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Browsing Category Home->Performing Arts->Comedian , A-Z Filter: C
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  1. comedian/writer
  2. Comedian
  3. French radio/TV presenter, actor, humorist and comedian
  4. Comedian
  5. Comedian & Actor: The Sid Caesar Show, It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, Airport 1975, The Cheap Detective, Grease, History of the World Part 1, Cannonball Run II, Amazing Stories, Alice in Wonderland, Vegas Vacation
  6. Actor/comedian - MAD TV (t.v. Series, 2005-present)
  7. Comedian
  8. American drag queen, comedian, actor and reality television personality. Best known for winning the eighth season of RuPaul's Drag Race
  9. Comedian
  10. Comedian
  11. Actor -'Reba','7th Heaven', mad tv (t.v. series, 1995-97),Smoking Gun Presents:Worlds Dumbest Criminals
  12. Actress- Hannah Montana, Drake & Josh
  13. Comedian
  14. Comedian
  15. Comedian
  16. Comedian
  17. Comedian
  18. comedienne
  19. French comedian
  20. Andy Campbell  (2)
  21. Performer on Drew Carey's Improv-A-Ganza, Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo (2005)
  22. Jim Campbell  (7)
    UK Comedian
  23. Comedian
  24. Comme ils disent
  25. french comedian
  26. Tv comedian and lawyer
  27. Comedian, Writer
  28. Italian Comedian, famous for his roles in Bud Spencer Movies
  29. Comedian
  30. 1 part of the comedy duo cannon and ball
  31. Comedians
  32. Comedian
  33. French humorist
  34. Late Mexican comedian/actor - Charlie Chaplin once called him the greatest comedian alive
  35. {1892-1964} Singer, Song Writer, Comedian, Author, Actor & Radio Star
  36. Last Comic Standing
  37. Comedian
  38. Comedian
  39. African-American rapper
  40. comedian/actor
  41. Comedian
  42. Actor/Voice Work-Star Wars Episode I:The Phantom Menace(Pod Race Announcer Fode),Mrs.Doubtfire
  43. TLC show 'Long island medium'
  44. Comedian
  45. Puerto Rican actor, comedian Salsa singer Lawyer
  46. Comedian
  47. The Drew Carey Show, Whose Line is it Anyway? shows, Voice of Crank in Robots, Host of Power of 10, Host of 'The Price is Right'
  48. Comedian Known as the opening act for Michael Bolton,Donna Summer and more
  49. 7 words you cant say on TV, Author of Brain Droppings, First Host of Saturday Night Live, Narrator in Thomas the Tank Engine Shows, Voice of Fillmore in Cars
  50. Daughter of comedian George Carlin
  51. Comedian
  52. Actress 'My Name is Jerry' 'Pretty Mouth'
  53. Swedish actor,comedian and musician
  54. Comedian
  55. Comedian
  56. Children Light entertainer with his dog Spit
  57. Comedian/Presenter: Friday Night Project, Chatty Man, Various stand-up tours
  58. Comedian, Ventriloquist
  59. Comedian & Actor
  60. English entertainer, popular during the 1950s and early 1960s, with her husband Teddy Johnson
  61. Comedian
  62. german comedian/actor
  63. Comedian
  64. Comedian
  65. Me, Myself, and Irene, The Truman Show, Man on the Moon, Liar, Liar, The Mask, Dumb and Dumber, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls, Bruce Almighty, Earth Girls Are Easy, A Series of Unfortunate Events, In Living Color, The Number 2
  66. Comedienne (with 'Joe the Cello'), Actress and Classically trained Cellist
  67. Southern comedian & singer
  68. Comedian
  69. comedian/actor - chairman of the board (1998), n.y.u.k. (t.v. series, 2000)
  70. TV comedian, The Detectives
  71. comedian from ireland - Tiswas Reunited / The Melting Pot / Mersey Pirate
  72. The Tonight Show
  73. Comedian, Writer
  74. Danish Comedian
  75. Darren Carter  (3)
  76. Comedian & Actor: The Ed Sullivan Show, The Merv Griffin Show, The Happy Hooker, The Glove, Alligator, The Octagon, Satan's Princess, Fantasy Island, Santa Barbara, Here's Lucy, Dr. Kildare, Laugh In, Amazing Stories, Tales from the Darkside
  77. Comedian
  78. Joy Carter  (2)
  79. Comedian
  80. Tony Carter  (2)
  81. Actor: Saturday Night Live, Blue Thunder, Wayne's World, The Dana Carvey Show, Moving, Opportunity Knocks, Trapped in Paradise, The Road to Wellville, The Master of Disguise
  82. George Casey  (2)
    Ireland's International Comedian
  83. John Cassidy  (2)
  84. Comedian
  85. Comedian
  86. Comedian
  87. Comedian
  88. Danish Comedian
  89. Comedian
  90. Comedian
  91. Actor, Comedian
  92. Comedian
  93. Actor/Comedian
  94. Female stand-up comedienne
  95. Comedian
  96. tv-host/comedian - The Dick Cavett Show
  97. Actor in 10 Things I Hate About You
  98. Comedian & Actor: The Steve Harvey Show, Kingdom Come, Barbershop, Be Cool, Johnson Family Vacation, Man of the House, Street Kings, Ice Age, The Soul Man
  99. Comedian
  100. Comedian
  101. comedian/actor/author
  102. Comedian
  103. Puerto Rican dancer, 'Los Kakukomikos', Iris Chacon's sister
  104. Actor
  105. Comedian
  106. Comedienne
  107. Comedian
  108. Comedian
  109. U.S. writer and comedian, best known for his work on the television series Mystery Science Theater 3000
  110. British actor, television presenter, puppeteer and voice artist
  111. Comedian
  112. Comedian
  113. Comedian/actor, Half Baked, 200 Cigarettes, plays Reggie in Nutty Proffesor, Dave in Block Party, plays Conspiracy Brother in Undercover Brother-CLAYTON BIGSBY
  114. Comedian
  115. Queen Elizabeth II Double born 1927.Queen in'The Naked Gun'(1988),'Austin Powers:Goldmember','Queen Kong','Loriots Telecabinet'
  116. Belgian comedian
  117. Comedian
  118. Saturday Night Live, Foul Play, Fletch, Fletch Lives, Vacation, European Vacation, Christmas Vacation, Vegas Vacation, Cops and Robbersons, Nothing But Trouble, Spies Like Us, Caddyshack, Memoirs of An Invisible Man, Community, Chuck
  119. Comedian - Dangeriously Clean Comic, The Jason Chase Show
  120. Restaurateur - Chasen's (Hollywood: 1936-1995). Vaudeville Comedian. Three Stooges fill-in
  121. Comedian
  122. French comedian
  123. SNL castmember
  124. Comedian
  125. Comedic writer/actor - Conan, Rick and Morty
  126. English Comedian, Radio & Television Presenter and Writer
  127. Comedian
  128. French actor, duet with Régis Laspalles
  129. Comedian
  130. Malaysian Born, Australian based comedian
  131. Comedian
  132. Comedian
  133. Comedian
  134. Actor, Comedian
  135. Comedian & Actress: All American Girl, Attack of the 5 Ft. 2 Women, The Doom Generation, It's My Party, Face/Off, The Rugrats Movie, Sex and the City, One Missed Call, Ghost Whisperer, Drop Dead Diva, 30 Rock
  136. French comedian, humorist and singer
  137. Australian Comedian
  138. Comedian & Voice Overs
  139. Actor
  140. Danish Comedian
  141. danish comedian
  142. Danish Comedian
  143. Comedian
  144. Danish Comedian
  145. Comedian
  146. Actress/Comedienne
  147. Comedian
  148. Comedian
  149. Kevin Christy  (2)
  150. Entertainer (Robin)
  151. German Comedian
  152. Comedy Duo
  153. Comedian
  154. Belgian Actor of theatre
  155. Part of British comedy duo Clapham and Dwyer
  156. Boston Common, Yes, Dear
  157. Actor: Home Improvement, The Waterboy, Fast Food, Wired, The Mask, Toys, Little Nicky, Mr. Deeds, The Ladykillers, Shakes the Clown, 50 First Dates, Ladybugs, Remington Steele, The Drew Carey Show, The Jamie Foxx Show, The Ridiculous 6, SMILF
  158. Chris Clark  (4)
  159. Comedian
  160. Dan Clark  (3)
    Speaker, Entertainer, Songwriter/ Recording Artist and New York Times Best Selling Author, Professional Speaker
  161. Comedian
  162. Comedian
  163. Comedian
  164. Oliver Clark  (3)
    Musician, actor, stand-up comedian and voice over artist who originates from a small coastal town in the UK and now lives in Melbourne
  165. Tim Clark  (4)
  166. Actor
  167. Punk poet, UK
  168. Comedian & Actor: The Wrong Guys, Lenny, Two If by Sea, The John Larroquette Show, Meet Wally Sparks, There's Something About Mary, Rounders, Stuck on You, Fever Pitch, It's All Relative, Rescue Me, Sirens, Ted 2
  169. Comedian
  170. Camp Comic who appeared in the film Carry On Columbus
  171. Comedian & Actor: The Adventures of Ford Farlaine, Pretty In Pink, No Contest, One Night at McCool's, M*A*S*H, Diff'rent Strokes, Making the Grade, Night Patrol, Private Resort, Casual Sex?, Crime Story, Entourage, Blue Jasmine
  172. Comedy actor/writer: Monty Python, A Fish Called Wanda, Fierce Creatures, James Bond films, Shrek 2, Harry Potter Films, Fawlty Towers, Doctor Who
  173. Gunner Graham in It Ain't Half hot Mum, Dads Army, You Rang M'Lord
  174. Comedian & Actress: In Living Color, Saturday Night Live, Cleghorne!, Strictly Business, The Perez Family, Mr. Wrong, Dear God, C-16 FBI, Armageddon, Coyote Ugly, Little Nicky, MacArthur Park, Grown Ups 2
  175. Comedian
  176. Comedian
  177. Comedian
  178. Comedian
  179. Comedian
  180. Comedienne
  181. British Radio Star 1950's
  182. Comedian
  183. Comedian
  184. 'Clower Power' 'The Coon Hunt' 'Hee Haw'
  185. Italian comic
  186. Actress/Comedienne
  187. English Stand up comic.
  188. Comedian
  189. Comedian
  190. Comedian
  191. Writer, executive Producer for 'Da Ali G Show'; 'Borat', Jean Girard in Talladega Nights, Madagascar
  192. Comedian
  193. English television presenter, comedian, radio broadcaster and actor
  194. Comedian
  195. Comedian
  196. Belgium entertainer-artist-comedian-theatre
  197. Comedian
  198. Comedian
  199. Clown, Comedian, Actor (Stage Film and Pantomime) - A Really Funny Chappy
  200. Comedian
  201. Bobby Collins  (2)
  202. comedian and host of Friday Night Project
  203. Comedian
  204. actress / comedienne - mad tv (t.v. series, 1998-2003)
  205. Comedian
  206. Comedian
  207. comedian, appeared on Last Comic Standing
  208. Comedienne-Chelsea Lately
  209. Modern Humorist - Best Week Ever (t.v. Series, VH1, Guest Panelist)
  210. Comedian
  211. British comedian, singer and actor
  212. Comedian
  213. French actor and comedian
  214. Comedian who participated on America's Got Talent
  215. Comedian
  216. Actor/Comedian
  217. Comedian
  218. Comedian
  219. Comedian & Actor: Head of the Class, Billy, The Boondock Saints, Open Season, The Last Samurai, Muppet Treasure Island, Gulliver's Travels, Fido, Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events, The X - Files - I Want to Believe, The Hobbit
  220. Comedian
  221. Comedian
  222. Comedian
  223. Comedian/Host/Creator - Adam Ruins Everything on TRU TV
  224. Comedian
  225. French humorist
  226. Comedy Sketch Team
  227. 'For Your Consideration' (monkey ventriloquist)
  228. Comedian
  229. American Voice and TV Actor,Comedian and Writer born 1933.Ensign Parker on 'McHales Navy'(1962-66),Tom Warner on 'Yes Dear'(2001-05),'SpongeBob','Dorf Movies','Hermie&Friends','Air Bud','Married with Children','Laugh In','Hollywood Palace'
  230. Im Alan Partridge,Tony Ferrino,The Parole Officer, 24HR Party People
  231. Stand up comedian/actor. Films include Mystery Men, Employee of the Month, Waiting..., Good Luck Chuck, Mr. Brooks, Dan in Real Life, My Best Friend's Girl
  232. American Christian country music singer-songwriter, comedian and a multiple Emmy Award and Telly Award winner
  233. Comedian
  234. Comedian
  235. comedian
  236. actress, comedienne
  237. Comedian
  238. Comedian
  239. Wife of comedian Tommy Cooper
  240. Stand up Comedianne
  241. Comic
  242. Comedian
  243. Comedian
  244. New Zealand comedian and TV personality
  245. British Comedian born 1930.'The Two Ronnies'(1971-87), 'The Ronnie Corbett Show','The Frost Report','No Sex Please,We're British','Casino Royale','Some Will Some Wont','Sorry!','Fierce Creatures'
  246. Comedian
  247. UK TV-Presenter
  248. British actor and presenter. Played Timms in The History Boys film & stage play. Also presenter of Big Brother's Big Mouth (Channel 4, 2008)
  249. American Comedian and Actor born 1914.Happy Miller on 'Doc'(1975-76),'Thieves','Stuck On You','Fairy Tales','Car Wash','Im Not Rappaport','How to Commit Marriage','Chatterbox'
  250. Comedian (Half of Adam
  251. actor
  252. Comedian
  253. Comedian
  254. Comedian
  255. Comedian
  256. Comedian & Actor: I Spy, The Cosby Show, The Electric Company, Hickey & Boggs, Uptown Saturday Night, Let's Do It Again, A Piece of the Action, Fat Albert, The Devil and Max Devlin, Ghost Dad // In 2018 he was found guilty of aggravated indecent assault
  257. French humorist
  258. Louis Francis Cristillo, known by the stage name Lou Costello, was an American actor of radio, stage, television and film and burlesque comedian best remembered for the comedy double act of Abbott and Costello, with Bud Abbot
  259. Actor
  260. Male Voice Over Talent
  261. Comedy
  262. Actor
  263. Comedian
  264. comedian and actor
  265. Comedian
  266. Comedian
  267. Charlie Cox  (3)
    Stand-up Comic / Pro Wrestling / also a character in the Filsinger games Legends of Wrestling card game
  268. Male Model
  269. Stephen Cox  (2)
  270. Comedian
  271. UK TV-Presenter
  272. Scream Queem,B Movie Actress,Stand Up Comic,Playboy June 1991
  273. Comedian
  274. Actress
  275. Comedian
  276. Actor
  277. Comedian
  278. Comedian and actor known for The Sopranos, Hot in Cleveland
  279. Runner Up On Last Comic Standing, actor on Breaking Bad
  280. Presenter - The Warehouse, Nightlife & Drumbeat
  281. Comedian
  282. Comedian
  283. Whitest Kids U' Know
  284. Entertainer
  285. British Comedian
  286. Voice Over Talent
  287. UK Comedian Duo
  288. Comedian
  289. American Comedian, Actor and Writer: born 1927. 'Eight Crazy Nights', 'Johnny Carson Tonight', 'Dean Martin Comedy Hour', 'Adam-12', 'Liars Club', 'Phyllis Diller Show'
  290. Mr. Show, (the comedian, not the musician)
  291. One of Bette Midler' Stagering Harlets, appeared in Beaches, Married with Children and Sister Act. played Motormouth Maybelle in 'Hairspray on Tour', played Maybelle on Broadway in 'Hairspray'. just finished playing Maybelle at The Muny in St.Louis
  292. actor, 'The Covenant, 3 Needles, host of the 'Louder with Crowder' podcast
  293. Comedian
  294. Comedian
  295. Female Voice Over Talent
  296. UK writer and comedian
  297. Comedians
  298. Entertainer
  299. Comedy
  300. actor (cop land)
  301. Dead Ringers TV Series
  302. Comedian
  303. Comedian
  304. Stand-Up Comedian
  305. Actor (b: 1961) - Hangin' With Mr. Cooper (101 episodes as Mr. Cooper), The Drew Carey Show
  306. Comedian
  307. (Born May 30, 1911) is an American comedian, harmonicist, and centenarian, most famous for her two appearances on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. She has since become the subject of the most-viewed story of all time on the website of Boise-based televisio
  308. Entertainer