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Browsing Category Home->Sports->Winter Sports , A-Z Filter: D
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  1. Olympic Gold Medal (1948) in 4-Man Bobsled for USA
  2. cross country skier
  3. Canadian Figure Skater. She competed with Norris Bowden. The couple captured four Canadian titles and two World Figure Skating Championships, and won the silver medal at the 1956 Winter Olympics
  4. Bulgarian biathlete
  5. Cross Country Skiing
  6. Professional Female Snowboarder
  7. Canadian Figure Skater
  8. John Daly  (6)
    USA Skeleton
  9. Slovenian ski jumper
  10. Alpine Skier
  11. West German pair skater
  12. former Austrian figure skater and multiple European and World Champion
  13. 2010 Winter Olympics-Team Canada Women's Curling
  14. World Champ in Bob
  15. Ski Alpine
  16. Ski Alpine
  17. Skier
  18. Danny Davis  (2)
  19. U.S. Figure Skating
  20. U.S. Figure Skating, 2010 Silver Metal
  21. Para Olympian /nominated for an ESPY
  22. figure skater
  23. USA Olympic Team Winter Torino 2006 Speed Skating
  24. US Ski Team (Cross Country)
  25. Mike Day  (3)
    Alpine Skier
  26. Speed Skating
  27. Italian biathlete
  28. ice dancer
  29. Author, speaker and the first African - American to win medals in Winter Paralympic competition as a ski racer. Her right leg was amputated below the knee when she was 5. She went on to excel as an athlete, a scholar, a mother and a businesswoman
  30. British skeleton racer, bronze at the 2018 Winter Olympics
  31. Snowboarder
  32. Ex-German Ski jumper (DDR)
  33. Ski Alpine
  34. Skier
  35. French biathlete. He won a gold medal in the 12.5 km pursuit at the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin and a bronze medal in the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City
  36. US Snowboarder
  37. Alpine Skier
  38. Italian ski jumper
  39. American figure skater
  40. Ice Dancing-Figure Skater
  41. Snowboarder
  42. American Nordic combined skier and Olympic gold medalist. Demong is a five-time Olympian competing in Nagano, Salt Lake City, Torino, Vancouver and Sochi
  43. US Ski Team (Freestyle)
  44. French Alpine skier. Gold medal (downhill) in the Winter 2006 Olympic Games in Turin
  45. Austrian nordic combinier
  46. US Ski Team (Jump/Nordic)
  47. U.S. Figure Skating
  48. U.S. Figure Skating
  49. Snowboarder
  50. US Ski Team (Freestyle)
  51. skier
  52. Shorttrack
  53. Snowboarder
  54. Swiss ski jumper
  55. French Ski-jumper
  56. Italian cross country skier, Olympic champion
  57. Former Norwegian speed skater, silver medal Olympic games 1976
  58. Bob sledge team, gold medal winter olympics 1956 for Switzerland
  59. Austrian ski jumper
  60. Team USA Olympic Skier, 2018 Winter Olympics Pyeongchang South Korea
  61. U.S. Figure Skating
  62. US Ski Team (Freestyle)
  63. Figure skating
  64. Snowboarding
  65. French Former Alpine Skier
  66. Figure Skating Coach
  67. US Ski Team (Freestyle)
  68. US Ski Team (Freestyle)
  69. German Former Biathlete
  70. Czechoslovakian figure skater, olympic silver 1960
  71. Robin Dixon  (2)
    Bob Champion olympic games 1964 (born 21 April 1935)
  72. figure skater
  73. U.S. Figure Skating
  74. Figure Skating Coach
  75. skier
  76. Snowboarder
  77. U.S. Figure Skating
  78. Czech former ski jumper
  79. Czech figure skater
  80. Former czech ski jumper
  81. Biathlete
  82. Ice Dance
  83. Biathlon
  84. Soviet speed skater, olympic silver 1960
  85. U.S. Figure Skating
  86. U.S. Figure Skating
  87. Austrian ski champion, engaged with German Zoll-Ski-Team
  88. alpine skier
  89. Wife of Vittorio Emanuele di Savoia, princess of Naples, former world-ranked water skier
  90. French Biathlete, bronze medal in 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver, women's sprint
  91. U.S. Figure Skating
  92. Snowboarder
  93. Snowboarder
  94. Snowboarder
  95. Skiing
  96. USA Free Style Skier
  97. Alpine skier and Olympic medalist
  98. Jacqueline du Bief (born 4 December 1930 in Paris) is a French figure skater who competed in single skating and pair skating. As a single skater, she is the 1952 World Champion, the 1952 Olympic bronze medalist,
  99. U.S. Figure Skating
  100. Alpine Skier of Slovak origin, representing the Czech Republic
  101. ice dancer
  102. figure skater
  103. Shorttrack
  104. Ski Jumping
  105. Montreal Canadas first gold medalist in Sochi
  106. Austrian Snowboarder
  107. Alpine Skier
  108. Skeleton
  109. figure skater/partner of tiffany scott
  110. Free Style Skier/Ski jumper. Gold Medal winner in the 2009 X-games
  111. Skiing
  112. Figure Skater
  113. USA Biathlon
  114. Pro Snowboarder
  115. Australian bobsledder and player for the Sydney Convicts Rugby Club
  116. bobsled athlete
  117. USA Biathlete
  118. Olympians cross country sking
  119. England's Leading Woman Snowboarder and a Top Fashion Model
  120. Ice skater, on stage, and did work for Warner Brothers in the 1940's
  121. water skier
  122. alpine skier
  123. French cross country skier
  124. American freeskier and Big Mountain skier. The first female to be on the cover of Freeskier Magazine in the air with a record sized 65 foot jump. She has won every freesking competition she's entered and was awarded Skier of the Year by Powder Magazine
  125. U.S. Figure Skating
  126. German luger, Olympic bronze 1968
  127. Ski Alpine
  128. Ice skater playboy cover germany
  129. Ukrainian biathlete
  130. Skiing
  131. Alpine skier, Olympic bronze medal 1968
  132. Biathlete