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StarTiger - Browsing Category Home->Artist/Designer , A-Z Filter: all
Browsing Category Home->Artist/Designer , A-Z Filter: all
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  1. Cover art for boston album Don't Look Back in 1978
  2. Daniel Norris  (2)
    Freelance graphic designer
  3. costume designer (victor/victoria elephant man)
  4. Soviet and Russian animator and director best known for his animated short movies. According to the Washington Post, 'He is considered by many to be not just the best animator of his era, but the best of all time'
  5. Digital matte artist for Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones, Lead digital matte artist for Star Wars Epsiode III: Revenge of the Sith
  6. Comic Book Artist
  7. Architect, winner of the Pritzker Prize in 2008. Known for: Arab World Institute in Paris, Culture and Congress Centre in Lucerne, Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis, and Torre Agbar in Barcelona
  8. Comic Book Artist - Marvel, DC, Image, Dark Horse - various titles
  9. Graphic artist, and designer of many USPS stamps
  10. Tattoo Artist
  11. Comic Artist and RPG Illustrator
  12. Norwegian childrens book writer and illustrator
  13. Belgian artist (plastician and videast)
  14. Artist
  15. Artist
  16. Artist
  17. Artist
  18. Portrait artist and a contestant on Big Brother 5
  19. American photographer best known for his photos of wine country and the image Bliss that was used as a default wallpaper in Windows XP
  20. Artist
  21. Artist, Painter
  22. Austrian painter, sculptor and graphic artist
  23. Polish Architect-Wembley, Chelsea Bayern Munich
  24. Artist
  25. Artist
  26. Artist
  27. Artist
  28. Artist
  29. Artist
  30. Artist
  31. JFK - Portrait photographer from River Oaks, Tarrant County, who took dozens of photographs of the Kennedy motorcade from Fort Worth to the Carswell Air Force Base on Nov. 22, 1963. All but six of his negatives were stolen later
  32. Canadian First Nations artist of Odawa-Potawatomi-English heritage. Her many awards include the Order of Canada and the Governor General's Award
  33. Artist
  34. Artist
  35. Artist
  36. Illustrator
  37. (born February 17, 1917), also known as Maria Oggay, is a Filipina tattoo artist from Buscalan, Tinglayan, Kalinga, Philippines.[6] She is often described as the 'last' and oldest mambabatok (traditional Kalinga tattooist)
  38. German photographer, known for her author portraits
  39. Artist
  40. Estonian Painter. Born: 11/28/1915
  41. Designed/Invented Cars Turning Into Robots and as we know them now as Transformers
  42. Artist- huge sculptures of everyday objects
  43. fashion designer
  44. fashion designer, host of 'Top Design', guest-starred on Roseanne
  45. Artist
  46. Artist
  47. Editorial Cartoonist
  48. Animator
  49. Artist
  50. Animator
  51. Comic Book Artist
  52. Wife of former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert (Israel), Writer, Artist, Photographer
  53. Artist
  54. Illustrator
  55. Artist
  56. Artist
  57. Photographer
  58. Character designer
  59. Graffiti Artist, Painter, Illustrator, Toy Design
  60. Artist
  61. Singer in Plastic Ono Band and widow of John Lennon
  62. Japanese video game producer for Capcom. He was the producer of the Street Fighter IV sub-series
  63. Artist
  64. Artist
  65. Artist
  66. Artist
  67. French car-designer, born in 1932
  68. Matte Artist on Return Of The Jedi
  69. Writer/penciller for superman
  70. Illustrator; has art in Magic: The Gathering
  71. Costume Designer
  72. Automobile Stylist - Chief designer of the original Ford Mustang & major contributor to the design of the 1955 Ford Thunderbird
  73. Artist
  74. Artist
  75. Graphic artist for Rittenhouse's Star Trek Portfolio Prints series
  76. Artist philadelphia area
  77. Animation storyboard artist
  78. Comic,Impressionist,DJ
  79. Animator
  80. Artist
  81. Graphic Artist
  82. Artist
  83. Artist
  84. Animation designer
  85. American Artist; sculptor
  86. Illustrator
  87. Architect
  88. Artist
  89. American Multimedia and Installation artist
  90. Artist
  91. Artist
  92. Filmmaker/Photographer
  93. fashion desinger
  94. Artist
  95. Cartoonist and artist for Popeye in 2012
  96. Animation storyboard artist
  97. Animation director
  98. Comics
  99. Artist
  100. Czech artist and children's book illustrator
  101. Caricaturist
  102. Artist
  103. David Page  (2)
  104. Author
  105. Illustrator
  106. American artist and sculptor, born 1966
  107. Game Designer of Tetris
  108. Artist. Combines realism and design from classic movie posters, with the expression and stylization of animation and comic/pulp art. Comic artist. Artist for BAM! Box
  109. Artist
  110. Famous Potter
  111. Jason Palmer  (2)
    Sketch artist for Indiana Jones cards
  112. Comic artist
  113. Artist for MTG
  114. Children's Author
  115. Belgian artist
  116. MTG Artist
  117. Artist and Illustrator
  118. Photographer
  119. Original Bass player for the Specials also an Artist
  120. Artist
  121. Artist
  122. Multimedia artists collective, (3 artists)
  123. Animation graphics designer - hanna-babrera
  124. Artist
  125. Designer of the Ford GT
  126. World of Warcraft Creator
  127. Architect, born in 1923
  128. Italian fantacy designer
  129. Illustrator
  130. Artist for tomb raider comics cover art
  131. Artist
  132. fantasy artist
  133. author/photographer/filmmaker - the learning tree, shaft (original)
  134. Artist
  135. Artist; comic, horror, and illustration art
  136. Comic Book Artist
  137. British photographer
  138. Artist
  139. Brian Parrish  (2)
    Hasbro model maker
  140. Artist
  141. Cartoonist
  142. Artist
  143. Interior designer
  144. Illustrator
  145. Artist - created the 'tongue & lip logo' for The Rolling Stones, The Rolling Stones 'Goat Head's Soup' album cover design, The Rolling Stones 'She's So Cold' picture sleeve design, many Rolling Stones tour poster designs
  146. Half of the artist duo Gilbert & George
  147. Carpenter on TLC's 'Trading Spaces.'
  148. costume designer (drugstor cowboy, fisher king)
  149. Animator- A Bug's Life, Toy Story 2, The Incredibles, Ratatouille, and Monsters University
  150. Artist
  151. Canadian nature photographer and writer
  152. Illustrator
  153. American director, designer and animation artist who did the animation for A-ha's famous 'Take On Me' video along with wife Candace Reckinger
  154. Graphic Artist (created the Playboy bunny logo)
  155. childrens iullustrator
  156. Sean Paul  (2)
  157. Matte Painter / Concept Artist
  158. Fantasy artist
  159. Artist. Did the cover for a Walking Dead Comic. Worked at Disney and did stuff for Mickey Mouse, Kim Possible, Johnny Quest
  160. Character designer
  161. World famous Artist/illustrator
  162. Artist
  163. Comic Book Artist- DC Comics
  164. Author - Fiction
  165. Artist
  166. Artist, best known for his work related to Terry Pratchetts Discworld
  167. Jason Pearson  (2)
    Comic Book Artist and Author
  168. Artist, cartoonist, creator of DUCKMAN
  169. Ted Pedersen  (2)
    Animation tv writer
  170. world famous architect (rock & roll hof) / Presidential Medal of Freedom Recipient
  171. Austrian Architect & Caricaturist
  172. Photographer; winner of 2007 Robert Capa Gold Medal
  173. Illustrator
  174. Comic Book Artist- DC Comics
  175. Architect
  176. Photographer
  177. Animation color designer - the simpsons
  178. Artisan of Pascua Yaqui Tribe of Arizona/Inspired by Canyon de Chelly, Spider Rock, Monument Valley, Enchanted Mesa, Acoma, & Black Mesa, showing heritage of Arizona & New Mexico/Artwork defined by its bold color, form & dynamic composition
  179. Artist
  180. 'JFK John F. Kennedy Assassination Witness' Author/'My Story as the Youngest Photographer at the Kennedy Assassination'
  181. Artist
  182. Photographer
  183. Artist
  184. Artist; has sketches in several card sets
  185. Architect
  186. Artist
  187. Artist
  188. Artist, Host of GeekAWeek Podcast
  189. Production Designer/Art Director; Hairspray (1988), Serial Mom, Desperate Living, Pink Flamingo's, Female Trouble, Multiple Maniacs, Polyester, Cry Baby, Pecker, Cecil B. Demented, A Dirty Shame
  190. Fantasy artist
  191. Disney Legend, Designer, Animator an Background Painter for Walt Disney Animation Studios
  192. World Famous Sports Artist
  193. Artist
  194. Artist
  195. Artist
  196. Comicbook artist
  197. Born: April 6th 1905 in Aachen is a German test pilot , editor and photographer
  198. Comic Artist. Werewolf by Night. Marvel Comics in the 1970's
  199. Artist
  200. French architect ('Palais des Congrès of Bruxelles'...)
  201. Artist
  202. Title designer - he designed the Star Wars intro sequence, American Gigolo, Airplane!, Nashville, The Warriros, Marathon Man
  203. Artist
  204. Illustrator
  205. costume designer (the age of innocence)
  206. Creator of the Motörhead 'Warpig'
  207. Artist
  208. Illustrator, World War Z
  209. Artist
  210. Illustractor of The English Roses: Too Good To Be True
  211. Artist/Illustrator
  212. Painter; Lithographer; Illustrator
  213. Illustrator
  214. Artist - known for his Punk Rock album covers & posters
  215. Artist
  216. Artist
  217. Artist
  218. Artist
  219. Artist
  220. Graffiti Artist
  221. Artist
  222. costume designer (the people vs. larry flynt)
  223. costume designer (robocop, alien nation)
  224. Artist. Has worked with Upper Deck by providing us with sketch cards for use in products like Iron Man 2, Thor, Marvel Beginnings, The Avengers: Kree-Skrull War and Captain America
  225. Artist
  226. Jim Phillips  (2)
    Artist, illustrator, Painter
  227. American Adult Artist (House of Morecock)
  228. Austrian-American artist, writer, and playwright
  229. Artist
  230. Celebrity Hairdresser
  231. Author
  232. WWII Artist
  233. Designer and Host on Curb Appeal
  234. Italian achitect
  235. Daughter of painter Pablo, Accessories and perfume designer
  236. fashion designer
  237. Children's Author
  238. Children's Author
  239. Artist
  240. Art photographers
  241. Artist
  242. French ballet dancer and choregrapher
  243. Artist
  244. Magic The Gathering Artist
  245. Artist
  246. Artist
  247. Director: 'The Halloween Tree', 'Jonny Quest Versus The Cyber Insects', 'Charlotte's Web 2: Wilbur's Great Adventure', 3 Holly Hobbie and Friends movies
  248. Animation director
  249. Tattoo Artist On The TV Show LA Ink
  250. Artist, has done work for the garbage pail kids flashback series
  251. Artist elfquest
  252. Artist
  253. Comic book and cel animation artist
  254. Artist
  255. Czech costume designer born 1932, received an Academy Award for his work in 'Amadadeus'
  256. Swiss Artist
  257. Film editor, graphic designer, and voice actor
  258. game developer - Cory the Interviewer trilogy
  259. Artist
  260. Ghost Rider (Creator/artist)
  261. writer/photographer
  262. creator of 'Plymptoons' - animated shorts/films some of which appeared on Mtv
  263. Artist
  264. fashion designer
  265. Artist
  266. Architect who designed the famous 'Atomium' in Brussels, living in France or Belgium
  267. American photographer
  268. Magic the gathering artist
  269. costum designer (the natural, ordinary people)
  270. Comic Book Artist- Amazing Spider-Man, Avengers, Drax The Destroyer, Moon Knight, Luke Cage
  271. Architect
  272. American animator / disney
  273. Artist
  274. Artist
  275. As Monika Sing-Lee, she was the subject of the famous painting The Chinese Girl (aka The Green Lady), in Cape Town, 1952
  276. Sculptor born in 1928
  277. Artist - has illustrated over 800 cards, including more than 200 cards for Wizards of the Coast's Magic the Gathering and Jyhad card games alone
  278. Artist
  279. Illustrator for David the Gnome animated series
  280. Comic book artist/Star Wars illustrator
  281. Graphic artist and painter
  282. Illustrator
  283. Architect
  284. Colombian model and designer
  285. Artist illustrator on Magic the Gathering Cards
  286. Illustrator
  287. Original Artists On Garbage Pail Kids / Did A Large Portion Of The Cards.
  288. costume designer-travels with my aunt, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, tess, Death on the Nile, '101 Dalmatians' and '102 Dalmatians', Hook. 3 Academy Awards, 1 Tony Award. 'Sunset Boulevard' on Broadway
  289. Aubrey 'Po' Powell is a photographer, graphic designer and film director born on 23 September 1946, Sussex, England
  290. costume designer
  291. Artist
  292. Storyboard artist
  293. Head designer of leading Italian fashion labels Prada and Miu Miu.
  294. Photographer
  295. MTG artist
  296. Architect
  297. Red Fraggle's personal assistant in Fraggle Rock, Blue Worm in Labyrinth and various other Jim Henson series/movies as well as animating including Toy Story 2 and various others
  298. Fantasy artist
  299. Photographer - known primarily for his photographs of rock musicians
  300. fashion designer
  301. Artist
  302. American painter, photographer, his collage-photograph was first photo to sell for more than $1 million (2005)
  303. Artist
  304. Artist whose dramatic and colourful landscapes celebrated the beauty of his native Wales
  305. Fantasy artist
  306. Bill Proctor  (2)
    Animation background designer
  307. Designer on Trading Spaces
  308. Artist and Actor on The Walking Dead
  309. Half of artist duo Gilbert & George
  310. Artist
  311. Animator - Worked at Walt Disney Animation for 20 years from 1981 to 2001
  312. Artist
  313. Photographer & documentary film director known for contributions to National Geographic/Scuba-diver, concerned with bringing awareness to underwater life. 2009 directed & appeared documentary The Cove, won Oscar for Best Documentary Feature
  314. Photographer
  315. Horror Artist
  316. Soapstone carver and artist
  317. Artist
  318. Comic Artist for DC and Marvel
  319. Comic creator and voice actor
  320. Animator
  321. Piri's show, the legend of the South Pacific, as featured in 'Lonely Planet'
  322. Artist
  323. Italian Painter
  324. Milt Putnam, a former U.S. Navy chief photographer, chronicled with his cameras the recovery of the astronauts of the Apollo 11 moon landing on July 24, 1969, in the Pacific Ocean off Hawaii
  325. Artist
  326. Artist
  327. Chinese wedding photographer who took some great pictures during and following the recent Chinese earthquake
  328. Fashion designer, created the mini-skirt
  329. Animation director
  330. Storyboard artist
  331. Artist - Known for his work with the Jack Daniels Distillery
  332. French artist
  333. Animator
  334. Artist
  335. Lorenzo Quinn  (2)
    Sculptor (b: 1966). Commissioned by the Vatican in 1994 to create a sculpture of Saint Anthony. It was blessed by Pope John Paul II. Fifth son of actor, Anthony Quinn
  336. Artist
  337. Mike Quinn  (2)
  338. Photographer on LOST EP 3.8
  339. Comic Artist
  340. Creator of regular show
  341. Artist
  342. Comic book artist/illustrator
  343. Worked for the Walt Disney Animation Studios in 1939. Among his credits include Fantasia and Dumbo. In the 1990s and early 2000s, Quon appeared as an actor in movies such as Speed and Sweet Jane
  344. Artist
  345. Artist
  346. Fashion designer
  347. Sci Fi Artist
  348. Co-inventor of games, including Twister. Also an author and illustrator
  349. Magic: The Gathering artist
  350. Comic book artist
  351. Artist, Royal Academican
  352. Artist
  353. Naughty Dog Art Director. Jak and Daxter and Crash Bandicoot series
  354. Illustrator
  355. Photographer- did cover for doors OTHER VOICES
  356. Draws for Camp Lazlo
  357. Illustrator
  358. Artist
  359. Austrian painter
  360. Artist
  361. American Webcom Artist And Animator. Known For His Youtube Channel, The Odd1sout, with millions of subscribers
  362. Syndicated Conservative political cartoonist
  363. Rapper, HipHop and Graffiti Artist of the 80`s
  364. Storyboard artist
  365. Painter
  366. Artist
  367. Designer
  368. Graphic Artist
  369. erotic photographer, daughter of famed erotic photographer/model, Suze Randall
  370. Model/Erotic Photographer-Playboy May 1976
  371. Disney animator of Ursula, Lumiere, Jafar, Meeko, Hades, and more
  372. British sculptor, designer of several coins
  373. Artist
  374. Artist
  375. Artist
  376. 20th Century Artist
  377. Walking dead comic artist
  378. Artist
  379. Artist
  380. American artist enabled the transition from Abstract Expressionism to the media-saturated surfaces of Pop.
  381. Artist
  382. Artist
  383. Illustrator of children's books
  384. Alexander Gillespie 'Alex' Raymond 10/2/1909-9/6/1956, Cartoonist, Created Flash Gordon for King Features in 1934. The strip was subsequently adapted into many other media, from movie serials (1936?1940) to 1970s TV series & 1980 film
  385. Artist
  386. French artist
  387. Our home, uk style
  388. Magic the gathering artist
  389. Photographer from Iran, won the Pulitzer Prize in 1980
  390. American visual artist and director who worked on the animation for A-ha's famous 'Take On Me' video along with husband Michael Patterson
  391. Artist
  392. Artist
  393. Comic Book Artist
  394. Children's Author
  395. Paul Reed  (3)
    American artist most associated with the Washington Color School and Color Field and the last of the Washington Color School still alive today
  396. Photographer
  397. Artist
  398. Album art- did dio- lock up the wolves coverand many others im sure
  399. Calligraphist on Lord of the Rings
  400. Children's Author
  401. Actor: Zorro, V - The Series, The Monster Squad, My Wicked Wicked Ways, Billy the Kid, Wizards and Warriors, Timemaster, The Last Samurai, Fast Track, Star Trek DS9, The Haunting of Lisa, Presumed Dead, Air Bud 3
  402. Steve Reich  (3)
  403. Artist
  404. (March 10, 1925 - November 10, 1991) Creator of the cartoon Cowpokes & Western humorist. Cowpokes, at one time, ran in over 400 weekly newspapers across the United States. Produced many popular cartoon books 7 calendars during his lifetime
  405. Artist
  406. Artist
  407. Comic book cover artist
  408. British-born heiress to Reiss fashion empire
  409. Artist
  410. Artist
  411. Artist
  412. French comic book artist whose initial big acceptance came through U.S. publishers including Basement Comics/'Vampirella'/Paul Renaud resides in Toulouse, France, with Marion and their cat, Mooki
  413. Sculptor
  414. French photograph
  415. Illustrator
  416. Music Album Artist
  417. Adam Rex  (2)
    Magic: the Gathering artist
  418. Illustrator
  419. Artist
  420. Children's Author
  421. Comic book illustrator
  422. British fantasy artist, best-known for his work in Dungeons and Dragons and Magic: The Gathering
  423. Artist
  424. Artist
  425. French photographer
  426. Artist
  427. fashion designer
  428. Storyboard artist
  429. Artist
  430. fashion designer
  431. French photographer
  432. American comic-book artist, writer and television animator. Drew the manga-influenced series 'Dynamo Joe'. Drew 'Manhunter' and 'Plastic Man' for DC Comics. Worked as a writer of 'Roger Rabbit' stories for Disney
  433. Freelance Comic Book and graphic artist
  434. US-American animator, worked on 'The Jungle Book' and 'The Pink Panther
  435. Photographer
  436. Illustrator - MAD Magazine, Cracked Magazine, Marvel Comics
  437. German Artist and Painter
  438. German artist
  439. JFK - Photographer that rode in the Kennedy motorcade (camera car #2) in Dallas on 22 November 1963
  440. Artist; illustrator; art for BAM BOX!
  441. Artist
  442. Artist
  443. Designer On Trading Spaces
  444. Iron maiden eddie cover art
  445. costume designer (an officer & a gentleman)
  446. Artist
  447. Animation director
  448. Artist, drew designs for Monster High
  449. Animation designer / storyboard artist
  450. children's author /illus. (tar beach, aunt harriett)
  451. costume designer (emp. of the sun, batman 1-3)
  452. Artist
  453. Al Rio 
    Known primarily for his comic book work, X-Men Unlimited, Captain America, Star Wars - A New Hope, Spider-Man. He was especially known for his 'good girl art'
  454. Children's Author
  455. Matte Painter / Concept Artist
  456. Danish American furniture designer (Born: 1916) An exemplar of Mid-Century modern design, she was one of the first designers to introduce Scandinavian design in the United States. He lives in New Canaan, Connecticut, USA
  457. Artist
  458. Artist
  459. Artist
  460. Artist
  461. Celebrity Photographer, Video Director
  462. Artist
  463. Actress, model, clothing designer
  464. Artist, Illustrator
  465. American artist
  466. Interior Designer
  467. Artist
  468. Animation storyboard artist
  469. Artist
  470. Tony Roberts  (3)
  471. Creator of 'Cabbage Patch' dolls
  472. fashion designer
  473. Chief Structural Engineer on the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre
  474. Survivor One World-Photographer
  475. Joel Robinson  (2)
  476. Artist
  477. fashion designer
  478. Comic book artist
  479. Comic Book Artist
  480. Architect
  481. Photographer
  482. Photographer
  483. Author
  484. Artist
  485. Artist
  486. Painter, 'Blue Dog' portraits
  487. Artist/Model