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Browsing Category Home->Performing Arts->Director/Producer , A-Z Filter: C
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  1. Production Designer
  2. Music video director
  3. French director
  4. Director
  5. Director/Screenwriter
  6. French radio/TV presenter, actor, humorist and comedian
  7. Comedian
  8. Greek stage and film director: 'Zorba the Greek','Electra','The Troyan Women','Iphigenia'
  9. Director
  10. Director/Producer
  11. movie director
  12. Director
  13. Film Director
  14. Italian director born 1933, famous for his horror movies and police thrillers during the 1960's and 1970's
  15. American record producer. He is best known for engineering the Fleetwood Mac albums Rumours, Tusk, Mirage, Live, and The Chain Box Set
  16. director
  17. French movie director
  18. Director: Gone Fishin' , The Next Karate Kid, Young Guns, The Principal
  19. Zombiegeddon, Werewolf in a Women's Prison
  20. Film Director; Academy Award 2018 Nomination for 'Garden Party'
  21. French director
  22. Director (Animation)
  23. Film/TV Producer
  24. Musician, composer, producer and interpreter of Argentina. This consideration of the greatest artists of Argentine rock and Spanish .Musico , compositor , interprete y productor argentino . Esta considerado de los más grandes artistas del rock arge
  25. Producer/Writer In 1964 he stood in for an ailing George Harrison as the remaining Beatles went through Dress rehearsal for their first appearance on The Ed Sullivan show
  26. Director
  27. Actress 'Trophy Wife' 'How I Met Your Mother' Writer, Producer, Director
  28. Executive producer - one day a time
  29. Director
  30. Director
  31. Animation writer
  32. 1986: The Children of Times Square 1992: Highway to Hell 1993: Kalifornia 1994: Clifford 1996: That Thing You Do! 2001: Double Down 2002: Poolhall Junkies 2007: What Love Is 2016: Four Kings
  33. Cinematographer / Screenwriter / Director
  34. Director
  35. director
  36. French Actress in American Movies born 1925.was married to Director Jeffrey Stone.'Far Country','One Step to Eternity','Peking Express','Sailor Beware','Quebec','On Riviera','Bluebeards 10 Honeymoons','Apache Uprising','What Price Glory','Flight to Tangie
  37. Director
  38. Director - Titanic, Terminator 1&2, Avatar, The Abyss, Aliens, True Lies, Piranha 2. Writer. Producer. Married to actress Suzy Amis
  39. John Cameron  (2)
    The Big Lebowski co-producer
  40. Producer & Writer
  41. Director of photography
  42. Director
  43. Writer/Director
  44. Animator, cartoonist, comic book artist, director, and producer. Camp has been nominated for two Emmys, a CableACE Award, and an Annie Award for his work on The Ren & Stimpy Show
  45. Italian Director
  46. Director: Brother Future; Quiet Victory: The Charlie Wedemeyer Story; Masquerade; Boston Public; Beverly Hills 90210; I'll Fly Away; Philly; The Marshall; Diagnosis Murder; Hooperman
  47. Director & Screenwriter
  48. Writer/Director
  49. Voice in Star Wars' Droids animated series
  50. Director
  51. Writer and Producer of Finding Faith
  52. UK-based TV director has signed to helm the BBC/HBO adaptation of J.K. Rowling?s The Casual Vacancy. Has directed, BBC miniseries In The Flesh and episodes of UK series including Doctor Who, Shameless, Ashes And Ashes and Phoenix Nights
  53. Actor
  54. Director
  55. Director - The Mask Of Zorro, The Legend Of Zorro, Goldeneye, Casino Royale, Green Lantern, Vertical Limit, Beyond Borders, No Escape
  56. Production Designer
  57. Actress: Little Shop of Horrors, Rags to Riches, School Daze, House Party, Another 48 Hrs., A Different World, Boomerang, Martin, The Last Place on Earth, My Wife and Kids, Everybody Hates Chris, Rita Rocks, Dr. Ken
  58. film director/screenwriter - wrote and directed 'The Piano'
  59. Spanish filmmaker, won Spanish 'Goya' and 'Golden Bear' at the Berlinale Film Festival 1983
  60. Screenwriter / Producer / Actor / Author: The A-Team, Hunter, Hardcastle & McCormick, The Rockford Files, 21 Jump Street, The Greatest American Hero, The Commish, Renegade, Two, Unsub, Missing Persons, Broken Badges, Silk Stalkings, Baretta, Columbo
  61. Producer for 'The Kings Speech'
  62. Film director - Judge Dredd, I Still Know What You Did Last summer
  63. Director/Screenwriter
  64. Director
  65. Spanish Director
  66. Screen writer / director- Air
  67. Director
  68. French TV Producer
  69. Actress
  70. Film Producer
  71. American actor and director
  72. Director
  73. Executive producer
  74. Director
  75. Director
  76. Series Producer - Lost
  77. Movie Director
  78. Director
  79. Director, It's a Wonderful Life, It Happened One Night, Meet John Doe, Arsenic and Old Lace
  80. Bloodline/Grandson of Frank Capra/was born on July 16, 1959 in San Diego, California, USA. He is an assistant director and producer, known for Escape from New York (1981), Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (1986) and Firestarter (1984)
  81. Movie Producer: 'Planet of The Apes' film series
  82. Screenwriter/Director
  83. Film Producer
  84. director
  85. French director
  86. French director
  87. Production Designer
  88. Cinematographer/filmmaker - Sons & Lovers (1960 ), Scent Of Mystery (1960)Born: 09/18/1914
  89. Actress/Producer/Director
  90. Mexican Director and Actor. Acted under the name Al Coster in Cemetary of Terror 1985
  91. Director & Screenwriter: Wicked Little Things, The Forsaken, Shadowzone, Black Day Blue Night
  92. Stuntman / Actor / Director: Mutant, Kingdom of Spiders, The Dark, Gor II, Act of Piracy, The Female Bunch
  93. Award-winning director, producer, and writer
  94. Producer/Actor - Night Of The Ghouls, The Beast Of Yucca Flats, The Skydivers, Night Train To Mundo Fine, The Hellcats, Bigfoot. Producer/Director - Smokey & The Hotwire Gang, Misfit Patrol
  95. Producer on tv's The Divorce Project, The Montel Williams Show among others. Directed the documentary Making Sinner. IMDB has 7 acting credits including Roller Boogie. Son of Actor Timothy Carey
  96. French Director of the film 'Joyeux Noël' (Merry Christmas)
  97. Director of photography
  98. movie director
  99. Director
  100. Production Designer
  101. Screenwriter & Director: The Mechanic, I Never Promised You a Rose Garden, A Reflection of Fear, Crazy Joe, The Great Santini, Class
  102. Production Designer
  103. Tv producer
  104. Actress in two films 'When Hell Broke Loose' 1958 and 'The Pusher' 1960 married director Allan Reisner and reportedly lives in Southern California
  105. Broadway
  106. Director
  107. Producer, Writer & Director
  108. Screenwriter & Director: Smokin' Aces, The A-Team, Narc, The Grey
  109. Screenwriter & Director: Breakaway, Red Water, Blind Fury, Gymkata, Judas, Witless Protection
  110. Production Manager
  111. John Carney  (2)
  112. Screenwriter & Producer
  113. Italian director born 1932, most famous for his Spaghetti westerns and horror movies like 'Ratman' (1988)
  114. Director
  115. french director
  116. Screenwriter & Director: Whale Rider, North Country, McFarland USA
  117. Italian Director
  118. French actor
  119. Associate Producer-Star Wars Holiday Special
  120. Wife of Director Neil Marshall, Make-Up Effects on DOOMSDAY
  121. French actor
  122. Director & Screenwriter: Picture Perfect, Love Affair, Clean & Sober
  123. Screenwriter
  124. Director: Halloween, Escape From New York, Escape From L.A., Vampires, The Thing, Christine, Elvis, Big Trouble In Little China, Village of The Damned, They Live, In The Mouth of Madness, Cigarette Burns, The Fog
  125. Appeared as Himself - Bridget's Boyfriend on Holly's World, The Girls Next Door. Director of THE TELLING. Grandson of legendary film pioneer Hal Roach, creator of 'The Little Rascals,' and the son of Mercury Astronaut M. Scott Carpenter
  126. Screenwriter & Director: The Dorm that dripped blood, Blue Streak, Soul Survivors
  127. Director
  128. tv writer, Production assistant Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, Assistant production managerStar Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes BackStar Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi
  129. movie director
  130. Film Director - Superman '48, Brick Bradford. TV Director - Adv. of Superman (37), Wanted-Dead or Alive (26), Rawhide (26), many more
  131. Director
  132. French director and producer
  133. Director
  134. Actor: Au Revoir Les Enfants
  135. Director
  136. Author
  137. An internationally renowned revue producer, choreographer, and costumer. The first male burlesque dancer
  138. Director
  139. American Musical Director/ Birth Name: Nook Schreier/Born: 10/15/1913
  140. Director
  141. Actor, stuntman, producer 'The Ranch' (2005), 'Days of Our LIves' (ep. 1.9745, 1.9819, + 1.9982),
  142. Production Designer
  143. Opera Director
  144. Writer/Director/Actor in Primer
  145. tv producer
  146. Director: Star Trek, Alien Nation, Witchblade, From the Earth to the Moon, Letters from a Killer, 10th Kingdom, Carrie, Unstoppable, Smallville, The Dresden Files, married to actress Kim Braden
  147. Director. Brother of Johnny Carson. Directed episodes of Wheel of Fortune, The Merv Griffin Show as well as his brothers show and others
  148. Director: Malicious
  149. Television Producer, Director & Writer: The X-Files, Rags to Riches, Midnight Caller, Millennium, Harsh Realm, The Lone Gunmen
  150. Of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, started singing at the age of 13. Carter merges soul with the universal sounds of pop and R&B. A songwriter and producer
  151. Actor: Hawaii Five-O, Monte Walsh, Earth II, Badlands, Barnaby Jones, Scarface, A Death in California, The A-Team, Falcon Crest, Dallas, Hardcastle & McCormick, Hunter, Matlock, The Trials of Rosie O'Neill, Law & Order, The Hoax
  152. Director
  153. Director/Screenwriter
  154. Actor (b: 1953) - The White Shadow, Szysznyk, Almost Summer. Director - Swing Kids, Metro, Save The Last Dance, Coach Carter, Hill St. Blues, St. Elsewhere, Equal Justice. Producer - Hack, Equal Justice, Don King..., Ali
  155. Director
  156. Director
  157. Film Director: Black Cat Run, The Salton Sea, Taking Lives, Disturbia, Eagle Eye
  158. Steve Carver  (2)
    Director: Jocks, Big Bad Mama, The Arena, Capone, An Eye for an Eye, Lone Wolf McQuade, Bulletproof, River of Death
  159. Animation director
  160. Assistant Director. Did may between 1940-57. Worked on Son of Sinbad and tv's Lassie.
  161. television director
  162. Record Producer, Song writer, editor and remixer
  163. Actor/Filmmaker/Stuntman - TRON , and many TV series throughout the years, father of David Cass Jr. - First & Second Assistant Director/Production Manager
  164. Director
  165. Actor - The Dirty Dozen (Oscar nom.), Rosemary's Baby, The Fury, The Killers, Johnny Staccato (TV - title role). Director - Faces, Husbands, Gloria, A Woman Under The Influence, Minnie & Moskowitz, The Killing Of A Chinese Bookie, A Child Is Waiting
  166. Small roles as a child in father, John Cassavetes movies, also co-wrote 'Unhook the Stars'
  167. Director
  168. French director
  169. Dialogue Director and Actor in Quinceañera. Played Ernesto
  170. Italian Director - The Bronx Warriors, The Inglorius Bastards, Keoma
  171. Director
  172. Director
  173. Director
  174. Director
  175. Writer, Producer
  176. Actor: 'Michael Myers' in Halloween // Screenwriter & Director: Escape From New York, The Last Starfighter, The Boy Who Could Fly, Dennis The Menace, Major Payne, Mr. Wrong, TAG
  177. Director/Producer - House on Haunted Hill, The Tingler, 13 Ghosts, Macabre, Homicidal, Mr. Sardonicus, Strait-Jacket, I Saw What You Did. Producer Only - Rosemary's Baby, Bug
  178. Film Producer
  179. Actor
  180. French movie director
  181. Director of Photography
  182. Johnny Kakota
  183. movie television director producer
  184. Screenwriter/Director
  185. Academy Award-winning computer scientist and current president of Walt Disney Animation Studios and Pixar Animation Studios (as well as co-founder of Pixar)
  186. Director
  187. movie director
  188. Director of photography
  189. Director: The Full Monty, Rocker, Opal Dream, Lucky Break, Rev
  190. Director
  191. Production Designer
  192. French director
  193. Director
  194. Film/TV Producer
  195. Director
  196. French director
  197. French movie director, born in 1933
  198. Opera Producer
  199. Director, writer -Film director of TV-series 'Einstein'
  200. Director
  201. Director
  202. Director
  203. Actor
  204. Theatre/Opera Director
  205. Producer worked on the tv series' American Horror Story, Supergirl & The New Normal among many others
  206. Movie director
  207. Actor/Producer/Filmmaker: The Night Shift, Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, Godless, From Dusk Till Dawn, Midnight Texas, Lincoln Road (Producer/Director)
  208. Director and was in Puppet Master
  209. Movie Director, Screenwriter
  210. Director
  211. Spanish director, known for 'Aftermath' (1994)
  212. Author, composer-lyricist, voice actor, and record and television producer. He is known for his musical contributions to Sesame Street, for co-creating and co-producing the award-winning PBS literacy education television program Between the Lions
  213. Actress
  214. animator / producer / founder - camp chaos entertainment
  215. Turkish photographer, screenwriter, actor, and film director. He was the winner of the Palme d'Or, the highest prize at the Cannes Film Festival
  216. French actor, humorist, screenwriter and director
  217. French 'New Wave' Film Director/Screenwriter - Madame Bovary, Les Biches, Le Femme Infidele, Le Boucher, Violette, Masques, Le Ceremonie, Ophelia, Docteur M
  218. Bend it like beckham
  219. British Actor & Director: Starred As Con Fullwell In Catherine Cookson's The Tide Of Life, Rabbit In TV's Band Of Gold Series 2 & Directed The BBC's Bleak House & the film The Other Boleyn Girl
  220. Director
  221. Egyptian film director
  222. Writer/Producer -Heroes -Terminator:The Sarah Connor Chronicles -Judging Amy -New York Undercover
  223. French TV presenter and producer
  224. Director Liberty, Human Rights Activist
  225. Director of photography
  226. French director
  227. 1st Assistant Director
  228. Director: Miami Vice; Star Trek -- The Next Generation; The Antagonists; Melrose Place; Burke's Law; Models Inc.; Beverly Hills 90210; Malibu Shores; Pacific Palisades; Star Trek: Deep Space Nine; Mortal Kombat; Safe Harbor; 7th Heaven; Titans
  229. Director/Screenwriter
  230. Producer for Dic entertainment
  231. French director
  232. Director of photography
  233. Real life son of peyton place producer everett chambers he and his sister alicia chambers played baby's in a peyton place episode -
  234. Film and tv series producer-director born 1926
  235. spanish movie director
  236. Director of photography
  237. {1921-1980} Dancer, director, & choreographer. Won eight Tony Awards, more than any other director. With wife Marjorie Bell he formed the dance team of 'Marge and Gower Chamion'
  238. Director: Short Time, The Cowboy Way
  239. Actress
  240. Martial arts movie star, film director and film producer - Rumble in the Bronx, Shanghai Noon, Rush Hour, & upcoming movie remake of Karate Kid
  241. Director
  242. Film and television music supervisor, music director, and song writer, who worked for Hanna-Barbera and Nickelodeon. As part of the pop trio Barry (DeVorzon) & the Tamerlanes, he had a #21 hit 'I Wonder What She's Doing Tonight' in 1963
  243. Director
  244. Film director
  245. Thorny in 'Super Troopers', Barry Badrinath in Beerfest, plays Taxi Driver in Jackass 2
  246. Prod manager Way of Dragon , assistant dir Enter Dragon , also 007 Golden Gun , cameo Flatfoot in Hong Kong
  247. Michael Chang  (2)
    Animation director
  248. Screenwriter/Director
  249. French TV journalist (art criticism), sometimes film director, actor and writer
  250. Director
  251. Actor, director, producer, writer, composer
  252. Production Manager
  253. Story artist director
  254. Director
  255. Jake Chapman  (4)
  256. Producer, Creator of 'Bob, the Builder'
  257. Producer of ESPN's Mike & Mike
  258. Writer/Filmmaker - Hussy (1980), Strangers Kiss (1983), Heart Of Midnight (1988), The Ledge (2011), married to Actress Denise Dumont
  259. Director: All the Right Moves, The Clan of the Cave Bear, The Viking Sagas // Cinematographer: Taxi Driver, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Raging Bull, The Lost Boys, The Fugitive, Suspect Zero
  260. Record Producer & Songwriter
  261. Writer/Director
  262. Director: Halloween 6, The Skulls 2, Phantoms, Hellraiser IV
  263. Director - Law & Order/Law & Order: SVU/Law & Order: CI, Queer As Folk, Blade: The Series, SGU Stargate Universe, Liberty Street, Traders, Street Time, Bones
  264. Director
  265. Director
  266. Production Designer
  267. Screenwriter/Director
  268. Producer and Co-Creator of 'Cheers'
  269. Director of Borat
  270. Co Creator and Producer on 'Cheers'
  271. Ray Charles  (2)
    Emmy-winning choral director, lyricist and composer who worked with Perry Como for three decades, sang the theme song for the television sitcom 'Three's Company'
  272. French director
  273. Screenwriter/Director
  274. choreographer director
  275. Broadway Performer, Director, Writer. Original cast member of West Side Story, Co-creator/Director/Lyricist of Annie
  276. Director
  277. Screenwriter & Director
  278. Director
  279. French Actor and Producer 'Closed Shutters'
  280. Cinematographer & Director: Sleepwalkers, Friday the 13th: The Series, Psycho IV, TekWar, 24
  281. movie producer
  282. Writer / Producer / Director: The Sopranos, Not Fade Away, The Rockford Files, Switch, Almost Grown, I'll Fly Away, Kolchak
  283. Director of photography
  284. Actor
  285. Director of the Selective Service System (2004-2009)
  286. French film director
  287. Director
  288. director
  289. Director/Screenwriter
  290. Director
  291. French Producer 1940's-70's. Born: 04/05/1910
  292. Director
  293. Broadway: Director of The Great Comet of 1812
  294. Whiplash, La La Land, Guy and Madeline on a Park Bench
  295. Director: Benny & Joon; Tall Tale; Diabolique; Christmas Vacation;
  296. Director
  297. Director
  298. Director of the movie C.H.U.D
  299. TV Producer, Writer & Director
  300. Budd Boetticher's wife, actress and producer was in My kingdom for a Horse 1985
  301. French director
  302. Director
  303. Director of photography
  304. Director
  305. movie director
  306. movie opera theater director
  307. Theatre/Opera Director
  308. actor director
  309. Director
  310. Production Manager
  311. TV Writer, Creator & Exec. Producer Desperate Housewives, Golden Girls
  312. Director.Writer
  313. Writer & Director: Ernest Goes to Camp, Ernest Saves Christmas, Ernest Goes to Jail, Ernest Scared Stupid, Ernest Rides Again, Slam Dunk Ernest, Ernest Goes to School, Ernest Goes to Africa, Ernest in the Army
  314. movie producer
  315. French movie director
  316. Producer
  317. Is an American film critic and film writer and director
  318. Film Producer & Writer
  319. Screenwriter - Writing Rain, Heartbreak Tour, Heartworm (short film)
  320. Film Producer
  321. American producer,writer and actor born 1921.'Night of the Demon','School for Scoundrels','Joe Palooka Movies','Sea Riders','Little Tough Guy','Beast From 20.000 Phantoms'
  322. Actress
  323. Screenwriter & Producer
  324. Director
  325. Theatre/Opera Director
  326. Director of photography
  327. Opera Director
  328. French TV presenter, host and producer
  329. Director
  330. Director
  331. Producer
  332. French director
  333. Writer, playwright, producer; wrote for Doctor Who, Torchwood, Camelot, Law & Order UK, Life on Mars; Creator of Broadchurch
  334. Writer/Producer/Musician
  335. Screenwriter
  336. Set Designer / Art Director
  337. Director
  338. Director
  339. Producer - Scarlet Diva / A House in the Hills
  340. Director
  341. Director
  342. Film/TV Producer
  343. Directed Michael Jackson 'smooth criminal'
  344. Killer Klowns from Outer Space, Critters
  345. Killer Klowns from Outer Space, Critters
  346. film director (killer klowns from outer space)
  347. Special Effects Team: Killer Klowns from Outer Space, Critters, Elf, Land of the lost
  348. Director
  349. Author
  350. Actress
  351. Director
  352. screenwriter
  353. Director & Screenwriter: Cavedweller, Laurel Canyon, High Art, The Kids Are All Right
  354. Directed The Oscar Nominated Film 'The Triplets Of Belleville'
  355. Television Director - Inside The Third Reich (Emmy win), Holocaust (Emmy win), Peter The Great (Emmy win), Attica (Emmy win), Roots, Billionaire Boys Club, Anastasia... '86, Evita Peron, Dr. Franken, many TV series (Star Trek, Wild Wild West, Gunsmoke)
  356. American contemporary theater director, choreographer, video and installation artist. Internationally recognized as a director, writer, and multi-disciplinary artist, and is considered a seminal figure in Asian American theatre
  357. Screenwriter / Director / Actor: Cheech & Chong, That 70's Show, Zootopia (Voice of Yax), Far Out Man, McHale's Navy
  358. Indian producer/Director Kanoon 1960
  359. Actor, Producer 'Dhoom' 'Grace of Monaco'
  360. Director
  361. Director
  362. Director
  363. Director
  364. Director
  365. Director
  366. French film director
  367. The Mandalorian, The Vampire Diaries, Fear the Walking Dead, Jessica Jones, American Gods, Untitled Obi-Wan Kenobi Series
  368. film executive - Bruce Lees & Jackie Chans producer
  369. Martial Arts Actor/Director/Writer of Kung Fu Hustle
  370. German music producer
  371. Producer
  372. Songwriter, record producer and a record label executive. He wrote 'Love Song Of The Year' for Elvis' 1975 album 'Promised Land'. Other artis who recorded his songs include Natalie Cole, Sheena Easton, Al Jarreau, The Carpenters, Amy Grant
  373. Director of Battlefield Earth, Star Wars Episode I:The Phantom Menace(2nd Unit Director),Episode IV:A New Hope(Set Director)
  374. Music Video Director
  375. English singer, songwriter, producer
  376. Director - Step Up 2 and Step Up 3-D
  377. Author
  378. Former Special Assistant to the President, Assistant Communications Director, Director of Strategic Response - President Donald Trump's Administration
  379. Executive producer
  380. Actress and producer for Irregardless (2018)
  381. Series Producer - LOST
  382. Director Check Point
  383. Director
  384. Movie Producer
  385. Screenwriter
  386. Director
  387. Producer/Actor- The Rookie and Miracle / Former Baseball Player - Pitched for Brewers in the 1980's
  388. Director
  389. Screenwriter & Director
  390. Artist - Flash Animations 'Potter Puppet Pals'
  391. Director
  392. Broadway Actor/Singer/Dancer/Director
  393. Created and directed the successful TV series GLOW: Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (1986)
  394. Director
  395. writer/director/producer
  396. Director
  397. Produced the movie Unthinkable.Now is a talent agent
  398. Director
  399. Director
  400. French director
  401. Director
  402. Director
  403. Director
  404. 'Space:1999'.Casting Director-'Shadow Run'
  405. Screenwriter & Producer: Brooklyn South, NYPD Blue
  406. film director for Porky's, A Christmas Story, Baby Geniuses, Black Christmas, Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things
  407. Former Producer of the Michael Kay Show
  408. Film Director
  409. Directed the films Kids (1995), Another Day In Paradise (1998) and Bully (2001)
  410. English television director and producer, perhaps best known for his A Ghost Story for Christmas series of mostly M.R. James ghost stories, which were broadcast annually by the BBC throughout the 1970's. He lives in the UK
  411. Producer
  412. Director
  413. Producer
  414. Director
  415. Director/Screenwriter
  416. Director
  417. Director and creator of The Trailer Park Boys Canadian Comedy show
  418. French actor, 'Thierry la Fronde'
  419. Screenwriter
  420. German movie producer - Crazy, Anatomie, Die Vampirschwestern
  421. Director
  422. Production Designer
  423. Film Producer
  424. UK Actor:'Doctor Who'
  425. Casting Director
  426. director
  427. French Director - Gervaise (Oscar nom. - Best Foreign Film 1956), Is Paris Burning?, The Battle Of The Rails, Forbidden Games, Purple Noon, Che Gioia Vivere, Lovers Happy Lovers, Les Maudits, The Walls Of Malapaga
  428. Director
  429. Executive producer
  430. filmmaker/writer/animator - Aladdin (1992), Hercules (1997), Treasure Planet (2002), Pete's Dragon (1977, animator)
  431. Tv writer & producer: Dallas, Airwolf, MacGyver, Matt Houston
  432. Director
  433. Director of french cabaret 'Lido' of Paris
  434. Director of french cabaret 'Lido' in Paris
  435. Director of French Cabaret 'Lido' of Paris
  436. French director of cabaret 'Moulin Rouge' in Paris
  437. Co Director of french cabaret 'Moulin Rouge'
  438. Director of photography
  439. Actor & director: 'Pourquoi se marier le jour de la fin du monde', 'Abracadabra'
  440. Director/Editor - Rocky Horror Picture Show
  441. Gallery Director
  442. English songwriter/producer and the former lead singer of the UK duo Climie Fisher with Rob Fisher, had 1987 Hit with 'Love Changes (Everything)'
  443. Director
  444. Creator of 'Gumby' and 'Davey & Goliath'
  445. Actor/Director: Good Night and Good Luck (AA nom), Syriana (AA win), Argo(AA win), Up in the Air (AA nom),The Ides of March (AA nom), Michael Clayton (AA nom) The Descendants (AA nom), O Brother, where art thou?, ER, Ocean's 11&12, Burn After Reading
  446. Director
  447. Director of photography
  448. Actor
  449. TV Producer/Director (Doctor Who, Skins, Trial & Retribution, Stan Lee's Lucky Man, Ballykissangel)
  450. director of enter the dragon
  451. Wife of french movie director Henri-Georges Clouzot
  452. Creator/ Developer/Producer of KIDS TV Show Dragon Tales
  453. Production Designer
  454. Producer Rebound The Legend of Earl 'The Goat' Manigault
  455. movie director producer
  456. Director of photography
  457. Art Director & Production Designer
  458. Director - Ballykissangel
  459. Director
  460. Screenwriter & Director: Juno, The United States Of Tara, Jennifer's Body, Young Adult, Paradise
  461. Actress-Law & Order UK,Chewing Gum,The Aliens
  462. Blood Simple, Fargo, The Big Lebowski, O Brother Where Art Thou?
  463. Blood Simple, Fargo, The Big Lebowski, O Brother Where Art Thou?, No Country For Old Men
  464. Actor (b: 1964) - Shag, Tank Girl, Mulholland Drive, Zombie High, The Temp, Some Kind Of Wonderful, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Shout, Satisfaction, Ellie Parker, The Outsiders (TV)
  465. actor and director, known for Despicable Me, Despicable Me 2 + minion voices
  466. Director
  467. Producer/director/animator
  468. Film Producer, Academy Award 2018 Nomination for 'Strong Island'
  469. Musician; bassist, guitarist and record producer; worked with Elvis Presley, Aretha Franklin, Kris Kristofferson, J. J. Cale, Wilson Pickett, Neil Diamond, a,o
  470. French movie director
  471. Martin Paul 'Marty' Cohan was an American television producer and writer. Cohan co-created the sitcom, Who's the Boss?, which aired on ABC from 1984 until 1992, with business partner, Blake Hunter
  472. Alan Cohen  (2)
  473. (July 24, 1920 - April 22, 2000) Prolific American theatrical producer who mounted more than one hundred productions on both sides of the Atlantic. The only American producer to maintain offices in the West End as well as on Broadway
  474. Director
  475. Danny Cohen  (2)
    Director of Photography
  476. Story editor in the simpsons, Futurama
  477. Writer & Director: The Invaders, Columbo, Scream Baby Scream, It's Alive, Full Moon High, I the Jury, Q, The Stuff, Maniac Cop, The Ambulance, Body Snatchers, Guilty as Sin, Uncle Sam, Phone Booth, Cellular, Message Deleted
  478. Actor and producer that starred as the original Toxic Avenger (1984) and Clerks (1994)
  479. Director
  480. Director & Screenwriter: Scandalous, Dragon - The Bruce Lee Story, The Skulls, The Mummy 3, Daylight, DragonHeart, The Fast and the Furious, xXx, Stealth, Alex Cross, The Boy Next Door
  481. Writer, executive Producer for 'Da Ali G Show'; 'Borat', Jean Girard in Talladega Nights, Madagascar
  482. Steve Cohen  (5)
    Screenwriter & Director
  483. Director
  484. Director & Composer, is known for his work on The Wayans Bros. (1995), Real World (1992) and Dead Man on Campus
  485. film producer - Central Station
  486. Director/Producer
  487. Director
  488. Director
  489. Actor: Just Shoot Me, Veronica Mars, Money Train, Hope & Gloria, Stigmata, Galaxy Quest, A.I. Artificial Intelligence, ZOS, The Kennedys, Flashpoint, Person of Interest, Remedy
  490. Actor - Cheers (70 episodes as Coach), Raging Bull, Fat City, Family Plot. TV Director (1966-1981)
  491. 01/04/1920-04/27/1996 Director of Central Intelligence (DCI/C.I.A.) from September 1973 to January 1976/During World War II Colby served with the Office of Strategic Services
  492. Playboy's Playmate of the Month, May 1958; widow of director George Sidney