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Browsing Category Home->Performing Arts->Director/Producer , A-Z Filter: B
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  1. Argentine actress, singer and producer
  2. Video game producer and president of the game development company, Studio Istolia
  3. Film Director
  4. Director of Photography
  5. Director
  6. Director
  7. Director
  8. Director
  9. Director
  10. Actor, director and screenwriter; husband of Mira Sorvino
  11. Actor - Footloose, Flat Liners, Digging to China, Wild Things, Hollow Man, Diner, She's Having A Baby, Sleepers, Apollo 13, Picture Perfect, Animal House, Mystic River, Planes, Trains & Automobiles, Tremors, The River Wild, JFK, Stir of Echoes, Criminal L
  12. French director
  13. Film Producer 'Heaven Is for Real '/Great niece of the Scouting founder Lord Robert Baden-Powell
  14. Director: Saturday Night Fever, Stakeout 1&2, WarGames, Short Circuit, Dracula '79, Blue Thunder, American Flyers, Point of No Return, Bird on a wire, Drop Zone, Nick of Time, Whose Life Is It Anyway?, Incognito, Psych, Supernatural
  15. Iranian-born TV director - Hawaii Five-O, Mission Impossible, The Six Million Dollar Man, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, The Incredible Hulk, The Adventures of Superboy, Star Trek:Deep Space Nine
  16. Actor
  17. Director
  18. Producer / writer
  19. Executive Producer Law & Order SVU
  20. TV writer. Bewitched among others. He acted in Citizen Kane and also was uncredited associate producer.
  21. Actor & Director: Dawn of the Dead, Knightriders, All the Right Moves, Silver Bullet, It Had to Be You, Law & Order, Days of our Lives, All My Children
  22. former news anchor - KGUN 9, director of business development - Orca Communications
  23. Director
  24. French director
  25. Screenwriter/Playwright
  26. Director
  27. Animation director
  28. Director
  29. Director
  30. Played Deacon in Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure; produces a lot of tv shows like Pawnography (2014), Man vs Vegas (2005) and Big Brother (2000)
  31. American physicist born July 27, 1904; Director of the Trinity test of the Manhattan Project, which took place July 16, 1945.
  32. Director - Never Ever After, Dark Waters (1994), Caruncula
  33. Italian Director
  34. Actress, Producer, And Writer
  35. Producer
  36. Movie director/editor Vantage Point, Casino Royale, Star Trek: Nemesis, U.S. Marshalls
  37. Director
  38. Director of photography
  39. Executive producer
  40. Director: Omen III, Impulse, Amazing Stories, Alien Nation, Born to Ride, Beowulf
  41. Filmaker, Husband of Victoria Fuller, The Amazing Race
  42. assistant director of Labyrinth the movie 1986
  43. associate producer of Labyrinth the movie 1986
  44. Roy Thomas Baker (Born in Hampstead, London, UK) is an English record and music producer, songwriter, arranger and Recording Academy governor, who has produced pop and rock records since the 1970s
  45. Film Director - A Night To Remember, Don't Bother To Knock, The Vampire Lovers, Scars Of Dracula, Dr. Jekyll & Sister Hyde, Asylum, The Monster Club. Born: 12/19/1916
  46. Nigerian Director. Directed Road to Yesterday. Lives in Abuja, Nigeria
  47. Israeli Arab actor, film producer and film director
  48. Executive producer Rebound The Legend of Earl 'The Goat' Manigault
  49. Director of Fritz The Cat, American Pop, Cool world
  50. Belgian Director
  51. Actor & Director: Midnight Cowboy, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Gosford Park, Altered States, Absence Of Malice, 2010, The Majestic, The Late Shift, Jakob The Liar, Dead Bang, Bank Shot, Seinfeld
  52. Spanish Director - '[REC]', 'Fragile', 'Darkness', 'The Nameless'
  53. Movie Director
  54. French actress-French Twist
  55. movie director
  56. Screenwriter & Producer: Law & Order
  57. Animation
  58. Director
  59. Animator, b.1929. Worked on Mr. Magoo, Rocky & Bullwinkle, Hanna-Barbera shows, produced/directed The Smurfs in the 1980's
  60. Peter Baldwin  (2)
    American actor-producer-director born 1931 'Stalag 17','Teacher's Pet','I Married A Monster From Outer Space','The Tin Star','The Ghost','The Possessed' The Andy Griffith Show
  61. Actress, Producer - Hostess Of 'CW 30 Screening Room'
  62. Wirter, Producer for Sharknado, Z Nation
  63. Director-The Maze Runner
  64. movie director
  65. Director
  66. Director
  67. Writer/Producer : Wings , MASH, Cheers many more.
  68. Songwriter, actor, sculptor, but most importantly, a filmmaker extraordinaire
  69. Animation director of Yellow Submarine-1968
  70. Director
  71. Director/Screenwriter
  72. Theater director/Actor/Born: 05/04/1912
  73. Director of 'Mulan.' Animator of 'Aladdin', 'Beauty and the Beast', 'Stuart Little' 2, 'The Lion King', 'The Emperor's New Groove,' and 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame,' twin brother of Animator Tom Bancroft
  74. director, writer, and producer of horror films
  75. Actor: Philadelphia, The Mask of Zorro, The Mambo Kings, Spy Kids, Shrek 2, Desperado, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, Assassins, Evita, The 13th Warrior, Bordertown, Haywire, The Expendables 3, Machete Kills
  76. Swedish Theater Director
  77. Norwegian film director, actor and film critic
  78. Filmmaker and music video director
  79. Director
  80. American art director - Holiday
  81. movie producer director
  82. Film/TV Producer
  83. French Actress, Producer, And Assistant Director
  84. Director
  85. Director
  86. Screenwriter & Director
  87. Director
  88. Director
  89. Director
  90. Director
  91. Director
  92. Director
  93. Director/Screenwriter
  94. Director
  95. Director
  96. television director
  97. Director on Weeds
  98. Spanish director
  99. Director
  100. Director - Green Acres (every episode!), The Twilight Zone (7), Cheyenne (21), Maverick (11), Joe McDoakes shorts (all!). Formerly married to Phyllis Coates. Born: 08/12/1909
  101. Director of photography
  102. Artist
  103. Actress-The Warehouse
  104. Producer
  105. Animator/director - Piper (Academy Award Winner 2017, best animated short)
  106. Film Producer // Founder of Planet Hollywood
  107. Author: Books of Blood 1-6, The Damnation Game, Weaveworld, The Great & Secret Show, Imajica, Sacrament, The Hellbound Heart // Director: Hellraiser, Lord of Illusions, Nightbreed
  108. Writer/Director
  109. Director
  110. Screenwriter/Director
  111. Director
  112. musician, producer, and former drummer for jethro tull
  113. Music Video Director
  114. Producer
  115. Screenwriter/Director
  116. French tv producer
  117. French director
  118. Ira Barmak  (2)
    Producer of the movie Silent Night, Deadly Night
  119. Screenwriter / Director - Rhymes for Young Ghouls
  120. Director
  121. Production Designer
  122. Director
  123. Actress and producer - Apples and Oranges, Moon Lake Casino,, Good Dick, Dorm of the Dead, and Moon Lake Casino (associate producer)
  124. Steve Barnett  (2)
    Director: Mindwarp, Scanner Cop 2
  125. Director
  126. Second unit director and assistant director, born: ?, active 60s - early 80s
  127. Director
  128. Director Blast of Silence 1961
  129. Actor/singer/director/writerOfficer of The Lambs, Incworks include film, stage, and television including 13 episodes of The Sopranos
  130. Movie Producer And Director
  131. Producer
  132. Actor: The Fall Guy, Designing Women, The Wizard, When The Whistle Blows, The Unseen, Deadly Blessing, Spaced Invaders // Director: Ed McBain's 87th Precinct - Heatwave, Dead Badge, The Jensen Project, Conundrum
  133. John Barr  (2)
    Director of Photography
  134. Actor
  135. Director
  136. Screenwriter
  137. Cinematographer, producer, editor: Holliston; Hatchet series; Coffee and Doughnuts. Real-life inspiration for Joe on Holliston
  138. Director
  139. Director
  140. Screenwriter/Director
  141. producer that made the tv series batman in 1960's
  142. movie director
  143. American singer, record producer, and songwriter; initially a member of Doo-Wop group 'The Valentines', he later discovered and promoted groups like Frankie Lymon & the Teenagers
  144. movie director
  145. TV Director/Producer, Screenwriter, Author
  146. TV Producer The Punisher, Luke Cage, Person of Interest, Law & Order SVU
  147. Producer - Harry Potter
  148. Directed 'Billie Jean' and 'Beat It' Michael Jackson videos; also Dire Straits? Money for Nothing, Eddy Grant?s Electric Avenue, Fleetwood Mac?s Hold Me, The Human League?s Don?t You Want Me, Joe Jackson?s Steppin? Out, Toto?s Africa, A-ha's Take On Me
  149. Director
  150. Director
  151. British born television director, well known for his work on the science fiction series Doctor Who. He now lives in retirement in Oxfordshire
  152. Author
  153. Director
  154. producer/writer
  155. Performing name of a French horse trainer, film producer and impresario
  156. Director
  157. Screenwriter, Director & Actor: Eating Raoul, Death Race 2000, Piranha, Chopping Mall, Hamlet, Escape from LA, Gremlins 2
  158. Director
  159. Movie Director
  160. Star Wars Television Holiday Special-Art Director
  161. Cinematographer & Director: Romeo Must Die, Exit Wounds, Cradle 2 the Grave, The Devil's Advocate
  162. Creator of Nickelodeon TV show, 'Hey Arnold.'
  163. Screenwriter/Director
  164. Screenwriter & Producer: The Greatest American Hero
  165. One of directors for The Munsters
  166. John Barton  (2)
    Co-founder of the Royal Shakespeare Company. Appeared in the television series, 'Playing Shakespeare.'
  167. Film Editor: Star Wars - Return of The Jedi, Quadrophenia, Jagged Edge, K2, The Fly II, Golden Gate, Chaos // Writer & Director: Curse III - Blood Sacrifice
  168. Plays Stephen Karp on the show Undeclared, Jay on Knocked Up, Tropic Thunder, Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist, She's Out of My League
  169. Producer
  170. American director and screenwriter - The Sugarland Express
  171. Actor-A French Woman
  172. Director
  173. Director
  174. Director/Screenwriter
  175. Director
  176. French director
  177. Co-directed classic animated shorts:Rudolph, Frosty, Mad Monster Party & Films: Hobbit & Last Unicorn
  178. Producer & Writer: Sleeping with the Enemy, When a Man Loves a Woman, My Best Friend's Wedding, Entrapment, Black Widow, Rain Man, The Joy Luck Club, What Dreams May Come, Amelia
  179. Director
  180. Director
  181. Producer and writer - 'Hawaii Five-O', 'The Man in the Iron Mask', 'The Scarlet Pimpernel' Born: 04/03/31
  182. actress-Paris City Cop
  183. movie director
  184. Actress/Producer/Director: Family Ties, Satisfaction, The Closer, Primary Motive, Beware The Dog, The Night We Never Met, Bucket of Blood, God's Lonely Man, Lois & Clark, Men Behaving Badly, Say You'll Be Mine
  185. Director
  186. Screenwriter / Director - Suburban Gothic
  187. Director
  188. Director
  189. Writer/Director: Sound Of My Voice, The East
  190. Director
  191. Director: Blue Desert, The Joyriders
  192. Director
  193. Songwriter, musician and Italian film director . Cantautor, músico y director de cine italiano
  194. Saxophonist, arranger and producer
  195. German director/producer of documentaries - Master of the Universe, Dead Man Working
  196. Theatre Director
  197. Director
  198. Movie Director, Screenwriter
  199. Director
  200. co-writer and producer of Cry_Wolf
  201. Director
  202. Director
  203. Director
  204. Writer/Director- Kicking and Screaming, The Squid and the Whale.
  205. Swiss Born Actress And Voice Over Talent - TV Series 'Bleak House' (2005. Has British citizenship
  206. Italian director. Macabre, A blade in the dark, Demons 1, 2.
  207. Director & stunt Coordinator: The A-Team, The Long Riders, Action Jackson
  208. director, Armageddon, The Rock, Pearl Harbor - Transformers -
  209. Music Video Director / Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)
  210. Director
  211. American Award-Winning Filmmaker From Philadelphia. Her production credits include Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Jesus' Son and The Sixth Sense. In addition to her work behind the camera, Bayete has appeared in numerous commercials, films and inter
  212. Director/Screenwriter
  213. Author, Illustrator, Producer - Jane and the Dragon, The WotWots
  214. Film director
  215. Lead guitarist in the 1980's rock group 'The Vapors', whose hit 'Turning Japanese' remains a popular one-hit wonder. Now a film editor, television producer and director
  216. British reality TV creator and producer, created Channel 4 show 'Big Brother'
  217. Director
  218. 'Queen' Manager, also producer
  219. director
  220. Director
  221. movie director writer
  222. Musician; Musical director of Michael Jackson's 'This Is It' production
  223. Director
  224. Writer & Director
  225. Producer and Writer of Johnny Test
  226. actor/filmmaker - bonnie and clyde, dick tracy, splendor in the grass, bugsy, bullworth, shampoo
  227. director of photography
  228. Producer, Assistant Director, Production Manager worked on the tv show Lassie with his father William Sr
  229. Director
  230. Director
  231. French film director and actor
  232. Tv writer
  233. Production Designer
  234. German Actor-Tatort
  235. Directed Thirteen Ghosts
  236. Boris Becker  (2)
  237. Film Director - The Onion Field, Malice, Sea Of Love, Taps, Vision Quest, The Boost, Mercury Rising, Domestic Disturbance, The Black Marble, City Hall, The Ragman's Daughter
  238. Movie Director, Screenwriter
  239. french director
  240. Alien Apocalypse, Running Time
  241. German Actress/Director. Born: 01/28/1920, 'Wilhelm Tell' (Swiss movie 1960), 'Der Alte' (3 x guest in TV Serie'), 'Derrick' (5 x guest in TV Serie) and maried to actor Robert Freitag ('The Great Escape')
  242. The Guild
  243. Screenwriter & Director: Van Wilder, Buying the Cow, Wild Hogs
  244. filmmaker - 'Good Bye, Lenin!' (2003)
  245. Producer, 'Marathon Man', 'Red Dawn'
  246. Director
  247. Director
  248. Director
  249. Actor-Don Juan
  250. Director, Veronica Mars and Supernatural
  251. Stage Director
  252. Production Designer
  253. Director
  254. Director: License to Drive, Mom and Dad Save the World, Problem Child 3, Bushwhacked, Nash Bridges, JAG, Heroes, Smallville, Falling Skies
  255. Choreograph
  256. Executive Producer - Private Practice
  257. Tv Producer & Director: The Magnificent Seven, 21 Jump Street, The A-Team
  258. Creator of Ice Road Truckers and Deadliest Catch on tv
  259. Lost director
  260. Director, -Smallville-Supernatural-Close To Home-
  261. Actor-Trauma
  262. Director
  263. Director
  264. Assistant Director - Rivals 1972; to all my friends on Shore
  265. Production Manager & Producer: Friday the 13th 6, Halloween, The Fog, Once Bitten, Bare Knuckles, Top Dog, L.A. Law, Fear Runs Silent
  266. French film director
  267. Director
  268. Director/Screenwriter
  269. Author of several Space Publications/Early NASA Official/Director of advanced programs and plans
  270. Director, Night Watch, Day Watch, Wanted
  271. Director
  272. American jazz producer and saxophone player
  273. Screenwriter
  274. Director
  275. Director
  276. French movie director
  277. Producer of comedy shows in LA. Owner of message board. Producer and co-host of Never Not Funny
  278. Director of Last of The Summer Wine
  279. Bob Bell  (2)
    Thunderbirds - Art Director & Special Effects
  280. David Bell  (4)
  281. John Bell  (4)
  282. Producer, Assistant Director was associated Producer of Spinterheads 3009 and Assistant Director on 6 episodes of Inside Amy Schumer and many others
  283. Creator of the soap opera Young and the Restless
  284. Director/Producer
  285. Director
  286. Director
  287. Director
  288. Second Assistant Director-Star Wars Episode 1:The Phantom Menace
  289. Emmy Award winning producer, writer, and director as well as the author of three books. Most recently she directed Monk starring Emmy award winner Tony Shalhoub and The Wizards of Waverly Place on the Disney Channel. On the CW, she di
  290. French Actress - Movie 'Q' (2011)
  291. Screenwriter, Producer & Director: Magnum p.i., JAG, Quantum Leap, NCIS
  292. Italian film director
  293. Director
  294. Director
  295. Director
  296. journalist television prod.
  297. American Producer - Movie - 'Going To Pieces: The Rise And Fall Of The Slasher Film' (2006)
  298. French producer, composer - disco music (e.g. 'Village People')
  299. Belgian director: 'Pour rire'
  300. Belgian director: 'C'est arrivé près de chez vous'
  301. Director
  302. Director
  303. Director
  304. Director
  305. French film director, writer and producer
  306. Director
  307. Director/Producer
  308. Film Producer
  309. Jack Bender  (2)
    Actor|Writer|Director: Columbo, Ironside, Eight is Enough, High School USA, The Dreamer of Oz, Child's Play 3, Gambler V, Lone Justice 2, A Face to Die For, Killing Mr. Griffin, It Came from the Sky, The Sopranos, Lost, Under the Dome, Game of Thrones
  310. Producer of Quentin Tarantino films: Pulp Fiction, Jakie BrownActor: From Dusk Till Dawn
  311. Director, Academy Award winner for 'Searching For Sugarman'
  312. Writer & Actor: My Stepmother Is an Alien, Miss Evers Boys, Aldrich Ames - Traitor Within, Freddys Nightmares, Tarzan in Manhattan, Elvira Mistress of Dark, L.A.Law, Mercy Mission - The Rescue of Flight 771
  313. Director
  314. Director
  315. Actor - The Great Alibi
  316. Actor - Life Is Beautiful ('98 Oscar win - Best Actor), Son of the Pink Panther, La Tigre e la Neve, Johnny Stecchino, Il Mostro, Pinocchio (title role)
  317. Director
  318. Movie Producer
  319. Producer/Screenwriter/Director: Star Treks II-V, Time Trax
  320. Production Designer - Deep Blue Sea
  321. Broadway dancer, choreographer, director (1943-1987), winner of 7 Tony Awards. Creator of A Chorus Line and Dreamgirls
  322. Art Director on tv show Dennis the Menace
  323. Screenwriter
  324. Actor/producer, 'Conoga Park'
  325. Director
  326. Actress & Film Director; Academy Award 2018 Nomination for 'Watu Wote/All of Us'
  327. French director
  328. Director
  329. Film Producer
  330. French producer
  331. Canadian Actress And Producer - TV Series - 'Tactical Girls' (2015)
  332. Actor And Producer
  333. Hollywood Producer
  334. Writer & Director: Kramer Vs Kramer, Places in the Heart, The Late Show, Nobody's Fool, Twilight, Nadine, Still of the Night, Bonnie and Clyde, Superman, What's Up Doc?, The Ice Harvest, Billy Bathgate, North of Cheyenne
  335. actor, plays in 'Homicides' on TF 2
  336. Italian Showman - Theatre and movie director - writer
  337. Producer
  338. Director
  339. French Theater And Cinema Actress, Writer, And Director - Short Movie - 'Mariage Blues' (2011)
  340. Director
  341. Screenwriter/Director
  342. Director
  343. Director
  344. Screenwriter / Director / Actor: Parasite, Frightmare, American Flyers, Clean & Sober, Rockula, Pacific Heights, Scanner Cop, K2, Drop Zone, Night Train, Ghoulies, The Granny, Dark Tide, Convict 762
  345. Creator of baby daddy
  346. Australian Director (b: 1940) - Tender Mercies (Oscar nom.), Breaker Morant (Oscar nom.), Driving Miss Daisy, Crimes Of The Heart, King David, The Fringe Dwellers, Black Robe, Silent Fall, Last Dance, Double Jeopardy, The Contract, Don's Party
  347. Survivor producer
  348. Actor: The Nightmare Room, Malcolm in the Middle, Unhappily Ever After, Hardball, The Mommies, The Kid with X-Ray Eyes, Sons of Tucson
  349. Adam Berg  (2)
  350. Screenwriter / Producer / Director: Herman's Head, The Dictator, EuroTrip, The Cat in the Hat, Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm, New Girl, Silicone Valley
  351. Director
  352. Screenwriter & Producer
  353. Jon Berg  (2)
    Film Producer
  354. Director
  355. Actor & Director: Shocker, Aspen Extreme, Unveiled, Chicago Hope, Cop Land, Collateral, The Rundown, Friday Night Lights
  356. German movie Producer - The Live of Others, Who Am I
  357. Director
  358. Film Producer - The Autopsy Of Jane Doe (2016), La La Land (2016), Operation Finale (2018)
  359. Director/Screenwriter
  360. Stage Director
  361. writer movie director
  362. retired director - Scenes from a Marriage, Persona, Fanny and Alexander
  363. movie producer
  364. Director/Animator
  365. Writer of The Munsters
  366. Theatre Director
  367. Creator/Director/Producer: Baywatch
  368. Director
  369. American film director and choreographer (1895-1976). '42nd Street', 'Footlight Parade', 'Dames', 'Golddiggers of 1935', 'Babes in Arms', 'Babes on Broadway'
  370. Writer & Director~ The Broken Hearts Club
  371. Director & Editor
  372. belgian director
  373. Production Designer
  374. Actor-Summer Hours,The Clink of Ice
  375. film director (book of shadows, blair witch 2)
  376. Stage Director
  377. Actor/Director
  378. Director-Tim and Eric
  379. Bones (TV series) (consulting producer - 85 episodes) ,CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (TV series) (producer - 34 episodes, 2002-2003) (co-executive producer - 25 episodes, 2004-2005) (supervising producer - 23 episodes, 2003-2004) (co-producer - 22 episod
  380. Film Producer
  381. star trek producer
  382. American Voice Over Talent, Actress, Producer, And Writer
  383. Actor-The Fly 2,The Commish,The X-Files
  384. Spanish movie director, born in 1951
  385. Director
  386. Producer and television production manager
  387. Screenwriter/Director
  388. Director
  389. Director
  390. Director
  391. Female Movie Graphic Designer (Art Department), And Film Producer
  392. French movie director ('L'Affaire Dominici'), born Claude Orgel in 1930
  393. Hollywood producer
  394. Movie director
  395. Director
  396. Film Producer: 'Omen', 'Damien: Omen II', 'Omen III: The Final Conflict'
  397. Opera Director
  398. producer and co-creator of Chaos
  399. actor, producer, brother of Corbin Bernsen (LA Law)
  400. Producer, Stormtrooper in Rogue One
  401. Photographer, guitarist, and record producer
  402. Author and former CIA officer and Directorate of Operations between October 1982 and June 2005. Served as a CIA Station Chief on 3 separate occasions and led several of CIA?s most important counterterrorism deployments
  403. Screenwriter & Director: The Hitcher (2007), Virtuosity, Surviving the game, Bachelor Party Vegas
  404. Screenwriter
  405. French film movie director, producer and writer
  406. Director
  407. American Theater Actress, Playwright, Screenwriter, And Director
  408. Actor-Bronson,Neutral Ground
  409. Screenwriter / Film Producer / Director
  410. Director of photography
  411. Director
  412. Director
  413. Director
  414. French producer
  415. Director
  416. Director
  417. Director & Screenwriter: 'The Strangers' (2008)
  418. Academy Award-winning Italian Director '1900', The Last Emperor, Last Tango In Paris, 'L'ultimo Imperatore'
  419. Degrassi Junior High
  420. Director
  421. Screenwriter/Director
  422. Director
  423. movie producer
  424. Director
  425. Director
  426. French director
  427. French director
  428. Film Producer
  429. French Film Director/Writer - La Femme Nikita, The Fifth Element, ... Joan Of Arc, Arthur & The Invisibles films. Writer only - Point Of No Return, Taken, The Transporter 1-2-3, ... Adele Blanc-Sec, Le Femme Nikita (TV series - 96). Producer
  430. Film producer (Valerian) and wife of director Luc Besson
  431. Director
  432. Director Boogeyman 2
  433. Director
  434. Art Director
  435. Director
  436. Actor and director, known for Ready or Not, V/H/S, and Southbound as well as The Crawl podcast with Chad Villella and Tyler Gillett
  437. Director
  438. Director
  439. The Big Lebowski executive producer
  440. Director
  441. Director
  442. Let's Talk About Sex, Weekend at Bernies
  443. Director
  444. French actor-The Origin Of Violence
  445. French director
  446. Director
  447. movie director
  448. Director
  449. Director
  450. Italian director, born 1925, famous for his horror movies from 1970's and 80's
  451. Italian director born 1939, known for 'Don't Trust the Mafia' and 'Satan's Baby Doll'
  452. Producer and writer, known for Dear God No! (2011), Frankenstein Created Bikers (2016) and Dumpster Baby (2000)
  453. Writer - happy days
  454. French screenwriter and director
  455. Italian director and writer
  456. American Model And Filmaker
  457. Film producer
  458. Screenwriter
  459. Director/Screenwriter
  460. German Actor/Director - Sendung mit der Maus
  461. Animation director of 'Bob & Bobette etles diables du Texas'
  462. Director
  463. American Director - Movies - 'The Hurt Locker' (2008). 2010 Oscar Winner 'The Hurt Locker' Best Picture, And Best Director. The First Woman To Win An Academy Award For Best Director
  464. Director: Deuce Bigalow - European Gigolo
  465. Director
  466. On the lot
  467. Assistant Director
  468. Documentary film maker
  469. Screenwriter - Floodhouse, Venice
  470. Producer. 'Two Thousand Weeks' (1969). Born: 10/06/1909
  471. productor director actor
  472. Director/Writer (Smallville, X-Files, Dark Angel,Star Trek Voyager)
  473. Actor, Direcor, Screenwriter
  474. Director / Screenwriter / Producer / Actor: A Christmas Story, The Dirt Bike Kid, Honky Tonk Freeway, Paternity, Russkies, Beverly Hills Brats, Elf, Death Valley, Iron Man, The Break-Up, Dinner For Five, 4 Christmases
  475. movie director
  476. TV Director & Producer
  477. Director
  478. Screenwriter & Director
  479. Actor / Writer / Director: Coupe de Ville, Crossing the Bridge, Indian Summer, Blankman, The Sex Monster, Foulrplay, The Mind of the Married Man, Minority Report, Reign Over Me
  480. Director - The TAMI Concert '64, Elvis '68 Comeback Concert, Liza '70, Olivia '78, Star Wars Holiday Special, Diana '81, The Chevy Chase Show. Producer. Writer
  481. Director