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  1. French actor
  2. Costume designer for The Goonies, Rambo III
  3. adult film star
  4. Actress: The Jungle Princess, The Hurricane, Thrill of a Lifetime, Tropic Holiday, St. Louis Blues, Road to Singapore, Typhoon, Moon Over Burma, Beyond the Blue Horizon, Dixie, Road to Bali, Creepshow 2
  5. Pin Up Model
  6. French Politician, member of the National Assembly of France, former minister, former former fencer (gold medallist at the 1984 Olympics and 1988 Olympics and a bronze medal winner at the 1992, in the men's individual sabre, also world champion in 1987)
  7. Model
  8. Adult Film Star/Adult Model/Exotic Dancer
  9. Adult movie star
  10. French Politician, member of the National Assembly of France
  11. Redirect Entry for Olinka Hardiman
  12. Boxer
  13. Screenwriter
  14. Actress
  15. Hockey Player
  16. Hockey Player
  17. Hockey Player
  18. Member of the 2010 U.S. Olympic Women's Ice Hockey team
  19. Hockey Player
  20. Member of the 2010 U.S. Olympic Women's Ice Hockey team
  21. (born 1977) is a Canadian singer songwriter who has released five albums with her band Keith and Renée; solo artist
  22. French actor,director,playwriter,humorist and singer. Born: 01/04/1920.'Impossible is Not French','Operation Lady Marlene','Love and French Woman','Virgile','Arsene Lupin','Meeting in Paris','Papa,Mama the Maid and I','If Paris Were Told to Us'
  23. former Cubs,White Sox,Blue Jays,A's,and Red Sox spot starter/middle reliever
  24. Former NBA Player
  25. hypnotist
  26. Actress
  27. Christian singer
  28. Actor
  29. Comedian, Known As The Lovable Queen Of Mean
  30. English Footballer
  31. 1972 Rookie Expos Outfeilder
  32. West Ham Player
  33. Film historian, author of the 'Whatever Became of....?' series of books regarding past celebrities
  34. Bobsled
  35. Actor
  36. Actress
  37. Female Model
  38. Phoenix Suns Forward
  39. Author
  40. Actor
  41. Female Model
  42. Artist, Illustrator, Toy Design
  43. Swimming
  44. Swedish chemist , battery inventor & entrepreneur/PhD in inorganic chemistry , founded battery company Boston Power, Founder & owner of the company until 2012. Now she & her husband Per started a new business together, it's called Cloteam
  45. Redirect Entry for Linda Brava
  46. Singer/Musician
  47. Star TRek as A Gatherer in TNG: 'The Vengeance Factor'. * Married to Marina Sirtis
  48. British actor, played Commander Daine Jir in Star Wars Episode IV - A New Hope (1977). Also appeared on television in Space:1999 as Ken Burdett
  49. Redirect Entry for Edward S. Lampert
  50. Chairman of Sears Holding Corp, Runs ESL Capital
  51. Actor
  52. Comedian
  53. 50's Model
  54. Actor - Remington Steele
  55. Priest for the Archdiocese of Indianapolis. Pastor of Saint Malachy Parish in Brownsburg. Exorcist for Indy/one of only 50-odd officially sanctioned real-life exorcists working in America, trained in Rome
  56. Actress - Let's Scare Jessica To Death (title role), Splendor In The Grass, The Exorcist 3, The Girl With Something Extra, Doctors' Hospital, Where The Heart Is, Bye Bye Braverman, A Fine Madness, Some Kind Of A Nut, Stanley & Iris, Hey Let's Twist
  57. Baseball player drafted by the houston astros in 1988
  58. Actor: Chet in the drama 'Molly's Theory of Relativity' (2013)
  59. Actress
  60. Former President of the Saint Louis Cardinals
  61. Actress
  62. Hip hop model; Love an hip hop
  63. Motorcycle trials and Endurocross rider 12 FIM World Trial titles - 7 outdoors and 5 indoors plus an incredible 9 wins at the World famous Scottish Six Days Trial, to mention but a few
  64. NFL - DT, Baltimore Ravens. 2018 UDFA
  65. boxing
  66. Actress
  67. Actor - Big Momma's House 1 & 2
  68. MLB player - seattle mariners (1999-2001)
  69. Hockey Player
  70. sportscaster
  71. Actor- The Mutilator
  72. basketball
  73. Soccer Player
  74. Tampa Bay Lightning defenseman, also played for the N.Y. Rangers
  75. NHL Forward: Vancouver Canucks, St. Louis Blues / Playing Career: 1971-1977
  76. Author
  77. Male Voice Over Talent
  78. Actress
  79. Female Model
  80. Actor
  81. Baseball Player
  82. Author
  83. Actor
  84. Actress
  85. Actress
  86. Soccer Player
  87. German actor and Writer, 'Berlin Alexanderplatz'
  88. Actor
  89. Host/Celebrity Chef on Food Network
  90. Actress
  91. Professional Soccer Player
  92. U.S. Representative from Texas
  93. Actress
  94. UK Presenter
  95. Astronaut
  96. Actor
  97. Actor
  98. Musician/Guitarist
  99. Actress
  100. Author
  101. German Radio Personality
  102. Artist
  103. Violinist
  104. Author
  105. Actress
  106. Male Model
  107. Football Player - Cincinnati Bengals
  108. Baseball Player
  109. Actress
  110. Comedian
  111. Musician - Clarinet
  112. French actress
  113. Actress
  114. female Body Builder
  115. Actress
  116. Actor
  117. French Politician, member of the National Assembly of France
  118. Female Model
  119. Actor
  120. Former Formula One driver, now Peugeot Sport Endurance race driver
  121. French athlete, Nordic combined. Gold medal in the 10 km individual normal hill at the 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver.
  122. USA Table Tennis
  123. Jazz Music, on a high level. Played with his brother (Chris Minh Doky), before they went their separate ways
  124. Male Model
  125. Actress
  126. Actress
  127. Male Voice Over Talent
  128. Author
  129. Cosplayer
  130. Children's Author
  131. Author
  132. Actor
  133. Screenwriter
  134. i-94 radio personality
  135. Actress
  136. Female Model
  137. Actress: Three Sisters, Flashfire, Seinfeld, Twilight Zone, NYPD Blue, Miss Match, The Guardian, Judging Amy, Love Monkey, Justice, 12 Miles of Bad Road, Valentine's Day, Big Love, Two and a Half Men, Longmire, Imposters
  138. Actor
  139. Puerto Rican professional basketball player
  140. Puerto Rican basketball player
  141. Soccer Player
  142. Soccer Player
  143. Soccer Player
  144. English Actress - Seeing Red, Where the heart is
  145. Athlete
  146. Bassist and a founding ex-member of the English rock band, Status Quo
  147. Former NFL cheerleader, Bench Warmer Model, Miss Makita 2005. Model on The Price Is Right
  148. Female Model
  149. Director - Accidents Happen, In Search of Mike (short film)
  150. Actor
  151. Cyclist
  152. American Actor born 1913.won Oscar for 'Elmer Gantry'(1960),'From Here to Eternity','Atlantic City','Sorry Wrong Number','Criss Cross','Kentuckian','Trapeze','Vera Cruz','Birdman of Alcatraz','Rainmaker','Judgment at Nuernberg','The Unforgiven'
  153. Soccer Player
  154. Actress
  155. Franz in Rock of Ages
  156. Voice Over Talent
  157. Female Voice Over Talent
  158. Big Brother 3
  159. Actress of B Western Movies. Born: 1915
  160. Horn/brass musician for blodwyn pig 1969 to present
  161. Actor: Leprechaun 2, Gettysburg, Titanic, Days of Our Lives, The Prestige, Spanglish, Lost Souls, Die Hard 2
  162. WWII Pearl Harbor survivor. USS Arizona
  163. Jennifer Lancaster is an American author whose titles have appeared on the New York Times bestseller list. As of August 2015, she has twelve published books.
  164. Actress, Dr Moreau's House of Pain
  165. Pga tour
  166. Pilot, first pilot to eject from a British aircraft
  167. Male Voice Over Talent
  168. Female Voice Over Talent
  169. Model
  170. Actress: Bordertown, Cyberjack, Married to a Stranger
  171. Actress in Movies, Shanghai Kiss, Speechless, and Cruel Intentions2
  172. Actor
  173. Volleyball Player
  174. Former major league pitcher; played for Cubs, Cardinals & Tigers; currently pitching coach of Lakewood (A)
  175. Voice Over Talent
  176. British Politician
  177. Actor - Clocking Off, Family Affairs, Holby City, Life On Mars
  178. U.S. Representative from North Carolina (1987-1995)
  179. Soccer Player
  180. Comedian
  181. PGA Player
  182. Actor
  183. Photographer & Model
  184. Actress
  185. Canadian Football Quaterback and Coach. Inducted into the Canadian Football Hall of Fame in 1982
  186. Basketball Player
  187. Football Player
  188. Actress - Save By The Bell: The New Class, Chuck, Lovers Lane, MTV's Undressed, Devil in The Flesh 2, Cruel Intentions 2, Catch Me If You Can, The Clearing
  189. NFL - DT, Green Bay packers,2018 UDFA
  190. Baseball Player
  191. PA Baseball Team
  192. minor league baseball team
  193. Basketball Player - Member of the 1947 National Women's AAU Basketball Champion Team Atlanta Sports Areana Blues.
  194. Redirect Entry for Penny Lancaster
  195. Redirect Entry for Penny Lancaster
  196. Opera singer
  197. Actor
  198. Former Director of the Office of Management and the Budget (1977)
  199. Rugby Coach
  200. Baseball player with the 1977 KC Royals
  201. Teachers, I'm Alan Partridge, Absolute Power.
  202. Rugby Union Player
  203. U.S. Representative from New Jersey
  204. American R&B singer
  205. Author
  206. Male Voice Over Talent
  207. Author
  208. Actor
  209. Director of the Office of Management & Budget (1977)
  210. Actor - plays DI Neil Manson in The Bill
  211. Baseball (1B/OF)/ 1982-Padres, 1986-Giants, & 1990- Red Sox;1987-88 Hiroshima Carp (Japan); 1987 Central League HR Champ (Japan)
  212. Italian Swimmer
  213. Actor
  214. Actress
  215. Actor - I Walked With A Zombie, The Curse Of The Cat People, Brute Force, The Ghost Ship, Zombies On Broadway, To Have & Have Not, The Buccaneer, The Unknown Terror. Calypso Music Singer
  216. Female Voice Over Talent
  217. Actress - The Bride Of Frankenstein, Naughty Marietta, The Spiral Staircase, The Bishop's Wife, The Secret Garden, Witness For The Prosecution, Mary Poppins, Murder By Death
  218. Author
  219. Actress
  220. Actress
  221. Actress
  222. Author
  223. Female Model
  224. Male Model
  225. Actress
  226. Actress
  227. Member of music bandThe Bowling Balls
  228. Actor
  229. Soccer Player - Real Salt Lake
  230. Pseudonym of Gene Louis Fisher. Writer of Fantasy/SF in late 1970's and beginning of the 1980's (Dirsham the Godkiller series). Recently returned to writing (2015) with The Tales of the Waste. Most recently living in Southern California
  231. Screenwriter/Director
  232. Actress
  233. Director
  234. Model
  235. Poet who the book the sun behind the hills
  236. Actor
  237. Comic Book Artist
  238. Singer/Musician
  239. Redirect Entry for Candy Vegas
  240. Author
  241. Actor, 'Star Trek Voyager' (Verin in Ep. 7.21), 'Six Feet Under' (as Robert Meinhardt in Ep. 4.6 'Terror Starts at Home'), 'Boston Legal' (Ep. 2.21, as Dr. Samuel Williams)
  242. Actor
  243. weekday 5pm anchor at KXAS-TV in Dallas
  244. US video game composer (Lucasarts) - Monkey Island 1-4 (with others); Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, Star Wars: X-Wing & TIE-Fighter
  245. Artist
  246. Peter Land  (2)
  247. Author
  248. Baseball player drafted by the minnesota twins in 2006
  249. Actor
  250. Actress, known for Test Group (2015)
  251. Michigan Secretary of State (2003-2011)
  252. Band
  253. Author
  254. Voice actress
  255. Actress
  256. Venezuelan actor, 'Bienvenidos'
  257. Children's Author
  258. Actress in 2 episodes of 77 sunset strip
  259. Baseball Player
  260. Male Model
  261. Actor
  262. Rugby Player Argentina
  263. Baseball player drafted by the houston astros in 1992
  264. Sound Department, Academy Award 2018 Nomination for 'Dunkirk'
  265. Author
  266. Professional Cyclist FromSpain
  267. Actress
  268. Author
  269. Plays Dennis Rickman in EastEnders
  270. Actress
  271. Author
  272. Author
  273. Actress
  274. Actress-Buffy the Vampire Slayer,Ed Wood,Angel/Daughter of Martin Landau
  275. Author
  276. Actor - Star Wars: The Force Awakens
  277. Actor: Ed Wood, Tucker, Crimes & Misdemeanors, North By Northwest, Cleopatra, Sliver, Meteor, The Being, Nevada Smith, Edtv, The Majestic, Mission Impossible, Space 1999, Alone in the Dark, Without Warning, The X-Files, Without a Trace, Entourage
  278. Author
  279. US guitarist, musician, songwriter
  280. Screenwriter
  281. Actress
  282. Female Voice Over Talent
  283. Composer
  284. Voice Over Talent
  285. Author
  286. Actor
  287. German Keynote Speaker and Writer
  288. 'Spanish Civil War Veteran' 'International Brigade' 'Austria'Born: 04.19.1921
  289. Survivor Caramoan-Race Car Driver
  290. Female Model
  291. Baseball Player
  292. Author
  293. Author
  294. Baseball Player
  295. Female Model
  296. Actress: Rabid Love (2013, Axiom (2015), Axeman 2: Overkill (2017)
  297. Actor
  298. Actress; fruit of the loom commercial
  299. Actress
  300. Actress-Kiss of The Damned,2 Days in New York,The Path
  301. Actor
  302. Baseball Player
  303. Female Voice Over Talent-Mad Men,House of Lies
  304. Male Voice Over Talent
  305. Male Model
  306. Redirect Entry for William Ansor
  307. Former NWA/WWF/WCW wrestler
  308. Actor-The Walking Dead,I Tonya,Thor:Ragnarok,Black Lightning,Pitch Perfect 3
  309. Soccer Player
  310. Director
  311. Singer/Musician
  312. Hockey Player, Edmonton Oilers
  313. Keyboardist
  314. Professional Speaker
  315. Actor - Squiggy on 'Laverne & Shirley', A League of Their Own, Star Trek, Ferengi, Falar
  316. Actress - Remington Steele, Dukes of Hazzard, Charlie's Angels
  317. Soccer Player - Arsenal
  318. Rugby Player
  319. Drummer for the band Kittie
  320. Singer/guitarist for the band Kittie
  321. Actress
  322. Actor
  323. Male Voice Over Talent
  324. Model for pantyhoselane
  325. Baseball A+ - Stockton Ports 2007
  326. basketball coach
  327. advice columnist
  328. Actress/Sing-Burn Notice ,The Secret Storm,Search For Tomorrow,Somerset,Highcliffe Manor,1941,Dallas,Tennessee Stallion,Deadly Twins,A Chorus Line,Popeye Doyle,Freakshow,One Life To Live,The Huggabug Club,Last Chance Love,Circus Camp,Playboy January 1983
  329. '60s recording artist with connie and the cones born 4-19-44 lives brentwood tn
  330. Actor
  331. American Actor Born: 04/03/1921.Dr.Hoffman on'Ben Casey'(1962-65),Dr.Coleman on'Star Trek Episode:Turnabout Intruder','Rear Window','Charro','Phantom from Space','C-Man','Quincy','Mannix','Combat!','RatPatrol'
  332. Adult Film Star
  333. Actress: Madame's Place, Dr. Alien, Ghost Writer, The Yum Yum Girls, Vega$, Skatetown USA, B.J. and The Bear, Hellhole, Doin' Time, Armed and Dangerous, Remo Williams, Club Fed, The Divine Enforcer, Night Court, Stewardess School, Deadly Twins
  334. Female Adult Film Star/Model
  335. Adult film star
  336. Actor
  337. Male Voice Over Talent
  338. Table Tennis (PING PONG) The youngest ever US Singles Champion. Pictured on Kellogg's cereal
  339. Actress
  340. Actress
  341. Author
  342. Artist
  343. Female Model
  344. Austrian Biathlete
  345. Author
  346. Redirect Entry for Holly Landers
  347. French actor
  348. Actor -'The Wedding Bells','Special Unit 2', Jimmy Olsen on 'Lois & Clark', Kirk McCraig on 'The Wonder Years'
  349. Author - Back Door Guide to Short-Term Job Adventures
  350. Actor, Voice Over Talent - Final Destination 2
  351. Author
  352. Author
  353. Actor. Rain: Tribute to the Beatles
  354. comedian/Barney Miller, guest starred on The Golden Girls (Dr. Halpren)
  355. Colorado Avalanche (NHL) Forward
  356. Composer/Songwriter
  357. Actor-The Walking Dead
  358. retired baseball player for the dodgers and astros.
  359. former college/NFL/USFL punter; played for Towson University, Eagles, Giants, Buccaneers, Packers & Rams; 2X Pro Bowler; 3X All-Pro; 2X Super Bowl champion; member of NFLs 1980s & 1990s, All-Decade Team
  360. Actor: Nightmare on Elm Street 3, Knots Landing, Wish You Were Dead, The First Power, Book of Love, Norma Rae, Pump Up the Volume, Blind Justice, Tank Girl, A Civil Action, Footloose, Drop Dead Diva, Sully
  361. Voice Over Talent
  362. Actor: Cheetah, Above Suspicion, Ticks, As the World Turns, The Young and the Restless, The X-Files, The Last Ship
  363. Had played in 4 episodes 'Hawaii 5-0', 1970-77and played in 4 episodes 'Magnum P.I.' 1981-84
  364. Actress in films 1963 to 1974 Played Kate Mayfield in 1968's The Land Grabbers
  365. Texas State Representative - District 81
  366. German politician - member of Deutscher Bundestag
  367. Author
  368. Sprint athlete
  369. Swedish actress, starred in the Ingmar Bergman classic 'The Seventh Seal' (1957)
  370. German actress - 'A Woman in Flames,' 'The Cat' and many more
  371. Actor
  372. Singer/Musician
  373. Actress
  374. Actor - Predator, Firewalker, 48 Hours, Poltergeist
  375. Football Player
  376. Italian Actor
  377. Actress - The Sign Of The Cross, After The Thin Man, The Thirteenth Chair
  378. Italian actress born 1929.movies from 1946-60.'The White Sheik','Abracadabra','Licenza premio','Gli zitelloni'.her real name is Lilia Giovannetti
  379. Hound of the Baskervilles
  380. Author
  381. Actor - NCIS, Cold Case, JAG, 24
  382. Redirect Entry for Holly Landers
  383. Actress in 'Attack Of The 50 ft. Cheerleader'and 'The Mindy Project'
  384. Big Brother 4 USA
  385. Baseball A - Swing of the Quad Cities 2007
  386. Soccer Player
  387. Band
  388. Baseball - Sioux Falls Canaries
  389. Broadway Play starring David Hyde Pierce (Frasier) and Julia Murney
  390. Actress-Bicentennial Man
  391. Redirect Entry for Angela Landis
  392. Opera Singer
  393. Author - Non-Fiction
  394. Author
  395. Baseball / Bullpen Ace of Late 1960's - Red Sox / Also Played Outfield Early in Minor League Career
  396. Actress
  397. Author
  398. Author
  399. Author
  400. Professional Cyclist Of USA
  401. US Actor (Cheaper by the Dozen, Skeleton Key)
  402. Harry Landis  (2)
    British Stage and T.V. Actor born 1929.Felix Kawalski on 'EastEnders'(1995-96),'Bitter Victory','The Terrorist','Hell in Korea','Dunkirk','The Saint','Jason King','Avengers','Oliver Twist','Dixon of Dock Green'
  403. One of only two known surviving US World War I veterans
  404. Redirect Entry for Holly Landers
  405. Actress - North By Northwest (as Cary Grant's mother), To Catch A Thief (as Grace Kelly's mother), The Swan, Mr. Belvedere Goes To College, The Girl He Left Behind, Boys' Night Out, Critic's Choice, Gidget Goes To Rome, Goodbye Again, Bon Voyage!
  406. Outfielder for the Chicago White Sox (1957-1964), Kansas City Athletics (1965), Cleveland Indians (1966), Detroit Tigers (1967), Boston Red Sox (1967)and the Houston Astros (1967)
  407. Film Director - Animal House, Blues Brothers, Blues Brothers 2000, Twilight Zone: The Movie, Am. Werewolf In London, Thriller (music video), Trading Places, 3 Amigos, Coming To America, Innocent Blood, Oscar, The Stupids, Schlock, Kentucky Fried Movie
  408. Actress
  409. Model
  410. Baseball Player
  411. Actress; played Irish little girl in 'Titanic'
  412. An American painter of original works and forgeries
  413. MLL - Boston Cannons
  414. actor (monkees, batman, elvis' double trouble)
  415. Redirect Entry for Andrea Spinks
  416. Actress
  417. JFK Secret Service
  418. Author
  419. Singer/Musician
  420. Actor
  421. Actor
  422. Actor: Billy Hill in 'Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers'
  423. Rugby Player
  424. Author
  425. Hockey Player
  426. Redirect Entry for Aline Moee
  427. Screenwriter
  428. Actor: Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, Higher Ground, One Life to Live, Guiding Light, Shadows of Desire, Alien Nation, Blindness, Bloodsuckers, Wildfire, NCIS, The Secret Circle
  429. Screenwriter
  430. Fitness Instructor
  431. Football Player
  432. Author
  433. Voice Over Talent
  434. Governor
  435. Hockey Director
  436. Author
  437. Actress, 'Criminal Minds' 'And Then There Was Light' 'Albion the Enchanted Stallion'
  438. Actress-Grey's Anatomy,Law & Order,The Equalizer,The Black Donnellys
  439. son of Michael Landon
  440. Widow of TV legend Michael Landon
  441. Author
  442. Actress
  443. Author
  444. Actor - in supporting roles (Marty Hatch, Mary's brother in 'It's A Wonderful Life')
  445. TV Actress: Gwen Norbeck (2005-present) on 'As The World Turns', youngest daughter of TV legend Michael Landon
  446. Actress, Bench Warmer Model, & Lingerie Bowl
  447. tv writer
  448. Football Player - Edmonton Eskimos 2007
  449. Singin in the rain
  450. Author
  451. Redirect Entry for Laurene Landon
  452. Actress: All The Marbles, Roller Boogie, Full Moon High, I The Jury, Airplane 2, Hundra, Scoring!, Yellow Hair and The Fortress of Gold, The Stuff, America 3000, Armed Response, It's Aive 3, Maniac Cop, Wicked Stepmother
  453. miss nude world
  454. Etta Plum on 'Little House On The Prairie', daughter of Michael Landon, now a family therapist
  455. Ex-wife of TV legend Michael Landon, founder of the support group 'LADIES' (Life After Divorce Is Eventually Sane)
  456. Author
  457. Bonanza, Little House on the Prairie
  458. Singer/Musician
  459. Composer/Songwriter
  460. Gay adult film star
  461. Band
  462. Stepdaughter of TV legend Michael Landon, author of the best-selling book 'I Promised My Dad' and 'Michael Landon's Legacy: 7 Keys To Supercharging Your Life'
  463. Actor - Remington Steele, Dallas, The Twilight Zone, Cheers, Matlock & Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey, Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
  464. Actor/Director: son of TV legend Michael Landon, Benjamin Cartwright in the TV film, 'Bonanza: The Next Generation'
  465. Actor
  466. Baseball Player
  467. Actor
  468. Football Player
  469. Actress/Voiceover - Star Trek TNG, CATS Eyes, Bad Influence (1990), The Devil Rides Out, Sherlock Holmes (Jeremy Brett), Taz-Mania, House of Mouse
  470. Actor
  471. Czech biathlete
  472. Poet/Writer/Holocaust Survivor/'Threads : Poetry of a Survivor of Auschwitz' by Maria Landowska (1985)
  473. Film Editor
  474. Model
  475. Actress