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  1. Actress: The Archers, The Sarah Jane Adventures, Blake's Seven, Trial and Retribution, Coroantion Street, Bhaji on the Beach, Secret Army, I Claudius
  2. Band
  3. Author
  4. Soccer Player
  5. Professional Soccer Player
  6. Professional Soccer Player
  7. Drafted by the Minnesota Twins in the 21st round of the 2014 MLB June Amateur Draft
  8. Race Car Driver
  9. Actor - Starsky & Hutch (as Huggy Bear), Across 110th St., Foxy Brown, Cleopatra Jones, Cisco Pike, The Gambler, Conrack, Next Stop Greenwich Village, Car Wash, Pretty Baby, Up The Academy, I'm Gonna Git You Sucka, Everybody Hates Chris (as Doc)
  10. NFL, RB, Oakland Raiders 2003-2010. College - USC; current free agent
  11. Actress - Angel (title role as Angel Smith in 1960-1961 sitcom)
  12. Actor
  13. Screenwriter/Director
  14. Actress
  15. French director
  16. Female Voice Over Talent
  17. equestrian olympics
  18. Author
  19. Former Pro Wrestler
  20. Country-Western Singer - The Happiest Girl In The Whole USA, Funny Face, Superman, You Can't Be A Beacon If Your Light Don't Shine, That Was Yesterday
  21. Mayor of Sacramento, California (2000-08)
  22. Former Professional Wrestler/'The Fabulous One'/Wrestled in Memphis and all over the world/2009 NWA Hall of Famer Inductee
  23. Director: The Enforcer, Every which way but loose, Forced Vengeance, The A-Team, Born to Race, Second Chances
  24. Redirect Entry for Greg Valentine
  25. navy admiral
  26. Northern League Baseball Club
  27. IBA Basketball Team
  28. Independent Minor League Baseball Team
  29. Redirect Entry for Annie Farge
  30. Athlete
  31. Professional Poker Player, World Series of Poker
  32. Male Model
  33. Native Iranian screenwriter and film director. At the 61st Berlin International Film Festival which finally earned him Golden Bear for best film
  34. Former prime minister of Afghanistan and former Ambassador to the United Nations, university professor
  35. Male Model
  36. Wrestler known ask 'The Sheik'
  37. Pakistan Cricketer
  38. Author
  39. Born in 1935 in Ankara, Turkey as Musa Moris Farhi. He is a writer and actor, known for The Primitives (1962), Compact (1962) and Return of the Saint (1978)
  40. Female Model
  41. Male Model
  42. Female Model
  43. Drafted in the 10th round (330th overall) by the Tampa Bay Rays in 2011
  44. Male Model
  45. Musician, Iris Chacon's husband
  46. Vocalist
  47. Female Model
  48. Indian miss world, is married to dr david powell and now lives in dublin ireland
  49. WWII - Contemporary witness of the Port Chicago disaster (largest US mainland munitions explosion, July 17, 1944, Naval Magazine, Port Chicago, CA; 320 dead, 390 wounded, followed by mutiny that changed segregation in the Navy.)
  50. German Hit Song Composer (Boney M)
  51. Female Model
  52. Children's Author
  53. Playwright
  54. 'The Alamo' 1960
  55. Female Model
  56. Female Voice Over Talent
  57. Female Model
  58. Male Model
  59. Artist on Magic the Gathering Cards
  60. Actress
  61. Morehead State basketball player
  62. Baseball / 1990-93 / Infielder with Padres & Giants / Standout in College at Pepperdine University
  63. Actor
  64. Rock from Germany
  65. Band
  66. Baseball Player
  67. Baseball Player
  68. Screenwriter
  69. Actor
  70. Actor: Law & Order, Crime Story, Striking Distance, Get Shorty, Midnight Run, Out of Sight, Saving Private Ryan, The Mod Squad, Snatch, Thief, Manhunter, Code Of Silence, Eddie, Luck, Stealing Harvard, In-Laws, Buddy Faro, Luck
  71. Male Model
  72. Opera Singer - Tenor
  73. Coach of the Australian Socceroos
  74. Singer/Musician
  75. Guitarist (Santo & Johnny) of the 1959 #1 hit 'Sleep Walk'
  76. Voice Over Talent
  77. Female Voice Over Talent
  78. Singer/Musician
  79. Joan baez sister
  80. Baseball Player
  81. Singer/Actress - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band film (as Strawberry Fields). Songwriter - Kiss Me In The Rain (popularized by Barbra Streisand)
  82. Guitarist, musician, (Santo & Johnny)
  83. Italian Tennis Player
  84. News Reporter for NY1
  85. Actress-MDA,The Secret Life of Us,Blue Healers,
  86. Singer/Musician
  87. Right-handed pitching prospect drafted in the 11th round by the Cardinals in 2013
  88. Actress
  89. playmate - miss december 1981
  90. Broadway Play
  91. Basketball Player
  92. Male Model
  93. Actress: Scary Movie, Eden, Lovers Lane, The Hot Chick, Lost in Translation, Spelling Bee, Southern Belles, Waiting, Brokeback Mountain, Just Friends, My Super Ex-Girfriend, Mama's Boy, The House Bunny, May, Observe and Report, The Dictator
  94. Actor
  95. #34 for UConn Woman's Basketball; Guard
  96. Former cosmonaut from Syria, is now working as a colonel at the Syrian Air Force
  97. Chicago Sportscaster NBC
  98. Smallville - played Byron in the ep Nocturne, Life as we know it, Reunion, Movies-Yours Mine and Ours, Sleepover, Never Back Down
  99. Author
  100. Baseball Player
  101. Co-writer/director of Little Miss Sunshine with partner Jonathan Dayton
  102. Actor
  103. Male Model
  104. Author
  105. former Rangers shortstop
  106. Actress-Experiment in Torture,Color of The Cross,Go For Broke 2
  107. Author
  108. Author - Fiction
  109. Author/Playwright
  110. Female Model
  111. Author
  112. Former cosmonaut from Hungary, first Hungarian in space, now president of Airlines Service & Trade Ltd. in Budapest
  113. Author of: ' Vanished by the Danube: ' (2013)
  114. Actress
  115. Rugby League Player
  116. Actor
  117. Author
  118. Artist
  119. Hungarian canoeist, 2 Olympic bronze 1956, 1960
  120. Retired NHL Forward (Toronto Maple Leafs, Atlanta Thrashers)
  121. Cinematographer
  122. Actor
  123. Female Voice Over Talent
  124. Baseball A-Advanced - Salem Red Sox
  125. Actress
  126. porn star
  127. Fantasy Author / The Runelords
  128. Author
  129. Businessman, Dragon's Den
  130. Male Voice Over Talent
  131. Actor
  132. Rugby Player
  133. Andrew Farley  (2)
    Author - Non-Fiction, co-host Real Life in Christ
  134. MLB 1B 1961-62 ( Giants, White Sox, Tigers)
  135. Baseball Player
  136. opera concert singer
  137. Tommy Boy, Black Sheep, SNL, Wayne's World 2
  138. Chris Farley  (2)
    Baseball Player - Stockton Ports
  139. Musician
  140. Former NFL football player for the Dolphins and Bills in the 70's
  141. Former college defensive back/coach; played for Boston University & Chargers; All-American; coached football at Williams College; member of College Football Hall of Fame; current track coach at Williams; overall record of 114-19-3
  142. Film/TV Composer
  143. Author
  144. American politician, business executive, & dignitary who served as head of the Democratic National Committee & as Postmaster General. Farley known as political 'kingmaker', & was responsible for FDR's rise to presidency
  145. Actor
  146. Cast member on MTV's Jersey Shore
  147. Actress
  148. Actress
  149. Baseball player drafted by the san franciscio giants in 1997
  150. Actor: Joe Dirt, Tommy Boy, Black Sheep, The Waterboy, Beverly Hills Ninja, The Straight Story, Little Nicky, The Animal // Brother of Chris Farley
  151. John Farley  (2)
    In 1963 Test Pilot on the RAE Aerodynamics Research Flight at Bedford. During this tour he flew all the UK research aircraft then flying. Flown over 80 different aircraft types, both fixed and rotary wing. 19 years of Harrier programme test flying.
  152. John Farley  (3)
  153. Female Model
  154. 2gether, An American Carol, chris farley's brother
  155. Male Voice Over Talent - Sinaren in Star Trek: Voyager
  156. Male Voice Over Talent
  157. Cloverfield
  158. An Actress On Vampire High Played Dillon VanAnderson
  159. Actor
  160. College football player plays for Notre Dame
  161. Northern Iowa Footbal Coach
  162. Author
  163. Author
  164. Former employee of ESL Incorporated, he stalked co-worker Laura Black. On February 16, 1988, he shot and killed seven people at ESL. He was convicted of seven counts of first degree murder. Portrayed by Richard Thomas in the movie I Can Make you Love Me
  165. Male Voice Over Talent
  166. Head baseball coach at Butler University (1991-?)
  167. Breeders
  168. University of Louisville mens basketball player
  169. Children's Author
  170. Male Model
  171. ex-Live & Kicking presenter
  172. Actress
  173. Actress
  174. Director
  175. Lead vocals on harp in commander cody band in the 70s
  176. Rugby Player
  177. Redirect Entry for LaRue Stanley
  178. jazz guitarist
  179. '50s child actor later a director
  180. director
  181. English pop singer
  182. Baseball Player
  183. Redirect Entry for Cheyenne Silver
  184. Actor
  185. rock group (groovy train 91)
  186. The Farm  (2)
    Country music band
  187. Series on GAC featuring the King family, owners of Freedom Farms in Pennsylvania
  188. Band
  189. Frence cover model
  190. Band
  191. Actress-LOST
  192. WHL Player - Lethbridge Hurricanes
  193. Basketball player in the NBA signed by the New Jersey Nets July 11, 2010 and was with the LA Lakers
  194. Voice Over Talent
  195. Actor
  196. Actor
  197. USS Indianapolis survivor
  198. Singer/Musician
  199. Actor
  200. voice actor -Disneys 'Hercules', official voice of Goofy
  201. Bill Farmer  (2)
    Baseball player drafted by the boston red sox in 1965
  202. White Sox pitching prospect who never actually played in the major leagues but was shown on a 1970 Topps card
  203. Former minor league pitcher. Atlanta Braves f/a '86. '86-'89 'R-'AAA'
  204. Pitcher in Tigers organization
  205. Voice Actor
  206. American rugby sevens player and member of 2016 Olympic Rugby team
  207. Retired NASCAR Great
  208. WWII Fighter Ace - 8 Kills - US Navy - Navy Cross
  209. Seahawks rb
  210. Baseball player drafted by the pioneer league in 1994
  211. Actor
  212. Former NFL Wide Receiver
  213. Born Oct, 12, 2004 She was on America's Got Talent a 12 year old Ventriloquist Lives in OK
  214. Former USC Trojan fullback that blocked for Anthony Davis and Ricky Bell
  215. Composer/Songwriter
  216. Basketball Player
  217. Male Voice Over Talent
  218. Actor - Remington Steele
  219. American director, also played a Zombie in 'Day of the Dead'
  220. former major league pitcher/scout, played for White Sox, Orioles, A's, Tigers, Indians, Brewers, Rangers & Phillies; Orioles scout (1988-90); All-star (1980); current White Sox announcer
  221. Head women's basketball coach at Wofford
  222. Author
  223. Actress in Step Lively 1944 and The Petty Girl 1950
  224. Jerry on MTV's 2Ge+her,Host on CMT TV
  225. Actor
  226. Actor: Forever Knight, Renegades, Demon Knight, The Big Empty, Demon Knight, One Dead Indian, Route 666, Blackstone, The Red Road
  227. Former Rams WR
  228. George Farmer  (2)
    Former NFL wide Reciever for the Bears in the 70's. College: UCLA
  229. George Farmer  (3)
    College football player for USC
  230. Actress
  231. Former Montreal Expos middle relief pitcher
  232. Director
  233. Professional Wrestler - WCW
  234. Actress
  235. Author
  236. Former NBA Player
  237. Female Voice Over Talent
  238. Author
  239. Redirect Entry for Kelle Marie
  240. Actor in Maniac Warriors, Another Pair of Aces: Three of a Kind and The Newton Boys
  241. Actor
  242. Athlete
  243. Kyle Farmer  (2)
    Baseball Player
  244. UCLA basketball player 1970-73
  245. Actor, 'Manhunt Unabomber'
  246. Football player for 1964 Boston Patriots
  247. Pitched for a few games with the Rockies in 1996
  248. Mike Farmer  (2)
    NBA Player
  249. Actress-Spencer's Mountain,Hot Rods To Hell,Autopsy,The Wild Racers,One Way,Arabesque,Sensi,Poisons
  250. Canadian/French Singer
  251. childrens author (the ear, the eye & the arm)
  252. Personality on The Late Show with David Letterman
  253. Professional Speaker
  254. Actress
  255. Science fiction writer, winner of three Hugo awards, author of the 'Riverworld' series. Born: 01/26/1918
  256. Baseball player drafted by the new york mets in 1990
  257. NFL, General Manager of the Cleveland Browns
  258. race car driver
  259. 'Meanest Dude' in Animal House
  260. University Of Kentucky Basketball Player Under Rick Pitino, Current Kentucky Commissioner Of Agriculture
  261. Former NFL Running Back
  262. Robert Farmer  (2)
    Hockey Player
  263. Singer
  264. Model
  265. British actress (Born: 1941) Best known for appearing in films such as 'Dracula - Prince of Darkness' and 'Rasputin: the Mad Monk'. Lives in North London under the name of Suzan M. Farmer
  266. News Anchor for NewsChannel 6, WPSD-TV
  267. Female Voice Over Talent
  268. Composer/Songwriter
  269. Screenwriter & Actor: Jason X, My Bloody Valentine, Drive Angry, The Messengers 1 & 2, Heavenly Sword, The Monkey's Paw
  270. minor league baseball player
  271. Pro Skateboarder
  272. Columnist - Sew Simple
  273. USA Canoe/Kayak
  274. Country Music Trio
  275. Civil rights activist
  276. Former Acting Governor of New Jersey (2002)
  277. Track Star & Olympian
  278. Host/Celebrity Chef on Food Network
  279. Band
  280. American Horror Story, The Bling Ring, The Final Girls, In a Valley of Violence, Mindscape, 6 Years
  281. Actress: Orphan, Return to Paradise, Roar, Autumn in New York, 15 Minutes, UC-Undercover, Touching Evil, Running Scared, The Departed, Higher Ground, Safe House, Bates Motel
  282. Kids Voice Actress
  283. Actress
  284. Was an animator at the Walt Disney Animation Studios. After completing work on Aladdin, he left Disney and went to work at several other animation studios, including Disney's rival, Dreamworks
  285. WNBC4 News
  286. Polish singer
  287. Actor and a comedian
  288. NBA, Timberwolves 2006
  289. Male Voice Over Talent
  290. German Motorcardriver
  291. Author
  292. Author
  293. Male Model
  294. Automaton Transfusion
  295. Guiltarits/vocalist grand funk railroad
  296. Blue Jays #1 1993 Draft Pick
  297. Soccer Player
  298. Wing Commander, RAF Pilot
  299. Conductor
  300. Actor
  301. Actress
  302. Italian actor
  303. Author
  304. Author
  305. actress, 'Hatchet Man'
  306. Singer/Dancer
  307. Hockey Player
  308. Director
  309. The New England Patriots have signed former Brown wide receiver Buddy Farnham as a rookie free League Player of the Year
  310. TV/Radio Presenter
  311. Baseball Player
  312. Australian vocalist
  313. Author
  314. Assistant soccer coach
  315. College football player for Uiveristy of Oklahoma
  316. Composer/Songwriter
  317. Voice Actress: Wonder Woman on 'Super Friends', First Nurse in 'Night Gallery'
  318. Member of french resistance WWII
  319. Actress
  320. Redirect Entry for Richard Farnsworth
  321. Children's Author
  322. Fitness / Golf
  323. Stuntman - NCIS, JAG, Quantum Leap, Bonanza
  324. Redirect Entry for Richard Farnsworth
  325. fitness model
  326. Baseball Player, P
  327. In jason newsteds new band, guitar player
  328. Detroit Tigers reliever,former Chicago Cub, Atlanta Brave, and New York Yankee
  329. Actor, '7th Heaven' (as Brett in Season 4), 'JAG' (8.16 Heart and Soul, as Helicopter Pilot), 'Descendant' (as Keifer Hedgerow), 'The Orphan Killer', 'Iowa' (Esper Harte),
  330. Baseball Player
  331. Stuntman & Actor: The Straight Story, Comes a Horseman, The Grey Fox, The Natural, Misery, The Getaway, Tom Horn, Legend of the Lone Ranger, Rhinestone, The Two Jakes, Havana, Resurrection, Blazing Saddles, The Cowboys
  332. Baseball player;cardinals, drafted #32 ,1998
  333. Rugby League Player (Retired)
  334. Actress, daughter of silent screen actor Franklyn Farnum, was in Yellow Rose of Texas with Roy Rogers as a dancer. Married Shep Houghton in 1946 divorced in 1948
  335. Baseball AA - Frisco RoughRiders 2007
  336. Actress - Anna Karenina, Sirens, V For Vendetta
  337. Actress-What Remains,Thor:The Dark World,Crying Wolf 3D
  338. Actress
  339. Will in hollyoaks
  340. Actress
  341. Somali politician, former president of the Somali provice of Puntland, currently living in Melbourne, Australia
  342. Redirect Entry for Sharon Farrell
  343. Author
  344. Redirect Entry for Ron Simmons
  345. Actress
  346. Actress-LOST
  347. Baseball Player
  348. Male Model
  349. British Actress
  350. Actor
  351. Male Voice Over Talent
  352. Baseball Player
  353. Former Blue Jays pitching prospect, Mariners organization
  354. Author
  355. Author
  356. Screenwriter/Playwright
  357. Pro Women's Soccer Player
  358. Redirect Entry for Don Harron
  359. Male Voice Over Talent
  360. UK Actress
  361. Football player in the NFL plays tight end for the Dallas Cowboys
  362. Pro Skateboarder
  363. Film/TV Writer - MI-5
  364. British Actor born 1912.was married to Actress Muriel Pavlow.Movies->'Ghost Story','Quiet Weekend','Story of Shirley Yorke','Doctor at Large','Dam Busters','Wanted for Murder'.'Johnstown Monster','Pope Joan','Town on Trial'
  365. Actress-Loveline,The Job,Rescue Me,Bingo,Roswell, Numbers
  366. actress (kiss me stupid, charley varrick kotch)
  367. Actor - Heartbeat, The Bill
  368. Hilary Farr is an international home designer and co-host of the Love It or List It television show; former actress - starred as Betty Munroe in 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' (1975)
  369. 'Sons of the Pioneers'
  370. Female Singer
  371. Former pitcher with the Texas Rangers (1982)
  372. Actor: M*A*S*H, Blackboard Jungle, The Greatest Story Ever Told, Out of Sight ,With 6 You Get an Eggroll, The Blue Knight, Cannonball Run, After M*A*S*H, Curse 2, Scrooged, Port Charles
  373. Male Voice Over Talent
  374. Male Voice Over Talent
  375. Male Model
  376. Australian actress starred as Thelma Bullpit in Kingswood Country
  377. 'Sons of the Pioneers'
  378. Female Model
  379. actress
  380. Female Model
  381. Actor. Bonanza: 'The Deadly Ones' (1962) as Johnny Simms; plus: The Rockford Files, Emergency, The Rookies, Mission: Impossible, The Invaders, 12 O'Clock High, Perry Mason, Laramie, The Rifleman, Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp, Have Gun, Will Travel
  382. CNBC Anchor/Reporter/Contributor
  383. Former NFL Receiver
  384. Former All-Pro cornerback and brother of Mel Farr. Also, he attended Wichita State
  385. Retired hockey player played for the buffalo sabres debut 1972
  386. Author
  387. Male Model
  388. Representative From California
  389. April on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Sasha on Smallville
  390. Baseball / 1980's & Early 90's Relief Pitcher / Career Year in 1988 with Royals - 2.50 ERA & 20 Saves/ played for Royals, Red Sox, Indians & Yankees
  391. Actor
  392. Singer/Musician
  393. Redirect Entry for Felicia Farr
  394. Melvin Farr, Jr. (born August 12, 1966 in Santa Monica, California) is a former American football running back who played one season for the Los Angeles Rams of the National Football League. He attended and played college football for the UCLA Bruins.
  395. Former college/NFL running back; played for UCLA & Detroit Lions; 2X Pro Bowler; #7 overall pick 1967 NFL Draft; All-American; 1967 NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year, born 1944
  396. Australian Rugby Player
  397. US Ski Team (Cross Country)
  398. Actor
  399. Soccer Coach
  400. Former Rugby League Player
  401. Author
  402. Philadelphia Eagles Center 51-54
  403. Adult Film Star
  404. Farrah  (2)
    Ebony adult star
  405. Redirect Entry for Robbie Farah
  406. Former Menudo
  407. Leader of the Nation of Islam, Minister, Violinist, Singer
  408. Basketball Player
  409. Screenwriter/Dramatist
  410. Author
  411. Screenwriter / Director / Producer: Halloween 6, The Tooth Fairy, The Girl Next Door, The Trouble with the Truth, Havenhurst, Amityville The Awakening
  412. Author
  413. Author
  414. Actor
  415. Author
  416. Former Rugby League Player
  417. Rugby League Player
  418. Military
  419. Former Rugby League Player
  420. Actress
  421. Supercentenarian born 1906
  422. Male Model
  423. Former Governor of South Dakota (1969-1971)
  424. Actor
  425. Author of 'A Witch's Bible' and on Wicca and Neopaganism
  426. singer / songwriter - former founding member of uncle tupelo and sun volt
  427. Australian Songwriter/composer: Grease Soundtrack
  428. Author
  429. Adult Model-Penthouse Pet November 1984/Penthouse Pet of The Year 1987
  430. was on the Irish soap Ballykissangel
  431. Founder and chairman of Men's Leadership Ministries, author
  432. Left-handed pitching prospect drafted by the Orioles in the 8th round in 1991. He never pitched in a major league game
  433. Cyclist
  434. Tyler Farrar  (2)
    Baseball Player
  435. USA Canoe/Kayak
  436. USA Canoe/Kayak
  437. French musician and actor
  438. Authors - Non-Fiction
  439. Male Model
  440. Actress, known for The Gore Gore Girls (1972), Airport 1975 (1974) and Search (1972)
  441. Actress played Mit'gai in a couple episodes of Earth Final Conflict
  442. Professional Soccer Player
  443. Rugby Union Player and Former Rugby League Player
  444. Soccer Player
  445. Former Member Of The Pop Group 'Boney M'
  446. Actor
  447. Brian Farrell  (2)
    Minor League Hockey Player
  448. Brian Farrell  (3)
  449. Martha Taylor on General Hospital
  450. American Actor born 1901.was married to Actress Virginia Valli.Movies->'Seventh Heaven','Street Angel','City Girl','Clash of Wolves','Old Ironside','Just around the Corner','The Big Shakedown','Street Angel','Liliom','Flying Doctor','Tail Spin'
  451. Author
  452. Law & Order, The Ice Storm
  453. Musician
  454. founder of the Farrell Preferred Stock Arbitrage Fund, Author - The Day Trader's Survival Guide
  455. Redirect Entry for Colin Farrell
  456. Col Farrell  (2)
  457. Actor: The Recruit, Tigerland, SWAT, Phone Booth, Alexander, Daredevil, Minority Report, Hart's War, Miami Vice, Fright Night
  458. Colin Farrell  (2)
    UK Actor (Born 06/12/68) - Lytton's Diary, In Loving Memory, A Touch Of Frost, Heartbeat, Last Of The Summer Wine, Kingdom
  459. Voice Over Talent
  460. Photographer who took Picture of JFK JR saluting his Father's Coffin
  461. Bassist for 'Linkin Park'
  462. Soccer Player
  463. David Farrell  (2)
  464. Football Player
  465. actor, powerlifter. Ewok in An Ewok Adventure
  466. Rugby League Player
  467. Writer/Director: 'The Homecoming' & 'Cupboard Love'
  468. Redirect Entry for Jeff Farrell
  469. Author
  470. Former Rugby League Player
  471. hockey player
  472. Redirect Entry for Frida Show
  473. Frida Farrell  (2)
    Actress-Movie:Contract Killers
  474. Pianist on the Lawrence Welk Show
  475. Playboy Playmate-Miss November 2013
  476. Singer, 'Hit Me Up' from the Happy Feet Soundtrack
  477. Hockey Player
  478. Actress-*M*A*S*H*,Billy Jack Goes To Washington
  479. Author
  480. Actress
  481. Male Model
  482. Redirect Entry for Jami Ferrell
  483. US swimmer, double Olympic champion 1960