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StarTiger - Browsing Category Home->Performing Arts->Selected Movie/TV Casts->Star Trek , A-Z Filter: K
Browsing Category Home->Performing Arts->Selected Movie/TV Casts->Star Trek , A-Z Filter: K
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  1. Actor, Various TV roles, Cmdr Sonak in Star Trek:TMP
  2. Actress Star Trek Voyager
  3. Actor (the shield)Star Trek Voyager
  4. Star Trek Enterprise
  5. Actress - Boardwalk Empire, The Game, Batman Returns, Slaves Of New York, Star Trek 2009
  6. American actor born 1922.'Judgment at Nuernberg','The Phantom','Seedpeople','The Super Cops','Guiding Light','Star Trek TNG','The Outer Limits','The Fugitive','Picket Fences','Combat!','Dr.Kildare'
  7. Actor: Babylon 5, Star Trek-The Next Generation, Guiding light, Sunset, Next of Kin, Communion, The Fugitive, Hot Shots! Part Deux
  8. Actress - charlie grace (t.v. series, 1995)- 'Law & Order' .... - 'Star Trek: Voyager' .... Kejal (2 episodes, 2000) - Family Court Judge / ... (2 episodes, 2007-2010) - 'Fringe' .... Charlotte (1 episode, 2008) - 'Ugly Betty' (1 episode, 2009)
  9. Actor, starred in 'the david cassidy story' and on tv's 'the magnificent seven', Star Trek DSN
  10. Star Trek 2009
  11. Stuntwomen: The Twilight Saga,American Horror Story, Star Trek ENT
  12. Actress: Spasms, The Incubus, Obsessed, Beverly Hills 90210, The Yellow Rose, The Young & The Restless, Star Trek The Next Generation, Time Trax, The X-Files, JAG, Ghost Whisperer, NCIS, Criminal Minds, 7th Heaven
  13. Lt. Malcolm Reed Star Trek Enterprise
  14. Actor: Strange Invaders, Year of the Dragon, Bloodstone, Point Break, The Last Boy Scout, White Sands, Wyatt Earp, Waterworld, Murder One, 187, The Big Lebowski, The Lesser Evil, Austin Powers, The Man in the High Castle
  15. Actor - NCIS, Star Trek:TNG, Voyager, Enterprise
  16. Stuntman:Star Trek DSN, True Blood
  17. Actress: MASH, Star Trek, Back to School, Welcome to L.A., Slither, Foxes, Serial, Brewster McCloud, Lost Horizon, The Boston Strangler, The April Fools, Last of the Red Hot Lovers, Meatballs 3, Boris & Natasha, Pret - A-Porter, Decker
  18. Played Dr. McCoy in the original 'Star Trek'
  19. Star Trek, LamFilms, Mindkiller (1987), the thriller The Sand Angels (1996), and the drama Rolling (2007
  20. Actor: Ryan's Hope, Cujo, Hardcastle & McCormick, Star Trek - Insurrection, The Good Son, The Tuskegee Airmen, Second Noah, From the Earth to the Moon, The In Crowd, Memphis Beat, ToY
  21. Television producer and writer - Farscape, SeaQuest 2032, Cult, Pacific Blue, Stargate SG-1, Tour of Duty, Star Trek: TNG, Star Trek: Voyager, The Outer Limits
  22. 'Star Trek: Deep Space Nine' .... Yareth * Telegenic (2010) .... Rose Herring * Undone (2009/II) (post-production) .... Julia
  23. Actor, Star Trek Enterprise
  24. Actor - Star Trek (orig. crew member Lt. DePaul-2 & injured Christopher Pike-2), The Impossible Years, The Corpse Grinders, The Toy Box, Terminal Island, Slumber Party '57, Cycle Psychos. Photographer
  25. actor (amadeus, identity crisi st. tng/movar), The Golden Girls
  26. 'Star Trek: Deep Space Nine' .... Cardassian Borad * # Confidences (2001) .... Clay# 'NYPD Blue' .... Craig Laird
  27. Indian Actress - Star Trek: The Movie, Nighthawks, Megaforce, Warrior Of The Lost World. Model
  28. Actor, Star Trek Enterprise
  29. Demora Sulu- Star Trek:Generations, Volcano
  30. Actress - Star Trek: Picard, NCIS, Redway Manor, Sweet Nothings, What Lies West
  31. Miyo in 3 Ninjas Kick Back # 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' .... Young Keiko O'Brien
  32. Star Trek: First Contact (1996) (stunts: Klingon Borg) Street Kings (2008) (stunts)
  33. Actor & Stuntman: The A-Team, Scarface, Predator 2, Lethal Weapon 3, Batman Returns, Double Dragon, Under Siege 2, Barb Wire, Vampires, Team Knight Rider
  34. Ariana in the Star Trek: The Next Generation # Where Sleeping Dogs Lie (1991) Mother and children 1rst victims# South of Reno (1988)Louise# Jack's Back (1988)Denise Johnson# You Cant Hurry Love (1988)Tracey# 'thirtysomething' Faustine, the haircutter
  35. Actor - Remington Steele, Star Trek, NCIS
  36. 'Roommates','King Of The Hill','Brothers&Sisters','Invasion','Enterprise','Nip/Tuck' Star Trek Voyager
  37. Stuntman / Actor / Director: Star Trek, The Invaders, Mission Impossible, Batman, Rollerball, Omen 2, The Changeling. Ruckus, Happy Birthday to Me, Footloose, Magnum PI, Bail Out, The River Wild, Species, Batman Returns
  38. Actor: Big Love, Star Trek, Shades of Ray, Weeds, Left in Darkness, MADtv, The Polar Express, Parks and Recreation
  39. Actor. Star Trek Deep Space Nine, Cheers, Wings, Thirtysomething
  40. Actor: Red Shoe Diaries, Carnivale, Prison Break, Good Night and Good Luck, Hitman, Young Guns 2, Transporter 3, Heroes, D.O.A., Phantoms, Hostage, iZombie, Twin Peaks, Homeland, Texas Rising, Mob City, Stargate Universe, Cult
  41. Star Trek ENT, Return To Babylon
  42. Actor: China Beach, Alien Nation, Viper, The Baby Doll Murders, Out Of Bounds, Tank Girl, The Hit List, The Hills Have Eyes 2, Higher Education, Falcon Crest, Kindred The Embraced, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Sons Of Anarchy, The Artist, The Walking Dead
  43. Actor: Star Trek, Babylon 5, Columbo, The Alfred Hitchcock Hour, Gidget, I Spy, Mannix, The Virginian, Nightmare Honeymoon, Moontrap, Sworn to Justice, Drawing Down the Moon, InAlienable
  44. Joshua, Star Trek 2009
  45. Actress: 2 1/2 Dads, Valet Girls, Big Man on Campus, Beyond the Door III, Mr. Baseball, Desperate Choices // Guest Star: Highway to Heaven, Freddy's Nightmares, Hunter, Star Trek TNG
  46. Director tv Star Trek Voyager
  47. Actor, Writer & Director: Porky's Revenge, Star Trek, Get Smart, Hennesey, The Courtship of Eddie's Father, My Favorite Martian, Welcome Back Kotter, Chico and the Man
  48. Screenwriter: Superman IV, Desperate Hours, Sometimes They Come Back, Star Trek VI
  49. Actor, Star Trek: The Next Generation. semi - regular on THE WEST WING
  50. Stuntman, Star Trek Enterprise
  51. Film & TV actress, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Saved by the Bell (Ms. Simpson), The Golden Girls many guest - starring roles on television series
  52. Actress-Frankie and Johnny,Bewitched,Jason and The Argonauts,Burkes Law,The Silencers,Starngers When We Meet,Diary of a Madam ; wife of Zubin Mehta
  53. Star Trek 2009, One Missed Call
  54. Stunt Coordinator: Mausoleum, Commando, Raw Deal, Predator, The Running Man, Kindergarten Cop, Terminator 2, American Me, Last Action Hero, True Lies, Eraser, Batman & Robin, Virus, Collateral, Robocop, Terminator Genisys, Star Trek Discovery
  55. Actor, Star Trek Enterprise
  56. Actor: Star Trek Voyager, Generations
  57. Actress: Ghost Story, Six Feet Under, Chariots of Fire, Ellis Island, King David ,Barfly, Sleepwalkers, Star Trek First Contact, Twilight of the Ice Nymph, The Little Vampire, Attila, Dinotopia, Reign of Fire, Children of Dune, Deadwood, Silent Hill
  58. Star Trek: First Contact (1996) .... Townsperson #Going Home (2002) .... Older Girl# '7th Heaven' .... Anne / ... (2 episodes, 2000-2002) Buttleman (2002) .... Becky
  59. Star Trek: Voyager, USS Excelsior helmsman Lojur in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.-'Dog the Bounty Hunter' (co-executive producer) - Easy Does It (2010) TV episode (co-executive producer),
  60. one of the Delaney sisters in Star Trek Voyager, MTV's Undressed, Best Actress
  61. one of the Delaney sisters in Star Trek Voyager, MTV's Undressed, Best Actress
  62. Writer! Star Trek, Transformers etc
  63. Actor - *M*A*S*H*, Kung Fu, Midway, Black Sunday, Meteor, Volunteers, Shanghai Surprise, Magnum PI, Turner and Hooch, Hot Shots Part Deux, All American Girl, American Pie, The Young and The Restless, Remington Steele. Star Trek TNG, many cartoon voices
  64. Actor: Green Acres, Warlock, Grand Theft Parsons, Gross Anatomy, star trek