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Browsing Category Home->Performing Arts->Actor/Actress , A-Z Filter: Q
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  1. Actress
  2. UK Actor
  3. Jayson in DrumLine( Nick Cannons white friend)
  4. Actor
  5. Actress - Jessica Jones
  6. Yen in Ocean's Eleven
  7. Actor: The Quest, The Order, Lionheart
  8. Actor & Director: Lionheart, Kickboxer 1 & 2, Extreme Force, Bloodmatch
  9. Actress
  10. Actress-Obi Wan Kenobi
  11. Actress played the Landlady in Kung Fu Hustle
  12. Actress
  13. Actor
  14. actor - Cholla, the leader of the Black Widows in Every Which Way But Loose, Any Which Way You Can
  15. Actress
  16. German actor, son of Will Quadflieg
  17. Actor
  18. Actress
  19. actor
  20. Actor
  21. Actor, MMA commentator, guitarist for SNOW (1978-1981)
  22. Actor
  23. Actress
  24. Actor
  25. Male Model
  26. Actress
  27. Broadway Actress/Daughter of Randy Quaid
  28. Actor-The Parent Trap,Breaking Away,The Rookie,Enemy Mine,Dreamscape,Jaws 3,DOA,Suspect,Innerspace,Any Given Sunday,Something To Talk About,Postcards From The Edge,Frequency,The Day After Tomorrow,Great Balls Of Fire,The Lone Riders,The Right Stuff,Cavema
  29. Actor-.Son of Dennis Quaid & Meg Ryan, The Hunger Games, The Boys
  30. Actor- The Last Picture Show, Paper Moon, Midnight Express, Moving, Caddyshack 2, Days of Thunder, Quick Change, Independence Day, National Lampoons Vacation, Christmas Vacation, Vegas Vacation, Kingpin, Not Another Teen Movie, Brokeback Mountain
  31. comedienne/actress/host - AMC's 'Movies At Our House' (cable tv), frequest guest commentator - VH1's 'I Love The '70s/'80s' (tv series)
  32. Actor - The Grapes Of Wrath, The Searchers, Casablanca, His Girl Friday, Arrowsmith, Knute Rockne..., Out Of The Fog, Tortilla Flat, The Big Steal, Unchained, Anatomy Of A Murder, ... Liberty Valance, The Big Land, The 7 Faces Of Dr. Lao, lots of TV
  33. Actor: Psycho Cop
  34. Actress - HBO's "The Leftovers"
  35. Actress in the movie Mighty Fine
  36. Actor: Road Trip, The New Guy, Cherry Falls, Big Trouble, Lone Star State of Mind, Chasing Holden, The Core, Hustle & Flow, Delta Farce, Last Day of Summer, Memphis Beat, Legit, November Rule, Fargo, Supernatural, Z Nation
  37. Actor
  38. David Quan  (2)
  39. Voice Actor she does Kimi on 'Rugrats'
  40. Short Round/Shorty in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Data in the Goonies
  41. Actress
  42. Played 'Capone' on Pansacola Wings of Gold
  43. Actress in A Virgin For St. Tropez
  44. Actress
  45. Actress
  46. Actress
  47. Actor
  48. Best known for the role of Mr Carnegie, the Health Inspector in the Fawlty Towers episode 'Basil the Rat' and Henry Tobias in K-9 and Company
  49. Herbert von Krolock in The Fearless Vampire Killers
  50. Played Dorothy in Village of the Damned (1995)
  51. American actor born 1925.'Count Yorga,Vampire','Dr.Phibes Rises Again','Teenage Exorcist','Return of Count Yorga','Deathmaster','Madhouse','Alienator','The Prophet','Inner Sanctum II','Warlords'
  52. Actor-'The Church',Star Wars Episode I:The Phantom Menace(Captain Panaka),The Dogs Of War,Wolcott,Highlander,Clive Barkers Nightbreed,The Tomorrow People,Medics,Wing Commander,Threesome,Casualty,Holby City
  53. Actress: All My Children, Hangin' with Mr. Cooper, The Pelican Brief, A Family Thing, Semper Fi, Strange World, American Dreams
  54. Movie, 'The Devil Inside'
  55. Actor - Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
  56. Male Voice Over Talent
  57. Actor
  58. Actress-Captain America:The First Avenger,Cry Wolfe,Distinguished Gentlemen,Shock
  59. Actor
  60. Actress
  61. Actor
  62. Italian Actor
  63. Female Voice Over Talent
  64. Actress
  65. Stage musical actor - Inspector Javert in original cast of Les Miserables
  66. Actress, Criminal Minds, NCIS, The Grief Tourist
  67. Actor
  68. Actor
  69. rock singer/songwriter/bassist/actress/radio host - hits with can the can (1973), 48 crash (1973), daytona demon (1973), happy days (t.v. series, recurring role), annie get your gun (broadway stage production)
  70. Italian Actor
  71. Ilona, Playgirls and the Vampire(1960)
  72. Actress
  73. Actor
  74. Actor
  75. Model 'Scusami ma ti chiamo amore' 'Scusa. ma ti voglio sposare' 'Natale a Beverly Hills'
  76. Actor - Gotham
  77. actress
  78. Actress
  79. Actor - The Guns Of Navarone, Lawrence Of Arabia, Anne Of 1,000 Days (AA nom.), The Wrong Man, Hamlet '48, The Fall Of The Roman Empire, Tarzan's Greatest Adventure, East Of Sudan, Operation Crossbow, A Study In Terror, The Tamarind Seed, QB VII
  80. Actress-Loving,House,Private Practice
  81. Actor
  82. Stars in the new film, 'Parental Guidance Suggested'
  83. Actor
  84. Actress
  85. Musician/Talk Show Host/Actress-Chicago,Bringing Down The House,Barbershop 2,Taxi, Voice of Ellie in Ice AgeL The Meltdown, Hairspray
  86. Actress: Judith Bowen in BBC Drama TENKO
  87. Actor
  88. Actor
  89. Princess Yasimina in Conan the Barbarian (1982)
  90. Actor from Québec
  91. British Actress - Jonathan Creek, Men Behaving Badly, Whose Line Is It Anyway (UK), Life Begins, various radio work
  92. Actor
  93. Actor
  94. Actor
  95. Actress
  96. Actor
  97. Actor
  98. Actress in The Masked Mutilator
  99. Actress
  100. Actor - Once Upon a Time
  101. Italian Actor
  102. German actress
  103. Actor
  104. Actress
  105. Actress
  106. Actress
  107. Actress
  108. Actress: Paradise Falls, Threshold
  109. Actress
  110. Actress - Cardiac Arrest, Thief Takers, Cold Feet, The Golden Hour, Holby City, True Dare Kiss, EastEnders, The A Word
  111. Female Voice Over Talent, Curse of Chucky
  112. German Actor - Edgar Wallace, Boat Trip,Post Mortem - Der Nuttenmörder
  113. Actor
  114. Actress
  115. Actor
  116. Actress
  117. Actor
  118. Voice Actress - the voices of Betty Boop, Olive Oyl, Little Lulu, Little Audrey, Winky Dink. Singer - On The Good Ship Lollipop (sold 2 million copies). Actress - Funny Girl, Christmas Vacation, Zelig, New York Stories
  119. Actor
  120. French actor
  121. Tv presenter
  122. Actor: The Code. Darrell Las Quevas is known for The Code (2009), Sherlock (2010) and Ortega and His Enemies (2014)
  123. Stars in the film, "Affluenza"
  124. TV personality
  125. Actor - Fear the Walking Dead
  126. Actor
  127. Actress in Another Mother/Stalked by my Husband's Ex
  128. Actor
  129. Breaking Bad
  130. Philippine tv ,
  131. actress-Law & Order UK,Houdini and Doyle
  132. Actor: Night Gallery, Cannon, M*A*S*H, Streets Of San Francisco, Charlie's Angels, Rockford Files, The Waltons, Buck Rogers, Bret Maverick, Little House, Falcon Crest, + The Invaders. PLUS: Memory Expert, Having Memorized Entire First Book Of Homer's 'The
  133. Actress
  134. Actress played a Playboy model in Beverly Hills Cop II
  135. Denise, House of Whipcord(1974)
  136. Actor
  137. Actor
  138. Actor
  139. Yvonne Jeffries in Shortland Street
  140. Actress/Model - Insidious 2
  141. Actress
  142. Child Actress - Imitation Of Life '34, The Man Who Reclaimed His Head, Riffraff, The Devil Doll, The Lady & The Monster, Born To Dance, The Blue Bird, National Velvet. Sister of actress Rita Quigley
  143. Actor - NCIS
  144. Actor
  145. Actress: Summer Camp, Return of the Living Dead, Vice Academy, Cheech and Chongs Still Smokin, Creepozoids, Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers, Nightmare on Elm Street 4, Sexbomb, Virgin High, Silent Night Deadly Night, Night of the Demons
  146. Actress: Mission Impossible 3, Rush Hour 2, Nikita
  147. Guest starred on The Golden Girls S7E7
  148. Eugene in bbc 1's Cutting it
  149. American actress born 1923.movies from 1940-48.'Riot Squad','Isle of Forgotten Sins','Keeper of the Flame','Susan and God','Howards of Virginia','Human Comedy','Whispering Footsteps'.sister of child actress Juanita Quigley
  150. Actor: X-men 2, Excess baggage
  151. Actor - The Mentalist
  152. Actress
  153. Actress
  154. Actor
  155. Actor: Hamburger Hill, Hiding Out, Listen to Me, Staying Together, Next of Kin, The Closer, Endangered, Touch Me, The Perfect Husband - The Laci Peterson Story, A Plumm Summer, Argo
  156. Blacksmith in Army of Darkness. Long time friend of Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi.
  157. Actor - Vaudeville. Films - many Mack Sennett shorts, Quillan/Vernon comedy shorts, Mutiny On The Bounty, The Grapes Of Wrath, Young Mr. Lincoln, Allegheny Uprising, It Ain't Hay, The Godless Girl, The Sophomore, Brigadoon, many TV roles (inc. Hell Town)
  158. Actress
  159. British actor born 1927.Com.Traynor' on'Timeslip'(1970-71),'Murder on the Orient Express','Evil Under the Sun','King David','Anne of the Thousand Days','Privates on Parade','The Black Windmill','Mister Johnson','Long Days Journey Into Night'
  160. Female Dancer
  161. Female Model
  162. Actor
  163. Actress - Follyfoot, Peak Practice
  164. Actress
  165. Australian general purpose actor, Bluey etc
  166. Actress
  167. Actor
  168. Actress
  169. Coronation Street
  170. Actor
  171. Actress
  172. Actor
  173. Actor/Author - Played Stacey Grainger in 'The Virginian' 1966-1968
  174. Actor, Writer as an actor he appeared on an episode of Law & Order SVU; Third Watch and several episodes of Oz as well as the film Zoolander as the night clup bouncer and many others. He has written the novel The Imagination Thief and 4 novellas publi
  175. Actor
  176. Concubine in scorpion king 2
  177. Actor - Hollyoaks
  178. Actor
  179. BodyBuilder/Actor-MrMoons Magic Circus-1980s
  180. Twin sister and is in scorpion king 2
  181. Actor
  182. Actor - Gotham
  183. Actress: Family Law, Apollo 13 ,American Grafitti, Life Guard, Airport 77, Hanky Panky, Twilight Zone The Movie, Clara's Heart, The Doors, Perfect Alibi, Breakdown, Event Horizon, A Civil Action, Blackout, The Hills Have Eyes, Stargate, Chicago Fire
  184. The Bold and the Beautiful, South of Nowhere,Dirt,Girl Trash,3Way,Not Easily Broken
  185. Actress
  186. Jenny Greenaway, In the Devil's Garden(1971)
  187. Actress, Skyscraper, Moon River (TV series), Skyfire
  188. Actor
  189. Actress-Better Call Saul,Mad About You
  190. Actor - Desperately Seeking Susan, In Dreams, Practical Magic, Blink
  191. Little Orphan Annie (1982), Wizard Of oz ( TV show), The Frog Prince, Multiple Sarcasms
  192. Actress in Sorority Slaughterhouse
  193. Actress
  194. Elaine Massey in Mannix
  195. Mexican Actor - Zorba The Greek, Viva Zapata! (AA), Lust For Life (AA), Lawrence Of Arabia, Guns Of Navarone, Requiem For A Heavyweight, Shoes Of The Fisherman, Ulysses, Barabbas, La Strada, Across 110th St., Ox-Bow Incident, Blood & Sand, Black Swan
  196. Mr. Turner on Boy Meets World
  197. Sheriff's girl, Squirm(1976)
  198. Actress - Something's Gotta Give, The Tailors's Daughter
  199. Bill Quinn  (2)
    Actor - Archie Bunker's Place (61 eps. as Mr. Van Ranseleer), The Rifleman (38 eps. as Sweeney the bartender), Star Trek V (as McCoy's father), Advise & Consent, Twilight Zone: The Movie, MANY TV guest roles. He was Bob Newhart's father-in-law
  200. Tommy P. Dawkins on Big Wolf on Campus
  201. Brian Quinn  (2)
  202. Chris Quinn  (2)
  203. Actor in Mercy, The Sopranos, Oxygen
  204. Actor
  205. Vikings
  206. Actress
  207. Saturday Night Live cast member; Host of Tough Croud on Comedy Central
  208. actress
  209. Dan Quinn  (2)
  210. Actor: Dead Bang, Impulse, The Chase, Conagher, Extreme Justice, The Last Outlaw, Scanner Cop, Spiders 2, The Young and the Restless, Rubber, Twentysixmiles // Guest Star: Hunter, The X - Files, Baywatch, NYPD Blue, Without a Trace, Criminal Minds,
  211. Actress
  212. Actor, Anthony Quinn's son. 'Guida', 'Cuccillio', 'Thomaso'
  213. Former child actor and host of PBS '3,2,1 Contact'
  214. Actress in Murderlust
  215. 'Miss Texas' *Mary Jo Wright in Miss Congeniality
  216. My Three Sons, Wagon Train, The Andy Griffith Show
  217. Actor
  218. Eureka, Finn in 'Young Americans'
  219. Actor
  220. Actor
  221. Actor: Platoon, Casablanca Express, The Young and the Restless, 24, Vlad, JAG, The Shield, Indio, Top Dog, Hell Ride, Placebo Effect, A Star for Two, Hitz, The Dark Dancer, The Glades
  222. austrian entertainer
  223. Television Credits- Angel, Rosseanne, Jesse, 90210, The Outsiders
  224. Voice actor
  225. Prison Tough 1 - On LOST EP 3.4
  226. James Quinn  (3)
    German Actor - Requiem for Tomorrow, Prague Days
  227. Jamie Quinn  (2)
  228. Actor
  229. Actor
  230. John Quinn  (2)
  231. Actor
  232. Guest starred on The Golden Girls S5E7
  233. British actor known for his role as Eddie in Stranger Things and Arthur Havisham in the BBC Series Dickensian
  234. Musician
  235. Actress
  236. Vicky Jeffries in the ITV soap opera Coronation Street
  237. Actor
  238. Actor
  239. American Actor (b: 1915) - 77 Sunset Strip (as Roscoe), Al Capone '59, Ocean's Eleven, Dondi, The Crowded Sky, Gypsy, High School Big Shot, Birds Do It, lots of TV guest-starring roles (including Batman as Latch)
  240. Actress
  241. Actress-Huilen 'Twilight:Breaking Dawn, pt.2'
  242. original MTV VJ, The Brady 500, The Bradys, Full House, The Early Show, Sirius Satellite Radio DJ (channel 08)
  243. Actor- Strange New Worlds
  244. Actor
  245. Hadestown (National Tour)
  246. Actress - The Wild Thornberrys: The Origin of Donnie 2001, Lying in Wait 2001, Love, Cheat & Steal 1993, The Verne Miller Story 1987 and two others
  247. Actor/Puppeteer-Star Wars Episode VI:Return of The Jedi(Nien Nunb/Ree Yees/Sy Snootles/Yoda/Wol Cabbashite),Dark Crystal,Muppet Christmas Carol,Muppet Treasure Island,Great Muppet Caper
  248. Plays Alexis Castle on 'Castle'
  249. Actress
  250. Nick Quinn  (2)
  251. Actress: The Rocky Horror Picture Show (Magenta), Hawk the Slayer (Sorceress), Doctor Who, I Claudius, Fortunes of War, The Box of Delights, Shock Treatment (Nation McKinley)
  252. Actress - Alice's Restaurant (as Alice), Zachariah (as Belle Starr), Shoot Out, An Unmarried Woman, Clean & Sober. Born 1937
  253. Stars in 'Megan Is Missing'
  254. Winner on X Factor
  255. Photographer on LOST EP 3.8
  256. Actress in Mesa of Lost Women as Tarantella -in The Neanderthal Man 1953 as Jeanette Quinn
  257. Actor
  258. '60s child actor
  259. Actress
  260. Dancer/Actor - Breakin', Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo
  261. Actress, Model, Miss Universe 2001, Smallville
  262. Actress-Hard Luck,The Perfect Game
  263. Actor
  264. Actor; 'Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds', 'Dante's Cove', 'No Ordinary Family', 'Life on Top', 'Desperate Housewives', 'Bones'
  265. Actress in Pom Pom Murders
  266. Actress
  267. Actor
  268. Catalonian soap opera 'El Cor de la Ciudad.'
  269. Actress | Producer - Known for Blaze You Out (2013), Land of Dreams (2015), Wake Up (I) (2010), Dead Beat (2010)
  270. Actress in Polaroid and Pandora
  271. Mexican actress born 1925
  272. Actress in Blood Slaughter Massacre
  273. Actor
  274. Actress-Hard Hunted,Candy Man
  275. Actress in 5ive Girls
  276. Actor starred in Coronation Street has Brian Tilsley
  277. Actor
  278. Actor
  279. Stars in 'Zane's Sex Chronicles'
  280. Actress
  281. Actress
  282. Actress
  283. Brother of Zachary Quinto, played a Romulan in Star Trek 2009
  284. Actor - 24, Heroes, Spock in Star Trek, American Horror Story, Hannibal
  285. Actor
  286. Actress
  287. Actor: Natural Born Killers, Pollock, From the Hip
  288. Actress: Class of 1984
  289. Actress
  290. Actress - plays Sinead in TV's Carrie & Barry
  291. Actor
  292. Actress
  293. Actress in Once Upon A Time Veronica
  294. Australian comedian and actor
  295. Actor
  296. Played Travis in Birds Of A Feather Son of Pauline Quirke
  297. Actress in Birds Of A Feather comedy and tv drama; ITVs Broadchurch
  298. Female Voice Over Talent
  299. Actress
  300. actress
  301. Actress
  302. British actor, born 1926. Howards' Way (1985-86), Kessler, The Revenge of Frankenstein, Zarak, Operation Amsterdam, The Accursed, Silas Marner (1985), Anna Karenina (1985), Cousin Bette (1971), Jenny's War, The New Avengers, Doomwatch, Ace of Wands
  303. Actress
  304. French Actor, 'Grande Ecole'
  305. Stuntman/Actor
  306. Worked for the Walt Disney Animation Studios in 1939. Among his credits include Fantasia and Dumbo. In the 1990s and early 2000s, Quon appeared as an actor in movies such as Speed and Sweet Jane
  307. Actress
  308. Actress
  309. Actress
  310. Actor