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Browsing Category Home->Performing Arts->Editor , A-Z Filter: S
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  1. Editor
  2. Film Editor
  3. Editor
  4. Film Editor
  5. Film Editor - Wall Street, Born on the Fourth of July, JFK, Hannibal , Good Will Hunting, Levity, Gladiator, Black Hawk Down, American Gangster
  6. Film and tv editor worked on four episodes of Law and Order Criminal Intent
  7. Film Editor & Writer
  8. German Film Editor 1940's-70's. Born: 06/28/1909
  9. Film editor: Coal Miner's Daughter, Back to the Future film trilogy (co-edited w/ Harry Keramidas), Who Framed Roger Rabbit (Academy Award: Best Film Editing), Addams Family Values, Forrest Gump (Academy Award: Best Film Editing), Cast Away
  10. Editor
  11. Film Editor
  12. Movie Editor; Halloween II (1981)
  13. Iconic Academy Award-Winning Film Editor
  14. Film Editor
  15. Director-Raging Bull,Taxi Driver,Goodfellas,The Gangs of New York,The Aviator,Shark Tale
  16. John Scott  (4)
    Film Editor
  17. Thomas Scott  (2)
    Film editor worked on the tv show The Rifleman
  18. Film Editor
  19. Editor
  20. Film Editor
  21. Editor & Producer: Amazing Stories, Fandango, License to Drive, Kuffs, Tales from the Crypt, Airheads, One Eight Seven, The Way of the Gun, Lost, Westworld
  22. Film Editor
  23. Sound Editor - An American Werewolf
  24. Editor
  25. Film Editor
  26. BBC World Affairs Editor
  27. Australian film editor
  28. Editor, The Exorcist
  29. Film Editor
  30. Film and tv editor worked on Gunsmoke born 1912
  31. Film Editor Snakes on a Plane
  32. Film Editor
  33. Editor
  34. American Film Editor
  35. Director: Jaws, E.T., Close Encounters of The Third Kind, Jurassic Park, the Indiana Jones film series, Schindler's List, Saving Private Ryan, Catch Me If You Can, 1941
  36. Film Editor
  37. Film Editor
  38. Assistant Film Editor - Star Wars Episode 5 and 6
  39. Film Editor
  40. Mark Stevens  (5)
    Film Editor
  41. British Producer/Film Editor. Born: 12/14/1910
  42. Film Editor
  43. Film Editor
  44. Film Editor
  45. Film and Tv Editor active from 1952-1979. edited the mini-series From Here to Eternity
  46. Film Editor