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StarTiger - Browsing Category Home->Performing Arts->Director/Producer , A-Z Filter: L
Browsing Category Home->Performing Arts->Director/Producer , A-Z Filter: L
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  1. Cartooner (formerly Studio Disney)-Director of DVD relating John Paul II life
  2. Director/Screenwriter
  3. Director
  4. Director
  5. Director
  6. Production Designer
  7. Director
  8. Director
  9. Film writer and director; former gay porn star
  10. French director
  11. Director of 'Nurse Betty' 'In the Company of Men' and 'Your Friends and Neighbors'
  12. Director
  13. Is a circus ringmaster, company director and trainer of wild animals. He trained most of the tigers that were used in the Esso television advertisements in the 1970s[1][2]
  14. Director
  15. Animator; Academy Award 2018 Nomination for 'Revolting Rhymes'
  16. Producer
  17. German director - Mängelexemplar
  18. Played in Belgian band Telex.Now a record producer
  19. Director
  20. Director of photography
  21. Movie Producer - Braveheart, The Brady Bunch Movie, A Very Brady Sequel, The Man In The Iron Mask, Gone Baby Gone, The Phantom, An Unfinished Life, Vice Versa, X. Y & Zee, The Walking Stick, A Severed Head, The Devil's Widow
  22. Italian Screenwriter & Director: Short Night of Glass Dolls (1971), Who Saw Her Die? (1972), Night Train Murders(1975)
  23. Animation producer - mickey and the roaster racers
  24. Director of photography
  25. French director
  26. Actress
  27. Director: Child's Play 2, Mans Best Friend, The Blue Iguana
  28. Director
  29. Director
  30. Director
  31. Puppeteer - Between the Lions, It's a Big Big World, Oobi, Crash & Bernstein, Muppets
  32. Production Designer / Art Director
  33. Director of photography
  34. Director
  35. Director
  36. French producer
  37. Director
  38. Director: Matlock (six 2-hour movies); Quantum Leap, Wonderworks, 7th Heaven, Savannah, Mortal Kombat, JAG.
  39. Director
  40. Screenwriter/Director
  41. Musical Director of Ms. Bernadette Peters, musical writer...
  42. Production Manager & Producer
  43. French movie director, born in 1934
  44. Director
  45. Tv director
  46. Director
  47. Directed City on Fire, Replicant, Maximum Risk
  48. Italian Director
  49. Director
  50. David Lambert  (2)
    Belgian director
  51. Songwriter/producer from the 60's & 70's
  52. Director: Pet Sematary 1 & 2, The In Crowd, Dragstrip Girl, Face of Evil, Urban Legends - Bloody Mary, The Attic, Mega Python vs. Gatoroid, Presumed Dead in Paradise
  53. Director
  54. Director
  55. Legendary TV Producer: Dr Who, Minder, GBH ...
  56. Director
  57. Tv director
  58. Director
  59. Screenwriter/Director
  60. Director
  61. Theatre/Opera Director
  62. Production Designer
  63. Animation Director; "He-Man", "She-Ra", "TaleSping", "Darkwing Duck", "Duck Tales", "Fat Albert" "Muppet Babies"
  64. Gloria La Morte is a producer and editor, known for Entre nos (2009), Washington Heights (2002) and A Paso de Mangles
  65. Director
  66. Director - Accidents Happen, In Search of Mike (short film)
  67. Screenwriter/Director
  68. Director
  69. Director
  70. Film Director - Animal House, Blues Brothers, Blues Brothers 2000, Twilight Zone: The Movie, Am. Werewolf In London, Thriller (music video), Trading Places, 3 Amigos, Coming To America, Innocent Blood, Oscar, The Stupids, Schlock, Kentucky Fried Movie
  71. Director
  72. Bonanza, Little House on the Prairie
  73. Animation art director
  74. American actress, writer, director, producer and editor ('Going Down in LA-LA Land', 'Wtfu', 'Criminal Minds', 'A Four Letter Word', 'Changing the Odds')
  75. Andrew Lane  (2)
    Screenwriter & Director
  76. Maurice Lane  (2)
  77. Director
  78. Film Producer
  79. three-time Tony Award winning Broadway Producer
  80. Actor & Director: St. Elsewhere, Room 222, The Omega Man, Black Belt Jones, A Force of One, Death Wish, Back Roads, Lost, The Mentalist, Ghost Whisperer, Doogie Howser MD, Midnight Caller, I'll Fly Away, Hawaii Five-0, Heroes, Girlfriends, Monk
  81. Italian actor and director born 1927.movies from 1934-76.'La Traviata','A Dollar a Head','Perry Grant-The Big Blackout','The Beckett Affair','The Kiss of Death'
  82. Director
  83. American Motion Picture Director
  84. Actor & Director: Eight Men Out, The Big Red One, Jennifer 8, 1941, Men of War, Spring Break, Alligator, The Hearse, Body & Soul, O'Hara's Wife, Sahara, Jocks, Relentless 2, Sunshine State, Bay City Blues
  85. Director
  86. Film/TV Producer
  87. Hair and Make-up Designer
  88. Director/Screenwriter
  89. Director
  90. Director: Hunter, T.J. Hooker, Riptide, Freddy's Nightmares, Northern Exposure, Beverly Hills 90210, The X-Files, Martial Law, The O.C., Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Criminal Minds, Bones
  91. Academy Award nominated songwriter, composer, music producer; married to Shania Twain
  92. Producer - superstore
  93. Director
  94. Director
  95. UK Director 1950's 70's. Born: 08/22/1919
  96. French movie director
  97. Producer/Creator - Cops, Video Justice, Inside American Jail
  98. Director
  99. Director
  100. Director
  101. Game Producer and Author
  102. Director: Many TV series & TV movies
  103. Actor/Producer/Writer - Tango Shalom, brother of actor Jos Laniado
  104. Director
  105. Belgian actor, director, and writer: Dead Man's Hand, The Carriers Are Waiting, Totò the Hero, Pauline and Paulette
  106. Actor/Director - Harry Potter
  107. Belgian director
  108. Belgian tv director
  109. Film Producer
  110. Director - Killing of a Sacred Deer, The Lobster, Dogtooth
  111. Film Producer
  112. Director of photography
  113. Director
  114. Broadway director
  115. Director
  116. Director
  117. Producer/writer/Widows
  118. Writer/Producer, Great-Grandson of Sitting Bull
  119. Director of photography
  120. Screenwriter
  121. Director
  122. TV Director
  123. French director
  124. Actor
  125. production designer - Miss Congeniality
  126. Director
  127. Director of french real tv Star Academy
  128. French director
  129. Screenwriter
  130. Director of photography
  131. French director
  132. producer and animator for Looney Tunes and Mr. Magoo
  133. Actor
  134. Director
  135. Director 1950's-60's. Born: 01/24/1920
  136. Actor and director
  137. Producer son of producer Glen A. Larson. Was associate producer on tv series The Fall Guy and the tv movie The Highwayman among others
  138. Writer & Producer: Knight Rider, Battlestar Galactica, One West Waikiki, Magnum P.I., Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, The Fall Guy, NightMan, Automan, Manimal, Quincy, B.J. and the Bear, McCloud, Alias Smith and Jones, Caprica
  139. Award winning writer/journalist and director from sweden
  140. Director
  141. French director
  142. Actor
  143. Actor & Director: A Family for Joe, Hey Dude, Beverly Hills 90210, She Says She's Innocent, Blossom, White Squall, Twisted Desire, Clueless, Two of a Kind, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Melissa & Joey, Sister
  144. Director
  145. Director
  146. Director
  147. Director
  148. Holocaust/Classmate of Anne Frank/Carson Productions executive served as executive producer of The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. Late Night with David Letterman, Late Show with David Letterman & Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson
  149. Executive producer of Monsters Inc. Director of Toy Story 1 & 2 and A Bugs Life
  150. Director
  151. Producer Iron Man
  152. Director
  153. Director/Screenwriter
  154. Director and Producer Directed Scarecrow Slayer & War Of The Worlds
  155. Italian film director
  156. Director
  157. A Hong Kong martial arts film director, action choreographer and actor. Worked for Shaw Brothers studio. Younger brother of Lau Kar Leung
  158. Director - Hamish Macbeth
  159. Tai Chi Zero
  160. Film Producer
  161. Director
  162. Moviemaker
  163. Director
  164. Director and writer, known for Martyrs (2008), The Tall Man (2012) and House of Voices (2004)
  165. Director
  166. Female Voice Over Talent
  167. Director
  168. Director also was Assistant Director on Atlas Against the Cyclops
  169. Broadway and Hollywood Director, Screenwriter and Playwright, Gypsy, West Side Story Born: 07/14/1918
  170. Was involved in the Star Trek franchise between 1987, when Star Trek: The Next Generation debuted, and 2005, when Star Trek: Enterprise ended. He produced and directed television episodes and movies alike
  171. French director
  172. French director
  173. French director
  174. Director from Argentina
  175. Director: Mutiny, Without Warning, Geronimo, Back to the Planet of the Apes, The A-Team, Mannix, The Rifleman, The Monster that Challenged the World
  176. producer - Serpico
  177. Italian Actor of Cinema and Theatre and Film Director
  178. Theatre Director
  179. Painter, illustrator, designer and art director for thirty five years. After working in the corporate field for 28 years he started spot51design, a graphic design, illustration and fine arts studio
  180. French producer
  181. Producer/Associate Producer
  182. Director
  183. Director/Screenwriter
  184. Director/Screenwriter
  185. Producer
  186. Creator, writer, director behind PLASMO (puppet tv show)
  187. Writer/Creator of Boy Meets World, Friends, The Nanny, Spin City, and Scrubs
  188. Director of Constantine and I Am Legend, Music Video Director
  189. Director
  190. Director
  191. Director
  192. Director
  193. Actress
  194. producer of V.I.P.
  195. Director - American Animals
  196. Tv producer has worked on Gossip Girl & Law and Order SVU
  197. executive producer of Labyrinth the movie 1986
  198. Television producer and the senior executive vice president in charge of Adult Swim
  199. Director
  200. Director/Screenwriter
  201. Screenwriter
  202. Director
  203. Director of photography
  204. Director
  205. Director
  206. Director
  207. Director
  208. French actress and director
  209. Director
  210. Director
  211. Director
  212. Director of photography
  213. Director/Screenwriter
  214. Screenwriter/Director
  215. Jo Lea 
    1st Assistant Director
  216. British film director
  217. Playwright
  218. Director
  219. Writer/Director/Creator of All In The Family, Maude, The Jeffersons, Sanford & Son
  220. Cyclist and former director of the Tour de France
  221. Tv producer & director '227' and 'Good Times'
  222. Screenwriter/Director
  223. Director
  224. Actor
  225. Director
  226. Director
  227. Director
  228. Director
  229. Screenwriter
  230. Screenwriter/Director
  231. French journalist, TV host, writer and producer
  232. Director
  233. movie director
  234. Director
  235. Director: Deep Impact, The Peacemaker, Pay it Forward, Rio Shannon
  236. French producer
  237. Director
  238. Director
  239. Film Director - Brokeback Mountain (Oscar win), Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (Oscar nom.), The Ice Storm, Sense & Sensibility, Hulk, Chosen
  240. Charles Lee  (2)
    Production Designer
  241. Director & Screenwriter: Ski School, Abraxas
  242. David Lee  (4)
    Production Designer
  243. 'Dragon the Young Master' (a.k.a. 'The Deadly Silver Ninja'), 'The Clones of Bruce Lee', 'Rage of the Dragon' (a.k.a 'Mission for the Dragon), 'Secret Ninja, Roaring Tiger', 'Nationwide Constituency', 'Emperor of the Underworld'
  244. writer director Urbane, Red line
  245. Writer/Director
  246. Director
  247. Actress - Plan 9 From Outer Space (as Tanna), The Brain Eaters. Writer. Producer
  248. Production Designer
  249. Justin Lee  (2)
    Director':Big Legend'
  250. Flow, Drift, Ethan Mao
  251. Robert Lee  (3)
  252. Art Director 1950's-70's Born: 01/21/1910
  253. director
  254. Thomas Leer  (2)
  255. British born director. He has directed many TV shows such Doctor Who and Z-Cars. He is now the oldest living fomer director of Doctor Who
  256. Writer Pixar movie'Inside Out'
  257. Director
  258. Director
  259. Director
  260. Screenwriter
  261. French actor, humorist, screenwriter and director
  262. Screenwriter
  263. Director
  264. French director
  265. Director
  266. Director
  267. Director
  268. Screenwriter - North By Northwest*, West Side Story*, Sabrina*, Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?*, Hello Dolly*, The Sound Of Music, The King & I, Sweet Smell Of Success, Black Sunday, Somebody Up There Likes Me, Executive Suite Family Plot * = Oscar nom
  269. Director
  270. Director & Screenwriter
  271. Stage director
  272. comedienne/actress/writer/producer - 'curb your enthusiasm' (t.v.), 'alright already' (t.v., 1997), 'ellen' (t.v., producer), 'seinfeld' (producer, story editor)
  273. Screenwriter
  274. Director
  275. Director/Screenwriter
  276. Director: Secrets & Lies, Abigail's Party, Life Is Sweet, Topsy Turvy.
  277. Director of Dude Weres my Car and Harold And Kumar
  278. Writer,producer,director,author,actress,photographer
  279. Movie director
  280. Writer & Director
  281. Director
  282. French director
  283. Screenwriter
  284. Chilian director
  285. French actor and theatre writer
  286. Actress
  287. French Director/Writer - A Man & A Woman (Oscar win - screenplay), And Now My Love (Oscar nom - screenplay), Live For Life, Bolero, A Man & A Woman: 20 Years Later. Producer. Cinematographer
  288. French actress, daughter of Claude Lelouch and Evelyne Bouix
  289. Director
  290. Director
  291. Actor - One Day at a Time, Mary Hartman..., Foley Square, The In-Laws, The Boys In Company C. Director - The Santa Clause 2-3, lots of TV (including Friends-24, Major Dad-67, Two Guys & A Girl-21, Everybody Loves Raymond, Coach, Love & War, Over The Top)
  292. German film director
  293. Screenwriter, Director & Cinematographer: Relentless 1 & 3, Bodily Harm, Tripwire, Dream a little dream, Ms. 45
  294. Actress & Director: Candyman, Silence of the Lambs, Vampire's Kiss, As the World Turns, Another World, Eve's Bayou, Black Nativity, The Caveman's Valentine, Talk To Me, Hard Target, married to actor Vondie Curtis - Hall
  295. Director
  296. French actor,writer and producer born 1929.'Seven Woman for Satan','Kiss Me Monster','Sadist Erotica','Succubus','Agent 3S3','Libido:the Urge to Love','Full Fathom Five','Castle of Bloody Lust'
  297. Director
  298. French director
  299. Director
  300. Director
  301. Producer/Writer CSI:NY and 24
  302. Animation director
  303. Thomas Lennon  (3)
    Film Producer, Academy Award 2018 Nomination for 'Knife Skills'
  304. Actress
  305. Director : Make Them Die Slowly, Nightmare City, Ghosthouse, etc.
  306. Animation / Academy Award 2018 Nomination for 'The Breadwinner'
  307. Spanish film director
  308. Director: The Dead pit, Virtuosity, The Lawnmower Man, Hideaway, Highlander-The Source
  309. Film Production Manager, Worked on some serials such as Batman & Robin, Atam Man Vs. Superman born 1922
  310. Animaiton director
  311. Songwriter, keyboardist and music producer, known for his longtime collaboration with Madonna
  312. Actor - It's A Wonderful Life, To Have & Have Not, Guys & Dolls, Another Thin Man, A&C Meet The Invisible Man, Pocketful Of Miracles. Producer - Dick Van Dyke Show, Andy Griffith Show, Gomer Pyle USMC, Danny Thomas Show, I Spy. Director. Writer
  313. Stunt Performer / Actor / Director
  314. Director Igor and the Emoji movies
  315. Director
  316. American and Italian film producer (Born: 1926) Worked with Italian horror director Mario Bava in the 1960/70's. Lives in the USA
  317. Director - Parallels
  318. Director
  319. Director
  320. Director
  321. Director
  322. Canadian actor and Cinema/Theatre director
  323. Director
  324. Film Producer
  325. American documentary and experimental film director and producer
  326. Director
  327. Director of 'Quo Vadis', 'Little Caesar' etc. Producer of 'Wizard of Oz'
  328. Choreographer & Director
  329. French producer and assistant director. He is best known for the films; Esmeralda Bay (1989), The Panther Squad (1984) and Diamonds of Kilimandjaro (1983)
  330. French actor
  331. Animation writer, married to Animation writer Cliff Ruby
  332. Writer/Director: Commando, Firestarter, Class Of 1984, Roller Boogie, Bobbie Jo & The Outlaw, Extreme Justice, Armed & Dangerous, Showdown In Little Tokyo, Blowback, The Pterodactyl, Hitman's Run, Stunts, The Ex, Truck Stop Women
  333. British director- 'A Hard Day's Night','3 Musketeers','Superman II & III','Royal Flash',etc
  334. Director
  335. Director of photography
  336. French film director and actor
  337. French director of Hulk 2
  338. Director and Screenwriter: Bloodsport, Lionheart, Double impact
  339. Belgian director
  340. Hong Kong actor - 'Knockabout', 'Dreadnought', 'Legend of a Fighter', 'The Ultimate Crime Fighter' (TVB)
  341. Writer/Director of Dead & Breakfast, Unearthed
  342. director, writer, producer
  343. Director 'The Pyramid'
  344. Broadway director
  345. Director of photography
  346. Film & Music Video Director
  347. Director: Blackenstein, The Happy Hooker Goes to Washington, Wam Bam Thank You Spaceman, Slumber Party '57, Skatetown U.S.A., Monaco Forever, Hellgate, Committed
  348. Producer & Director: Columbo; Probe; Misfits of Science; Airwolf; Voyagers; Invisible Woman; Scruples; Immigrants; Without Warning -- Terror in the Towers; Dead Man's Revenge; Stryker; Return of Sam McCloud; Stepford Children; Incredible Hulk; Battles
  349. Director
  350. Director/Screenwriter
  351. Director
  352. Director
  353. Writer- craig of the creek
  354. director
  355. Attorney, Court Reporter - 'The People's Court' (TV series), Emmy award - winning journalist/creator/producer -'Celebrity Justice' (tv series)/TMZ, Host - OBJECTified (Fox News)
  356. Tv writer
  357. Director: In the name of the people, Overkill
  358. 'A Bridge Too Far' 'The Carpetbaggers' 'Soldier Blue' 'Day of the Dolphin'
  359. Ken Levine  (2)
    Tv writer - mash, the jeffersons
  360. Executive Producer at Walt Disney Television Animation
  361. Producer / Writer / Director: Diner, Rain Man, Misery, The Natural, Good Morning Vietnam, Avalon, Toys, Tin Men, Wag The Dog, Liberty Heights, Sleepers, Sphere, Disclosure, Jimmy Hollywood, Best Friends, Bandits, You Don't Know Jack
  362. Movie director
  363. Lost music director
  364. French producer
  365. Screenwriter & Director: SFW, Ghoulies, Profiler, Las Vegas
  366. Director
  367. Film Producer & Screenwriter
  368. French director
  369. Director: Big Fat Liar, Just Married, Cheaper By the Dozen, The Pink Panther, A Night at the Museum 1 & 2, Date Night, Real Steel
  370. Director and Producer and Writer of BeetleBorgs and Executive Producer of Vr Troopers also is The Director of Power Rangers and Executive Producer)
  371. French director
  372. Producer
  373. Director
  374. Ben Lewis  (3)
    Documentary film-maker, author and art critic
  375. Cars 2
  376. Son Of Loretta Young
  377. US-American producer born 1920, produced 'Spartacus' (1960) and 'Lonely Are the Brave' (1962)
  378. film director (blood feast, 2,000 maniacs)
  379. Director - China from the Inside
  380. Famous Emmy Award-Winning Writer/Producer, Ventriloquist, Actress and Teacher- Daughter of the great Shari Lewis
  381. Director Actor directed Party at Kitty & Studs, Sylvestor's Stallone's soft porn film
  382. Stage Director
  383. tv director - Superboy (t.v. series, 1988), Whale Music (1994), Family Law (t.v. series, 1999), Falcone (t.v. series, 2000), CSI (t.v. series, also producer, 2000)
  384. Tim Lewis  (3)
    Producer - Harry Potter
  385. Produced & directed the old radio show, 'Night Beat' and produced many early TV shows, i.e.,'Four Star Playhouse', 'Terry & The Pirates:, etc
  386. Austrian Director
  387. Director
  388. Actress
  389. Director of Photography
  390. Actor and director, 'FAQS'
  391. Director
  392. Actress
  393. Actor / Writer / Director / Producer: Ghoulies 1 & 4, Sextette, Ghost Warrior, Talking Walls, Fast Getaway, Wishmaster, Alone with a Stranger
  394. Director
  395. Director - NCIS, Out Of Order
  396. Tv director
  397. Actress & TV Producer
  398. Director
  399. Screenwriter & Director
  400. Director
  401. Director
  402. Film Producer & Director
  403. Director: Las Vegas; Monk; Boston Legal; Boston Public; CSI; ED; Bernie Mac; Watching Ellie; Miss Match; M.Y.O.B.; Roswell; Xena Warrior Princess; Strong Medicine; Friday Night Lights
  404. Production Designer
  405. Director
  406. Director: Squirm, Just Before Dawn, Satn's Little Helper
  407. Director: Darkness falls, Texas Chainsaw Massacre-The Begining
  408. actress in the movie 'crazy'
  409. Director
  410. Director
  411. Stage Director
  412. Director
  413. Director
  414. Director/Actress - Skullheads, Cold Axe Bitch
  415. Producer
  416. Screenwriter
  417. German director
  418. Director
  419. Film Producer
  420. Director: 'A Goofy Movie', 'Disney's Tarzan', '102 Dalmations', 'Eloise at the Plaza', 'Eloise at Christmastime', 'Enchanted', & 'The Snow Queen'
  421. Director: 'The Bourne Identity'; 'Mr. & Mrs. Smith', 'Jumper'
  422. Director, Fast and the furious
  423. Writer, Producer - Lost / Nash Bridges / Undressed / Star Trek XI
  424. Director
  425. Finnish actor and a director
  426. Director
  427. Son Of Orson Wells Born May 5, 1940
  428. Movie director
  429. Writer,'Father Ted' etc.
  430. Film director; Bighead
  431. Director
  432. Film Producer
  433. German film director. OSCAR-winner for the movie 'Nirgendwo in Afrika'
  434. Producer of The Andy Griffith Show & Matlock. Also, former Manager of Andy Griffith & Jim Nabors Married to Bettina Brenna
  435. Screenwriter & Director: Dazed & Confused, SubUrbia, The Newton Boys, The School of Rock, Bad News Bears, Fast Food Nation, Boyhood
  436. Voice actor in Emperor's New Groove, Director (Kanye West: Fade)
  437. movie director producer
  438. Producer for plays and musicals both on Broadway and off-Broadway. She is known for her role in producing the stage and screen hit Hairspray. Combined, the works Lion produced have won 20 Tony Awards and a Pulitzer Prize
  439. French film director
  440. Director
  441. Director
  442. On The Lot
  443. Director
  444. Film Producer
  445. Director, Actor, Slumber Party Massacre, GRaduation Day, Law And Order, Blood Money, The Marshall, Miami Vice, Medium &
  446. Actress
  447. film director best known for the 1982 film 'Tron'.
  448. French director
  449. Director/Screenwriter
  450. Director, Episodic TV - Boston Public, Boston Legal, Nashville
  451. Series Producer - LOST
  452. Writer | Director | Special Effects
  453. Screenwriter & Director: Halloween 4, Anacondas 2, Deep Blue, Marked for death
  454. videographer,directs RnB and hiphop videos
  455. Director
  456. BBC Light Entertainment Producer during the early years of television
  457. Director
  458. Actress
  459. Animation director / show director / lead animator for show 'Rick and Morty'
  460. Secret Rivals 1/2/3, The Invincible Armour
  461. Hong Kong actress, producer. Associate producer for Fists of Fury
  462. turkish composer, singer, writer & director
  463. French producer
  464. Served as a supervising producer on Star Trek: The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, & Voyager. He has directorial credits on two Next Generation, 17 Deep Space Nine, 28 Voyager and 15 Enterprise episodes. Also wrote the Deep Space 9 episode 'The Nagu
  465. Director of paris is burning
  466. Screenwriter, Creator of Flacco
  467. Theatre Director
  468. Actor
  469. Peruvian director. Directed Milk of Sorrow
  470. Director: Anaconda, The Specialist, Sniper
  471. TV writer and producer, 'Frasier', 'Wings', 'Golden Girls'
  472. Movie director ['Mutiny on the Bounty', 'Cavalcade'] - winner of two Academy Awards
  473. Director
  474. Actor | Director | Producer: Saboteur, The Unseen, Reign of Terror, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Audrey Rose, The Nude Bomb, Jaws of Satan, St. Elsewhere, Dead Poets Society, Amityville - The Evil Escapes, Wiseguy, Star Trek TNG, Seven Days, Trainwreck
  475. Director for the movie ' Mamma mia'
  476. Director
  477. Director
  478. director
  479. Director
  480. Director
  481. TV Director: The White Shadow, V - The Series, St. Elsewhere, Cagney & Lacey, Max Headroom, Beauty and the Beast, Star Trek, Touched By an Angel, Promise Land, Diagnosis Murder, Beverly Hills 90210
  482. Tv director
  483. Director
  484. Producer of ''The Hills Have Eyes'' (1977)
  485. Actress & Director: The Heart is the Lonely Hunter, Willard, Bronco Billy, Every Which Way but Loose, Any Which Way You Can, The Gauntlet, The Outlaw Josey Wales, Sudden Impact, Death Game, Ratboy, Impulse
  486. American film actor and director, known for 'Milk' (2008), 'Judas Kiss' (2011), and 'Triple Crossed' (2013); also a gay pornographic actor (stage name: Brent Corrigan) since 2004
  487. Director
  488. Film critic
  489. French singer and actress
  490. Director
  491. Screenwriter & Director: Repossessed, Meatballs 4
  492. Director