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Browsing Category Home->Government & Royalty->USA , A-Z Filter: J
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  1. Attorney General for South Dakota (2009 - )
  2. Secretary of Housing & Urban Development (2004-2008)
  3. US Army, statesman, politician (1767-1845). 7th US President (1829-37)
  4. Mayor of Cleveland, Ohio (2006-present)
  5. Libertarian Candidate For The 2018 Illinois Governor Election. US Military Veteran
  6. American jurist,(1892 - 1954): United States Solicitor General (1938-1940), United States Attorney General (1940?1941) and an Associate Justice of Supreme Court (1941?1954). Only person to have held all three offices. Also chief United States prosecutor a
  7. West Virginia State Senator (1987-1990 and 1995-2003)
  8. Congresswoman 18th District Texas
  9. Illinois Congressman, Rev. Jesse Jacksons son.
  10. U.S. Congressman (Democrat - Indian) 1965-73, 1975-1997
  11. U.S. Ambassador to Canada (2009-present)
  12. North Dakota Secretary of State (1993-present)
  13. Former governor of Alabama
  14. Former Governor of Alabama (1975-1983, 1995-1999)
  15. Maryland State Delegate (1999-present)
  16. Mayor of Kansas City, Mo (2011 - present)
  17. Governor of South Dakota (1979-87 and 1995-2003); U.S. Representative from South Dakota (2003-04)
  18. Chief Plaintiff: Janus v. AFSCME: a landmark US labor law Supreme Court case concerning the power of labor unions to collect fees from non-union members. The Court ruled that such fees in the public sector violate the 1st Amendment
  19. Arizona State Senator
  20. Senior Advisor Assistant to the President for Intergovernmental Affairs and Public Engagement.
  21. Current Director of US National Park Service
  22. U.S. Representative from New York (1947-1954); New York State Attorney General (1955-1957); U.S. Senator from New York (1957-1981)
  23. Representative Washington District 7
  24. U.S. Representative from Louisiana
  25. U.S. Senator from Vermont (1989-2007)
  26. Watergate/Nixon Lawyer, received a Supreme Court ruling for former President Richard Nixon involving public access to the Watergate tapes
  27. Representative New York, District 8
  28. Representative from West Virginia
  29. U.S. Representative from Kansas
  30. U.S. Representative from Tennessee
  31. Mayor of Albany, NY (1994 - )
  32. Former US Politician, formerly married to actress, host & Playboy model Rita Jenrette
  33. Attorney General of Connecticut (2011 - )
  34. Former U.S. Senator from Iowa (1979-1985)
  35. U.S. Secretary of Interior (2013-17)
  36. Orderly who helped transport Governor Connolly to the OR on Nov.22 , 1963
  37. Governor of Louisiana (2008-2016), Former U.S. Representative
  38. U.S. Senator from Nebraska (2009-15); Former Governor of Nebraska (1999-2005); Former Secretary of Agriculture (2005-07)
  39. Chris John  (2)
    U.S. Representative from Louisiana (1997-2005)
  40. Bill Johnson  (7)
    United States Congressman from Ohio
  41. U.S. Ambassador to Lithuania (1991-94); U.S. Ambassador to Thailand (2002-04)
  42. United States Congressman from South Dakota
  43. U.S. Representative from Texas
  44. Eric Johnson  (12)
    Mayor of Dallas, Texas (2019 - )
  45. Former Governor of New Mexico (1995-2003)
  46. U.S. Representative from Georgia (2007-present)
  47. James Johnson  (7)
    Fmr United States Congressman
  48. Lawyer, became Secretary of Homeland Security in 2013
  49. Governor of MN 1901 - 09
  50. First Lady of the United States from 1963 to 1969 during the presidency of her husband Lyndon B. Johnson. Advocate for beautification of US cities & highways. Recieved the Presidential Medal of Freedom and the Congressional Gold Medal
  51. Often referred to as LBJ, was the thirty-sixth President of the United States (1963?1969) and thirty-seventh Vice President of the United States (1961?1963)
  52. Mike Johnson  (8)
    Representative from Louisiana
  53. U.S. Representative from Connecticut (1983-2007)
  54. Member of the Michigan State Senate 1965-66
  55. Ron Johnson  (6)
    U.S. Senator from Wisconsin (2011-)
  56. Former Republican Congressman
  57. Michigan Secretary of State (2011-present)
  58. U.S. Representative from Texas
  59. Mayor of Saratoga Springs, NY
  60. EPA Director (2005-2009)
  61. Tim Johnson  (4)
    Former U.S. Senator from South Dakota (1997-2015)
  62. U.S. Representative from Illinois
  63. Mayor of Savannah,GA
  64. Presidential advisor, pastor, theologian, author, activist, speaker and academic who served as the United States Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom from April 2011 to October 2013
  65. Fmr Lt. Governor of Mississippi
  66. Mayor of Stockton, California (2009-13)
  67. Former U.S. Senator from Louisiana (1972-1997)
  68. Mayor of Winston-Salem, North Carolina
  69. US Court of Appeals Judge
  70. Cooter on 'The Dukes of Hazzard', former U.S. Representative to Georgia
  71. Former Governor of Kentucky (1991-1995)
  72. American biographer, primarily of American pop culture icons such as Jim Henson. Served as a Legislative Assistant and speechwriter in the US Senate specializing in policy matters such as education, civil rights, and welfare reform
  73. Daryl Jones  (3)
  74. Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
  75. Deborah Jones  (2)
    U.S. Ambassador to Kuwait (2008-present)
  76. Doug Jones  (8)
    Alabama Democratic Senator
  77. Dwight Jones  (2)
    Mayor of Richmond, Virginia (2009-present)
  78. Ed Jones  (8)
    Fmr Congressmen
  79. White House Chief of Staff to President Lyndon JohnsonMember of the U.S. House of Representatives from Oklahoma's 1st District (1973 - 1987)
  80. Louis Jones  (2)
    Mayor, Virginia Beach Virginia. (2018 - )
  81. CalTech Seismologist; always on the news when there's an earthquake in So Cal
  82. Mayor of Garland, Texas
  83. U.S. Representative from Ohio
  84. Maryland State Senator
  85. Walter Jones  (2)
    U.S. Representative from North Carolina
  86. U.S. Senator from North Carolina (1958-1973)
  87. Politician & leader of the Civil Rights movement. 1st African American elected to Senate & 1st southern black female elected to the US House of Representatives. Received Presidential Medal of Freedom
  88. White House Chief of Staff to President Carter (1979-80)
  89. U.S. Representative from Ohio
  90. Jim Jordan  (2)
    John Kerry's First 2004 Presidential Campaign Manager
  91. Actor - Logans Run, Dune, The Hunt For Red October, Friends Of Eddie Coyle, The Yakuza, Interiors, Rooster Cogburn, The Mean Season, The Mens Club, Solarbabies, Valdez Is Coming, Chato's Land, Posse, Raise The Titanic, Captains & The Kings, The Equalizer
  92. Former Advisor to President Clinton
  93. Minn. State Senator 13th District 1955-59
  94. representative pennsylvania
  95. Former Massachusetts State Senator and a member of the Democratic Party
  96. David Joyce  (2)
    United States Congressman from Ohio
  97. John Joyce  (2)
    United States Congressman from Pennsylvania
  98. Polk County Florida Sheriff
  99. Lieutenant Govenor of Iowa (2007-2011)
  100. Former Governor of Montana (1973-1981)
  101. representative arkansas
  102. Governor of West Virginia (2017 - )