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Browsing Category Home->Authors & Writers->Comics & Cartoons , A-Z Filter: M
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  1. Political Cartoonist
  2. Belgian cartoonist
  3. Comic Book Artist
  4. cartoonist (quality time)
  5. cartoonist (sally forth)
  6. Comic book artist- Marvel
  7. Comic Artist / Cartoonist - Shoe
  8. Syndicated Cartoon Writer Of Annie With Ted Slampyak (cartoonist)
  9. Comics
  10. Elliot S! Maggin (born 1950),is an American writer of comic books, film, television, and novels. He was a main writer for DC Comics during the Bronze and early Modern ages of comics in the 1970s and 1980s
  11. Writer of animation
  12. Kevin Maguire  (2)
    Comic artist and writer
  13. Artist - 'The Mask' comic book
  14. cartoonist (millie)
  15. Comic Artist / Cartoonist
  16. Comic book artist
  17. Comics
  18. Comics
  19. Comic Artist and Author
  20. cartonnist (frazz)
  21. Comics
  22. Comic book artist
  23. Comics
  24. Comic book artist
  25. cartoonist
  26. Comic Artist / Cartoonist
  27. Comic Book Artist- DC Comics
  28. Comic Artist (Star Wars)
  29. Comic Book Writer
  30. Comic Artist / Cartoonist - Sally Forth
  31. Comic book artist and commercial illustrator. Best known for his work on Batman and Conan the Barbarian, particularly during the 1970s. His signature character was Marvel Comics' the Zombie in Tales of the Zombie (1973?1975)
  32. cartoonist (trudy)
  33. Cartoonist/collector
  34. Editoral Cartoonist for 'The Record' in New Jersey
  35. ed. cartoonist
  36. ed. cartoonist pul. prize 1988
  37. Cartoonist
  38. Comic Book Artist
  39. Comic Artist
  40. Comic book artist- Marvel
  41. Cartoonist Born: 21/11/1969 (Sint Niklaas) Belgium Some books: 'Fretalop', 'Verminkte vleugels', 'Meisjes van papier', 'Amelberga'
  42. Author - 'Barcelona connectión' ,'el hombre navaja ', 'bellisima persona' , maestro de la literatura negra . Master of the literature thriller
  43. Cartoonist - MAD Magazine (1956-1987), Cracked Magazine (1988-1993)
  44. Cartoonist, The Borderline comic
  45. cartoonist (good news bad news)
  46. Cartoonist
  47. syndicated cartoonist of mr. boffo and cats with hands
  48. Comic book artist
  49. Mark Martin  (4)
    Comic Book Artist
  50. Comics
  51. Comic Book Artist
  52. Comic Book Artist, b. 1967
  53. Manga artist/mangaka for Fairy Tail and Rave Master
  54. Created with his brother the comic strip dogs of c kennel
  55. Creater of dogs of c kennel comic strip
  56. syndicated cartoonist of mike nomad
  57. Cartoons, f.ex.Fix+Foxi
  58. Political Cartoonist
  59. Italian painter, comics artist and illustrator from Varese
  60. Comic Book Artist
  61. Comic artist- drew troop life in WWII
  62. Cartoons
  63. German Comic Author
  64. American comic book artist who illustrated The Star Wars, Dark Horse's comics adaptation of George Lucas's 1974 rough draft for Star Wars
  65. Comic book artist
  66. Comic Artist
  67. Comic Writer - Grace Flynn Chronicles, Ing The Viking, Penny & Dime
  68. Animation prodcuer
  69. Cartoonist
  70. syndicated cartoonist of the duplex
  71. John McCrea  (2)
  72. Comic book artist
  73. Disney Artist
  74. Comic book artist
  75. Concept artist and animator for seasons 1 and 2 of 'Rick and Morty'
  76. cartoonist - writes comic strip 'Mutts'
  77. Writer & producer of cartoons, comic book writer
  78. cartoonist (9 chickwood lane)
  79. Comic Book Artist/Writer/Creator, Comic Book Spawn
  80. cartoonist (pop culture)
  81. syndicated co-cartoonist of zorro
  82. syndicated cartoonist of the boondocks
  83. Comics
  84. Comic Book Artist (did the Sandman covers and many other works with Neil Gaiman)
  85. Editorial Cartoonist
  86. Comic book artist
  87. Comic book artist
  88. Comic Book Artist - C Listers, Giant Robot Warrior Maintenance Crew, Paula Peril
  89. Comic Book Artist
  90. Author
  91. Comic book artist who worked on Civil War
  92. syndicated cartoonist of close to home
  93. Scott McRae  (2)
    Comic book inker
  94. Comic Book Artist
  95. Creator of martha speaks children's books
  96. syndicated cartoonist of 'robotman'
  97. Comic book artist
  98. Comic Book Artist and Author
  99. Comic Artist / Cartoonist - Pros & Cons
  100. Artist - comic books and sketch cards
  101. Animator - Charlie Brown cartoons; voice of Snoopy on A Charlie Brown Christmas
  102. Comics
  103. German illustrator - 'Jakob', together with Benjamin Schreuder
  104. Cartoonist. Illustrator (created the Twilight Zone logo)
  105. cartoonist (brenda starr)
  106. American comics artist and writer (aka Bill Loebs and Bill Messner-Loebs). Has written for DC Comics, Image Comics, Comico, and other smaller comics publishers
  107. Comic Book Artist - Robynhood, Hellchild, Grimm Fairytales
  108. german cartoonist / magazine Stern
  109. Scott Meyer  (3)
    Comic Artist
  110. French comic artist - Valerian & Veronique
  111. comic book penciller
  112. Comic book writer
  113. Comics
  114. Comics
  115. Comic book artist
  116. Norwegian comic artist - Disney
  117. cartoonist (hellboy)
  118. Editoral Cartoonist, Atlanta Business Chronical
  119. Artist for ROM Spaceknight for Marvel Comics
  120. cartoonist/collaborator with Bill Hinds (tank mcnamara)
  121. Mark Millar  (2)
    Kick-Ass creator
  122. cartoonist (bachelor party)
  123. Dave Miller  (2)
    Cartoonist - Dave comic strip
  124. syndicated cartoonist - Dave
  125. Comic book legend, The dark night returns, daredevil
  126. syndicated co-cartoonist of second chances and tank mcnamara
  127. Comic author and artist
  128. cartoonist (non-sequitur)
  129. Comic Artist
  130. Director, Animator, Cartoonist
  131. Comic Book Artist
  132. comic book writer
  133. Drinky Crow
  134. Comic book artist, best known for Transformers
  135. Comic Book Inker
  136. Comic book artist
  137. Cartoonist
  138. Comic book creator; Moon Knight and Black Mask
  139. Cartoonist - Das kleine Arschloch
  140. Comic creator, artist
  141. DC comic book artist. Big on Batman in the 50's and 60's. Created the character of Poison Ivy. Also worked on numerous other titles including Golden Age Green Lantern, GA Flash, and Aquaman
  142. Monty  (2)
    Comic book artist for Flying Zombies
  143. Brazilian Comic Artist (Text) together with his twin brother Gabriel Ba
  144. Comic Books
  145. Syndicated Cartoonist - State Of The Union
  146. cartoonist (our gang)
  147. syndicated cartoonist of in the bleachers
  148. Author
  149. Tony Moore  (2)
    Screenwriter/Artist for The Walking Dead comic & TV Show
  150. cartoonist (graffiti)
  151. Artist, biker, Ritchie Valens half-brother, played by Esai Morales on 1987 film 'La Bamba'
  152. Cartoonist
  153. Artist for Hawkman, Identity Crisis
  154. Drawing, cartoons
  155. Comic Illustrator/co-creator of Syndicated cartoon WUMO
  156. Cartoonist Born: 11/01/1960 (Niel) Belgium 'Biep en Zwiep', 'De familie Backeljau', 'Suske & Wiske'
  157. Comic Book Artist: The Simpsons, Lady Robotika
  158. Scottish comic book writer, playwright and occultist
  159. Cartoonist
  160. An illustrator, designer and writer. Motter is best known as the creator and designer of Mister X, one of the most influential 'new-wave' comics of the 1980s
  161. Cartonist, Serie Troll de Troy, les Feux d'Askell,
  162. Writer for the transformer comic movie series
  163. Comic book artist
  164. Is a artist for Powerpuff Girls and has did and made many many comic books
  165. American cartoonist, author, engineer, anf creator of the award-winning webcomic xkcd. He has written three books: What If?, Thing Explainer, and How To. Was also contract programmer and roboticist for NASA
  166. Mangaka - Draws and Writes the manga Gravition
  167. Comic Book Artist
  168. Comic drawer, cartoons, for example Fix+Foxi
  169. German Comic Artist - Hammlets
  170. cartoonist (prince valiant)
  171. Australian Artist/Cartoonist - NOT Biene Maja, etc.
  172. Sean Murphy  (7)
    Comic book writer and artist
  173. cartoonist (nam)
  174. Will Murray  (3)
    Comic Book Writer
  175. Comic Book Artist, most notably Transformers
  176. cartoonist (broom hilda often draws sketch)
  177. Comic Artist