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Browsing Category Home->Performing Arts->Comedian , A-Z Filter: R
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  1. Comedian
  2. Comedian
  3. French comedian
  4. TV Host, and comedian from New Zealand
  5. Comedian
  6. Comedian
  7. Actress/Comedian - 'Saturday Night Live' - born 1946, died 1989
  8. Comedian
  9. TVs Real People, Card Sharks, Blockbusters, comedian
  10. Comedian
  11. Greek actor, dancer, model
  12. Singer and actress - daughter of actor and comedian Mark Moseley
  13. Blogger and Internet celebrity based in New York - Rainbow is most notable for a series of humorous YouTube viral videos in which he stages fake phone conversations with famous people by editing real audio clips of those celebrities
  14. Comedy writer, performer and Senior Editor at MAD Magazine
  15. Actress: Mr. Show with Bob and David, The Larry Sanders Show, The Thin Pink Line, Road Trip, Veronica's Closet, 24, Dude, Where's My Car?, Punch - Drunk Love, Sweet Home Alabama, Legally Blonde 2, Helter Skelter, 2 Broke Girls, Californication
  16. Contestant on Last Comic Standing
  17. Comedian
  18. Comedian
  19. Comedian, contestant of Strictly Come Dancing, presenter of the Shagged, Married, Annoyed podcast
  20. Comedian
  21. Christian Singer/Musician
  22. Tony, Drama League and Outer Critic's circle nominated actress- played Oda Mae Brown in Ghost the musical in the West End and Broadway
  23. British stand-up comedian and actor. He was nominated for Best Newcomer at the 2013 Edinburgh Comedy Awards.
  24. Field Agent On MTV's Punk'd With Ashton Kutcher, The League,Paul Blart Mall Cop
  25. Comedian
  26. Part of the duo Heißmann-Rassau
  27. Comedian/Star Trek Background Actor - Romulans Tarus, Relam, Tharket (non-speaking roles)
  28. comedian
  29. comedian/actor - frequent guest commentator on 'VH1's 'I Love The '70s/80s' (tv series)
  30. Comedian
  31. Actor
  32. Actress/Comedienne-Playboy February 1980,Miss Virginia 1975,Affair With U.S.Congressman Wayne Hayes
  33. Comedian
  34. Comedian
  35. Movie Actress and Comedienne
  36. Comedian
  37. Comic, writer, animator
  38. Comedian, Female Voice Over Talent
  39. Comedian
  40. Comedian
  41. Comedian
  42. Veteran Comedian. Regular on the Bob & Tom Show, as well as HBO Comedy specials
  43. Bob Reed  (2)
  44. Comedian
  45. Comedian
  46. Voice Over Talent
  47. Comedian, Winner of Last Comic Standing
  48. Comedian
  49. actor/comedian
  50. Comedian
  51. Actress
  52. Comedian
  53. 'Kid' from Kid 'n Play, House Party, House Party 2, House Party 3, Sister Sister
  54. Don Reid  (2)
  55. Actor/Comedian
  56. Comedian
  57. Actor: Mad About You, My Two Dads, Aliens, Diner, Beverly Hills Cop, The Marrying Man, Bye Bye Love, Odd Jobs, Crazy People, Mr. Write, Concussion, The Darkness, Red Oaks, Stranger Things, The Spy Who Dumped Me
  58. Comedian
  59. Comedian and tv presenter
  60. Tv presenter and comedian, son of André Rémy
  61. Comedienne MTV's Girl Code
  62. Actor - Pee Wee's Playhouse, Pee Wee's Big Adventure, Big Top Pee Wee, Buffy The Vampire Slayer (film), Batman Returns, Blow, Mystery Men, Back To The Beach, Dunston Checks In, Murphy Brown, Nightmare Before Xmas (v/Lock), Star Wars Star Tours (v/REX)
  63. Comedian - BBC7 & Radio 4's The Million Pound Radio Show & The Nick Revell Show
  64. actor comedian writer
  65. Actress, musician, comedian, producer and writer
  66. Comedian
  67. Actress - Sabrina The Teenage Witch, Meatballs 3, Pride and Joy, Man on the Moon, Ready to Rumble, Former host of NBC's The Biggest Loser
  68. Swedish comedian
  69. Youtube
  70. Ventriloquist & Comedienne
  71. Actress-The Consultants,Javatown,New Girl,Modern Family,The Off Season,Fameless,Mulva Lends a Hand
  72. actor comedian
  73. Comedian
  74. Comedian
  75. Comedy
  76. comedian/actor/writer
  77. Comedian
  78. Jeff Richards  (2)
    Actor - SNL
  79. Comedienne
  80. Actor
  81. Comedian
  82. American actor, writer, and comedian. He plays Richard Splett in the TV series Veep and stars in Detroiters
  83. Actor
  84. British Actor: Alfie Moon in TV's EastEnders, Sid in Flushed Away and Danny Zuko in the theatre production of Grease
  85. German cabaret artist - 'Scheibenwischer'
  86. Co - Host & Writer: Late Night with Conan O'Brien // Actor: Andy Richter Controls the Universe, Andy Barker P.I., The New Adventures of Old Christine, Elf, Cabin Boy, Madagascar, Quintuplets, Semi - Pro, Arrested Development, Santa Clarita Diet
  87. Comedian
  88. Comedian
  89. Insult Comedian/Actor: voice of Mr. Potato Head in Toy Story; Casino; Run Silent, Run Deep; Muscle Beach Party; Bikini Beach; Beach Blanket Bingo; Pajama Party; Kelly's Heroes; CPO Sharkey. Many Dean Martin roasts & 1 classic Twilight Zone episode
  90. Lee Ridley  (2)
    Comedian; Winner of 2018 Britain's Got Talent; BBC Radio 4 sitcom Ability
  91. Comedian
  92. British Actor / Comedian: Billy Moss in TV's Lilies & Ives in Flyboys
  93. Daily Show, Human Giant
  94. Scottish comedy actor - Still Game
  95. Swiss Comedian
  96. Danish Comedian
  97. Comedian
  98. Comedian
  99. Comedian
  100. Comedian
  101. Twisted Christmas Songs, Radio DJ, Comedian
  102. Actress/Comedian/Host: The Tonight Show, The Joan Rivers Show, Shrek 2, Spaceballs, The Muppets Take Manhattan, Serial Mom, Suddenly Susan, Fashion Police, Joan & Melissa
  103. Comedian
  104. British Comedian
  105. Comedian
  106. Hal Roach  (2)
    Prominent Irish comedian and author. He spent over 60 years in show business, and was featured in the Guinness Book of Records for the longest-running engagement of a comedian at the same venue. Recorded 10 albums and 3 comedy specials
  107. Belgian actor of theatre
  108. Comedian
  109. Actor - plays Kel Knight in Kath & Kim
  110. Ian Roberts  (2)
    Upright Citizens Brigade
  111. Iris Roberts  (2)
    UK Actress 'Die Nibelungen: Siegfried' (1924). Born: 07/05/1911
  112. John Roberts  (6)
    Comedian, Actor - Linda on Bob's Burgers, Jimmy's mom on NBC's Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
  113. Sam Roberts  (6)
    SiriusXM - Opie and Anthony, 'Jim Norton and Sam Roberts'
  114. Actor: Annie Hall, Play It Again Sam, Stardust Memories, A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy, Serpico, Amityville 3-D, 18 Again!, Star Spangled Girl, The Million Dollar Duck, Rosetti & Ryan (TV), numerous appearances on the 'Law & Order' shows
  115. Humorist and professional speaker
  116. English comedian, singer and actor in musical theatre, who became known as one of the greatest music hall performers of the late 19th and early 20th centuries
  117. Film/TV Writer - The Basil Brush Show
  118. Andy Robinson  (3)
  119. Comedian
  120. Actor - The Office, Pineapple Express, Zack & Miri Make A Porno, Hot Tub Time Machine
  121. Comedian
  122. Actor - Short Circuitz, Wild-N-Out, Bronx is Burning, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, American Crude
  123. American comedian, writer, and actress. Was a staff writer for MTV's Girl Code & a consultant on season 3 of Broad City. Creator/co-host of the 2 Dope Queens podcast & HBO series, & she created & starred in Refinery29's web series Woke Bae
  124. Tim Robinson  (3)
  125. Comedian
  126. Comedian
  127. Comme Ils Disent
  128. Stand Up Comedian/Actor-Lethal Weapon 4,Doctor Dolittle 1-2,Papparzi,New Jack City
  129. Jordan Rock  (2)
  130. Comedian
  131. Actor: Saturday Night Live, Fraternity Vacation, Max Headroom, Moonlighting, How I Got Into College, Dances with Wolves, Delirious, Tequila and Bonetti, Flying Blind, Wagon's East, Dumb and Dumber, Father's Day, The Home Court, Touched by an Angel
  132. comedian, public speaker & multi-millionaire groom in 'who wants to marry a millionaire'
  133. Comedian
  134. Comedian
  135. Comedian & Actor: D.C. Cab, a.k.a Pablo, Quicksilver, Miracles, The Whoopee Boys, Born in East L.A., Grand Slam, Made in America, A Million to Juan, Ali, Blood Work, Baadasssss!, A Cinderella Story, Fixing Paco, Pray for Rain
  136. Comedian
  137. Actress, Comedian, Voice Artist
  138. Comedian
  139. Host of HQ trivia
  140. Comedian
  141. German Comedian, Author, Theatre Director
  142. Singer & Actor: The Chase, Feast, Wrong Turn 2, The New Guy, Johnny Mnemonic, Heat, Lost Highway, Jack Frost, Scenes of the Crime, Morgan's Ferry, Time Lapse, Bad Boys 2, Sons of Anarchy, Con Man, Z Nation
  143. comedian
  144. Comedian & Actor: Everybody Loves Raymond, Ice Age, Welcome to Mooseport, Grilled, The Grand, The Last Word, Men of a Certain Age, Rob the Mob, Parenthood, Vinyl, Get Shorty
  145. Comedian
  146. Comedian
  147. Comedian/Actor - Hype (t.v. Series, 2000)
  148. Actor
  149. Production team that created Red Vs Blue and other web videos
  150. Actress
  151. British actress ('Family Affairs'), Writer, Comedian
  152. Comedian
  153. Actress
  154. Comedian, singer, songwriter
  155. Comedian
  156. Theater Actor/Hebrew Character Comedian/In Hayti [Musical, Original] Performer: Julian Rose [Bizzy Izzy Rosenstein] Aug 30, 1909 - Oct 16, 1909
  157. Comedienne/Actress/Talk Show Host: Roseanne (TV series 1988-97 ), The Roseanne Show (1998-00), The Real Roseanne Show (cooking show host, 2003)
  158. Comedian
  159. Comedian, The Golden Girls
  160. Actress
  161. Author
  162. British actor: Friday Night Dinner, Plebs
  163. Comedian
  164. Comedian mostly on the Friar Club Roasts
  165. Actor - Car 54 Where Are You?, The Phil Silvers Show, It's About Time, The Love Bug, Teaserama. Stand-Up Comedian. Impressionist
  166. Comedian
  167. Comedian
  168. Comedian/Other Half of Allen & Rossi Team
  169. Comedian
  170. Comedian
  171. Comedian
  172. Comedian
  173. Comedian
  174. Comedian
  175. Comedian
  176. Comedian
  177. Comedian
  178. Canadian comedian and actor
  179. French comedian and TV/radio host
  180. Actor/Comedian
  181. Comedian
  182. Comedian
  183. Comedian
  184. Actor, Writer, Comedian, Juggler & Radio Presenter
  185. Roz  (2)
  186. Comedian
  187. Comedian
  188. Comedian
  189. Comedian
  190. Comedian
  191. Cabaret, with Monica Weinzettl as duo 'Mitten im Achten' 'Frischunge'
  192. Comedienne
  193. Comedian
  194. actress/comedienne - SNL (t.v. series, 2000-present)
  195. Halfway Home Also works as a lawyer
  196. He is a youtuber with 10+million subscribers
  197. Comedian
  198. Female Impersonator, Singer, Actor, drag queen, former Host of VH1's 'The RuPaul Show'; Emmy Award winning host of RuPaul's Drag Race
  199. German Comedienne
  200. Comedian
  201. Comedian
  202. actress/comedienne
  203. actor/comedian
  204. Actor and Comedian
  205. Comedian
  206. Comedian
  207. Comedian
  208. Johnny Ryan  (2)
    Comedian and recording artist. Polka music and comedy; part of the group PROFESSOR SPOONS (Bob Hannon And Johnny Ryan)
  209. Presenter and Comedian, Originally from Canada
  210. Comedian
  211. Tom Ryan  (4)
  212. Comedian
  213. Comedian