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StarTiger - Browsing Category Home->Performing Arts->Director/Producer , A-Z Filter: O
Browsing Category Home->Performing Arts->Director/Producer , A-Z Filter: O
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  1. movie director
  2. Writer | Producer | Director: Fear, Deadly Invasion, Amazing Stories, Twilight Zone, Alien Nation, SeaQuest, Farscape, The Triangle, V, Defiance
  3. Writer/Director
  4. Director - All My Children
  5. Dave O'Brien  (2)
    Actor - Reefer Madness (the wild reefer-smokin' piano player), Bowery At Midnight, many Westerns. Actor/Director/Writer - The Pete Smith Shorts. Writer - The Red Skelton Show (175 episodes)
  6. Screenwriter & Director: Wrong Turn 3 - 4 - 5, Rock Monster, Monster Ark, Cyclops, Sharktopus
  7. Casting Director - Abbott Elementary
  8. Executive VFX producer - The Book of Boba Fett
  9. Director
  10. Writer-Director: Warrior, Jane Got A Gun, Tumbleweeds, Pride And Glory, and the U.S. Gold Medal-winning hockey team saga Miracle. Also directed the pilot that launched the FX series The Americans
  11. Director
  12. movie director
  13. Cinematographer
  14. Director
  15. Director-Portals,Skylines
  16. Director-Little Brother
  17. Director
  18. Film Director
  19. British film and television producer. Was assistant director on the cult 1972 British horror film 'Deathline' a.k.a 'Raw Meat'. Lives in the UK
  20. John O'Grady  (2)
    Australian scipt editor, writer and tv producer. Worked on Australian tv shows Bandstand, Trial by Marriage and Who Do You Think You Are? among others
  21. Director
  22. Founded the New Thalian Players and mother of Sarah Silverman
  23. film director (models inc. the bitch, fanny hill)
  24. Movie/TV director -The Shield -JAG -Angel -CSI -Heroes -Smallville
  25. Fim Director
  26. American television and film producer and director. Hawaii Five-O
  27. composer/director
  28. Film Director
  29. Director
  30. Screenwriter & Director
  31. Executive producer
  32. Television Presenter, Food Author and Broadcaster, Director of Food Adventure Company Gourmet Safaris
  33. movie director
  34. Director
  35. Screenwriter & Director: Angel, Avening Angel, Blood Mania
  36. Screenwriter
  37. Director and producer on TV shows such as 'Emergency-Ward 10', 'Thriller', 'Sapphire and Steel' and 'Troubles and Strife'
  38. Director/Screenwriter
  39. Director
  40. Former Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence (2011-2017)
  41. Director
  42. French director
  43. Director-Ms.Marvel
  44. Japanese writer and director born 1938, famous for his movie 'House' (1978)
  45. Director
  46. Named as Dore O or Dore O. Nekes Was an german filmmaker, painter and photograph Born 09.08.1946 in Mülheim , died before 07.03.2022 Mülheim Co- founder Hamburger Filmmaker Cooperativ
  47. Production Designer
  48. Arch Oboler (December 7, 1909 - March 19, 1987) was an American playwright, screenwriter, novelist, producer, and director who was active in radio, films, theater, and television. He generated much attention with his radio scripts, particularly the horror
  49. Film Producer
  50. Producer - the mick
  51. French writer, character designer, storyboard artist and director of animated films and television programs. Though best known for his 1998 début feature 'Kirikou and the Sorceress'
  52. Director - Who Am I
  53. Production Designer
  54. Director
  55. Director
  56. Director of Ace Ventura and stars in Kung Pow
  57. Director/Screenwriter
  58. Director
  59. Dutch Actor/Producer/Director - GTST, Nova Zembla, Komt een Vrouw bij de Dokter, De Marathon, New Kids, Het Vonnis
  60. Director
  61. Director
  62. Director - The Bill
  63. Director
  64. Actor
  65. Screenwriter & TV Producer: Major Dad, Simon & Simon
  66. Movie Director
  67. Director (Animation/VFX)
  68. Director
  69. Writer, director, producer & performer
  70. UK Art Director 1930's-40's. Born: 05/25/1909
  71. Director
  72. Musical Director/Supervisor
  73. Director
  74. Director & Actor: thirtysomething, Hill Street Blues, Falcon Crest, Bay City Blues, EZ Streets, LA Doctors, Brothers & Sisters, Alias, Ghost Story, Brothers & Sisters, Alias, The West Wing
  75. Music Video Director
  76. Story editor - elena of avalor
  77. Actor - San Quentin, Alcatraz Island, White Bondage, Youth On Parole, Jezebel, Brother Rat, Blondie, Sabotage '39, West Of Shanghai, The Spiral Staircase, The Las Vegas Story. Producer - Peter Gunn, It Takes A Thief, Mr. Lucky, Profiles In Courage
  78. Producer/children's book author (including the Hank Zipzer series with Henry Winkler)
  79. Writer of Mon Colle Knights and Story Editor of Power Rangers Season 1 Supervising Producer of Vr Troopers also does The Voice of The Wizard of Deception)
  80. Animated film director and storyboard artist
  81. Director
  82. Italian film director
  83. Independent moviemaker (worked for 13 years on one film)
  84. Actor
  85. Musician- Producer - Music Machine (Talk, Talk) - Fleetwood Mac Producer
  86. Art Director
  87. Director
  88. Director
  89. Japanese video game producer for Capcom. He was the producer of the Street Fighter IV sub-series
  90. Screenwriter
  91. Writer/Screenwriter
  92. director - The Sorrow and the Pity
  93. Director
  94. Producer - the Hogan family, the drew carey show & the oblongs
  95. American director
  96. Screenwriter & Producer
  97. Award winning Adventure Filmmaker. Conservationist
  98. Director
  99. Director of Photography
  100. Home And Away - Les Bagely (1992)
  101. Death by Engagement
  102. Producer of LOTR
  103. film director (the monster from the ocean floor)
  104. Producer and writer, known for Sanford and Son (1972), That Girl (1966) and The Hollywood Palace (1964). He has been married to Barbara Rhoades since February 18, 1979
  105. Producer - Harry Potter
  106. Director/Screenwriter
  107. Author poet
  108. Writer & Director
  109. German Director
  110. Director
  111. Director
  112. Directed and choreographed High School Musical & Newsies, choreographer for Dirty Dancing and many more movies; directed the infamous Billy Squier music video 'Rock Me Tonite'
  113. Production Designer
  114. Director
  115. Producer of LOTR
  116. Director - Oscar Nominated Short 'More' (1998)
  117. Disney Animator/Director - Won the Academy Award for his first short film 'Feast', which he wrote and directed
  118. Producer - Flesh Gordon, Alice In Wonderland: An X-Rated Musical Fantasy, Night Patrol, The Being, Cop Killers, The Art Of Nude Bowling. Director. Writer. Actor
  119. Japanese writer and director born 1951
  120. Japanese Dirctor 'InThe Realm Of The Senses','Empire Of Passion','Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence'
  121. Director
  122. Actor - Kiss Me Stupid, The Fortune Cookie, Irma La Douce, The Front Page, many TV guest starring roles. Writer. Director
  123. Director
  124. Director
  125. Director
  126. Screenwriter/Director
  127. Director & Screenwriter: Halloween 5, The Hospice, Omen IV
  128. Screenwriter
  129. Director of Akira, Producer of Princess Mononoke etc.......
  130. Ott 
    Record Producer/musician
  131. Director
  132. Production Designer
  133. Director
  134. Director
  135. Film Score Composer/Editor/Director: Halloween H20, The Usual Suspects, Superman Returns, Hide and Seek, Urban Legends 2, Valkyrie, The Invasion, Fantastic Four, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, House of Wax, X2, Apt Pupil, Incognito, The Cable Guy, Gothika
  136. Production Designer
  137. Animation director - spongebob squarepants
  138. film director directed Trollhunter
  139. Film/TV Producer
  140. Fuzzy Owen and Merle Haggard worked together for over 50 years, yet they never had a contract. Fuzzy was Merle's steel guitar player, recording engineer, producer, promoter, booking agent, accountant, bus driver, mechanic and always Merle's friend
  141. American singer, guitarist, producer, composer. His hit song â-œNeed Youâ- peaked at #25 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1958. He was a session musician and played the rhythm guitar for Duane Eddy, Nancy Sinatra, Elvis Presley and many others
  142. American Female Series Producer - TV Series - 'Brothers & Sisters' (77 Episodes 2006-10), 'Alias' (17 Episodes 2005-06), 'LOST' (8 Episodes 2006-07), 'Charmed' (12 Episodes 2003), 'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D' (45 Episodes 2013-15). Plus Many More
  143. Puppeteer/Voice Work/Actor-Star Wars Episodes I-III,V-VI:The Phantom Menace/Attack of The Clones/Revenge of The Sith/The Empire Strikes Back/Return of The Jedi(Voice of Yoda), Episode VIII: The Last Jedi, The Muppets(Voice of Miss Piggy),Trading Places
  144. Multi-award-winning French film director and screenwriter ('8 femmes', 'Swimming Pool', 'Le Temps qui reste', 'Angel', 'The Refuge', 'Jeune & Jolie', 'In the House', 'Criminal Lovers', 'Under the Sand', '5x2', 'Potiche', 'By the Grace of God' and more)
  145. Film Director of Turkish origin, nationalized Italian. Momentary the best Film Director for movies made in Italy
  146. Auckland-based Nigerian New Zealand hip hop artist, producer, and social media content creator and educator. Known Professionally as Mazbou Q
  147. Swedish director. 'Palme d'or', film Cannes festival 2017
  148. Norwegian film producer - Rosemari, Babycall, Uskyld, Dogville