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  1. State Representative from Michigan 53rd District
  2. Governor of Montana (1993-2001)
  3. Attorney General of District of Columbia
  4. U.S. Representative from California
  5. American Samoa Delegate to U.S. House of Representatives
  6. Was Ivanka Trump's Former Chief of Staff
  7. 2006 Democratic Candidate for U.S. Senator from Texas
  8. United States Deputy Secretary of Labor (2007-2009)
  9. 2006 Republican Candidate for U.S. Senator from West Virginia
  10. Georgia's Secretary of State
  11. Former White House Communications Director (1978-1979)
  12. Representative From West Virginia
  13. United States Congress from 1967-1983 for Illinois's 19th congressional district/last surviving members of the House Judiciary Committee that voted to impeach Richard M. Nixon
  14. 75th Governor of Rhode Island and first woman Governor of the state
  15. Served as White House budget director under resident Bill Clinton
  16. American politician and lawyer. A Democrat, she is a member of the New York State Assembly from the 38th district, representing Queens neighborhoods of Glendale, Ozone Park, Richmond Hill, Ridgewood, and Woodhaven. She is the first Indian American wo
  17. Former United States Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates (2019-2021)
  18. Manuel Ramos  (2)
    New York Assemblyman 1966-1970 (Dem)
  19. Territorial Governor of Minnesota (1849-53); Governor of Minnesota (1860-63); U.S. Senator from Minnesota (1863-75); U.S. Secretary of War (1879-81)
  20. Lieutenant Governor of Tennessee (2007-present)
  21. Former U.S. Representative from Minnesota
  22. Jennings Randolph (1902-1998) - US Senator, WV (D) from 1958-1985 and US Congress, WV-2 (D) from 1933-1947
  23. Former United States Ambassador to China (2001-2009)
  24. U.S. Representative for New York's 15th congressional district (1971-2017)
  25. South Carolina Republican state legislature senator
  26. Attorney General of Illinois
  27. Louisiana congressman
  28. Representative Maryland District 8
  29. Former United States Deputy Secretary of the Treasury (2014-2017)
  30. Director of the National Counterterrorism Center (2014-2017)
  31. United States Congressman from Texas
  32. Nominee to serve as the next United States Ambassador to Saudi Arabia
  33. 42nd Governor of Illinois
  34. United States Under Secretary of the Navy (2022-present)
  35. Mayor of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (2006-present)
  36. American historian of education and educational policy analyst. Former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Education. In 2013, she joined forces with writer and former teacher, Anthony Cody, to create the The Network for Public Education
  37. Mayor of Dallas, Texas (2011-present)
  38. Mayor of Baltimore, Maryland (2010-16)
  39. 14th President Oregon State University
  40. Robert Ray  (2)
    Trumpgate/Prosecuter independent council lawyer & lawyer for Donald J. Trump's impeachment team
  41. Governor of Iowa (1969-83)
  42. Sam Rayburn  (2)
    Democratic lawmaker from Bonham, Texas, who served as the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives for 17 years, the longest tenure in U.S. history
  43. Former First Lady
  44. Former President and Actor
  45. Mayor of Eudora, KS
  46. Former US Ambassador to Sweden (1989-1992) and former US Ambassador to Germany (1994-1996)
  47. Libertarian political candidate (2020 IL-6, 2014 VA-10, 2010 VA-10, 2008 VA US Senate, 2001 VA Governor)
  48. Member Georgia House of Representatives (1999 - )
  49. Bruce Reed  (2)
    Current White House Deputy Chief of Staff. Former Chief of Staff to the Vice President (2011-2013)
  50. Chuck Reed  (2)
    Mayor of San Jose, California (2007-14)
  51. U.S. Senator from Rhode Island (1997-present)
  52. John Reed  (3)
  53. Mayor of Atlanta, Georgia (2010-17)
  54. Washington Secretary of State (2001-present)
  55. Mayor of Montgomery, Alabama
  56. Former Secretary of the Air Force
  57. Tom Reed  (3)
    United States Congressman from New York
  58. White House Press Secretary for President Johnson (1964-1965)
  59. U.S. Ambassador to Macedonia (2008-present)
  60. U.S. District Judge of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Mississippi
  61. Governor of Mississippi
  62. Mayor of Miami, Florida (2009-17)
  63. sec. of the tresury reagan
  64. American environmental regulator who is serving as the 16th Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency
  65. JFK - In October 1959, aspiring presidential candidate Senator John F. Kennedy and his wife Jackie were guests at the International Rice Festival in Crowley, Louisiana. They were hosted by Judge Reggie and his family, where she met JFK
  66. U.S. Representative from Ohio (1973-2009)
  67. U.S. Representative from Montana
  68. Chief Justice of U.S. Supreme Court
  69. Secretary of Labor 1993-1997
  70. Captured Green River Killer; US Representative-Wash.;
  71. White House Chief Usher (2011-2017). First woman to hold that position
  72. U.S. Senator from Nevada, U.S. Senate Majority Leader (2007-17)
  73. Former Canadian politician, the first female Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Prince Edward Island, and the 24th as well as first female, Lieutenant Governor of Prince Edward Island
  74. Born June 24, 1925, a former U.S. Ambassador to Israel (1959-1961) and U.S. Congressman from New York (1963-1975). He was the grandson of diplomat, publisher and U.S. Vice Presidential candidate Whitelaw Reid (1837-1912)
  75. 2010 Democratic Candidate for Governor of Nevada; Son of Senator Harry Reid
  76. Politics. Ran for Mayor of Chicago in 1975, Mayor of Houston in 1985 and 1991, and Vice President of the United States in 1976 with the Socialist Workers Party
  77. Administrator of the EPA (1989-1992)
  78. Current United States Ambassador to Montenegro
  79. Truman Press Sec. 1945
  80. First Gentleman of Colorado (2019-); First same-sex First Gentleman
  81. Former Director of Policy Planning (2003-2005) and US Special Envoy for Northern Ireland (2003-2007)
  82. Minnesota State Senator
  83. Governor of Connecticut (2004-2011)
  84. Dana Ann Remus is currently the White House counsel for U.S. President Joe Biden since January 2021
  85. Former United States Deputy Secretary of Veterans Affairs (2021-2023)
  86. Governor of Pennsylvania (2003 - 2011)
  87. US Ambassador to the Gambia (1990-1993) and Former US Ambassador to Zambia (1996-1999)
  88. Mayor of Bloomington, IL (2013-)
  89. Former Mayor of San Jose, California. Born 1907
  90. U.S. Representative from Arizona (2003-2009)
  91. United States Congressman from Pennsylvania
  92. JFK - Supervisor of Criminal Intelligence with the Dallas Police Department in 1963, Revill was involved in the immediate search of the TSBD building. Revill accompanied Dallas Mayor Earle Cabell to Washington for the president's funeral
  93. Attorney General of Utah
  94. U.S. Representative from Texas (1997 - )
  95. Governor of Iowa 2017 (Lieutenant Governor of Iowa 2011-2017)
  96. Chief of Staff to the First Lady (2017-2020)
  97. U.S. Representative from New York
  98. White House staffer and author
  99. Lt. Governor of South Dakota
  100. John Rhodes  (3)
    Fmr Congressmen
  101. U.S. Representative from Wisconsin (2011-17)
  102. U.S. Representative from Connecticut (1949-1953); Governor of Connecticut (1955-1961); U.S. Secretary of Health, Education & Welfare (1961-1962); U.S. Senator from Connecticut (1963-1981)
  103. Former United States Deputy National Security Advisor (2018)
  104. First African American Female Secretary of State (2005-2009)
  105. Former us secretary of the air force, businessman
  106. Representative New York, District 4
  107. West Virginia state house of delegates from Berkeley County, 1941-42;
  108. Mayor of Seattle, Washington (1990-97)
  109. South Carolina Republican state senator
  110. Susan Rice  (2)
    National Security Advisor (2013-2017), U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations (2009-2013)
  111. Tom Rice  (2)
    United States Congressman from South Carolina, Voted for historic second impeachment of Donald Trump
  112. Former Governor of Texas (1991-1995)
  113. Mayor of Rochester, New York
  114. 2020 Alliance Party nominee for Vice President
  115. U.S. Representative from California (2007-present)
  116. Governor of New Mexico (2003-2011)
  117. Mayor of Macon, GA
  118. U.S. Representative from Louisiana
  119. Former Democratic member of the US House of Representatives from New York (1975-1982)
  120. 40th Governor of Nebraska
  121. Frm Director of National Park Service April 17, 1989 - January 20, 1993
  122. Mayor of Modesto, California
  123. Secretary of Homeland Security (2003-2005); Governor of Pennsylvania (1995-2001); US Representative (1983-1995)
  124. Former indigenous Australian who was the Deputy Leader of the Australian Democrats and who served as a Senator for New South Wales from 1999 to 2005
  125. Former US Ambassador to Finland and Assistant Secretary of State for European and Canadian Affairs
  126. Former U.S. Senator From Michigan (1976-1995)
  127. Former United States Ambassador to Greece (2004-2007)
  128. Former United States Ambassador to Albania (2004-2007) and US Ambassador to Bulgaria (2012-2015)
  129. U.S. Representative for Virginia's 2nd congressional district
  130. United States Congressman from Virginia
  131. Governor of Alaska Territory from 1918 till 1921
  132. Governor of Alabama (2003-2011)
  133. Mayor of Charleston
  134. Former Governor of South Carolina (1979-1987); Clinton Secretary of Education (1993-2001)
  135. Politics, republican governor of Alabama
  136. Mayor of Bayfield, WI
  137. Mayor of Los Angeles, California (1993-2001)
  138. Governor of Idaho (2006); U.S. Senator from Idaho (2009-present)
  139. United States Army lieutenant general who currently serves as the 41st Judge Advocate General of the United States Army
  140. Fmr Governor of Maryland
  141. Minnesota Secretary of State (2007-present)
  142. Governor of Colorado (2007-2011)
  143. Former mayor of Jacksonvile Fl 1965-7
  144. Mayor of Colorado Springs, Colorado (2003 - 2011)
  145. Maria Rivera is the 33rd Mayor of Central Falls.RI She is the first woman Mayor in city history, and first Latina Mayor in the State of Rhode Island
  146. Former Director of the Office of Management and Budget (1994-1996); Governor of the Federal Reserve (1996-1999)
  147. Wife of philadelphia frank rizzo
  148. Mayor of Lake Charles, LA (2000-)
  149. Governor of Virginia (1982-1986); U.S. Senator from Virginia (1989-2001); husband of Lynda Bird Johnson
  150. Former Governor of Oregon (1991-1995)
  151. Lt. Governor of Rhode Island (2007-present)
  152. politician West Virginia State House of Delegates 1949-52
  153. U.S. Senator from Kansas (1997-present)
  154. Former United States Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy (1981-1982)
  155. Running for president 2024
  156. Chief Justice of U.S. Supreme Court
  157. Canadian politician and former Senator. She was the first woman elected to the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick and the first woman to become a cabinet minister in the province
  158. Edward J. Robeson Jr. (1890-1966) - US Congress, VA-1 (D) from 1950-1959
  159. Former news anchor, now mayor ofSamois-sur-Seine in France
  160. Mayor of Bowie, MD (1998-)
  161. Court Judge
  162. Former President Of National Rifle Assoc. Of America; Current Executive Director of NRA General Operations
  163. Mark Robinson  (7)
    Lt. Governor of North Carolina
  164. Fmr Governor of Delaware
  165. U.S. Representative for Alabama's 2nd congressional district (2011 - present)
  166. United States Ambassador to Bolivia (2000-2002)
  167. Former United States Secretary of the Air Force (2001-2005)
  168. Representative Delaware At Large District
  169. Wife of Nelson Rockefeller, former Vice President
  170. Governor of New York, Vice President of the United States
  171. Lieutenant Governor of Arkansas (1996-2006)
  172. Former U.S. Senator of West Virginia (1985-2015)
  173. Brother of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton
  174. representative nj
  175. U.S. Representative from Texas
  176. Lt. Governor of Wisconsin
  177. Congressman from Tennessee
  178. U.S. Representative from Tennessee
  179. Phil Roe  (2)
    U.S. Representative from Tennessee (2009-??)
  180. United States Ambassador to Bahrain (2015-2017)
  181. American journalist and politician from Northern Virginia. Beginning in January 2018, she is set to become the first openly transgender person to serve in a state legislature
  182. Former Governor of Louisiana (1988-1992)
  183. U.S. Ambassador to India (2009-present)
  184. U.S. Representative from California (1997-2001)
  185. Mayor of Knoxville, TN
  186. U.S. Representative from Kentucky
  187. U.S. Representative from Kentucky
  188. U.S. Representative from Michigan
  189. Mike Rogers  (2)
    Representative From Alabama
  190. Paul Rogers  (4)
    Fmr United States Congressman
  191. Walter E. Rogers (1908-2001) - US Congress, TX-18 (D) from 1951-1967
  192. AZ State Senator since 2021 (District 6)
  193. Secretary of State 1969-1973
  194. Former US Mint sculptor; Designer of the reverse side of the United States Golden Sacagawea dollar; also made four of the State Quarter designs
  195. U.S. Representative from California
  196. PSL nominee for NYC Mayor 2021
  197. Indiana Secretary of State (2002-2010); U.S. Representative from Indiana (2011-present)
  198. David Rollins  (3)
    Mayor of Augusta, Maine
  199. Republican campaign consultant and advisor who has worked on several high-profile political campaigns in the United States
  200. Governor of Minnesota (1963-67)
  201. Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors
  202. Former Governor of Colorado (1987-1999)
  203. California State Senator
  204. Governor of Puerto Rico (1977-85)
  205. Puerto Rican politician, born 1932. Fifth Governor of Puerto Rico (1977-85)
  206. Wife of Presidential Candidate, Governor Mitt Romney
  207. Secretary of HUD 1969-1973
  208. Mitt Romney's son
  209. Mitt Romney's son
  210. U.S. Senator from Utah (2019-??); Former Governor of Massachusetts (2003-2007); 2012 Republican Presidential Nominee
  211. Director of the Selective Service System (2009-present)
  212. Under Secretary of Defense for Policy (2018-2020)
  213. Dan Rooney  (2)
    Lt. Colonel, Christian, husband, father of 5 girls, Founder of Folds of Honor Foundation, USAFR Fighter Pilot, Washington Speakers Bureau, PGA professional and author
  214. United States Congressman from Florida
  215. U.S. Representative from Florida
  216. John Victor Roos is an American businessman, attorney, and diplomat who served as United States Ambassador to Japan from 2009 to 2013
  217. Noted archeologist...great-granddaughter of Theodore Roosevelt
  218. First Lady - Late Wife of FDR
  219. American politician (1882-1945). 32nd US President, 1933-45, NYS Governor, 1929-32 Asst Secretary of the Navy, 1913-20
  220. Mother of Franklin Delano Roosevelt
  221. Chief protocol of Reagan White House
  222. 26th US President, statesman, writer, explorer, 1858-1919
  223. Grandson of Franklin Roosevelt, Pres
  224. Great Grandson Of Theodore Roosevelt
  225. US Lawyer, Statesman (1845-1937). Sec. of War under McKinley and T. Roosevelt, NY Senator, and 1912 Nobel Peace Prize winner
  226. US Lawyer, Minister (1736-1822) CT Militia and delegate to Continental Congress
  227. Libertarian Vice-Presidential & Presidential candidate, author
  228. U.S. Representative from Florida
  229. John Rose  (2)
    Representative from Tennessee
  230. United States Congressman from Tennessee
  231. U.S. Democrat Congressman from New York's 11th District
  232. Former Administrator of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (2014-2016)
  233. Former Governor of Washington (1957-1965)Born: 01/21/1910
  234. Representative Nevada, District 3 (2017-2019);U.S. Senator from Nevada (2019-)
  235. Jeffrey Rosen  (2)
    President & CEO of the National Constitution Center, a nonpartisan nonprofit organization whose mission is to educate the public about the U.S. Constitution. Professor of law at George Washington University Law School
  236. Served as the acting United States attorney general from December 2020 to January 2021 and as the United States deputy attorney general from 2019 to 2020
  237. Attorney General of Oregon
  238. Former United States Deputy Attorney General (2017-2019)
  239. Jewish-American politician, Colorado representative (2013-19)
  240. former Press Secretary and Deputy Communications Director for the First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama
  241. U.S. Representative from Illinois (2007-present)
  242. America Ambassador to Central Africa 1963, Haiti 1967-9 and Tanzania 1969
  243. Mayor of georgetown,tx,usa
  244. American businessman and politician who served in the United States House of Representatives from 2011 to 2019
  245. Dennis Ross  (2)
    American diplomat, speaker and author. Served as the Director of Policy Planning in the State Department under President George H. W. Bush and the special Middle East coordinator under President Bill Clinton
  246. The Apprentice, Executive Vice President and senior counsel of the Trump Organization
  247. Canadian businessman and former Canadian Senator
  248. U.S. Representative from Arkansas
  249. Alaska Attorney General (2009-present)
  250. American investor, former banker, Donald Trump's Secretary of Commerce
  251. Former governor of Puerto Rico, father of governor-elect Ricardo Rossello
  252. Puerto Rico's governor-elect, son of former governor Pedro Rossello
  253. American lecturer and instructor in cyber counter-intelligence forensics and a former Montana municipal court judge who has had a controversial role as a vigilante online terrorist-hunter, and who was once part of the 7Seas group
  254. Former Congressman from Illinois
  255. Economist
  256. United States Trade Representative, born 1916
  257. U.S. Representative from Delaware (1967-1971); U.S. Senator from Delaware (1971-2001)
  258. Representative From New Jersey
  259. Mayor of Tucson, Arizona (2011-)
  260. US Senator from South Dakota (2015 - present)
  261. Green Bay Packers rookie strong safety
  262. American economist serving as the 30th Chair of the Council of Economic Advisers
  263. Counselor to the President
  264. Fmr United States Congressman
  265. United States Congressman from North Carolina
  266. Former Advisor to President George W. Bush
  267. Former Congressman from Georgia
  268. Former Governor of Connecticut (1995-2004)
  269. United States Congressman from Texas
  270. Former US Ambassador to China and Assistant Secretary of State for Intelligence and Research
  271. congresswomen
  272. U.S. Representative from California
  273. 2020 Candidate for VP
  274. Clinton Admin. Secretary of State for Public Affairs, Chief Spokesman for the State Department (1997-2000), married to Christiane Amanpour
  275. Secretary of Treasury 1995-1999
  276. U.S. Senator from Florida (2011-??)
  277. Former EPA Administrator (1970-1973 and 1983-1985); Former FBI Director (1973)
  278. Former U.S. Senator from New Hampshire (1980-1993)
  279. Formerly served as Principal Deputy White House Counsel and then White House Counsel to President Barack Obama
  280. Democratic member of the Rhode Island Senate, representing the 4th District since 1985. He is currently President of the Rhode Island Senate
  281. Representative California District 36
  282. Former Secretary of Defense to Presidents Gerald R. Ford and George W. Bush
  283. California State Assemblywoman (2002-2008)
  284. U.S. Representative from Maryland
  285. U.S. Representative from Illinois
  286. United States Secretary of State from 1961 to 1969 under presidents John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson
  287. Governor of South Carolina (1963-1965); U.S. Senator from South Carolina (1965-1966)
  288. Mark Russell  (3)
  289. Canadian Senator
  290. Mayor of Deadwood, SD
  291. Lieutenant Governor of Maryland (2015-2023)
  292. U.S. Representative from Florida
  293. Lt. Governor of Arkansas
  294. Running for Virginia Governor in 2021
  295. Libertarian political activist and candidate
  296. Former Councillor and Mayor of Ku-ring-gai Council in Sydney, New South Wales
  297. Currently serving as White House Cabinet Secretary in the administration of Joe Biden. Is married to Sec of State Anthony Blinken
  298. Former Governor of Illinois (1999-2003)
  299. Jack Ryan  (3)
    Former Husband of Jeri Ryan,former Politician
  300. Former U.S. Air Force Chief of Staff
  301. Speaker of the House (2015-19); U.S. Representative from Wisconsin; 2012 Republican Candidate for Vice - President of the United States
  302. Tim Ryan  (2)
    Former U.S. Representative from Ohio (2023-2023), 2022 Democratic Candidate for U.S Senate
  303. Mayor of Minneapolis, Minnesota (2002-present)
  304. Politics