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StarTiger - Browsing Category Home->Performing Arts->Presenter/Host (TV) , A-Z Filter: M
Browsing Category Home->Performing Arts->Presenter/Host (TV) , A-Z Filter: M
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  1. German TV Presenter
  2. Dutch Presenter
  3. Broadcaster
  4. Dutch Presenter
  5. Dutch Presenter
  6. French humorist, TV and radio host
  7. German TV Presenter
  8. TV Presenter - CityTV Winnipeg
  9. CBC Personality
  10. Manchester United legend
  11. Broadcaster and Journalist.
  12. CBC Personality
  13. fashion designer
  14. CBC Personality
  15. Broadcaster
  16. Presenter of the BBC's The Saturday Show
  17. English decathlete, Presenter
  18. CNN anchor
  19. Broadcaster and journalist, author.
  20. Actress
  21. Host of Futureweapons
  22. CBC Personality
  23. CBC Personality
  24. Author
  25. Alex Mackay  (2)
    Chef on Ready Steady Cook
  26. CBC Personality
  27. How Clean Is Your House
  28. Presenter
  29. CBC Personality
  30. CBC Personality
  31. CBC Hockey Night In Canada Personality
  32. Host of Clubhouse 22 in the 70's
  33. CBC Personality
  34. Presenter
  35. CBC Personality
  36. CBC Personality
  37. Co-anchor or the macneil/ lehrer news hour. author of several books
  38. Screenwriter
  39. Tv host
  40. French President 2017-, Former French minister
  41. TV Host / Collider Video
  42. TV Presenter - ORF
  43. MTV's Pimp My Ride
  44. TV Presenter - CityTV Toronto
  45. Host of Syfy's 'Hollywood Treasure'
  46. Former Oakland Raiders Head Coach, Host of Monday Night Football, spokesman for Outback Steakhouse, Tinactin, and Ace Hardware, 2006 NFL Hall of Fame Inductee
  47. Host of Travel Channel's Road Trip
  48. Broadcast Journalist, host on MSNBC
  49. British btv star
  50. ITV's This Morning presenter
  51. Austrian TV Presenter
  52. UK Presenter
  53. TV Presenter - ORF
  54. Auctioneer/antiques expert & British TV personality (Flog It!, Antiques Road Trip, etc.)
  55. Sports Anchor of the 6pm edition of Sportsnet Connected (Canada)
  56. presentatore
  57. French humorist, comedian, sometimes TV presenter
  58. Sports reporter
  59. Professor of Anthropology & Religion, regular contributor to Ancient Aliens TV show
  60. Co-hosts Car Talk on NPR with his brother Tom, Cars (2006)
  61. UK Mastermind Presenter
  62. British TV and Children's TV Presenter
  63. Comedian & Actor: Politically Incorrect, Real Time with Bill Maher, D.C. Cab, Club Med, House 2, Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death, Charlie Hoover, Pizza Man, Tomcats
  64. Anchor/Host of '48 Hours'
  65. KMBC-TV News Team
  66. Singer/Songwriter/Host
  67. Host of Style Network's 'How Do I Look?
  68. TV Presenter - ORF
  69. Female TV Host
  70. Male Model
  71. French humorist, TV and radio host
  72. Singer & TV Animator
  73. Broadcaster
  74. TV Presenter - ORF
  75. CBC Personality
  76. Austrian TV Presenter
  77. Female Host/Presenter
  78. German TV-Moderator- Das Erst
  79. Former Senior Sports Illustrated Writer/Author of a War In Dixie/ESPN Reporter
  80. French cooker and TV host
  81. Presenter
  82. Evening Anchor Person on BBCtv London News
  83. German Actor/Presenter - Sendung mit der Maus
  84. Tv host
  85. Author, judge on Cutthroat Kitchen and the Next Iron Chef
  86. Canadian Comedian/Actor:'Unhitched','Just For Laughs' And 'This Hour Has 22 Minutes.'
  87. CNN anchor
  88. CBC Personality
  89. Mrs. Bathory in Hostel part II
  90. Bruneian television presenter
  91. Tv presenter
  92. Announcer, The Andy Griffith Show
  93. Cook (Manju?s Simply Indian series), Voice Actress
  94. E! Entertainment Television hostess: Celebrity Homes, Extreme Close Up, and other E! shows.
  95. Presenter
  96. Author and columnist
  97. Tv host British TV
  98. UK TV actor. Host of 'Wide Awake Club'(1984-1990),'Oxford Road Show'(1981),'Top of the Pops'(1990).
  99. TV Presenter and author
  100. CBC Personality
  101. TV presenter
  102. TV Presenter
  103. UK Presenter
  104. UK Presenter
  105. Actress
  106. 'The Daily Buzz'
  107. Former steelers qb/espn announcer
  108. Anchor on Comcast SportsNet
  109. Home Makeover Expert
  110. Extreme Makeover Home Edition , Clean House , Less Than Perfect .
  111. co-host of hot off the grill with bobby flay on food tv network
  112. Media Personality
  113. Baseball On-Air Broadcaster
  114. TV Presenter
  115. Actor: St.Elsewhere, The Funny Farm, A Fine Mess, Walk Like A Man, Little Monsters, Pinocchio 3000, Hidden Howie/Voice Work-Gremlins 1-2, Muppet Babies, Bobby's World/Host of Deal or No Deal
  116. German Model and Actress
  117. TV Presenter - ORF
  118. TV presenter
  119. Head coach for the Cleveland Browns. Former coach of the New York Jets
  120. Special Projects Manager on Syfy's 'Hollywood Treasure'
  121. Presenter
  122. Host of Art Mann Presents....Former host of E!'Wild On'
  123. Sheila Canning in Neighbours
  124. TV/Radio Presenter
  125. Host of SpeedFreaks
  126. British auctioneer, antiques expert & TV personality (Antiques Road Trip, Bargain Hunt, Flog It!, etc.)
  127. Presenter
  128. Founder/ former leader reform party Canada, author
  129. UK Presenter
  130. French TV journalist
  131. Presenter
  132. Chief Correspondent for CBC News
  133. Survivor Cook Islands
  134. French TV host
  135. Weather Presenter
  136. TV Host / Collider Video
  137. Austrian TV Presenter
  138. CBC Personality
  139. Presenter
  140. uk radio host
  141. Judge on the History Channel show, Forged in Fire
  142. Puerto Rican television show host
  143. Game Show Host (The $64,000 Question). Actor
  144. TV Presenter - ORF
  145. CBC Personality
  146. Weekend GMA weather anchor
  147. Tv presenter
  148. CBC Personality
  149. French TV presenter
  150. Fashion stylist and television personality
  151. French tv presenter and host, born in 1962
  152. Host of fridays with frank and sundays with sinatra. radio show host since 1957
  153. Presenter
  154. UK Presenter
  155. CBC Personality
  156. Journalist
  157. French TV and radio presenter/host, pin-up, also in Spain
  158. Presenter, Channel Four's "Reality Check"
  159. UK Presenter
  160. former Belgian tv presenter, now politician
  161. Hockey Player
  162. BBC Political Editor and Presenter. Great Britons, Britain from Above, Sunday Morning Show. Appeared as himsef in Doctor Who
  163. Stage assistant on Double Dare & What Would You Do? on Nickelodeon
  164. Presenter
  165. Presenter
  166. Presenter
  167. Game Show Host: Hollywood Squares, Fantasy, Yahtzee // Actor: Annie, 77 Sunset Strip, CHiPs, The Love Boat Fantasy Island, Automan, WKRP, Sledge Hammer, In Living Color
  168. Broadcaster/ Journalist/ Psychologist.
  169. commentator
  170. Brian Martin  (2)
    News Presenter
  171. Claire Martin  (3)
    CBC News' on-air meteorologist
  172. David Martin  (10)
    TV Presenter
  173. Tv presenter
  174. Frank Martin  (4)
    Radio announcer during the 40's
  175. British lorry-mechanic better known publicly as a motorcycle racer turned television presenter of engineering-based projects
  176. TV Chef
  177. NESN Broadcaster
  178. German television presenter and folk singer
  179. Paul Martin  (5)
    Presenter Flog It
  180. Host of Television Fishing Show
  181. Political Analyst for CNN
  182. Actress
  183. Tv presenter
  184. Tnn tv host
  185. Game Show Host - Debt, Trivial Pursuit, High Rollers, The New Tic Tac Dough
  186. French tv presenter
  187. Host of Dodger Talk on LA Radio KFWB
  188. model, actress, host, producer -'Control' (t.v. series)
  189. Soccer Player - Los Angeles Galaxy
  190. Child star of the 1967 film the hostage
  191. Puerto Rican beauty queen, reality show contestant, television show host, 'El Coffee Break'
  192. Intrepid Film-maker, Author, Presenter
  193. HSN Host
  194. Discovery Channel's Nigel Marvin's Wild Wild World
  195. Radio and television announcer, staff announcer for CBS and later became most known as the long-time announcer for Arthur Godfrey
  196. Presenter
  197. Host on QVC
  198. Mike Massaro  (2)
    ESPN NASCAR Anchor/Reporter
  199. Tv presenter
  200. Broadcaster / Journalist.
  201. Hostess of MTV's remote control season One
  202. TV Presenter - Fox News Channel
  203. Voice Over Talent
  204. Republican political strategist, Talk show host
  205. TV Presenter - The Score
  206. Co-Host of 'Good Day Live', Former co-host on 'The View','The TV Guide Channel'
  207. TV Presenter
  208. CBC Personality
  209. CBC Personality
  210. Presenter
  211. Actress
  212. Presenter
  213. Presenter
  214. Host Of Redskins Pregame
  215. Actress (Footballer's Wives Extra Time)/Presenter (Big Strong Boys)
  216. Dutch Presenter
  217. Host of National Geographic
  218. Presenter
  219. TV presenter
  220. Fmr. politician/writer/host of 'Hardball'/Wrote books; 'Jack Kennedy: Elusive Hero', 'Kennedy & Nixon'
  221. Presenter - The Travel Channel
  222. Austrian TV Presenter
  223. New Zealand Radio Presenter with Radio Live. Was a high profile TV Presenter in the early 2000s until recently
  224. Austrian TV Presenter
  225. House Doctor Presenter
  226. TV Presenter
  227. Winner, Next Food Network Star; Host, Food Network's Sandwich King and the Kitchen
  228. TV Presenter - The Score
  229. Max  (2)
    UK Presenter - TRL
  230. domestic guru - host of 'The Brini Maxwell Show' (Style Network)
  231. Ian Maxwell  (2)
    TV presenter, created and presented Big Cat Track on Animal Planet
  232. Presenter
  233. Presenter / Producer, Inside Out BBC1; Current Affairs; Religion and Ethics.
  234. Ex-NHL player (Capitals)
  235. Businesswoman, model and television producer/presenter
  236. Top gear
  237. TV Presenter - ORF
  238. Investigative journalist, BBC Panorama, ITV, Channel Four.
  239. Actress from Québec, Canada
  240. Host on Sportcenter and ESPN's 2 Minute Drill
  241. Australian host of 'The Super Flying Fun Show' as Miss Marilyn in the seventies
  242. Radio presenter and host of UK National Lottery
  243. NFL - Oakland Raiders General Manager. Former On - Air Talent NFL Network
  244. The Naked Traveller
  245. Jeff Maysh  (2)
    UK Presenter
  246. Tv presenter
  247. German moderator
  248. Italian TV-presenter of music and shows
  249. French TV host, personal stylist, model
  250. Scottish Interior Designer and TV Presenter
  251. Presenter - Sky Digital, Border TV.
  252. CBC Personality
  253. IGN Host
  254. Presenter of Big Brother, Don't Try This at Home, Streetmate and The Million Pound Drop
  255. Host/Celebrity Chef on Food Network
  256. Im Celebrity, get me out of here ! ! Legendary Dr. Bob ! !
  257. WCAU / NBC Philadelphia
  258. John McCarthy  (4)
    Held as a hostage in the Lebanon alongside Brian Keenan for over 5 years
  259. Presenter
  260. Paul McCarthy  (2)
  261. Former MLB player - Twins (1993-95), Giants (1995-96), Mariners (1998), Royals (2000-2003) Red Sox (2003-2005)
  262. Presenter
  263. uk radio host
  264. Children's ITV Presenter and Nickelodeon
  265. Australian Model
  266. Glasgow Rangers & Scotland LEGEND. Question Of Sport and The Premiership presenter.
  267. co-host on Loveline
  268. Writer, performer, comedian
  269. Presenter on Globe Trekker
  270. Presenter
  271. TV Presenter - CityTV Calgary
  272. Television presenter and radio presenter
  273. CBC Personality
  274. Channel 4 Horse Racing Presenter
  275. CBC Personality
  276. Narrates aftermath on the history channel
  277. CBC Personality
  278. tv presenter - KTLA
  279. Media Personality
  280. CBC Personality
  281. Canadian science journalist, Author
  282. Actor
  283. Star of the BBC TV series The Cruise & Star for a Night
  284. UK Presenter
  285. BBC Child Presenter
  286. presenter
  287. sportscaster
  288. TV Presenter - Fox News Channel
  289. CBC Personality
  290. TV Presenter
  291. Professional Tennis Player
  292. commentator
  293. Journalist, former Co-Host Nightline, currently investigative reporter for NBC
  294. MTV VJ
  295. Co-host Big Toe Radio Show
  296. Radio & Tv Presenter - was married to Chris Evans
  297. HGTV host, Income Property
  298. Hosts 'Amazing Top 5's' on You Tube
  299. TV Presenter - Fox News Channel
  300. Broadcaster
  301. Sports anchor for Fox Sports
  302. CBC Personality
  303. Collingwood Football Club President, Host of the 'Footy Show'.
  304. TV Presenter - TSN
  305. Model
  306. Actor/comedian/host - 'The Soup' ( formerly known as 'What The...? Awards' (t.v. series, E!, 2004-), Community
  307. former Northern Irish international footballer - Manchester United, now manager
  308. QVC Host
  309. Co-Anchor On Inside Edition Weekend
  310. TV Presenter - Fox News Channel
  311. NESN Broadcaster
  312. Media Personality
  313. TV Presenter - Fox News Channel
  314. Freestyle Ski
  315. TV Sports Commentator
  316. CNN Anchor / Reporter
  317. Steve Mckenna  (2)
  318. CBC Correspondent
  319. Sportscastor,Retired NHL player for 'Toronto Maple Leafs'
  320. TV Presenter - TSN
  321. commentator
  322. Presenter
  323. Writer, Broadcaster, Voice Over
  324. Presenter
  325. The 'Voice' of Rugby Football on BBCtv (and Radio)
  326. Presenter
  327. St. Louis Cardinals Broadcaster, St. Louis Blues Broadcaster
  328. Presenter
  329. talk show host/pundit - The McLaughlin Group
  330. presenter
  331. Canadian radio broadcaster, comedian and author, Voice Over Talent
  332. Host/Presenter
  333. Former host of TLC's 'Trading Spaces'
  334. Body Break host, Health and fitness instructor
  335. Actress-Star Wars:Dark Redemption
  336. CBC Personality
  337. Johnny Carson's Sidekick on the Tonight Show, Host of 'Star Search'
  338. Former English footballer, now retired; played for Liverpool, Real Madrid & Manchester City
  339. Star of 'Rove Live'
  340. Presenter
  341. former Eagles Quarterback, MVP Runner-up in 2001; current Redskins QB
  342. Actor - the young and the restless (t.v. series, 1993-94)Star Trek TNG
  343. Host/Presenter
  344. CBC Personality
  345. CBC Personality
  346. Canadian Actor: Snakes on a Plane, Watchmen, Robson Arms, Timecop, Fantastic Four, The Invisible, The Uninvited, John Tucker Must Die, Into the West, Stargate SG-1, 21 Jump Street, The X-Files, An Unexpected Life, Trial By Fire
  347. Ant Mcpartlin,UK tv presenter (Ant & Dec)I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here,Saturday Night Takeaway etc
  348. Presenter/Pundit - MUTV
  349. Sky sports presenter
  350. CBC Personality
  351. Presenter
  352. Female Dancer
  353. English Politician
  354. Author
  355. commentator
  356. Anchor of 'Morning Express w/ Robin Meade' on HLN
  357. Author
  358. Presenter
  359. Presenter
  360. Extreme Survivalist and author - presents a TV show on survival in difficult surroundings and enviroments
  361. German TV Host (n-tv)
  362. CBC Personality
  363. Presenter
  364. Author 'We Bought A Zoo'
  365. Television animal expert
  366. Thomas Cook TV, ITV1's '60 Minute Makeover'
  367. Presenter
  368. Presenter
  369. Hostess on The 700 Club/Miss America 1973
  370. Model
  371. Host of Crazy Car Central
  372. CBC Personality
  373. Is an English chef, restaurateur and a judge of the Network Ten series MasterChef Australia. He also co-hosts two shows on Australia's Lifestyle Food Channel, Good Chef, Bad Chef, and Boy's Weekend
  374. German TV Presenter
  375. Presenter
  376. TV Presenter - ORF
  377. Actress, Host
  378. TV Presenter - ORF
  379. Model
  380. Famous model in the Netherlands
  381. German TV Host
  382. Actress
  383. Male TV Host
  384. Norwegian tv personality and glamour model
  385. TV Presenter - ORF
  386. Hotel Impossible
  387. Former personality of The Howard Stern Show, now announcer for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
  388. Presenter
  389. Broadcaster
  390. Broadcast Personality
  391. Presenter
  392. French TV/radio journalist, presenter and writer
  393. Presenter
  394. German TV Presenter
  395. ELSE's first female baseball analyst Outfielder - USA Olympic Softball Team, Professional Softball Player for Arizona Heat, former player of Stanford
  396. UK Actor, Presenter, Voice Over
  397. Actress/Correspondent-Channel One News,Entertainment Tonight,One Tree Hill,Fantastic Four,Playboy August 2006, Kickin' It Old Skool
  398. English Politician
  399. Anchor for Root Sports Northwest for the Seattle Mariners. Former All-America softball player for the University of Washington. Also played for the Colorado Silver Bullets
  400. German showmaster
  401. Philadelphia childrens show host
  402. TV/Radio Presenter
  403. Canadian Comedian; 22 Minutes, Talking To Americans, The Rick Mercer Show and More!
  404. Host/Commentator for HBO Boxing--works with Jim Lampley
  405. Belgian tv presenter
  406. Belgian radio-host
  407. French TV host (Le meilleur patissier), food critic
  408. Model/Actress-Kid In Aladdin's Court,Co-Host Of Style Networks Foody Call,Selvaggi,Somebody's Watching,One Night Stand,Extreme Dodgeball,Host of E!'s Coming Attractions,Selvaggi,Love Lounge,Playboy Babe of the Month June 2006
  409. Presenter
  410. NESN Broadcaster
  411. Journalist, Broadcaster
  412. Host/Celebrity Chef on Food Network
  413. Model/Actress/TV Presenter-Page 3,The Mumbo Jumbo,Playboy Babe of the Month September 2000,Celebrity Big Brother,Eurotrash,Fort Boyard,Best The Crusher,Can We Still Be Friends?,The Wright Stuff,Virtual Sexuality
  414. Tv personality
  415. German presenter - Rockpalast
  416. Dutch Presenter
  417. TV Chef
  418. German TV Host (n-tv)
  419. TV Journalist, Presenter, Professional Speaker
  420. German TV Presenter
  421. TV Presenter
  422. TV Presenter - The Score
  423. Sports Journalist/host - George Michael Sports Machine (t.v. Series - NBC 4 NY)
  424. Host/Actor - World's Funniest Animals - Mad TV - Keanu - The Predator
  425. sportscaster
  426. Co-host of Manitoba Wake Up Crew on NCI FM radio
  427. Male Host/Presenter
  428. Famous French pastry chef, also TV host
  429. Member of the 1994 U.S. Soccer Men's World Cup Team
  430. French ventriloquist, TV host
  431. Former Model/Actress/Host-TV Guide's The 411,Chains of Love,King of the Jungle 2-3,The Definite Maybe,Steel Chariots
  432. Presenter
  433. Co-host of Science Channel's show 'Oddities'
  434. French artist of cabaret, TV host, sometimes singer and actor
  435. TV Presenter
  436. Channel 4's 'SAS Who dares Wins'
  437. Geographer. Going to Extremes Channel 4.
  438. Sister of Kate Middleton,was bridesmaid at her wedding to Prince William
  439. TV Presenter
  440. presented Sky One's 'Invasion of the Bodyscratchers'
  441. Tv Personaility, Regular On Jenny Jones
  442. Australian Celebrity Chef
  443. Presenter, NFL Cheerleader Playoffs
  444. former Buins coach,Islanders GM. Game analyst with NBC starting in 2008
  445. Richard Miles  (3)
  446. CBC Personality
  447. Presenter - Demolition Day (C4 & Discovery), Click On-line (BBC)
  448. Singer/Musician
  449. former Penguins,Blues,Nordiques,Blackhawks,and Red Wings goalie
  450. Bob Miller  (6)
    Radio talk show host, and Radio Hall of Fame Inductee since 2009
  451. Pioneering NYC DJ - WPLJ (formerly), WNEW (formerly), WAXQ (Arbitron Rated #1 For Classic Rock In America), Most Known For Hosting 'Get The Led Out'
  452. Fox News Channel correspondent
  453. Comedian / Actor / Host: Dennis Miller Live, Saturday Night Live, Madhouse, The Net, Bordello of Blood, Murder at 1600, Joe Dirt, Boston Public, What Happens in Vegas
  454. TV Presenter - TSN
  455. Greg Miller  (5)
    Kinda Funny Games/ Host
  456. Former mousketeer of the 90's mickey mouse club
  457. Host of 'Greatest American Dog,' 'Animal Exploration with Jarod Miller,' and 'PetFinder.'
  458. John Miller  (3)
    Assistant Director of the FBI, former broadcast journalist and co-host with Barbara Walters of the American ABC network's 20/20 program, one of the few Western reporters ever to have interviewed Osama bin Laden; Author - The Cell: inside the 9/11 plot
  459. Award-Winning Broadcast Veteran of More than 20 Yrs / Broadcast for Red Sox, Orioles, Rangers and is now 'The Voice of the SF Giants' / Also the Play-By-Play Commentator on ESPN?s Sunday Night Baseball. 2010 winner of Ford Frick Award for Baseball Hall o
  460. Presenter
  461. MuchMusic VJ, Host of So You Think You Can Dance Canada
  462. Athlete
  463. Host/Celebrity Chef on Food Network
  464. Scott Miller  (3)
    Resident Vet on ITV1 This Morning and ITV1 Paul O'Grady Show.
  465. comedienne - actress - former host of her own talk show
  466. Actress - Original Cindy on 'Dark Angel', Meme (the host) on 'Disney's One Saturday Morning'
  467. Actor, Supernatural as The Hook Man
  468. Still In Bed Wth MeDinner/British Stand Up Comic/Writer
  469. Broadcast Personality
  470. Rob Mills  (2)
    Singer - Mega Men, Australian Idol (5th), former AFL Player
  471. CBC Personality
  472. UK Presenter
  473. Presenter
  474. The third Disneyland Ambassador (1967). She also guest hosted the 'Wonderful World of Disney' episode 'From Pirates of the Caribbean to the World of Tomorrow.'
  475. Mino Monta is a Japanese television presenter
  476. Tv Host
  477. Presenter
  478. Tv host
  479. Puerto Rican show host, 'El Show de las 12'
  480. Prof. of History of Oxford University. Broadcaster and writer on history and current affairs. Presenter- Channel 4 Indian Affair.
  481. Host 'Romper Room'
  482. Presenter
  483. Presenter
  484. former college/NFL running back/return specialist; played for University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Redskins & Eagles; 1X Pro Bowler; member of Redskins Super Bowl XXVI championship team; holds many NFL records
  485. Presenter / On-Air Talent Channel 4 San Diego
  486. CBC Personality
  487. Presenter
  488. Pete Mitchell  (2)
  489. commentator
  490. Male Host/Presenter
  491. IGN Host
  492. The Miz, currently starring on 'Miz and Mrs'; formerly on MTV's The Real World New York (season 10) and former WWE Heavyweight Champion
  493. Olympic Hockey Player
  494. Cast Member of 'Whose Line Is It Anyway?'
  495. American writer, TV host, and transgender rights activist. Her debut book, the memoir Redefining Realness, became a New York Times bestseller
  496. TV Presenter - ORF
  497. German actress
  498. Writer, journalist and broadcaster specialising in Iran
  499. Actor:Suburgatory,Gary Unmarried, Saturday Night Live 1993-95; Jerry Maguire, Go, Pay It Forward, Last Comic Standing, Cherry Falls, Suicide Kings, The Jeff Foxworthy Show, Action