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Browsing Category Home->Historical, Scientific & Military Figures->Historian , A-Z Filter: K
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  1. Historian
  2. Boxing Historian described as 'the leading authority on the Sweet Science' by the New York Times; World Boxing Hall of Fame inductee
  3. American journalist and historian, who reported on the Vietnam War in its entirety and covered the story of The 1955 Le Mans disaster that resulted in the most catastrophic accident in motorsports history. He now lives in Washington, D.C., USA
  4. American historian, and professor at Georgetown University. He is co-editor of Dissent magazine
  5. Politican
  6. American author & historian. Won the 2016 National Book Award for Nonfiction for Stamped from the Beginning: The Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America. Founding dir of the Anti-Racist Research & Policy Center at American University
  7. diplomat/historian
  8. Historian
  9. WW2 POW who built a pinhole camera from cardboard scraps & used smuggled-in photo supplies to take photographs of fellow malnourished Marines/risked death from Japanese captors to build the camera, to document the horrors the POW's endured
  10. WWII Veteran
  11. Journalist, filmmaker, playwright, arts therapist, pop culture historian and author of 'Slimed!: An Oral History of Nickelodeon's Golden Age'
  12. Author, World War 2 historian
  13. Dutch Economist, Diplomat, Historian. Born: 05/22/1914
  14. Cultural Anthropologist, museum official, author
  15. Historian/Southeastern Louisiana University professor emeritus of history/known for research into assassination of JFK in which Kurtz theory Oswald did not act alone/'Crime Of Century: Kennedy Assassination From A Historian's Perspective'
  16. Professor of History and Director of the Nuclear Studies Institute at American University. Co-authored the 10 part Showtime documentary film series and book both titled 'The Untold History of the United States' with Oliver Stone