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Browsing Category Home->Performing Arts->Presenter/Host (TV) , A-Z Filter: C
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  1. French tv and radio host
  2. French radio/TV presenter, actor, humorist and comedian
  3. Entomologist/Science Teacher - known for her work with parasitic insects and there chemical responces to there host, also has had 30 years in Research on the Texas Field Cricket
  4. CNN Anchor / Reporter
  5. UK Presenter
  6. Fitness instructor
  7. Award winning cocktail expert
  8. Host and Producer of Xploration Outer Space
  9. TV Presenter
  10. Detroit Lions 2006 3rd Round Pick
  11. Author - Non Fiction
  12. CNN anchor
  13. American journalist, who appeared on radio and television as a host, interviewer and moderator. Original host of Chicago Tonight. Author of The Thing of it is: With Reflections on Chicago and the Problem Society
  14. Presenter
  15. Is an Australian chef and a judge of the Network Ten series MasterChef Australia. Prior to his role on MasterChef, Calombaris regularly appeared on the daytime Ten cooking show Ready Steady Cook
  16. Tv presenter
  17. Australian Television Presenter
  18. TV presenter
  19. TV Presenter - Fox News Channel
  20. Carpenter on While You Were Out
  21. John Cameron  (3)
    Antiques expert & TV personality (Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is, Bargain Hunt, Flog It!, etc.)
  22. German TV Presenter
  23. VJ on MTV
  24. Much Music VJ
  25. Kate Campbell  (2)
    Home improvements tv personality
  26. Radio DJ/TV Presenter
  27. Model/TV Presenter
  28. Bunny Campione is an antiques expert in the field of toys and the like.She has appeared as a valuer on the Antiques Roadshow for many years now
  29. Italian TV-showgirl
  30. VH1 DJ
  31. Totally Rad Show
  32. Played on 'All That', was the host on Teenick married to Mariah Carey
  33. Host/Celebrity Chef on Food Network
  34. Camberwick Green, Chigley & Trumpton narrator. Actor/children's presenter on Play School [BBC, 1964-84] & Play Away [BBC, 1971-84]
  35. CBC Personality
  36. Comedian
  37. Host Of Comedy Central's Beat The Geeks!
  38. Former ESPN commentator, current contributor for The Athletic
  39. Presenter
  40. Writer, educator; creator and host of the TV series 'French in Action'
  41. Presenter
  42. UK Presenter
  43. Former French TV presenter, weather anchor
  44. Male Model
  45. CBC Personality
  46. TV Presenter
  47. The Drew Carey Show, Whose Line is it Anyway? shows, Voice of Crank in Robots, Host of Power of 10, Host of 'The Price is Right'
  48. sportscaster
  49. Chasing Classic Cars
  50. French journalist and TV host
  51. Sports anchor for WFAN in NYC and the Imus in the Morning Show
  52. 7 words you cant say on TV, Author of Brain Droppings, First Host of Saturday Night Live, Narrator in Thomas the Tank Engine Shows, Voice of Fillmore in Cars
  53. Anchor On Comcast Sportsnet
  54. Actress
  55. TV Presenter
  56. Anchors Edmonton's #1 Late Night News - News Hour Final weeknights at 11pm on Global Edmonton
  57. Hosts Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News
  58. Actor - Emmerdale, At Home With The Braithwaites, Mersey Beat, Heartbeat
  59. Presenter
  60. French journalist, writer and TV host
  61. Presenter
  62. Children Light entertainer with his dog Spit
  63. French tv presenter, born in 1971
  64. NESN Broadcaster
  65. Presenter
  66. Presenter
  67. Barstool Sports Red Sox/MLB Podcast Host and Blogger
  68. german comedian/actor
  69. Presenter
  70. Australian TV Presenter
  71. Journalist, TV host
  72. host yoga zone
  73. Puerto Rican businessman, singer and show host
  74. Matt Carroll  (2)
  75. Actor, Voice-Over
  76. Male Model - Sport Reporter
  77. Alex Carter  (2)
    'Detective Vartan' in CSI:Crime Scene Investigation
  78. Retired NHL Forward (Washington Capitals, Boston Bruins, Edmonton Oilers, New York Rangers, Los Angeles Kings, Vancouver Canucks, Columbus Blue Jackets, Carolina Hurricanes)
  79. HNS Host
  80. Sports Anchor on CSN Washington
  81. Joe Carter  (2)
    CNN Anchor / Reporter
  82. NFL, DE, St. Louis rams 1995-2000, Tennessee Titans 2001-04, Miami Dolphins 2005-06, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2007-present. College - Florida
  83. Host/Presenter
  84. Aka Sammy Terry; TV personality on local affiliate WTTV in Indianapolis, regularly during the 1960s and 1970s, and sporadically after that. Camp horror film host on Nightmare Theater. Co-host was his floating rubber spider, 'George.'
  85. Puerto Rican actress, show host, second Puerto Rican to win Miss Universe crown
  86. American sports radio personality who currently co-hosts the Boomer (Esiason) and Carton in the Morning WFAN radio program. He and Boomer consistently organize softball, hockey and golf events for charity
  87. CNBC Anchor
  88. Former Clinton Campaign Manager; Democratic Political Strategist, Co-Host of CNN's 'Crossfire', appeared as the prosecutor in the film, 'The People vs. Larry Flynt'
  89. announcer
  90. TV Presenter
  91. Australian Journalist
  92. TV Presenter
  93. Host of C-SPAN's Washington Jurnal
  94. Dave Cash  (2)
    BBC Radio 1 DJ
  95. WNBA Basketball Player- Currently with Seattle Storm and played for Detriot Shock
  96. Tv presenter 'affaire conclue'
  97. Host of 3 Wide Life Racing Show
  98. TV Presenter - Fox News Channel
  99. German TV Presenter - Sendung mit der Maus
  100. Host. Flavors of Israel. Iltv
  101. Morning anchor at WDIV in Detroit, MI
  102. Presenter
  103. The Dowager Lady Killearn - Energetic socialite who was a celebrated hostess as the wife of the wartime ambassador to Cairo
  104. French TV/radio presenter
  105. GMTV Presenter
  106. CBC Personality
  107. Actor/Presenter of Record Breakers, Doctor Who Films
  108. Young Girl in Jersey Girl, Co-host of Kids Choice Awards 2004
  109. Host/Celebrity Chef on Food Network
  110. Presenter
  111. Actress and tv host
  112. Football presenter
  113. Presenter
  114. TV presenter
  115. Actress, TV Presenter
  116. Comedian
  117. TV Presenter & Horse Racing Commentator
  118. French TV/radio presenter
  119. Ex French tv host
  120. CBC Personality
  121. tv-host/comedian - The Dick Cavett Show
  122. Host/Celebrity Chef on Food Network
  123. Male Voice Over Talent
  124. presents call the shots on cbbc channel with fearne cotton (uk)
  125. CBC Personality
  126. Game Show Panelist (What's My Line?). Publisher (Random House)
  127. French TV HOst
  128. French tv presenter
  129. Cinematographer: Hostel 1 & 2
  130. French TV presenter and producer
  131. TV-Presenter
  132. French tv host
  133. Tv show 'Affaire conclue'
  134. Television presenter of Wish You Were Here
  135. Presenter/Soccer AM
  136. TV host
  137. French TV presenter
  138. CBC Personality
  139. Tv presenter
  140. Actor
  141. Broadcaster
  142. Broadcaster
  143. Presenter - Pub Ammo, Five
  144. Actress - Splice (as Dren, the hybrid), The World Of Hemingway (as Margot Hemingway)
  145. John Chandler  (2)
    NESN Broadcaster
  146. Acquisitions and Consignment Relations ambassador on Syfy's 'Hollywood Treasure'
  147. Presenter / On-Air Talent Channel 4 San Diego
  148. French TV journalist (art criticism), sometimes film director, actor and writer
  149. KMBC-TV News Team
  150. Actress
  151. Billie Pipers Manager and judge on UK TV Show pop idols
  152. ESPN Garage Block host
  153. Disney characters
  154. Cartoon characters
  155. Actor - Red Dwarf, Coronation Street. Presenter - Robot Wars
  156. On-Air Talent NFL Network
  157. Singer/Musician
  158. UK Presenter
  159. sportscaster
  160. CITV Presenter
  161. Actor
  162. Male Model
  163. TV Presenter
  164. Country Music TV & Radio Host: Crook & Chase
  165. commentator
  166. British Olympic Athlete, Television news broadcaster, and a Conservative politician.
  167. Tv presenter 'affaire conclue'
  168. International TV Host, Singer
  169. Host/Celebrity Chef on Food Network
  170. Host of TV shows Fishing Adventurer and Chasing Monsters. Fishing Adventurer has been broadcast since 2005 in Canada, in twelve European countries as well as in the United States. The show deals with adventure and sport fishing. Cy
  171. Host of Wild and Crazy Kids (1990)
  172. TV Presenter - Fox News Channel
  173. French TV presenter
  174. Female Model
  175. CBC Personality
  176. Legendary British TV Presenter since 1970s
  177. commentator
  178. CBC Personality
  179. Host of Big Brother/Co-Host and moderator of The Talk
  180. French TV journalist and presenter
  181. Former NBA Player/Current Broadcaster
  182. former NHL coach, hockey analyst
  183. Media Personality
  184. Former French singer, radio and TV presenter
  185. Television Newsanchor-FOX News,CNN
  186. Scientist on tv
  187. Presenter
  188. Singer/Dancer/TV Presenter
  189. Co-Host of Fox and Friends First on FOX News
  190. Presenter, BBC1 The ONE Show, BBC Working Lunch, The Apprentice: You're Fired, BBC Business Programmes, BBC2 Match of the Day 2, Radio 5 Live Presenter
  191. Metalwork expert on BBC series The Repair Shop
  192. Presenter
  193. TV Presenter - CityTV Toronto
  194. UK Presenter
  195. News Presenter
  196. Host - City TV
  197. Reporter-newscaster for CNN
  198. Hosts IGN daily fix
  199. TV Presenter
  200. Host of Top Chef Masters
  201. Baseball On-Air Broadcaster
  202. CNN Anchor
  203. Tv presenter
  204. TV Presenter - The Score
  205. Actress-Camelot,Copper,Haven,Hannibal,X Company,Designated Survivor
  206. Presenter, tv vet
  207. Former german tv host
  208. Media Personality
  209. British radio and TV presenter, Author
  210. UNICEF Ambassador
  211. UK Presenter
  212. Born: 10/09/1958 (Hasselt) Died: 12/10/2020 Belgian TV - host 'Boeketje Vlaanderen', 'Wie van de drie', 'Rijkerdan je denkt', 'De drie wijzen'
  213. NESN Broadcaster
  214. Chuckle brothers (uk tv childrens comedy show )
  215. Chuckle brothers (uk tv childrens comedy show )
  216. Uk tv childrens comedy show
  217. Actor
  218. Presenter
  219. Actress and producer for Irregardless (2018)
  220. Channel 11 news
  221. CTV Winnipeg sports anchor; weeknights at 6 p.m
  222. Radio show host and author
  223. Author of the cross and host of life inside out
  224. TV Show Hostess for MTV Brasil
  225. Host of AWE's Private Islands
  226. Screenwriter
  227. Dutch Presenter
  228. IGN Host
  229. Fox Business Network anchor
  230. Jim Clancy  (2)
    CNN Anchor / Reporter
  231. CBC Personality
  232. Alex Clark  (4)
    Itsalexclark on Youtube. With over 500,000 subs
  233. CBC Personality
  234. UK Presenter
  235. American Producer,Writer,Actor and TV-Host born 1929.'Confession of a Dangerous Mind','$25.000 Pyramid','American Bandstand'(1952-89),'American Dreams','Emmy Awards','Liberace','Golden Globe Awards','Puttin on the Hits'(1984-88)
  236. Female Model
  237. Presenter
  238. Jack Clark  (3)
    TV Game show host announcer. Wheel of Fortune, $10,000 Pyramid, Card Sharks, Tattletales, Password among many others
  239. TV Presenter - CityTV Winnipeg
  240. Head prosecutor on OJ Case and current Radio Talk show host in L.A., host Marcia Clark Investigates The First 48 (A&E)
  241. Ryan Clark  (2)
    NFL - Former safety for Steelers and Redskins
  242. Host/Presenter
  243. Broadcaster
  244. Actor
  245. Actor
  246. Actress
  247. Presenter
  248. Top Gear presenter
  249. Former journalist of French television
  250. TV-host
  251. The Early Morning TV Talk Show Host
  252. Italian TV-presenter for shows and music
  253. Tv presenter - Herzblatt, Glücksspirale, Die Stunde der Wahrheit, Die Quiz Show
  254. News anchor wxyz detroit 7
  255. Retired Canadian Football League player, TV Presenter - TSN
  256. NESN Broadcaster
  257. TV Presenter - BBC Midlands Today
  258. Co-presenter on ITV's The Colour Of Money alongside Chris Tarrant
  259. Actress, hostess
  260. CBC Personality
  261. WWE's 'The Coach', Sportscenter Anchor
  262. CBC Personality
  263. Baseball SNY anchor
  264. Anchor, Fox O&O KRIV-TV
  265. Used to host 'Night Tracks' on WTBS, Now hosts radio show, 'Rockline'
  266. Senior reporter for ABC News, used to work for NBC News
  267. Broadcaster
  268. UK Presenter
  269. Actress
  270. Presenter
  271. Host/Celebrity Chef on Food Network. The Hungry Detective
  272. Andy Cohen  (2)
    Bravo cable network executive, host of Bravo's 'Watch What Happens Live'
  273. Ben Cohen  (2)
    Northampton Saints & England Rugby Player; activist who founded The Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation to combat homophobia and bullying
  274. NHL Network Broadcaster & Voice of Rutgers Women's Basketball
  275. Sports announcer
  276. Tv presenter of 'Affaire Conclue'
  277. Host/Presenter
  278. Presenter
  279. Writer, executive Producer for 'Da Ali G Show'; 'Borat', Jean Girard in Talladega Nights, Madagascar
  280. ESPN personality/ Sportscenter
  281. Presenter
  282. Former MTV host
  283. Hgtv
  284. Host of 'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert' , former host of 'The Colbert Report', former cast member of 'The Daily Show'
  285. Presenter
  286. Host of the Wealth TV show 'Take Off'
  287. 1950s TV hostess of: Mary Ellen's 'Fun Farm' in Ohio, and 'Popeye's Playhouse' in Florida, with co-star 'Poopdeck' the Parrot; Her show was only one rating below that of 'The Mickey Mouse Club'
  288. Author
  289. HGTV Presenter/Reality TV
  290. sportscaster
  291. Sex Wars Co-Host:Strip Poker Co-Host
  292. UK Presenter
  293. Mike Cole  (2)
    NESN Broadcaster
  294. English television presenter, comedian, radio broadcaster and actor
  295. 'Surprise By Design' on Discovery Channel
  296. Tim Cole  (2)
    Professional Speaker, German tv-host (eTalk/n24)
  297. mouseketeer
  298. Presenter
  299. Action news 2 wsb-tv atlanta anchor person
  300. James Coleman  (3)
  301. UK TV-Presenter
  302. Female Model
  303. Rick Coleman  (2)
    TV-Presenter - KWWL
  304. CBC Personality
  305. Presenter
  306. CBC Personality
  307. Tv presenter
  308. Tv host and journalist from Belgium
  309. Play - by - play announcer, William and Mary
  310. Presenter
  311. Art critic and broadcaster
  312. Screenwriter
  313. TV Presenter - Family Fortunes
  314. The Stig !! MK II
  315. Bill Collins  (2)
    Mr Movies of Australia, TV Presenter
  316. Actor, Spokesperson
  317. former Head coach for Philadelphia 76ers, Washington Wizards, Chicago Bulls, Detroit Pistons; now an NBA analyst; All - American; #1 pick overall 1973 NBA Draft; 4X All - Star
  318. Broadcaster - Los Angeles Dodgers
  319. Gary Collins  (2)
    Am. Actor (b: '38) - The Sixth Sense, Iron Horse, Wackiest Ship In The Army, Born Free (TV), Insight, Airport, Hangar 18, Valley Of The Dolls '81, Roots. TV Host - Hour Mag., The Home Show. Wife - Mary Ann Mobley, Miss America '59 (1967-2012, his death)
  320. Radio/TV Presenter on Talk Radio
  321. Male Voice Over Talent
  322. comedian and host of Friday Night Project
  323. Radio DJ on Capital FM
  324. Presenter
  325. former NFL player - Cincinnati Bengals (1981-88), co-host/analyst - Inside The NFL (HBO)
  326. Italian TV-Presenter
  327. actor (lantana)
  328. CBC Radio's Washington Correspondent
  329. sports presenter
  330. TV and radio animator
  331. CBC Personality
  332. American Singer,Actor and TV-Host born 1912.Songs-->'Catch a Falling Star','Jingle Bells','Round and Round','Papa Loves Mambo','Magic Moments','Lili Marlene','No Other Love','Prisoner of Love'
  333. American former news reporter and White House correspondent for ABC News Radio
  334. Author and chef. Publishes Italian Cookbooks
  335. Philippines TV Celebrity , model
  336. former major league pitcher; played for Yankees, Mets, Red Sox, Blue Jays & Royals; 1994 CY Young Award winner; 5X All-Star; Threw perfect game on July 19th, 1999; 5X World Series champion
  337. former college/CFL quarterback; played for University of Pittsburgh, Toronto Argonauts, Ottawa Roughriders and the Baltimore Stallions; runner-up 1987 CFL Rookie of the Year; All-American in college
  338. Actor/Comedian
  339. British author and broadcaster, travel writers
  340. Presenter
  341. Presenter
  342. CBC Personality
  343. Comedian/Host/Creator - Adam Ruins Everything on TRU TV
  344. German TV Presenter
  345. UK Presenter
  346. UK Presenter
  347. Undress the Nation
  348. Italian TV-presenter
  349. Game Show Host - Tattletales, Password Plus, Win Lose Or Draw. Actor - Cannonball Run, Act 1, A Bucket Of Blood, Susan Slade, Semi-Tough, The Snoop Sisters, It's Not Easy. Singer - The Cheers (Black Denim Trousers & Motorcycle Boots)
  350. TV host, daughter of Bert Convy
  351. Actress
  352. Author and founder of the Blimpie sandwich chain. Starred in 100s of Blimpie tv and radio commercials. President of Conza Capital Corp, a private investment firm. On the Board of Governors for the Boys & Girls Club of America amongst others
  353. Presenter
  354. Entertainer
  355. Presenter
  356. Brian Cook  (4)
    Hosts NCI-FM Drive Show with Brian Cook weekdays from 1:00 to 6pm
  357. Country Music Television-Host Of 'CMT's Most Wanted Live'
  358. Longtime Host of 'Masterpiece Theatre'
  359. Presenter (Australian Radio and TV)
  360. Presenter
  361. Attorney, Legal Commentator, Host - Final Appeal (Oxygen Network)
  362. Host of 'Anderson Cooper 360 degrees' -CNN/NYC Studios; son of fashion designer and railroad heiress Gloria Vanderbilt
  363. Ben Cooper  (4)
    Antiques Expert & TV personality (Bargain Hunt, Flog It!, etc.)
  364. CBC Personality
  365. UK Presenter
  366. Actor
  367. CTV Winnipeg Anchor - Morning Live (weekday mornings, 5:30-9 a.m.)
  368. Baseball / Versatile Infielder / former Red Sox, Indians, Mets and Nationals infielder, now with Cardinals
  369. Celebrity chef known for appearing on The Food Network, FHM September 2006
  370. Bench coach for the Miami Marlins. Former Major League Infielder
  371. Priest, Host of EWTN Show
  372. Actress: The Thomas Crown Affair (1968), host of 1970's kids TV show The Patchwork Family
  373. Presenter
  374. Presenter
  375. UK Children's Show The Sooty Show
  376. News Presenter
  377. Rugby Union Player
  378. UK TV-Presenter
  379. CBC Personality
  380. British actor and presenter. Played Timms in The History Boys film & stage play. Also presenter of Big Brother's Big Mouth (Channel 4, 2008)
  381. Food Network Host
  382. German TV Presenter
  383. Host on the Univision TV show "Despierta America"
  384. Presenter
  385. Model
  386. Fitness expert and host on ESPN's TV show "Bodyshaping"
  387. TV personnality
  388. CBC Personality
  389. Actor
  390. CBC Personality
  391. Singer-actress-tv-presenter
  392. TV Host / Screen Junkies
  393. Tv presenter
  394. On-Air Personality Big Ten Network
  395. KMBC-TV News Team
  396. American writer and host of Foreword, a podcast series where top notch thinkers take on big time ideas. Season One guests include Margaret Atwood, Walter Isaacson, BJ Novak, Jason Segel and John Cleese
  397. Presenter
  398. CBC Personality
  399. Former college football head coach Host/Analyst on ESPN College Game Day since 1987
  400. Jeff Corwin Experience on Animal Planet
  401. Actress
  402. Sportscaster
  403. Puerto Rican actor, television cook, hosted 'Friendo y Comiendo' and 'A Freir y a Comer' along with Otilio Warrington for many years
  404. Entertainment Reporter, CNN Headline News
  405. Member of Blue
  406. sports journalist/host - 'On The Record With Bob Costas' (tv series, HBO), Voice of Bob Cutlass in Cars
  407. Anchor CNN
  408. Sports broadcasting
  409. Baseball On-Air Broadcaster
  410. childrens bbc presenter
  411. Presenter
  412. Presenter
  413. French TV/radio presenter and host
  414. Presenter - The clothes show UKTV
  415. Presenter
  416. Australian actor and presenter
  417. Presenter
  418. SKY Sports commentator/tennis presenter, former tennis player
  419. TV Presenter - Fox News Channel
  420. Scientist, Physicist, host of 'Physics Girl' on YouTube
  421. Presenter
  422. Actor: Manhunter, Hammer House Of Horror, Braveheart, The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy, Troy, X-Men 2, Match Point, Deadwood, Jack Ketchum's Red, The Escapist, LOST, Red Eye
  423. Male Model
  424. Forensic Archaeologist, Channel 4's Time Team.
  425. Presenter of show hot love on sky one
  426. Canadian TV Host: Talkabout, Second Honeymoon, Acting Crazy, Global BC Weatherman
  427. UK TV-Presenter
  428. TV/Radio Presenter
  429. Rowing/Olympian
  430. commentator
  431. Presenter
  432. LPGA Player
  433. HSN Host
  434. Jim Craig  (2)
    Canada Today (Host)
  435. Presenter
  436. CBC Personality
  437. cohost - 'Kudlow & Cramer' (CNBC)
  438. Host of CNBC show 'Mad Money w/Jim Cramer'
  439. Ex CBBC Presenter now on radio station Jazz FM
  440. Talk show host, former husband of Tina Louise
  441. Author and TV presenter of Coast
  442. UK Television Presenter
  443. Actor
  444. Host of ESPN Cold Pizza
  445. TV Presenter. Presents MTV's Catfish with Nev Schulman, Miss Teen USA 2010
  446. Former NHL Player & Coach
  447. Presenter - The Warehouse, Nightlife & Drumbeat
  448. Celebrity chef. Owner of Florida?s Cuvee 30A. Author, teacher, and inventor of Grill Plus Instant Marinade. Appeared on various tv shows. Personally cooked for a slew of celebrities including Bruce Willis, Jessica Simpson and Jerry Jones
  449. National Television Host
  450. Host/Celebrity Chef on Food Network
  451. Host on HGTV
  452. Ex Man Utd player won european cup in 1968
  453. Former speakerine
  454. Author
  455. Anchor Court TV/ Former Judge
  456. Radio Presenter - FM4 (Austria)
  457. sportscaster
  458. Presenter / Journalist. BBC1 Newsround
  459. Judge
  460. CBC Personality
  461. Chris Crocker  (2)
    Internet celebrity, famous for his 'Leave Britney Alone' video
  462. YouTuber (on makeup/teenage advice)
  463. Ex-British No 1 tennis player, now a TV Presenter
  464. David Croft  (4)
  465. Star of TV series Combat Dealers, military vehicle collector, social & military history enthusiast
  466. Morning anchor for WCNC-TV in Charlotte, NC
  467. Rugby League Player
  468. UK Presenter
  469. TV Host: Music City Tonight, Crook & Chase
  470. Hosts of 'Crook & Chase Countdown' and the old 'Crook & Chase' show that was on what was then TNN
  471. GMTV Presenter
  472. Presenter
  473. Founder of Trinity Broadcast Network, Author of The Omega Code
  474. Canadian tv host - The nature of Things.Born: 12/24/1913
  475. CBC Personality
  476. CBC Personality
  477. QVC host
  478. Male Voice Over Talent
  479. Travel Writer And Presenter Of BBC2's Egyptian Journeys
  480. Co-host of CBC's The Goods and the host of Canada's Smartest Person
  481. Publisher of CBC News
  482. New Zealand psychic medium and TV personality
  483. TV Host, wife of ex-soccer player Ruud Gullit
  484. Radio personality on Dish Nation
  485. Baseball / Current Red Sox Outfielder / 2003 Gold Glove Winner / Has Played for Five Other Teams / Son of Former All-Star Jose Cruz
  486. American Comedian,Actor,Voice and Movie Actor born 1948.Jodie Dallas on 'Soap'(1977-81),'Monsters Inc.','Oscar Awards','Running Scared','City Slickers','When Harry Meet Sally','Forget Paris','Analyze That','Mr.Saturday Night','Rabbit Test'
  487. Australian TV Presenter
  488. Scottish presenter
  489. TV Presenter - ORF
  490. Youtuber, over 1.6 million subscribers
  491. Game Show Host/Panelist
  492. TV presenter
  493. Dead Ringers TV Series
  494. ITV and Channel 10 tv commentator
  495. Joe Cummings  (3)
    CBC broadcast journalist