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  1. Russian survivor of Auschwitz. Lives in the Russian city of Ryazan
  2. Mexican supercenterian (Born: 1905) One of the world's oldest people. She lived with those who participated in the Mexican Revolution. She lives in San Jerónimo, Guerrero, Mexico
  3. Vietnam/U.S. Marines Master Gunnery Sgt./On-board last helicopter leaving the U.S. Embassy at fall of Saigon/Lives Vista, CA
  4. Oldest Person/Netherlands - Deceased 2005
  5. Eighth President 1837-1841
  6. One of six teens that went to JFK Airport to see the Beatles in 1964 and Ringo Starr took a picture of them. Pictured in Starr's book 'Photograph'
  7. One of oldest people in the world. Born 1895 Lives in the Netherlands.
  8. 1950's Quiz Show Scandal Contestant
  9. Employee of Gawlers Funeral Home , John helped prepare Pres. Kennedy's body for viewing and burial
  10. One of the last survivors of The Tri-State Tornado, the deadliest tornado in American history that occured on Wednesday, March 18, 1925. She is now 98 and lives in Mount Vernon, Alexandria, Virginia, U.S.A with her grandson Timothy Gist
  11. Irish Taoiseach, prime minister; first gay man, youngest person, and first member of an ethnic minority to hold that post in Ireland; Fine Gael politician
  12. Artist, poet, scientist specializing in linguistics & writer; 'Me & Lee' 'When the Clouds Came Flying By: Poems for Kids & Classrooms' 'A Dangerous Thing to Do: Poems for Intelligent Readers' 'David Ferrie' /Lee Harvey Oswald's girlfriend Summer of 1963
  13. JFK - Campaign staffer for Kennedy in the early 1950s
  14. Miss Puerto Rico 1948. That same year she became the first Latina to compete in the Miss America Pageant
  15. JFK - Veasey drove one of the press cars in the Kennedy Dallas motorcade. Following the assassination, he was assigned guard duty for Gov. Connally at Parkland Memorial Hospital
  16. student protester (in the famous pictures of the shooting of students protesting the Vietnam War at Kent State)
  17. Took the Pulitzer Prize winning photo 'Burst of Joy'
  18. German Army. Verfied Veteran of World War 2. Lives in Germany. Born: 01/15/1903
  19. Child survivor of the Holocaust
  20. Russian Lawyer that meet with Donald Trump Jr. to give him damaging material on Hillary Clinton to tamper with the 2016 Presidential election
  21. Spy/Serving as Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence in US Department of Defense/Served Army Special Forces as non & commissioned officer & Central Intelligence Agency paramilitary operations officer elite Special Activities Division
  22. BP well site leader from the Deepwater Horizon oil rig, pleaded guilty to ?negligently causing the massive oil spill,? /Transocean oil rig Deepwater Horizon that blew up in 2010, the largest offshore oil spill in U.S. history
  23. Living in the Russian city of Minsk when Lee Harvey Oswald defected to the Soviet Union. Vigushin was acquainted with both Oswald & his future wife, Marina Prusakova, & he practiced at the same firing range as Oswald between 1960 & 1961
  24. WW2/RdM2/C, USS Chatelain that captured the U-505
  25. Survivor of the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake/Born 1903
  26. Author & White House correspondent for the New York Post in the early 1960s, Viorst attended press conferences and had contact with President Kennedy. Later he interviewed Marguerite Oswald and Warren Commission chief counsel Lee Rankin
  27. One of nine surviving veterans of Spanish Civil War. Born: September 19, 1920. .Esperantist, served with the 26th Division (Spain)
  28. Spanish Civil War Veteran 'International Brigade' Born: 01/26/1913
  29. Worked for John Kennedy from 1958 to 1963, in his Press Office. Helped with his speeches, occasionally signed his name for him on items, and was waiting on Air Force One when he was shot in Dallas. Appeared on Antiques Roadshow with her mementos
  30. Verified German World War 2 Veteran (German Army) Lives in Germany. Born: 09/13/1902
  31. German-born rocket scientist, aerospace engineer, space architect, & leading figure in development of rocket technology in Nazi Germany during World War II & the United
  32. Last survivor of the July 20 Plot that attempted to assassinate Hitler
  33. The Sun Maid raisins girl
  34. Von Moltke was a member of the the Kreisau Circle, an anti-Nazi resistance group co-founded by her husband Helmuth, who was executed for treason in 1945. Born: 03/29/1911
  35. One of the oldest people in the world. Born 1895
  36. Helped hide Anne Frank