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  1. Comedian
  2. Comedian
  3. US actor and comedian born 1957 in movies since 1992. 'Oceans Twelve'(2004),'Bad Santa'(2003),'Oceans Eleven'(2003),'The Bernie Mac Show'(2001) 'Mr. 3000'(2004)
  4. Comedian/Actor - The Game Plan
  5. Scottish comedian
  6. Uk comedian born 1956. 'McCoist and MacAulay Show' (1998), 'Pulp Video' (1995),'Best show in the world... probably' (1998)
  7. Comedian
  8. Comedian & Actor: Saturday Night Live, The Norm Show, Billy Madison, Deuce Bigalow, Dirty Work, A Minute with Stan Hooper, My Name is Earl, Grown Ups, The Middle
  9. Comedian
  10. Comedian, Clue Club, Bionic Six
  11. Comedian
  12. Actress
  13. Comedian
  14. Comedian
  15. Comedian
  16. Comedian, Not Going Out, Would I Lie To You, Live At The Apollo
  17. BBC Radio Presenter
  18. French humorist
  19. French humorist
  20. comedienne
  21. Former Studio C actor. Now does YouTube comedy group JK! Studios, which appeared on NBC's Bring the Funny
  22. Comedian
  23. Comedian
  24. Comedian
  25. Comedian & Actor: Politically Incorrect, Real Time with Bill Maher, D.C. Cab, Club Med, House 2, Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death, Charlie Hoover, Pizza Man, Tomcats
  26. Comedian
  27. Comedian
  28. Comedian
  29. German Actor and Comedian - 7 Zwerge, Die Dreisten Drei
  30. Canadian Comedian/Actor:'Unhitched','Just For Laughs' And 'This Hour Has 22 Minutes.'
  31. Comedian
  32. comedian/editor - Every Three Weekly
  33. Swedish comedian/musical artist
  34. burlesque comedian / miss exotic world 2001
  35. Comedian
  36. Comedian
  37. Comedian
  38. Comedian
  39. Comedian
  40. Actor: St.Elsewhere, The Funny Farm, A Fine Mess, Walk Like A Man, Little Monsters, Pinocchio 3000, Hidden Howie/Voice Work-Gremlins 1-2, Muppet Babies, Bobby's World/Host of Deal or No Deal
  41. Comedian
  42. Comedian
  43. Actor: Law & Order-Trial by Jury, The War Within, Jericho, Ghost Town, The Bedford Diaries, Freedomland,Spider-Man 2, Die Hard 3
  44. Stand-up comedian
  45. Comedian/Actor: (All Stars Improv Comedy Show), announcer on Let's Make A Deal, Special Agent Daniel Keating on NCIS
  46. Comedian
  47. Comedian. TV Panelist - Stump The Stars (AKA: Pantomime Quiz), You Don't Say. Actor - Many Happy Returns, several Jerry Lewis films, many TV guest star roles
  48. British Stand Up Comic
  49. Comedian
  50. Actor (b: 1965) - Half & Half, Some Of My Best Friends, Ugly Betty, Desperate Housewives, Marley & Me, You Don't Mess With the Zohan, Bright Lights Big City. Comedian
  51. Comedian
  52. Dan March  (3)
  53. Entertainer - Quick-change artist, impressionist with trademark bi-dimensional paper costumes
  54. Last Comic Standing
  55. Comedian
  56. German comedian
  57. Cheech & Chong movies, Nash Bridges,From Dusk Till Dawn, Voice of 'Ramone' in Cars & 'Buck' on married with children
  58. Marion  (2)
    Belgian comedian, duet with Stéphane Steeman in the 70ies
  59. British Actor & Comedian
  60. Comedian. Impressionist. Actor - The Joey Bishop Show '62-'63, The John Forsythe Show '65-'66, Rango, You Again?, Peeper, Train Ride To Hollywood (as Humphrey Bogart). Singer - Loving You Has Made Me Bananas
  61. Actress
  62. comedian
  63. Comedian
  64. Premium Blend, Comedy Central Presents
  65. Comedian
  66. Comedian, Writer, Actress, Former Cast Member of College Humor
  67. Presenter
  68. Comedian
  69. Comedian
  70. Comedian
  71. Martin  (2)
  72. Comedian
  73. Actress: Happy Go Lucky, Foyle's War
  74. 'Play' from Kid 'n Play, House Party, House Party 2, House Party 3, Class Act,
  75. Claire Martin  (2)
  76. Comedian
  77. Stand-up comedian (Comedy Central)
  78. Comedian
  79. Actor & Comedian: The Jerk, Father of the Bride, Saturday Night Live, Three Amigos, Planes Trains and Automobiles, Roxanne, The Pink Panther, Parenthood, The Man With Two Brains, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Little Shop of Horrors
  80. Tony Martin  (8)
    New Zealand born, Australian based comedian
  81. Comedian
  82. Comedian & Actor: The Howard Stern Radio Show, Private Parts, Venus & Vegas, High Times Potluck, Kiss Me Again, Send No Flowers
  83. Actor
  84. Actor, Comedian, Musician - member of the famous Marx Brothers
  85. Actor/Comedian - One of the Marx Brothers - 'Duck Soup,' 'A Day at the Races,' 'A Night at the Opera' - born 1890, died 1977
  86. Actor, Comedian, Musician - member of the famous Marx Brothers
  87. Danish Comedian
  88. Comedian, Caddyshack II
  89. Comedian
  90. Comedian
  91. Comedian
  92. Comedian
  93. Comic
  94. American comedian, actress, and social media personality. best known for her videos on Vine and her appearances in film and television
  95. Ross The Intern on 'The Tonight Show With Jay Leno', 'Celebrity Fit Club: Men vs. Women'; frequent guest on 'Chelsea Lately'
  96. Norwegian artist and comedian known for being in Music/comedy Group Prima Vera
  97. Comedian
  98. Danish Comedian
  99. Entertainer
  100. Magician/Comedian
  101. Comedian
  102. Comedian
  103. Comedienne - Nichols & May. Actress - Luv, Enter Laughing, A New Leaf. Director &/or Writer - The Heartbreak Kid (d), A New Leaf (d,w), Ishtar (d,w), The Birdcage (w), Heaven Can Wait (w), Mikey & Nicky (d,w), Such Good Friends (w), Primary Colors (w)
  104. Stand up Comedian, part of the country fried chicks
  105. Comedian, Was On Last Comic Standing
  106. Comedian
  107. Howard Stern Show Wack Packer/comedian - known for lighting his private parts on fire
  108. Comedian
  109. MC 
    Danish Comedian
  110. Entertainer
  111. Comedian
  112. Voice Actor
  113. Married to Comedian Richard Belzer/Actress-Young Lady Chatterey Parts 1 and 2,Playboy December 1977
  114. 'Smoking Gun Presents World's Dumbest'
  115. 70's Country Music Singer/Comedian/Songwriter/Advertising Exec.
  116. Comedian
  117. Improv Artist
  118. Writer, performer, comedian
  119. Comedian & Actor: Teen Wolf, Can't Buy Me Love, One Man Force, Beverly Hills Brats, Deep Blood, Auntie Lee's Meat Pies, Passions, Arrested Development
  120. Comedian
  121. Playboy Playmate-Miss Februrary 1986,Drew Carey,Growing ,Pains,Playboy October 1989/June 1998,Big Bad Mama 2,The Blob,Round Trip To Heaven,The Baby Doll Murders,Echo Of Blue, Also a Stand up comedian
  122. Actress
  123. Comedian on Chelsea Handler Show
  124. Comedian
  125. Comedian
  126. Comedy Central's 'The Kids In The Hall', Voice of The Almight Tallest Purple in Invader Zim, Pleakley on Lilo and Stitch,
  127. Comedian
  128. Played'eoin mclove' in 'father ted'.
  129. Comedian
  130. Improv Artist
  131. Comedian
  132. Comedian
  133. Improv Artist
  134. Actress/Comedienne; on Comedy Inc., Urban Monkey, Cybershack, Balls of Steel Australia
  135. Comedian
  136. Comedian
  137. Comedian
  138. Comedian
  139. Comedian
  140. Actor
  141. Comedian
  142. Comedian - They Think It's All Over
  143. Comedian
  144. Comedian
  145. Comedian
  146. Comedian
  147. Comedian
  148. Actor/comedian/host - 'The Soup' ( formerly known as 'What The...? Awards' (t.v. series, E!, 2004-), Community
  149. Comedian
  150. Canadian writer, actor, comedian, co-founder of Vice Media, and host of The Gavin McInnes Show on Compound Media. He is a contributor for The Rebel Media and Taki's Magazine, and a frequent guest on news programs on Fox News and TheBlaze
  151. Comedian
  152. British comedian
  153. Comedian
  154. After-Dinner Speaker
  155. Comedian
  156. Comedian
  157. Comedian
  158. Comedian
  159. Comedian
  160. Comedian
  161. Canadian radio broadcaster, comedian and author, Voice Over Talent
  162. Comedian
  163. Star of 'Rove Live'
  164. Comedian
  165. Comedian
  166. Comedian
  167. Out of control tv show with dave coulier
  168. Comedian
  169. Comedian
  170. Played The Red Queen in 'Adventures in Wonderland',Ghost, That's So Raven,Sparkle, The Enchanted Tiki Room,Action Jackson,Ain't Misbehavin',Bulworth,The Hustle,All about the Andersons,Living Single,Martin,The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,L.A Law,JAG,Life
  171. Comedian
  172. Comedian
  173. Comedian
  174. Comedian, noted for his impersonation of JFK
  175. Comedian and actor
  176. Comedian
  177. Comedian
  178. German cabarettist , author and showmaster
  179. Comedian
  180. Former Studio C actor. Now does comedy group JK! Studios, which appeared on NBC's Bring the Funny
  181. Actor, Comedian
  182. Actor
  183. Danish Comedian
  184. Comedian
  185. Comedian
  186. Improv Artist
  187. Author, comedian, network marketer, philanthropist, baseball fanatic
  188. Comedian
  189. Comedian
  190. Comedian
  191. Comedian, Star of Comedy Central's Mind of Mencia, Our Family Wedding (2010), The Heartbreak Kid
  192. Actress: Scrooged, Hollywood Shuffle, Student Exchange, Gremlins 2, The Five Heartbeats, Honey I Blew Up the Kid, Nothing to Lose, Seinfeld
  193. Comedian
  194. Comedian
  195. Comedian
  196. The Piano Juggler
  197. Comedian
  198. Comedian; famous for prank calling NASCAR drivers
  199. Canadian Comedian; 22 Minutes, Talking To Americans, The Rick Mercer Show and More!
  200. Actor in 'Strictly Ballroom', First 9 1/2 Weeks
  201. Actor
  202. Singer actor comedian
  203. Comedian
  204. Writer, part of comedy group The Trap
  205. Comedian/Actor - Have I Got News For You (team captain), 'Paul Merton's Silent Comedy Clowns,' Thank God You're Here, Paul Merton In Galton & Simpson's..., Room 101, Whose Line Is It Anyway (uk)
  206. Comedian/Voice Actor
  207. Comedian
  208. Comedian
  209. Comedian
  210. Comedian
  211. Australian Actor and Comedian
  212. Comedian
  213. Comedian
  214. Actor, Voice Artist & Comedian
  215. Female Comedian-Star Search 100,000 Grand Prize Winner,Playboy October 1992
  216. comedienne / impressionist / actress / singer
  217. Comedian
  218. French ventriloquist, TV host
  219. Comedian
  220. French artist of cabaret, TV host, sometimes singer and actor
  221. Comedian
  222. Comedian
  223. Comedian, Actor
  224. American actor, writer and comedian. He is the head writer for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, which he helped develop. As an actor, he is best known as step-dad Gary on the Fallon skit
  225. Comedian
  226. Actor
  227. Comedian
  228. Jim Millard  (3)
  229. Amy Miller  (3)
  230. Comedian, actor, was in Channel 4's Armstrong & Miller Show, and played blonde-haired Colin in The Parole Officer with Steve Coogan, Primeval
  231. Comedian / Actor / Host: Dennis Miller Live, Saturday Night Live, Madhouse, The Net, Bordello of Blood, Murder at 1600, Joe Dirt, Boston Public, What Happens in Vegas
  232. George Miller  (4)
  233. Comedian
  234. Comedian
  235. Comedian
  236. Comedian & Actor: Pretty Woman, Almost an Angel, Suburban Commando, Necessary Roughness, Undercover Blues, Dream Lover, Radioland Murders, Seinfeld, Dream On, The Nutty Professor, Life's Work, Mad About You, Dilbert, A Mighty Wind, 8 Simple Rules
  237. Stand up comedian
  238. Comedian
  239. comedienne - actress - former host of her own talk show
  240. Actor - Cloverfield, Carpoolers. Comedian
  241. Comedian
  242. Comedian
  243. 'Max Wall' look-a-like
  244. American Actor: Cord Elam in TV's Oklahoma!, Adam Klaus in TV's Jonathan Creek, Police Sergeant in Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, Monigan in TV's Nuremberg: Nazis on Trial & Frank De Martini in 9/11: The Twin Towers & Greenfield in The Detonator
  245. Still In Bed Wth MeDinner/British Stand Up Comic/Writer
  246. Comedian
  247. 'The Andy Milonakis show' on MTV (Discovered on the internet by Jimmy Kimmel)., Waiting... (2005)
  248. Comedian
  249. Comedian
  250. Comic/Actor; 'Disaster Date', 'State of Georgia', 'The Legend of Neil'
  251. Actor/comedian. Does voices for Jak & Daxter as well, Radio Disc Jockey/Host - pioneered 'The King Biscuit Flower Hour.'
  252. Toronto comedy troupe
  253. Voice of Gene on Bob's Burgers. Also starred in Flight of the Conchords and Delocated. Comedians of Comedy/Comedy Central
  254. One of the top new stand up comics as featured on 60 minutes
  255. improv group
  256. French humorist.
  257. The real Big Momma (Hattie Mae Pierce) in 'Big Momma's House','Lord Shango'
  258. Comedian
  259. American Comedian,Producer and Actor born movies from 1967-89.Paul Bratter on'Barefoot in the Park'(1970),Justin Culp on'Rhoda'(1974-76),'Jo Jo Dancer...','Gus Brown and Midnight Brewster','Handsome Harrys','The Ed Sullivan Show','Match Game'
  260. That Mitchell And Webb Look-English Comics
  261. Comedian
  262. german comedian
  263. Comedian - most known for winning against Rosie O'Donnell on Star Search
  264. Comedian
  265. Academy Award Winning Actress (Precious, 2010); Comedianne
  266. Cast Member of 'Whose Line Is It Anyway?'
  267. Comedian
  268. Comedian
  269. Comedian
  270. French Comedian and Actor (Gendarm series with Louis de Funès)
  271. Actor
  272. Actor:Suburgatory,Gary Unmarried, Saturday Night Live 1993-95; Jerry Maguire, Go, Pay It Forward, Last Comic Standing, Cherry Falls, Suicide Kings, The Jeff Foxworthy Show, Action
  273. Actor: Gross Anatomy, Waterworld, Krippendorf's Tribe, Outbreak, Body Parts, The Serpent and the Rainbow, The Island, Roots, Dad, Vampire in Brooklyn, A Rage in Harlem
  274. Male Voice Over Talent
  275. American Comedian and actor Born: 06/24/1919.Police Officer Greslher on'The Odd Couple'(1970-75),Al Delvecchio on'Happy Days'(1976-84),'Green Acres','Gridlock','Family Man','Fantasy Island','Get Smart','Bewitched'
  276. Comedian
  277. Comedian
  278. Australian Comedian
  279. Film/TV Writer
  280. Danish Comedian
  281. Comedian
  282. Comedian. Opening club act for Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Nat King Cole, Lena Horne, Liza Minnelli, Paul Anka, Steve & Eydie over 40 years. Actor - The Joey Bishop Show '62-'65, The Grasshopper
  283. Comedian
  284. Comedian
  285. Comedian and magician
  286. Writer-Steve Harvey's Big Time Challenge, Stand-Up Comedian
  287. comedian
  288. Comedian, Male Voice Over Talent, Actor known for The Sopranos, Stepmom, Mona Lisa Smile
  289. Actress - Tittybangbang
  290. Comedian
  291. British Actor born 1924.Oscar nominated for Fagin in'Oliver!'(1968)Won Golden Globe 1968 For Oliver.Uriah Heep on'David Copperfield'(1969),'Twelve Chairs','Murder Must Foul','A Pair of Briefs','Mouse on the Moon','Revelation','Flight of the Doves'
  292. Australian host & comedian
  293. SNL cast member
  294. Comedian
  295. Actor (b: 1941) - The Buddy Holly Story (as Sam Cooke). Comedian. Writer - many Richard Pryor projects, In Living Color, Chappelle's Show, Jo Jo Dancer
  296. Actor: The Wrong Box, Bedazzled, The Bed Sitting Room, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Foul Play, 10, Wholly Moses!, Arthur, Six Weeks, Romantic Comedy, Unfaithfully Yours, Best Defense, Santa Claus, Crazy People, Blame it on the Bellboy, Dudley
  297. Ian Moore  (2)
  298. Comedian
  299. Steve Moore  (4)
  300. Fuse TV 'Whitest Kid U Know'
  301. Young Kenny in Phoenix Nights
  302. Actor & Comedian: Black Books, Notting Hill, Shaun of the Dead, Run Fat Boy Run
  303. Comedian
  304. Was on Last Comic Standing, Host of Discovery Channel's Wreckreation Nation
  305. Comedian
  306. British Comedian
  307. Comedy duo
  308. Entertainer
  309. Professional comedian 'The Man Song' 'The Woman Song' 'A Hairy Ass'
  310. Comedian
  311. David Morgan  (6)
  312. Actress - Charlie Brooker's Weekly Wipe
  313. Comedian
  314. Comedian
  315. Comedian
  316. Comedian
  317. Comedian/Actor - 30 Rock, Saturday Night Live, The Tracy Morgan Show, The Longest Yard
  318. Comedian
  319. Comedian
  320. Comedian
  321. Comedian
  322. Chris Morris  (4)
  323. Comedian/Actor - Brass Eye, The Day Today, The IT Crowd.
  324. Comedian
  325. Actor
  326. Comedian
  327. Comedian
  328. Comedian
  329. Comedian
  330. Comedian
  331. Memeber of Australian group of comedians known as The Chaser
  332. Mike Morse  (2)
    Stand-Up Comedian
  333. TV show -- Shooting Stars-
  334. Comedian
  335. Freitag Nacht News
  336. Brian Moses  (2)
  337. Comedian
  338. Stand up comedian
  339. Broadway Actress - Hairspray
  340. Comedian
  341. Comedian
  342. Comedy Duo
  343. British Comedian,Stage and Movie Actress born 1916.Flora Petty on'Youre Only Young Twice'(1977-81),Ada Larkin on'The Larkins'(1958-64),Gabrielle Dragon on'George and the Dragon'(1966-68),'Oliver','Hotel Paradiso'
  344. Author of OMG That's Me!: Bipolar Disorder, Depression, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, and More. Mental health advocate and stand-up comic. Former businessman and politician
  345. BBC Radio1 DJ
  346. Comedian
  347. Comedian
  348. Flatulist who appeared on Howard Stern and has several cds and a website
  349. Comedian
  350. Comedian
  351. Contestant on Last Comic Standing
  352. Comedian
  353. Comedian
  354. stand-up comedian, radio personality
  355. German Comedy Duo
  356. 'Chacita' born 1936 Mexican actress and comedian
  357. Comedian
  358. Actor/Stand-up Comedian: 'The Charlie Murphy Show' on BET, 'The Dave Chapelle Show', real-life brother of actor/comedian/screenwriter Eddie Murphy
  359. Colin Murphy  (2)
  360. Actor-Beverly Hills Cop 1-3,Dr.Doolittle 1-2,Coming to America,Nutty Professor 1-2,The Golden Child,Shrek 1-2,48 Hours,Another 48 Hours,Saturday Night Live,Daddy Day Care,The Haunted Mansion,Trading Places,Harlem Nights,Boomerang,I Spy,Metro,Life, Norbit
  361. Larry Murphy  (2)
    Comedian and Voice Actor, Teddy on Bob's Burgers, Frank Grimes on Ugly Americans
  362. Tom Murphy  (5)
  363. stand-up comedian
  364. Saturday Night Live, Ghostbusters (1, 2, Answer The Call and Afterlife), Groundhog Day, Man Who Knew Too Little, Charlie's Angels, Stripes, Space Jam, Lost in Translation, Meatballs, Caddyshack, Ozzy and Drix, Scrooged, The Razor's Edge
  365. Craig Murray  (3)
    Actor and comedian
  366. Writer, executive producer, and actor, best known as 'Murr' on the cable tv show Impractical Jokers along with his comedy troupe, The Tenderloins. Awakened is his first novel
  367. American Comedian,Actor TV-Host and Writer born 1916.'Which Way to the Front?','Thunder Alley','Tarzan','Busy Body','Your Big Moment','Hollywood Squares','Sing It Again','Ed Sullivan Show'
  368. Comedian
  369. Comedian
  370. Comedian
  371. Comedian
  372. Swiss radio presenter, actor, comedian and satirist - e.g. 'Fascht e Familie,' 'Zweierleier' and much more
  373. Comedian
  374. Comedian
  375. Comedian
  376. Danish Comedian
  377. Danish Comedian