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  1. Animator
  2. Is a circus ringmaster, company director and trainer of wild animals. He trained most of the tigers that were used in the Esso television advertisements in the 1970s[1][2]
  3. Broadway Play
  4. Supercentenarian Born 1897
  5. Native German Fashion Designer and photographer
  6. Son of Alcatraz Island corrections officer, Author of Battle at Alcatraz, Alcatraz Justice, The Other Alcatraz, and Guarding the Rock
  7. Auctioneer/Antiques Expert & TV Personality (Bargain Hunt, Flog It!, Antiques Road Trip)
  8. Cosplayer
  9. Spent a decade working as a Child and Adolescent Mental Health Nurse in both hospitals and schools in the UK and Australia after graduating from university with a degree in Mental Health. Now a full-time writer living in West London
  10. Line Producer
  11. Pro paintballer for iron men, and former dynasty super star (also known as ollie lang)
  12. Author and youngest police officer ever hired on the Omaha Police Department at age 18. He worked as a uniformed officer and as a detective in the Burglary, Vice, and Narcotics Units retired after a twenty-six-year career
  13. Social media influencer - Bar Stool Sports
  14. Ship Captain on the Discovery Channel's Deadliest Catch TV show
  15. Sgt. for the Tulsa, Oklahoma Police Gang Unit, guest commentator on A&E's Reality series, Live PD, current host of PD Cam
  16. Sound Recordist
  17. Journalist
  18. Oldest Validated person in Canada. Born: 04/10/1898
  19. Supercentenartina Born 1896
  20. Auctioneer appearing on BBC TV series Bargain Hunt
  21. French humorist
  22. Irish retired nurse and activist, lives in St. Albans, England (born March 24, 1933) Main character of a true story based on the book 'The Lost Child of Philomena Lee' by Martin Sixsmith. The book was filmed in 2013 as a 'Philomena'
  23. Talent Agency
  24. Miss France 2007
  25. Criminal, Medellin Cartel member
  26. German vintage trade, famous on TV with 'Bares fuer Rares' ('ZDF)
  27. Son of Jacques Brel
  28. (January 2, 1892, Breslau, Germany - February 15, 1931) was an acrobat and strongwoman for the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus
  29. Stylist
  30. former schoolteacher known for having a sexual relationship, and two children, with her underage pupil
  31. Canadian journalist and former speechwriter for the Israeli Delegation to the United Nations and for an Anglophone audience for Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. Co-founder of the software company Figure 1
  32. Don Levine  (2)
    Gi joe creator
  33. YouTube, 'Dude Where's My Challenge'
  34. Harry Lewis  (2)
    YouTuber also known as wroetoshaw
  35. James Lewis  (5)
    British auctioneer, antiques expert & TV personality (Flog It!, Bargain Hunt, Antiques Road Trip, etc.)
  36. Famous Emmy Award-Winning Writer/Producer, Ventriloquist, Actress and Teacher- Daughter of the great Shari Lewis
  37. YouTube, 'Dude Where's My Challenge'
  38. Former Payload Specialist Astronaut
  39. Equastrian
  40. Supercentenarian Born 1895
  41. German Television show
  42. Contestant, MTV's The Real World, medical doctor., Judd Winick's wife
  43. 2012 inductee into National Inventors Hall of Fame
  44. Secretary General/co-founder of the Council of Women World Leaders, which is composed 72 of women presidents, prime ministers, and heads of government. International, award-winning speaker/author re leadership, diversity, women in politics
  45. Elvis Presley's girlfriend from 1953 until October 1955
  46. Editor in chief, Heavy Duty Trucking magazine
  47. 1996 magic the gathering pro tour winner
  48. YouTube, 'Dude Where's My Challenge'
  49. French humorist
  50. Actor: Saved By The Bell, Pacific Blue, A Crack in the Floor // Host: Extra, The X Factor
  51. Wife of Jason Priestley, Hollywood MakeUp Artist
  52. Lord Avebury. UK house of Lords
  53. aspca special investigator (animal precinct)
  54. Anchor/Reporter for WFSB
  55. Female Norwegian blogger, won Paradise Hotel & 3rd Place in Norwegian Dancing With The Stars 2018
  56. Was in swedish verson of survivor
  57. Denver newscaster, seen in 'The Shining'
  58. Broadway Production