
  393. Screenwriter/Producer for The Simpsons
  394. Stage Director
  395. Animation artist & TV producer - The Muppet Show & Fraggle Rock
  396. Actor
  397. Theatre director - First director of the former 'Coom-Theater' at Cologne, Germany. Born January 11th, 1944 in Budapest/Hungary.
  398. German co-director/actor - Abnormis
  399. Screenwriter & Director: Return to Horror High
  400. Director
  401. Producer - All My Children
  402. Director
  403. Director (born David Kayne) The Thing with Two Heads
  404. producer/writer (twin peaks, buddy faro)
  405. Director/Screenwriter
  406. Theatre Director
  407. Screenwriter & Director
  408. Director
  409. American producer, director and writer, was also the first 'Pie-In-The-Face-Zombie' in ''Dawn of the Dead'' (1978)
  410. Production Designer
  411. belgian director, writer, producer and editor.
  412. Director
  413. Tv series director - how i met your mother, how i met your father & Night court
  414. British director : The Abominable Dr. Phibes, The Devil's Rain, Aphrodite, etc.
  415. Producer, Director, Actor
  416. Director
  417. Director
  418. Director - Jean Eyre, Beasts of No Nation, True Detective, No Time to Die
  419. B. 1962/Japanese born US businessman & producer who founded & president Funimation Entertainment, a company that distributes anime in US & Canada. As of 2011, Fukunaga was named chairman of online video game developer GameSamba
  420. Production Designer
  421. Director
  422. Writer/Creator of Dead Like Me and Wonderfalls
  423. Actor played Harpist #2 in Kung Fu Hustle
  424. executive producer for Sierra Studios SWAT series
  425. Tai Chi Hero
  426. Movie director, -King Arthur -Training Day -Shooter -The Replacement Killers
  427. Singer with The Moonglows. Motwon songwriter/producer
  428. film dir. (Lpcress files, lady signs the blue)
  429. TV Writer/Producer, ABC News/Sports staff director, born 1943. ABC News intern in the NYC newsroom when the Kennedy Assassination broke
  430. Director
  431. Puppeteer, voice and creator of ALF (TV Series, 1986-90)
  432. Director
  433. Actor
  434. 'The Birdcage', 'Enough', 'Judging Amy', 'Related', wrote the Oscar-nominated screenplay 'Capote'
  435. American rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer
  436. Director
  437. Film Director
  438. Director