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Browsing Category Home->Authors & Writers->Comics & Cartoons , A-Z Filter: L
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  1. Comic Artist / Cartoonist - Edge City
  2. German Comic Artist - Dragic Master, Tomb Raider II comic short, The Black Beach
  3. Artist for Beavis and Butt-head comics
  4. Cartoonist, created 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles'
  5. Belgian cartoonist
  6. Comic Artist
  7. Comic Artist
  8. Comic Book Artist
  9. editorial cartoonist
  10. Comic Book Writer
  11. Comics
  12. Comic Book Artist
  13. Comic Book Artist
  14. comic book artist
  15. American comic book artist, Disney animator
  16. syndicated cartoonist - the far side
  17. Comic Artist
  18. Cartoonist comic artist marvel-
  19. German illustrator - Das erste Buch Hempel, magazine 'Herrensahne'
  20. Comics
  21. Comic book artist, Created Rat King on TMNT, Planet Racers
  22. cartoonist (nowhere to hide)
  23. Lax  (2)
  24. Writer on 'Chew' from Image comics
  25. Comic book Artist - known for Star Wars & Iron Man
  26. cartoonist (miss peach, momma)
  27. Comics
  28. food critic
  29. syndicated co- cartoonist with Dean Young - 'Blondie'
  30. syndicated cartoonist of judge parker
  31. French comic book artist
  32. Author of Hardcore Horror books/and a few Comic Books
  33. cartoonist
  34. comic book artist
  35. Created Battle Maiden Knucklebomb comic
  36. Korean Comic Artist - Noblesse
  37. Comic book writer. Co-creator of Spider-man, X-Men, Fantastic Four, Daredevil, Avengers, Iron Man, Incredible Hulk, Thor, Doctor Strange, Sliver Surfer and others
  38. syndicated cartoonist of frik n' frak/i need help
  39. Comic Artist
  40. Cartoonist
  41. Comics
  42. cartoonist (six chix) 1 of 6 cartoonists
  43. Comic Book Artist
  44. Comic Artist
  45. Comic Book Artist- DC Comics
  46. An American comic book illustrator who has worked for various books for Marvel Comics and DC Comics, including Cloak and Dagger, The Uncanny X-Men , The New Mutants, Spider-Man 2099, Nightwing, Batgirl, Green Lantern Versus Aliens and Superman
  47. German Comic Artist
  48. Editorial cartoonist, born 1910, lives in ma me thinks?
  49. Comics
  50. Australian cartoonist
  51. An American comic book writer, editor and executive
  52. Comic Artist
  53. Comic Artist / Cartoonist - The Pajama Diaries
  54. Comics
  55. Comic Creator/Artist-Grave Grrrls, Musician-Earth X Soundtrack
  56. cartoonist (spider-man)
  57. Artist known for 'Whiteout' & 'Whiteout:Melt'
  58. cartoonist (youngblood)
  59. Cartoonist/ comic artist xmen
  60. Creator of creative stuff'n such ontario children's artist
  61. cartoonist (executive suite)
  62. cartoonist (henry)
  63. cartoonist (peter panic)
  64. 'Dawn' comic book creator
  65. Comic book writer - Team S.L.U.G
  66. Comic Artist
  67. Comic Artist
  68. Screenwriter, Comicbook writer & Author
  69. Editorial Cartoonist (Chicago Tribune. Pulitzer Prize - 1983). Cartoonist - Dick Tracy (1957-1959 - assisted Chester Gould; 1983-2011 - full-time)
  70. Comic Book Writer and Writer for WB's Smallville, Teen Wolf, Commando, Heroes, LOST
  71. syndicated cartoon creator/writer of 'london's times' w/ richard larson (illustrator)
  72. Comic Artist
  73. Spanish cartoonist, famous for 'Superlopez'
  74. Comic book artist
  75. cartoonist
  76. Comics
  77. Comics
  78. An American comic strip and comic book artist best known for his work on such strips as Tarzan, Li'l Abner and Long Sam
  79. Comic book artist
  80. Illustrator and comic book cover artist (DC Comics Bombshells)
  81. political cartoonist
  82. Self taught artist born and raised in Brooklyn. Her art showcases her deep appreciation for powerful characters such as Cheetara, Wolverine, Jean Gray, Snake Eyes, Wonderwoman, Spawn, Batman and the Maxx
  83. Comic Book Artist - Bombshell United, Supergirl, Starfire, Ghost Rider, Thor
  84. Comic Writer, Many Disney Titles and Last Kiss
  85. Cartoonist
  86. Underground Cartoonist Nard and Pat. Cartoonist - The Garbage Pail Kids
  87. Cartoonist/'Rick O'Shay' & 'Latigo'. Western writer
  88. Author