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  1. Actor
  2. former Prime Minister of Quebec, current head of the official opposition
  3. Life Photographer. Took famous picture of Rita Hayworth.
  4. Actor
  5. Sacramento Kings forward; played for Houston Rockets & Purdue University
  6. Hockey player plays defenseman for the NHL team Tampa Bay Lightning
  7. Swamp People
  8. Line Producer
  9. NFL - Baltimore Ravens 2007
  10. Singer/Musician
  11. Actor in 'the Lair'
  12. former college/NFL/USFL quarterback; played for UMass, Lions, Chicago Blitz, Bears & Colts; 1X Pro Bowler; also was quarterbacks coach for Lions, Bears & Browns; now Lions announcer; offensive coordinator University of Illinois
  13. Football. Senior defensive end at Boston College
  14. Christy and Surface
  15. On the show Swamp People
  16. Baseball player oakland a draft pick 1996
  17. NFL - WR, Miami Dolphins. College; LSU
  18. Baseball Player
  19. Playwright
  20. Actor
  21. Hockey Player
  22. Actor
  23. Actress - St. Elsewhere (as Myra White), Patti Rocks (title role), Heartbreak Hotel, Code Of Vengeance, Shattered, Jimmy Zip, Sweet Land, Peaceful Warrior, Frozen Kiss, Collapse, many TV guest appearances (including Star Trek: TNG - 1 episode as Ajur)
  24. You Tube Personality
  25. Baseball Player
  26. Former LSU safety, Drafted by the Washington Redskins
  27. Adult Film Star & Model
  28. Children's Author
  29. Baseball Player
  30. Comedian
  31. Knicks Undrafted Rookie, who played his college basketball at the University of Wisconsin
  32. Actress
  33. Football Player
  34. Football Player - New Orleans VooDoo 2007
  35. Mike Landry  (2)
    Voice Over Talent
  36. Football Player
  37. Voice Over Talent
  38. Hockey Coach
  39. Actor
  40. Author
  41. Basketball Player
  42. Model
  43. Baseball Player
  44. Actor
  45. Actress-Delusion,The Pamela Principal,Beach Babes From Tomorrow,Bikini Med School,Bel Air Babes,Lust The Movie,Carnal Desires,Kama Sutra,Virtual Girl 2,Private Sex Club
  46. Milwaukee Brewers 31st rd pick, 879th overall 93 draft, Played college ball for the University of Arizona
  47. Dallas Cowboys football coach
  48. Drummer // Hot Apple Pie
  49. On the show Swamp People
  50. Female Model
  51. Actress
  52. Hockey Player
  53. Actress
  54. Actor, writer, producer & director - voice of Woody on Hanna-Barbera's The Buford Files, Mr. Griff, C.P.O. Sharkey, Saturday Supercade, Yogi's Space Race
  55. Off the Record-Sports talk show host TSN Canada
  56. Singer/Musician
  57. Played for LA Lakers in early 80s
  58. Politician - European Parlament
  59. Singer/Musician
  60. Actress (b: 1958) - Fame (TV series - as Doris Schwartz), Hotel, Thank God It's Friday, Dream On, All Is Forgiven, You Again?
  61. Actress
  62. Drafted in the 36th round (1080th overall) by the Arizona Diamondbacks in 2014
  63. Author
  64. Actress
  65. MLL - Ohio Machine
  66. Children's Author
  67. Actor
  68. Male Model
  69. Soccer Player
  70. Actor
  71. Actor
  72. Snowboarder
  73. Retired German rower
  74. Actor
  75. Flight scientist, Systems Dynamics Laboratory. NASA Marshall Space Flight Center
  76. Baseball player drafted by the cincinnati reds in 1988
  77. Children's Author
  78. Australian Track and Field
  79. Child actor, most notable for appearing in the Our Gang series from 1938 to 1941
  80. Female Model
  81. Professional Footballer
  82. Redirect Entry for Leonard Carlson
  83. American-Italian Singer, Actress and Dancer born 1932. 'Wings of Hawk', 'The Americano', 'Breckenridge Story', 'Maracaibo', 'Chicago Syndicate', 'Toto in Madrid', 'My Friend Dr.Jekyll', 'Ed Sullivan Show', 'Johnny Carson Show'
  84. Adult Female Model
  85. Actress in 'Beauty Queen Murders' and 'The Crazy Ones'
  86. Supermodel and Actress
  87. Actor - many Western films. Voice Actor - the voice of 'Mister Ed'
  88. Redirect Entry for Allan Lane
  89. Tuskegee Airman- Pilot
  90. American actress, writer, director, producer and editor ('Going Down in LA-LA Land', 'Wtfu', 'Criminal Minds', 'A Four Letter Word', 'Changing the Odds')
  91. Female Newsanchor-CBS 3 News In Philadelphia
  92. Desi arnaz orchestra female singer
  93. Amanda Lane  (2)
    Adult Film Star
  94. Redirect Entry for Amber Lynn
  95. Orchestra leader
  96. Andrew Lane  (2)
    Screenwriter & Director
  97. Andrew Lane  (3)
    Baseball Coach
  98. British author and journalist; also Andrew Lane; known for spin-off novels based on Doctor Who; Torchwood; non fiction books based on James Bond. Author of Young Sherlock Holmes books
  99. Adult Film Star/Model
  100. Singer/Musician
  101. Beerfest
  102. adult film star
  103. Redirect Entry for Ashley Simmons
  104. DL Murrey State
  105. Adult Female Model
  106. Actress in the cut throats 1969
  107. Model
  108. Actress & vocal performer
  109. politician - georgia state house of representatives
  110. Baseball Player
  111. Rugby Player
  112. Former minor league baseball/Reds
  113. internet model
  114. Adult Female Model
  115. adult film star
  116. Baseball Player
  117. Male Model
  118. Dreamcatcher,Voice Actor, Skeletor, New Adventures Of He-Man
  119. Wrote TV hits The Liver Birds and Butterflies; Founded Animaline
  120. Adult Model
  121. Athlete
  122. Redirect Entry for Charlie Laine
  123. American Actor born 1905.over 350 Movies and TV credits from 1931-2006.Homer Bedole on'Petticoat Junction'(1963-68),'Its a Wounderful Life','Arsenic and Old Lance','Mr.Smith Goes Washington','I Love Lucy','Bewitched','Sopa','Dennis'.died aged 102 years
  124. Charles Lane  (2)
    Journalist, Author - Day Freedom Died
  125. Charles Lane  (3)
    'Tuskegee Airmen'
  126. Female Adult Model/Film Star
  127. Adult Film Star
  128. Actor
  129. Actor
  130. Chris Lane  (2)
  131. Actress: Edge of the Axe
  132. Voice Over Talent
  133. Redirect Entry for Cody Lane
  134. Adult Film Star
  135. Comedian
  136. Author
  137. Redirect Entry for Teresa Langley
  138. gospel singer
  139. Redirect Entry for Krista Lane
  140. Male Voice Over Talent
  141. Children's Author
  142. Big Brother 4
  143. David Lane  (2)
    Author - Into the Heart of the Mafia
  144. Adult film star, former Husband of Raquel Darrian
  145. Former adult film star of the 80s
  146. Redirect Entry for Devinn Lane
  147. Adult Film Star/Exotic Dancer/Adult Model-Penthouse Pet October 1999
  148. Redirect Entry for Devinn Lane
  149. Actress
  150. Actress: The Cotton Club, A Little Romance, Rumble Fish, Unfaithful, The Outsiders, Man Of Steele, Lonesome Dove, Jack, Streets of Fire, The Big Town, Judge Dredd, The Perfect Storm, Chaplin, Indian Summer, Murder at 1600, Lady Beware, Must Love
  151. Played baseball with the 1949 White Sox
  152. football player, aka Night Train Lane
  153. Actor
  154. Don Lane  (2)
    Mayor of Santa Cruz, CA, USA
  155. Host of 'Chain Reaction' on Game Show Network, former VJ On Fuse TV's 'Daily Download' And 'F-List'
  156. Male Model
  157. Author Romance Books
  158. Playwright
  159. Former NFL Football Player For The Detroit Lions
  160. Fred Lane  (2)
    Former Running Back for the Carolina Panthers
  161. Redirect Entry for Fredric Lehne
  162. Redirect Entry for Fredric Lehne
  163. Former NFL football player for the Kansas City Chiefs in the 80's.College: Ohio State
  164. Former bass player for The Standells
  165. Did MakeUp for It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World
  166. WWII Pearl Harbour 7 December 1941. Survivor of both the USS Arizona and later USS Nevada
  167. Hockey Player New York Islanders
  168. Baseball Player - Lincoln Saltdogs
  169. Author of mask of benevolence and when the mind hears.
  170. Baseball player drafted by the milwaukee brewers in 1988
  171. Author
  172. fitness competitor
  173. Actor
  174. Actor
  175. Actress: Star Trek - The Next Generation, Star Trek - The Motion Picture, 10 to Midnight
  176. Actor
  177. Actress: Dodo Chaplet in Doctor Who
  178. Jackie Lane  (2)
    Redirect Entry for Jocelyn Lane
  179. Lz xray 1965
  180. Actor - NCIS
  181. Travel Book Author
  182. Actor
  183. Actress
  184. singer / composer - warrant
  185. Author
  186. Former Astros outfielder, now in Arizona chain
  187. Female Adult Film Star/Model
  188. Actress
  189. Singer/Musician
  190. Football Player
  191. Former NBA Player
  192. Male Model
  193. Actress-Tickle Me,The Angry Hills,Gamma People,War Gods of Babylon,Operation Snatch,Dangerous Youth,Son of Hercules Against Venus,Playboy September 1966
  194. Adult Film Star
  195. Jordan Lane  (2)
    Hockey Player
  196. Football Player
  197. Former Television Judge, Boxing Referee, Celebrity Death Match
  198. Female Adult Film Star
  199. Actress
  200. Actress
  201. fashion designer
  202. Adult Film Star
  203. Actress - General Hospital
  204. Adult Film Star
  205. Adult Film Star
  206. Singer/Musician
  207. Adult star
  208. Male Model
  209. Redirect Entry for Lauren Lane
  210. Laura Lane  (2)
    Actress, Swordfish
  211. Actress: The Nanny, Hunter, L.A. Law, Interface, Positive ID, Perry Mason
  212. Lauren Lane  (2)
  213. Redirect Entry for Leonard Carlson
  214. Redirect Entry for Lexi Love
  215. Lexi Lane  (2)
    Redirect Entry for Ashley Simmons
  216. Adult model / actress
  217. Adult Female Model
  218. Redirect Entry for Lisa Lake
  219. Lisa Lane  (2)
    Chess Champion
  220. Redirect Entry for Bradley Cain
  221. Model
  222. Female Singer
  223. Adult Film Star/Exotic Dancer
  224. Actor
  225. Professional female wrestler
  226. American conductor
  227. Actress
  228. porn star
  229. Female Model
  230. Lydia Lane  (2)
    Voice Over Talent
  231. Former Running Back KC Chiefs
  232. Fear Factor, former Miss Illinois
  233. Austrian Actress and Pin Up Model born 1930. 'Mompti','Uomini Ombra';'Peter Voss','Decameron Nihgts','Susan Slept Here','Angela','Schlag auf Schlag','Oooh Diese Ferien','Paradies der Matrosen';'Was macht Pappa in Italien','Page vom Palast Hotel'
  234. Mara Lane  (2)
    Actress - Chuck
  235. Marjorie Lane was an American singer. Born: 02/21/1912. She is best known for dubbing the voice of actress Eleanor Powell in the movies Born to Dance (1936), Broadway Melody of 1936 (1936), Rosalie (1937) and Broadway Melody of 1938 (1938)
  236. b. 2/24/1927 former NY state legislator, civil rights activist, & Vietnam war crimes investigator, known leading researcher, author & conspiracy theorist on Assassination of President JFK. Book bestselling critique of Warren Commission, Rush to Judgment
  237. Former Tigers outfielder- hit the last visiting team homer in the old Yankee Stadium
  238. Matt Lane  (2)
  239. Baseball A - Swing of the Quad Cities 2007
  240. British actress in TV in the 1960s and 1970s on Doctor Who, Are You Being Served?, Till Death Us Do Part, Comedy Playhouse
  241. Football
  242. Maurice Lane  (2)
  243. Football - Former Patriots Offensive Lineman
  244. Actress
  245. Author - Non-Fiction
  246. Monk from pirates of the caribbean
  247. editorial cartoonist
  248. Mike Lane  (2)
    Wrestler. Actor - The Harder They Fall (as Toro Moreno), Frankenstein: 1970 (as The Monster), Batman (TV - as Daddy Longlegs - 2), Monster Squad (as Frank N. Stein), Demon Keeper (as The Demon), Stay Away Joe, Zebra Force, Curse Of The Crystal Eye
  249. Adult Model-Penthouse Pet November 2004
  250. Nancy Lane  (2)
    Actress - Remington Steele
  251. Actor: Joe Versus the Volcano, The Birdcage, The Lion King, Stuart Little, Mousehunt, Addams Family Values, Swing Vote, Charlie Lawrence, The Producers, The Good Wife, American Crime Story, Modern Family
  252. British biochemist and an honorary senior research fellow at University College London, Author
  253. Drafted by the Cleveland Indians in the 14th round of the 1989 MLB June Amateur Draft from St. Xavier University (Orland Park, IL)
  254. Country music singer
  255. Author
  256. Patrick Lane  (2)
    Australian Cyclist
  257. Coronation Street
  258. Paula Lane  (2)
    Actress - Goodnight Sweet Marilyn (as Marilyn Monroe). Uncredited parts in The Ladies Man, It Happened At The World's Fair, What A Way To Go!, John Goldfarb Please Come Home, Don't Knock The Twist, Dear Brigitte, Get Yourself A College Girl
  259. Member of Pappy Boyington's Black Sheep Squadron
  260. Hockey Player
  261. Actor - Underbelly Badness
  262. Musician
  263. Actress: Arsenic and Old Lace, Sabateur
  264. Model
  265. Detroit Tigers radio broadcaster 1967-1972, and television broadcaster 1999-2003
  266. Adult star
  267. Singer/Musician
  268. Baseball AA - Harrisburg Senators 2006
  269. Richard Lane  (2)
    Radio Host / Son of Hall-of-Famer , Professional Speaker
  270. Richard Lane  (3)
    Actor - Boston Blackie film series (in 12 films as Inspector Faraday), Boom Town, Brother Orchid, Gentleman Joe Palooka, The Creeper, Take Me Out To The Ball Game, Quicksand, The Jackie Robinson Story. Roller Derby, Wrestling & Hot Rod Announcer
  271. Composer/Songwriter
  272. playboy playmate - miss april 1962
  273. Director
  274. Male Model
  275. Home Plate On XM
  276. Children's Author
  277. aaa baseball players mlb/oakland athletics
  278. Ryan Lane  (2)
    Deaf Actor played in Cold Case
  279. Redirect Entry for Misty Mundae
  280. Sports journalist
  281. Actress - The Virginian (as Elizabeth Grainger), I Saw What You Did
  282. Actress, '12/12/12' 'Pernicious' 'Jailbait'
  283. Ballet Dancer - American Ballet Theatre
  284. Sarah Lane  (2)
    American television and Internet personality. She is currently most notable for hosting a number of shows on the network
  285. Actress-American Honey,Hellboy
  286. Volleyball Player
  287. Scott Lane  (2)
    1960s Child actor, born: Jan.27,1951, as Cadet Gary McKeaver in: 'McKeaver and the Colonel' 1962-63; Gomer Pyle,USMC, My Three Sons, Andy Griffith Show, Patty Duke Show, Wagon Train, New Phil Silvers Show, The Fugitive, Hazel, The Bell Telephone Hour
  288. Scott Lane  (3)
    Savior on the Walking Dead
  289. Redirect Entry for Rubee Tuesday
  290. Rugby League Player
  291. Musician/Guitarist
  292. Shawn Lane  (2)
    Stuntman/Actor:G.I Joe Retaliation, Star Trek ENT
  293. Adult Model/Exotic Dancer
  294. American Football, Safety, Mississippi, NFL, Chief 1984, Jets 1984, Redskins Replacemnet Player 1987
  295. Actress
  296. Playwright
  297. Female Adult Film Star/Model
  298. Professional Wrestler... Famous as member of 'Midnight Express' and 'Fabulous Ones' tag teams
  299. Voice Actress
  300. NASCAR
  301. Film Producer
  302. three-time Tony Award winning Broadway Producer
  303. Adult Film Star/Adult Model/Exotic Dancer
  304. Redirect Entry for Sunny Lane
  305. American Singer. Huge hit in 1979 with 'Harmony' 'Ooh La,La'. Former Ford Model
  306. Makeup Artist for the The Chronicles of Narnia
  307. Pornstar
  308. Female Model
  309. Actor
  310. Actor, Starred In Live And Let Die (1973)
  311. Songwriter
  312. Redirect Entry for Tory Lane
  313. Adult Film Star/Exotic Dancer/Adult Model
  314. Profssional Rodeo Rider/Stuntwoman-Wes Cravens New Nightmare,Playboy March 1995
  315. playboy playmate - miss october 1973
  316. Adult Film Star
  317. Author
  318. Pornstar
  319. Brazilian Actress30's-90's
  320. actor
  321. Actor
  322. Actress
  323. All My Children (web series)
  324. Actor, 'Bringing Down the House'
  325. Swedish fitness guru
  326. singer (screaming trees)
  327. Female Model
  328. Adult film star
  329. Author
  330. Pornstar
  331. Screenwriter
  332. Actor & Director: St. Elsewhere, Room 222, The Omega Man, Black Belt Jones, A Force of One, Death Wish, Back Roads, Lost, The Mentalist, Ghost Whisperer, Doogie Howser MD, Midnight Caller, I'll Fly Away, Hawaii Five-0, Heroes, Girlfriends, Monk
  333. Actress
  334. Female Adult Model/Film Star
  335. Fmr Governor of Arkansas
  336. Basketball Player
  337. Actress
  338. Playboy model
  339. Baseball Player
  340. Stand-Up Comedian
  341. Male Model
  342. German politician - member of Deutscher Bundestag
  343. Host/Presenter
  344. Meet Kennedy in Fort Worth on the 22nd, 1963 & shook his hand/Arlington Heights student
  345. Female Model
  346. Italian actor and director born 1927.movies from 1934-76.'La Traviata','A Dollar a Head','Perry Grant-The Big Blackout','The Beckett Affair','The Kiss of Death'
  347. Actress
  348. Actress: Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders (2017); Unbelievable!!!!! (2018); Andover (2018); Neighbours (2014)
  349. Actor
  350. Author
  351. Author
  352. Woodcarver and actor
  353. (born October 1970) is a Canadian journalist and senior business correspondent for CBC News. She anchors the daily The Lang & O'Leary Exchange on CBC News Network
  354. Vocalist
  355. Basketball Player
  356. Male Model
  357. Austrian Rock'n Roll singer
  358. Redirect Entry for Angel Long
  359. Austrian Radio Presenter
  360. BoShek in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope
  361. Former Duke Basketball Player
  362. Actress
  363. actress-The Bretts,Second Thoughts,Doctors
  364. Rugby League Player
  365. University of Troy defensive end
  366. Brandon Lang  (2)
  367. Actress
  368. LPGA Golfer
  369. Baseball A+ - Winston-Salem Warthogs 2007
  370. Politician - European Parlament
  371. Author
  372. writer - Captain Scarface
  373. Actor (b: 1958) - Dark Skies, Seven Days, The West Wing, Hear No Evil. He is currently a Licensed Psychotherapist & Associate Professor/Director of the BA Psychology Program at Antioch University/Los Angeles
  374. WHL Player - Calgary Hitmen
  375. Baseball player for the Montreal Expos 1975-1976
  376. Actress, singer, and dancer best known for portraying Stephanie on LazyTown in its latter two seasons
  377. Male Voice Over Talent
  378. Elvis: Actress, uncredited part in Elvis' 'Charro'; her characters' name was Christa as well
  379. Redirect Entry for Christina Lange
  380. German TV Host (RTL Nachtjournal...)
  381. Model (Studio E Futuristic Warriors)
  382. Bulgarian Born, German based Female Boxer
  383. Actor
  384. Author
  385. Retired Major Leaguer, Played for the Cardinals & Reds in the 40's. Born: 03/15/1915
  386. Author
  387. The fifth oldest verified person in the United Kingdom. Born in 1900
  388. Redirect Entry for Marilyn Chambers
  389. Female Model
  390. Actor
  391. Director
  392. German Radio Personality
  393. medal of honor army vietnam war
  394. Belgian TV and Radio Host
  395. Author
  396. Actor
  397. Dr. Terror's House of Horrors
  398. Adult Model-Penthouse Pet July 1976,Revenge of the Cheerleaders,Half a House
  399. fashion designer
  400. Member of Harlem Globetrotters known as 'Flight Time' and Amazing Race reality TV contestant
  401. German heavyweight boxer. Had a 12-49-4 record in a career that lasted from 1972 to 1985
  402. BBC Weather Lady
  403. Former Philadelphia Eagles running back
  404. Author - The Complete Book of Trivia , The Illustrated Book of Bible Trivia , The One Hundred Most Important Events in Christian History
  405. French politician, former minister born 1939
  406. Hockey Player
  407. Former nba player
  408. Author
  409. Singer/Musician
  410. Writer
  411. Redirect Entry for Candy Vegas
  412. Redirect Entry for Candy Vegas
  413. Author
  414. Jim Lang  (2)
  415. Illustrator
  416. John Lang  (2)
    Former Rugby League Player and Coach
  417. Male Model
  418. singer,guitarist,songs like 'Lie To Me' and 'Wander This World'
  419. Actress
  420. 60s film-tv star, mother of bold and the beautifu's katherine kelly lang -
  421. British actress (1921) played in Hitchcock's Under Capricon - The red Shoes -
  422. American Actress born 1917.'Wee Willie Winkie','Bonnie Scotland','Cpt.January','Chandu the Magician','Ali Baba Goes to Town','Footlight Serenade','Cpt.Fury','Zenobia','Redhead','Music in The Air','Meet the Girls'
  423. Singer: Constant Craving
  424. Former Czech Hockey Player (Krefeld Pinguine) now Coach, *09. June 1958
  425. Actress: Skatetown USA, Evilspeak, The Bold and the Beautiful, The Young and the Restless, Jocks, Delta Fever, The Night Stalker, Made in USA, Subliminal Seduction
  426. Actress
  427. Female Model
  428. Redirect Entry for Katherine Kelly Lang
  429. football player (90) (de)
  430. Actor
  431. Presenter The World, BBC World, BBC4 and Radio 4.
  432. Actress
  433. Classical Pianist
  434. Former NFL football player for the Denver Broncos in the 90's
  435. Voice-Actor does the voice of Ecliptor on Power Rangers In Space and Ex- Driver.
  436. The atomic brain
  437. Soccer Player
  438. Hockey Player
  439. Redirect Entry for Malisa Longo
  440. AAGPBL player; pitcher and 1st base for the 1943 South Bend Blue Sox
  441. TV Presenter - ORF
  442. Author
  443. Austrian Radio Presenter
  444. Martin Lang  (2)
    Former Rugby League Player
  445. Actress
  446. Writer/Screenwriter
  447. Woodstock Promoter
  448. Michael Lang  (2)
    Baseball Player - Sioux City Explorers
  449. Screenwriter
  450. Star Trek 2009 uncredited, Vampires Suck, The Legend Of Bruce Lee
  451. Hockey Player
  452. Actor
  453. Champion Ice Skater
  454. Male Voice Over Talent
  455. Canadian Canoer
  456. Soccer Player
  457. Actress
  458. Male Model
  459. Model
  460. Pro paintballer for iron men, and former dynasty super star (also known as ollie lang)
  461. Oliver Lang  (2)
  462. Redirect Entry for Oliver Lang
  463. American Motion Picture Director
  464. Director of Photography
  465. Paul Lang  (2)
    College football player for Michigan State
  466. dancer choreographer
  467. Musician
  468. Actor & Director: Eight Men Out, The Big Red One, Jennifer 8, 1941, Men of War, Spring Break, Alligator, The Hearse, Body & Soul, O'Hara's Wife, Sahara, Jocks, Relentless 2, Sunshine State, Bay City Blues
  469. Singer/Musician
  470. Opera Singer
  471. French Politician, member of the National Assembly of France
  472. Australian Cyclist
  473. Former NHL Forward (Los Angeles Kings, Boston Bruins, Pittsburgh Penguins, Washington Capitals, Detroit Red Wings, Chicago Blackhawks, Montreal Canadiens, Phoenix Coyotes)
  474. Robert Lang  (2)
  475. Redirect Entry for Chip Lang
  476. Origami designer/Author - Origami Zoo; Origami In Action
  477. Author
  478. Vocalist
  479. Hockey Player
  480. Cyclist
  481. Actress
  482. Actor: Avatar, Public Enemies, Manhunter, Babe Ruth, Tombstone, Gettysburg, Death of a Salesman, Last Exit to Brooklyn, Crime Story, The Fugitive, Another You, Shadow Conspiracy, Fire Down Below, Salem, Into the Badlands
  483. Actor: Millennium, Limbo, The Fugitive, Lone Star, Prefontaine, The Mad
  484. Pianist
  485. Actress
  486. NFL - G, Green Bay Packers (2009 draft, 4th round, #109 overall). College; Eastern Michigan
  487. TV Writer- The Johnny Carson Show, CPO Sharkey,The Fall Guy Married to Actress Angel Tompkins
  488. German Actor - Post Mortem, Aeon Flux, Das Wunder von Bern
  489. Female Model-Benchwarmer,Playboy September 2004
  490. Actor
  491. Redirect Entry for Anthony Lang