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StarTiger - Browsing Category Home->Performing Arts->Costume/Set Designer , A-Z Filter: G
Browsing Category Home->Performing Arts->Costume/Set Designer , A-Z Filter: G
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  1. Production Designer
  2. Prop maker and YouTube star
  3. Star Wars Artist
  4. Storyboard Artist
  5. Art Director
  6. Greg Garcia  (2)
    Animation layout artist
  7. Hairstylist did Jane Russell's hair in The French Line 1954
  8. Production Designer
  9. Production Designer, Academy Award 2018 Nomination for 'Blade Runner 2049'
  10. Artist
  11. Sound Department, Academy Award 2018 Nomination for 'The Shape of Water'
  12. Costume Designer
  13. Lighting Designer
  14. Production Designer
  15. Designer (Film/TV/Threatre)
  16. Colin Gibson  (2)
    Australian production designer, won an Academy Award for his work on 'Mad Max - Fury Road' (2015)
  17. Production designer - Oblivion (2013), TRON: Legacy (2010) and Star Wars: The Force Awakens
  18. Clothes designer
  19. Artist
  20. Stunt double born on September 17, 1939
  21. Costume designer for television show 'The Wild Wild West' (1967-1969
  22. Animator, born 1918. Began his career working on Disney's Snow White, then to Warner Brothers where he helped co-create Bugs Bunny in 1940 as a re-designed character. Worked on Looney Tunes classics for years, and later on Mr. Magoo, Tom & Jerry, and more
  23. Artist
  24. Storyboard Artist
  25. Production Designer - The Dark Tower, The Jungle Book, Arthur Newman Storyboard Artist - Angels and Demons, Spider-Man 3, Charlotte's Web, The Da Vinci Code, The Pink Panther
  26. Animation background artist
  27. BBC Costume designer who worked on TV shows such as 'Doctor Who' and 'Pie in the Sky'. She designed the Sixth Doctor's costume. She is now retired and lives in the UK
  28. Sound department - The Goonies
  29. Production Designer
  30. Costume Designer
  31. The Benchwarmers
  32. Animation background artist
  33. Russian art director - Foreign Correspondant
  34. Sound Editor, Voice actor in Jak & Daxter
  35. Former animator/storyboard artist for Walt Disney Animation Studios and Walt Disney Television Animation from 1975-2004
  36. Production Designer
  37. Host/Interior Designer-Trading Spaces
  38. Production Designer worked on tv shows House, Life and the Contender among many. Had an acting credit as a Nurse in an episode of Law & Order
  39. Costume Designer
  40. Production Designer
  41. Star Wars artist
  42. Set Decorator worked on many tv shows between 1954 and 1976 including The Streets of San Francisco and The Untouchables
  43. Animation director
  44. Storyboard Artist
  45. Sound Mixer on It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World
  46. Animator; Academy Award 2018 Nomination for 'Garden Party'
  47. Artist
  48. Animation layout artist
  49. Stage Designer
  50. Title designer for Airwolf tv series and Law & Order SVU and numerous others
  51. ILM matte artist
  52. Production Designer
  53. Paul Green  (3)
    Lighting designer
  54. Composer/Sound Editor, Academy Award 2018 Nomination for 'Blade Runner 2049'
  55. Costume Designer (Stage)
  56. 2D Artists/Supervisor
  57. Production Designer
  58. Set Decorator in fioms from the 40's to the 60's worked on White Christmas
  59. Shark tank; qvc
  60. Stage Lighting Designer
  61. costume designer (avalon, the natural, footloose)
  62. Production Designer
  63. Production Designer
  64. Art Director/Set Decorator
  65. Computer Animator - Has worked with Disney and currently is an animation instructor at various animation/video game companies
  66. Storyboard Artist
  67. Hair/Makeup Artist
  68. Production Designer
  69. Video Designer
  70. Set Decoration for Naked City tv show
  71. Production Designer
  72. Artist
  73. Animation artist
  74. Illustrator, character/costume designer and CP designer for clients ranging from Disney Publishing, Walt Disney Pictures, Marvel Entertainment, Hasbro, Apple Atlantic Records and Mattel
  75. Chief Hair Stylist for MGM (1934-late '70s). Created Dorothys ponytails for Wiz. Of Oz, personal stylist to Vivian Leigh in GWTW. Created Claudette Colberts bangs, made Lucy a redhead. Too many credits to list here. See credits & detailed BIO
  76. Character Designer on Phineas and Ferb
  77. Stage Lighting Designer
  78. Production Designer
  79. Art Director
  80. Designer (Film/TV/Threatre)