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Browsing Category Home->Authors & Writers->Comics & Cartoons , A-Z Filter: W
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  1. Cartoonist
  2. syndicated cartoonist - 'grin and bear it'
  3. Cartoonist - Maxine, Crabby Road
  4. cartoonist
  5. Comic book Writer; Current writer for 'Avengers', 'Archie', and 'Black Widow'. Former writer for 'Daredevil', Spider-Man', 'The Hulk' and 'Star Wars: Princess Leia'
  6. syndicated cartoonist - farcus
  7. cartoonist - casper the friendly ghost
  8. syndicated cartoonist of flight deck
  9. Brian Walker  (3)
    Comic Artist / Cartoonist - Hi & Lo
  10. syndicated cartoonist of hi and lois
  11. Comic Book Writer
  12. Cartoonist - Beetle Bailey, Hi & Lois
  13. Artist/Co-Creator:Omaha The Cat Dancer Comic Book
  14. Comic book artist
  15. Editoral cartoonist
  16. Belgian Cartoonist born in 1946
  17. Horror author
  18. Bill Ward  (4)
    Cartoonist - Good-Girl Artwork. Creator of Torchy
  19. cartoonist (black cross)
  20. Chris Warner  (4)
    Comic Book Artist
  21. Adam Warren  (3)
    Dark Horse Comic Artist
  22. cartoonist (omega man)
  23. Comics
  24. Artist - comic books and sketch cards
  25. Writer of My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, As I Expected (Yahari Ore no Seishun Rabukome wa Machigatteiru)
  26. manga-ka, author of Rurouni Kenshin
  27. creator of 'calvin and hobbes' comic strips.
  28. cartoonist
  29. legendary cartoonist - new yorker magazine
  30. syndicated cartoonist of slylock fox and comics for kids
  31. Cartoonist moose miller
  32. Tom Webster  (2)
    British Cartoonist
  33. Lee Weeks  (2)
    Comic Book Artist
  34. Cartoonist and author
  35. American comic book and graphic novel artist, The Surrogates, Silent Ghost
  36. Creator of the adult comic book Cherry
  37. Comic Artist / Cartoonist - Immigration & Citizenship
  38. Author
  39. Cartoonist for Jyllandsposten, famous for making Muhammed caricatures
  40. Comic Artist (Star Wars)
  41. cartoonist (reality check)
  42. Comic Artist
  43. Star Wars Comic Artist
  44. Comic Artist
  45. Screenwriter/Actor-The Walking Dead
  46. Comic book artist and writer
  47. American comic book artist and writer, working primarily as an inker
  48. Comic Book Artist
  49. editorial cartoonist
  50. Writer/illustrator of science comics. First Second Book, Spongebob Comics, Marvel Comics, and DC Comics. Wicks is the illustrator of Primates (2013), written by Jim Ottaviani. Also Human Body Theater (2015) and Coral Reefs (2016)
  51. syndicated co-cartoonist of 'crock' w/ bill rechin
  52. Comic Artist
  53. cartoonist, draws wimpy & popeye
  54. editorial cartoonist
  55. Born: 1987 Belgian cartoonist 'A song called city'
  56. cartoonist (tight corner)
  57. Cartoonist. Most famous for his comics Nodwick, PS238 and Full Frontal Nerdity. He also is the creator of Backwards Compatible, a comic on the gaming news website Crispy Gamer. Create Diablo for DC Comics
  58. cartoonist
  59. animator (pink panther roger rabbit)
  60. comic book artist
  61. Comic Book Artist
  62. Comic book artist who worked with Alan Moore
  63. Comic artist
  64. Underground Cartoonist
  65. An American writer and artist of comics, known for his work on the series Elementals and Fables
  66. Comic Book Artist
  67. cartoonist writer
  68. Comic Book Writer, Heavy Metal Fluorescent Black
  69. Ron Wilson  (3)
    Comic Book Artist - The Thing, Black Goliath, Power Man, The Hulk, Captain Britain
  70. Underground Cartoonist (The Checkered Demon)
  71. Scott Wilson  (4)
    Comic book artist- Marvel
  72. syndicated cartoonist of ziggy
  73. syndicated cartoonist of rex morgan, md
  74. Cartoonist draws ZIGGY cartoon Lives in Ohio
  75. Syndicated Cartoonist of Ripley's Believe It Or Not & Rose Is Rose with Pat Brady
  76. syndicated co-cartoonist of real life adventures
  77. Comic Artist
  78. Set production on Red Dragon and Rush Hour 2. Colorist and illustration for she-hulk and others
  79. cartoonist (katy keene)
  80. American Sports Cartoonist
  81. Comic Creator/Artist-Grave Grrls, Musician-Earth X
  82. German author, Flitze Feuerzahn
  83. Comic book artist
  84. Chinese comic artist. Son of Alfonso Wong, creator of Old Master Q
  85. Comic Book Writer and Illustrator
  86. Comic book artist
  87. Animator
  88. Artist - comic books, sketch cards
  89. Cartoonist - MAD Magazine (Monroe series), Hellboy Jr., The Ren & Stimpy Show, Samurai Jack. Landscape Painter (Urban Landscape series)
  90. editorial cartoonist
  91. syndicated cartoonist of kit n' carlyle
  92. American artist known for his horror illustrations and comic books
  93. Comic Artist
  94. german illustrator & cartoonist
  95. Comic artist, created 'piccolo' comics in the 50s like Sigurd, Nick, Akim, Tibor