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  1. Appeared as Eileen in Dexy's Midnight Runners' music video "Come On Eileen"; now editor of UK publication Prima magazine; sister of singer Siobhan Fahey, formerly of Bananarama
  2. Puerto Rican lawyer, daughter of Junno Faria and Iris Chacon
  3. Grandson of actress Vivien Leigh
  4. Grandson of actress Vivien Leigh, brother to Neville and Jonathan Farrington
  5. Joey Fatone's (NSYNC) brother
  6. Glamorous In Magics Biggest Secret's Finally Revealed
  7. Daughter of film editor Rudi Fehr and actress Maris Wrixon. As a child appeared in her father's film Watch on the Rhine 1943
  8. Mickey mouse club sister of corey feldman
  9. Model/Actress-Playboy August 2008,The Two Coreys,Married to Corey Feldman
  10. Ex-Wife of Boris Becker
  11. Puerto Rican television paparazzi, 'SuperXclusivo', 'Dando Candela' Cuban comedian Leopoldo 'Pucho' Fernandez's son
  12. Son of Rosemary Clooney and José Ferrer
  13. Daughter of Rosemary Clooney and José Ferrer
  14. Daughter of Rosemary Clooney and José Ferrer
  15. fitness trainer and wife of Lou Ferrigno
  16. Widow of conductor Arthur Fiedler
  17. Puerto Rican sailor, participant at 4 Olympic Games, Carla Malatraci's husband
  18. Photographer/wife of Yahoo co-founder, David Filo
  19. Daughter of Beverly Aadland. Had a bit role in The Last of Robin Hood
  20. Widower of Beverly Aadland. Had a bit role in the film The Last of Robin Hood
  21. Bobby Flay's daughter, appears with dad
  22. Nephew of Venezuelan First Lady Cilia Flores; arrested in Haiti by the BLTS, extradited and charged with conspiring to import and distribute cocaine in the United States
  23. Jane Seymour's daughter
  24. Widow of Henry Fonda
  25. Philippa Ruth Foot (née Bosanquet; is a British philosopher, most notable for her works in ethics. Granddaughter of President Grover Cleveland
  26. Actress/Cybill Shepherd's daughter
  27. Jack Ford  (2)
    TV News Personality
  28. Son of President Gerald Ford
  29. American actor (Son of actor Glenn Ford and actress Eleanor Powell)
  30. Actor: The Young and the Restless, The Eleventh Commandment, Body Count, When Harry Met Sally, Columbo, Heat, Contact, Starship Troopers, Eraser, Midnight Blue, Armageddon, Carrie 2, Black Hawk Down, Transformers // Son of President Gerald Ford
  31. Daughter of President Gerald Ford
  32. Daughter of Bob Fosse and Gwen Vernon
  33. Actress; older sister of Jodie Foster; acted as body double for her sister in Taxi Driver and The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane
  34. Ritchie Valens girlfriend, for whom he wrote the song 'Donna'
  35. Italian astrologer
  36. Along with her brother James Foxx Jr she was a batgirl for the 1952 Fort Wayne Daisies whom her dad Jimmie Foxx managed for the AAPGBL
  37. Along with his sister Nanci he was a batboy for the 1952 Fort Wayne Daisies whom his dad Jimmie Foxx managed for the AAPGBL
  38. Race car driver, grandson of A.J. Foyt.
  39. Norwegian teacher and daughter of former German chancellor Willy Brandt
  40. British crime writer. He is Dick Francis' younger son. With the publication of Dead Heat in 2007, Felix took on a more significant role in writing. Silks was the second novel in this father - and - son collaboration and Even Money was the third
  41. Was Princess Diana's personal astrologer for eight years
  42. Actress - L.A. Law, The Savage Seven, The Young Animals, married to Actor Alan Rachins of L.A. Law & Dharma & Greg
  43. Boxing, oldest son of Joe Frazier, he fought Larry Holmes for the world Heavyweight championship and also fought Mike Tyson
  44. Jason Freeman  (2)
    Claims to be the 'real' grandson of the actual Charles Manson. Jason Freeman made media headlines when he won the rights to his grandfather's remains after the death of Manson in 2017
  45. Noted Author/wife of Milton Friedman. Born: 12/1911
  46. She was married to rodeo legend Lane Frost at the time of his death in 1989
  47. Colin Fry  (2)
    Paranormal expert on Living TV. Spritual medium.
  48. Son of actor Dwight Frye (Dracula, Frankenstein)
  49. Daughter of singer music country Patsy Cline
  50. Swiss actor, singer, 'Luethi & Blanc' (Swiss TV Serie, as Thomas), grand-son of actress Anne-Marie Blanc
  51. Elton john's partner