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Browsing Category Home->Performing Arts->Director/Producer , A-Z Filter: R
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  1. French movie director
  2. Vice Admiral within the United States Navy and leader of the project to develop the Polaris missile system. Vice Admiral Raborn was also the 7th Director of Central Intelligence and the 5th Director of CIA
  3. American writer and producer who was briefly head of production at Paramount Pictures from 1960-64
  4. dutch director - The Rose Garden
  5. Producer
  6. Stage Director
  7. movie director
  8. Director
  9. Director
  10. Stage Director
  11. Audio Producer
  12. Director Of Photography
  13. Director
  14. Film Director - Five Easy Pieces, Head, The Postman Always Rings Twice '81, Black Widow, The King Of Marvin Gardens, Stay Hungry, Blood & Wine, Poodle Springs
  15. Director
  16. Walt Disney Imagineer
  17. Writer/Director
  18. Associate producer
  19. Italian director, directed and wrote the script for 'The Last Man On Earth', starring Vincent Price
  20. Russian actor and director
  21. Director: Evil Dead, Evil Dead II, Army of Darkness, Darkman, For Love of the Game, The Gift, A Simple Plan, Quick and the Dead, Spider-Man Trilogy. Producer of The Grudge 1 & 2, Boogeyman 1 & 2, 30 Days of Night, The Messengers and TV's Xena and Hercules
  22. Director / Writer
  23. Actor
  24. Actor
  25. British Director Death Ship 1980
  26. American Webcom Artist And Animator. Known For His Youtube Channel, The Odd1sout, with millions of subscribers
  27. Director
  28. Actor / Writer / Director: SCTV, Ghostbusters 1&2, Stripes, Baby Boom, Love Affair, As Good as it Gets, Orange County, Caddyshack, National Lampoon's Vacation, Groundhog Day, Analyze This, Analyze That, Multiplicity, Bedazzled, Year One, The Office
  29. Director, Producer, Writer of 'Ratcatcher'
  30. Director/Screenwriter
  31. Director
  32. Director
  33. Director: Hellraiser II, Children of the Night, Amityville 1992, Ticks, Fist of the North Star, Rattled, One Good Turn
  34. Producer
  35. Co-directed classic animated shorts with Jules Bass: Rudolph, Frosty, Mad Monster Party & Films: Hobbit & Last Unicorn
  36. Tv writer - welcome back kotter
  37. Director/Screenwriter
  38. Director, -Smallville-Supernatural-
  39. Writer-Producer - Topkapi
  40. Actress(Charmed), Producer, Writer
  41. Ro Rao 
  42. French director
  43. Director
  44. French director - Cyrano de Bergerac
  45. Director
  46. Director: The Buddy Holly Story, Can't Buy Me Love, Under the Rainbow, Queen's Logic, Son in Law, Eddie, American Pie Presents Band Camp
  47. Director and writer
  48. Director
  49. Theatre Director
  50. Director & Producer: Money Talks, Rush Hour, X - Men - The Last Stand, After the Sunset, Red Dragon, The Family Man, Tower Heist, Hercules
  51. Actress
  52. Screenwriter & Producer: Halloween 4, Gacy, Dahmer
  53. producer of Labyrinth the movie 1986
  54. Actor: Cheers, Motel Hell, Warlords Of The Deep, Timestalkers, Outland, Yanks, The Bitch, Hanover St., That Darn Cat, Star Wars, 8 Simple Rules, House 2, Toy Story, Cars, WALL-E, Monsters Inc, The Incredibles, Up, Captain Planet
  55. TV writer/Producer - Doogie Howser, Welcome Back, Kotter, Life With Lucy, married to fellow writing partner Linda Morris
  56. Tv producer & writer: mork & mindy & perfect strangers
  57. film director screenwriter (the astronaut's wife)
  58. film director (dick tracy meet gruesome)
  59. Screenwriter, director, 'Heidi' (2014 horror film)
  60. Cult Director: Alien Dead, Haunting Fear
  61. Animation director
  62. Nicholas Ray  (2)
    Director - Rebel Without A Cause (1955)
  63. French director
  64. Director/Filmmaker
  65. Stage Director
  66. Playwright
  67. Director horror movie 'Darkness Rising'
  68. Director/Screenwriter
  69. Animation director / storyboard artist
  70. Director
  71. Director the Alpha Incident
  72. Director
  73. Director
  74. American visual artist and director who worked on the animation for A-ha's famous 'Take On Me' video along with husband Michael Patterson
  75. Born 1929 in Jamaica. He is an actor and director. Played Pinder's Assistant in Thunderball
  76. Director
  77. Director & Screenwriter: Body Parts, Undertow, Cohen & Tate, Bad Moon, The Hitcher
  78. Screenwriter
  79. Chainsaw Sally, The Death of Poe
  80. Actor/Director - Barefoot in the Park, Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid, The Way We Were, The Sting, Legal Eagles, The Horse Whisperer, Indecent Proposal, Sneakers, Out of Africa, The Natural, Brubaker, The Electric Horseman, All The Presidents Men
  81. Director of photography worked on the tv show Perry Mason
  82. Creator of Brookside,Hollyoaks and Grange Hill.
  83. Adam Reed  (2)
    Writer and producer, known for Archer (2009), Sealab 2021 (2000) and Frisky Dingo (2006). Also, voice of Ray on Archer
  84. Adam Reed  (3)
    Award-winning children's book author, creator of the smash 'Reindeer In Here' Christmas tradition, and television producer and director
  85. Animation director
  86. Dan Reed  (2)
  87. Producer - Blood Sucking Freaks
  88. Film/TV Writer - Nobody the Great
  89. Director : Bring It On, Fantastic Four
  90. Production Designer
  91. Screenwriter & Director
  92. Writer/Producer : Dave's World , Frazier,Might Court, MASH,Cheers,Benson ,many others
  93. Director
  94. Actor: Cheers, If Looks Could Kill, Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot, Charles and Diana - Unhappily Ever After, Robin Hood - Men in Tights, M.A.N.T.I.S., Boston Common, The Scorpion King, Frida, The West Wing, The Pink Panther, The Prestige, Warehouse 13
  95. Producer/Casting Director - Wife of the late Sir John Hurt
  96. Director/Screenwriter
  97. Director (Cloverfield, The Pallbearer). Producer/Director/Writer (Felicity)
  98. Hary Cheyenne Reeves (* 10. Mai 1975 in Cologne) German Actor, Author, Host, Producer and former Soccer Pro
  99. Director
  100. Director (Bronson, 2009)
  101. Director
  102. French director
  103. Choreographer
  104. Director/Screenwriter
  105. Director
  106. Executive producer
  107. actor theater director
  108. TV and Movie Actress:'General Hospital', 'Miami Vice', 'Nine','A chorus Line', 'Producers'
  109. Production Designer
  110. Film Producer
  111. American memoirist, chef, food writer, co-producer of PBS's Gourmet's Diary of a Foodie, culinary editor for the Modern Library, host of PBS's Gourmet's Adventures With Ruth, & the last editor-in-chief of the now shuttered Gourmet magazine
  112. 'You Can't Do That on Television' and he is currently a director in Canada/Barry & Joe Animated Series about Time Traveling President & VP
  113. Director, Writer, Editor, Producer - 'The Night Digger', 'What Rats Won't Do'
  114. Canadian born assistant stage manager on the 1951 British tour of 'Dracula' on stage starring Bela Lugosi. She is now living in Canada
  115. Director/Screenwriter
  116. Producer - Crystal Lake Memories (documentary)
  117. Director Liberty's Kids: Est: 1776
  118. Actress
  119. Director
  120. Actor / Writer / Director: Your Show Of Shows, The Dick Van Dyke Show,The Man With Two Brains, Oh, God!, The Jerk, Oceans 11-12-13, The Russians Are Coming..., The Gazebo, Summer School, Fatal Instinct, Sibling Rivalry
  121. Actor & Director: All in the Family, Ed TV, Sleepless in Seattle, Misery, A Few Good Men, Bye Bye Love, This is Spinal Tap, The Sure Thing, The Princess Bride, When Harry Met Sally, Ghosts of Mississippi, Alex & Emma, Being Charlie
  122. Art Director
  123. German film director (DEFA)
  124. Actor: Mad About You, My Two Dads, Aliens, Diner, Beverly Hills Cop, The Marrying Man, Bye Bye Love, Odd Jobs, Crazy People, Mr. Write, Concussion, The Darkness, Red Oaks, Stranger Things, The Spy Who Dumped Me
  125. Director/Screenwriter
  126. Screenwriter/Producer for The Simpsons
  127. film director (french lt's woman night must fall)
  128. Actress-Ghostbusters II,Beethoven's 2nd;Kindergarten Cop,Workin' Moms,American Dad,Family Guy,Black-ish,Knocked Up
  129. Producer - Ghostbusters, Six Days Seven Nights
  130. Child Actor: Ghostbusters II, Dave // Director: Thank You for Smoking, Juno, Up in the Air, Young Adult, Ghostbusters 3 (2021)
  131. German film producer - Jerichow, Toter Mann, Wolfsburg
  132. German film director - Heimat
  133. Producer - Star Wars: The Force Awakens
  134. movie producer
  135. Assistant director - The Magnificent Seven (1960) etc.
  136. French actor
  137. Rapper/Producer
  138. a Québécoise script writer, and a past yé-yé singer and actress. She is the wife of former Quebec Premier and former Parti Québécois leader Bernard Landry
  139. Actor
  140. Musician, producer and filmdirector
  141. Director
  142. Belgian director: 'Thomas in love'
  143. Tales from the crypt
  144. Director (Seven Deadly Sins)
  145. French actor
  146. Director
  147. Film director, actor and author
  148. Actor, Producer, Preseter/Host TV Late Night;The Neatherlands
  149. Writer: One Foot In The Grave, Jonathan Creek, Love Soup, various sketches for The Two Ronnies etc
  150. Animation producer - ducktales
  151. Actor
  152. Producer Of The Sopranos
  153. Writer/Producer/director : My Wife and Kids , Blossom , Rhoda,MASH. Laugh In
  154. Famous French Movie Director whose career has extended over more than six decades. Born: 06/03/1922
  155. Austrian Actor and Director
  156. Director
  157. Former FBI Associate Deputy Director/Noted Homeland Security Advisor, Appointed to SuperCom Advisory Board
  158. Actor
  159. Writer/Director - Empire
  160. Actor known for If Not Now which he also wrote and directed as well as numerous theater credits. Currently starring in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child on Broadway
  161. Animation director
  162. Production Designer
  163. Songwriter & Record Producer
  164. Actor - Captains Courageous, Boys Town, In Old Chicago, The Country Girl, Love Finds Andy Hardy. Producer - MASH (TV - 121 episodes). Director The Andy Griffith Show. Writer
  165. Director/Screenwriter
  166. Screenwriter & Director: Red Dawn, Fandango, Rapa Nui, Waterworld, 187, The Beast, Robin Hood - Prince of Thieves, The Count of Monte Cristo, Hatfields & McCoys
  167. Art Director - Star Wars A New Hope, Superman I & II, Production Designer - Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Mission Impossible and more
  168. Director of the movie 'The Ugly'
  169. Director
  170. French composer, director
  171. JFK - NBC producer/director in 1963; arrived in Dallas on Friday; had several encounters with Jack Ruby on Saturday. On Sunday, he was the on-site producer for NBC's live coverage of the transfer of Lee Harvey Oswald when Ruby shot Oswald
  172. Creator - Grey's Anatomy
  173. Screenwriter / Director - Saint John of Las Vegas
  174. Director: Entertaining Angels; Heidi.; Not Our Son; In the Best Interest of the Children; Visions of Murder; Killing Mind; Matters of the Heart; Babies; Runaway Car Miracles; So Weird; Dark Angel; Hyperion Bay; B.H. 90210; Promised Land; Baywatch; China B
  175. Film/TV Producer
  176. Voice Actor/Writer/Creative Director on Gravity Falls (TV Series, Lee/Thompson/Mr. Poolcheck)
  177. Director
  178. Director
  179. Producer (Opera)
  180. French writer, director, sometimes actor
  181. American rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer
  182. Animation writer
  183. Director
  184. Italian Writer/Producer. 1950's-70's. Born: 06/11/1909
  185. Director - Have Rocket Will Travel, Madame X, The Plainsman, The Horror At 37,000 Feet, Satan's School For Girls, The Concorde-Airport '79, Chu Chu & The Philly Flash, many TV programs (inc. Twilight Zone, Alf. Hitchcock, Naked City, Route 66, Laredo)
  186. Director - All In The Family (86 episodes), Benson (43 episodes), Dick Van Dyke Show (39 episodes), Where's Raymond? (30 episodes), Our Miss Brooks (28 episodes),Gomer Pyle USMC (19 episodes), Gunsmoke (14 episodes), Twilight Zone, Brady Bunch, Bonanza +
  187. Director of photography
  188. Saban producer
  189. Director
  190. Director: March Or Die, Heat, Farewell My Lovely, Death Valley, Man Woman and Child
  191. Director
  192. John Richards  (2)
  193. Archaeologist Presenter, BBC2 Meet the Ancestors, Blood of the Vikings. Mapping the Town, Radio Four.
  194. Director
  195. Producer
  196. Director
  197. Director
  198. Assistant Director - Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)
  199. Film Director - Tom Jones (AA win), A Taste Of Honey, The Loved One, The Entertainer, Look Back In Anger, The Hotel New Hampshire, Hamlet '69, Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner, The Border, Ned Kelly, Mademoiselle, Charge Of The Light Brigade
  200. Film Producer
  201. American composer, actor, director, and television producer. Richmond produced, composed the music for, and directed some episodes of 30 Rock, a sitcom created by and starring his wife, Tina Fey
  202. producer of many movies from the 1930's and 40's, born in 1912
  203. Co - Host & Writer: Late Night with Conan O'Brien // Actor: Andy Richter Controls the Universe, Andy Barker P.I., The New Adventures of Old Christine, Elf, Cabin Boy, Madagascar, Quintuplets, Semi - Pro, Arrested Development, Santa Clarita Diet
  204. creator of the TV-show 'Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law'
  205. Director
  206. Director
  207. Screenwriter & Director: Slither, Peeper, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Dracula, Brubaker, All Night Long, Big Trouble in Little China, Needful Things, Home for the Holidays, Stealth, The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension
  208. producer and presenter of GMTV's programme for children, 'Up On The Roof'
  209. Director
  210. Director of photography
  211. Disney Legend, Director of Press & Publicity
  212. director, actor, screenwriter
  213. Matt Ridley  (3)
  214. Director
  215. Producer
  216. Actor, Director, Voice Over Talent
  217. German director, Made the propaganda-films for nazi-dictator Adolf Hitler
  218. Poverty row film producer. active years 1934-55. Films include Captain Manhunt and a couple live boxing matches
  219. Actor
  220. Producer
  221. Screenwriter & Director: Dark Backward, The Chase, Detroit Rock City, Look, The Invisible Mania, The Nut House, Psycho Cop Returns, Chillerama, Mousehunt, Small Soldiers
  222. Tony Award-winning American theatre producer and writer. Works include: Make a Wish, John Murray Anderson's Almanac, No, No, Nanette, Irene
  223. Writer/Director
  224. Music Producer
  225. Director
  226. Business man, movie producer and one of the owners of GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling). Was married to actress Pia Zadora
  227. Animation director
  228. Kim in Australian sitcom Kath & Kim. Also, writer, producer and director of Kath & Kim and Big Girls Blouse.
  229. Director/Screenwriter
  230. Animation designer / storyboard artist
  231. Actor, Producer
  232. Tv writer- three's company
  233. Producer of A Nightmare On Elm Street
  234. Italian film director
  235. French director
  236. Director
  237. Screenwriter
  238. British Writer/Director (b: 1968) - Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels; Snatch; RocknRolla; Swept Away; Revolver; Star; Sherlock Holmes 1-2. Producer. Formerly married to Madonna (2000-2008)
  239. Film Director - Hud, Norma Rae, Hombre, Sounder, The Spy Who Came In From The Cold, The Great White Hope, The Long Hot Summer, The Outrage, Pete 'N' Tillie, The Front, Murphy's Romance, The Molly Maguires, Conrack, Nuts, Stanley & Iris, Cross Creek
  240. Celebrity Photographer, Video Director
  241. Production Designer
  242. Production Coordinator worked on the series Law & Order: SVU, an episode of Love Monkey and the films Step Up 2006, Night at the Museum 2006, The Brave One 2007, Going the Distance 2010, The Quinn-Tuplets 2010
  243. Chicano theater director and writer
  244. Voice of Boost in 'Cars'
  245. New Zealand visual effects art director and filmmaker
  246. French movie director
  247. Director
  248. Director
  249. Director
  250. Jamie Rix  (2)
  251. Producer-Writer - Our Gang, Laurel & Hardy, Harold Lloyd
  252. filmmaker - Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery (1997), Meet The Parents (2000), Meet The Fockers (2004), Producer Borat
  253. French director
  254. writer director
  255. Director
  256. Director/Choreographer - original productions of 'Fiddler on the Roof', 'The King and I', West Side Story', 'Gypsy'
  257. film director-'Dragonslayer',' *batteries not included'
  258. Director
  259. Cinematographer & Director
  260. Director
  261. Director of photography
  262. Actor
  263. Actor
  264. Director
  265. Director
  266. Director
  267. Brian Roberts  (3)
  268. movie director
  269. Producer Of Coronation Street
  270. Screenwriter & Producer: Tremors
  271. Paul Roberts  (3)
  272. BBC TV Director: Doctor Who, Tenko, Blake's 7, Howards Way, Survivors
  273. Director
  274. Bloodline/Great grandfather is actor Alan Napier, his uncle is actor Marshall Napier and his cousin is Marshall's daughter, actress Jessica Napier. He is also related to the author Charles Dickens/Writer, film director and producer
  275. Assistant Director
  276. Film Producer: Elf, Pineapple Express, The 40 Year Old Virgin, Knocked Up
  277. Director of photography
  278. Production Manager
  279. American writer, director and former child actor (b. 1971), best known for his role as Robbie Freeling in the movie 'Poltergeist' and in its sequel 'Poltergeist II: The Other Side'; he also appeared in 'Airplane II: The Sequel', and 'Don't Go to Sleep'
  280. Actor: Dirty Harry, Star Trek DS9, Charley Varrick, The Drowning Pool, Cobra, Hellraiser, Child's Play 3, Trancers 3, Shoot to Kill, Mask, Pumpkinhead 2, Puppet Masters, Liberace, Ryan's Hope, JAG, The X-Files
  281. Opera Producer
  282. Film Producer
  283. Stage Director
  284. Animaton director
  285. Paul Robinson  (3)
    Stage Director
  286. American movie director - Sneakers
  287. Tony Robinson  (4)
    Writer/Director - The 5th Magia, Let Me Count The Ways
  288. TV Director
  289. Director: The Audrey Hepburn Story, Blood on Her Hands
  290. Atom Man v. Superman, 1951 'Mysterious Island', born: 1921 + Bonanza, OL
  291. Director
  292. French actress and producer
  293. Director of photography
  294. Director
  295. Actor and director
  296. Director
  297. Joe Rock  (2)
    Actor/Producer/Director/Writer - Mostly silent shorts (1915-1937)
  298. American film and television writer and television producer. Saving Private Ryan
  299. movie director
  300. Creator of STAR TREK
  301. Director of photography
  302. Director - Desperado, Sin City
  303. Director
  304. Music producer and filmmaker and descendant of Washington and Emily Roebling who built The Brooklyn Bridge. He is now 46 and lives in Brooklyn, U.S.A
  305. White Boy in the 1971 film 'Walkabout'; Producer-Othello
  306. Film Director- Don't Look Now, The Man Who Fell To Earth, Performance, The Witches. Cinematographer/Camera - Lawrence Of Arabia, Dr. Zhivago, Masque Of The Red Death, Fahrenheit 451, Casino Royale, Petulia, ...Madding Crowd, Funny Thing Happened-Forum
  307. Director
  308. Director
  309. Associate producer Mad Monster Party
  310. Candian director/producer directed 1961 film The Mask
  311. Director
  312. Director (from 1921-1958) - Escape From Devil's Island, The Black Cat, Heaven Only Knows, Li'l Abner '40, In Old Oklahoma, Song Of India, Argentine Nights, Shadow Of Fear, The Admiral Was A Lady, several Lone Wolf films, many silent films
  313. Swedish Producer produced The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975 2011,
  314. Mr. Rogers on TV
  315. actor/writer/filmmaker, caged women 2, Laserhawk, Forgive Me Father
  316. Actor, director, choreographer; West Side Story
  317. Directed American Pie 2
  318. Writer Director Podcast Producer. Wrote and directed several short films. Co-Creator of the Sparrow and Crowe Comic Book as well as the audio drama Wormwood
  319. Mac Rogers  (2)
    Created, written, and produced Lif-ea/fter, a podcast from GE Podcast Theater and Panoply, is a 10 episode series that follows Ross, who spends his days conversing online with his wife Charlie ? who died eight months ago
  320. producer of the Carry On films
  321. Production Designer
  322. Director
  323. Director, -Supernatural-Smallville-Dead Zone-Outer Limits-
  324. Actress
  325. French movie director. Born: 04/04/1920
  326. German Film Producer - Das Boot, Die Apothekerin
  327. Writer/Director
  328. French director
  329. German Director, Directed All Episodes Of The 'Stahlnetz' Crime Drama
  330. Director
  331. German Comedian, Author, Theatre Director
  332. German cinematographer and director
  333. Screenwriter/Director
  334. Director Zombie Lake
  335. Producer of many Woody Allen Films. Born:03/23/1915. Birth Name: Jack Rabinowitz
  336. Producer worked at saban
  337. Director
  338. Producer epsodes of Law and Order Criminal Intent
  339. December 21, 1930 in Fresno, California), is an animator. He is the founder of animation studios Film Roman and Phil Roman Entertainment. Roman is of Mexican American descent.[1]Early in his career, Roman was an animator for Chuck Jon
  340. director, producer
  341. Animation voice director
  342. Chris Romano  (3)
    Actor (Blue Mountain State) -- Writer/Producer (Blue Mountain State, Sarah Silverman Program, South Park)
  343. VFX Director
  344. Producer - Moonlight (Academy Award Winner 2017, Best Picture)
  345. Director/Screenwriter
  346. director - Mad Doctor of Blood Island
  347. Writer & Director: Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead, Creepshow, Martin, The Crazies, Knightriders, Monkey Shines, The Dark Half, Land of the Dead, Diary of the Dead, Survival of the Dead, Bruiser, Tales From The Darkside
  348. Animation timing director
  349. Director
  350. Screenwriter & Director
  351. Director: TV Movies: The Promise; When Innocence is Lost; She Cried No; Danielle Steele's Full Circle; Remembrance; Mixed Blessings; The Other Mother; Locked Up: A Mother's Rage. TV: Las Vegas; One Tree Hill; Crossing Jordan; Joan of Arcadia; Boston Publi
  352. Disney animator. Directed The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride and Mulan II
  353. Creative Director
  354. Actress
  355. Screenwriter, director, producer: Marly & Me, Boys on the Side, Single White Female. Husband of actor Dan Bucatinsky
  356. Robot Chicken
  357. Screenwriter & Director: Loverboy, The Kiss, Madhouse, Look Who's Talking Now, The Next Best Thing, Seven Days
  358. Screenwriter
  359. Director of photography
  360. Catalan singer, songwriter and record producer
  361. Record Producer
  362. Stage Director
  363. Screenwriter & Producer
  364. film dir. (candyman, lt's anna karenina)
  365. Director of Student Bodies
  366. Peter Rose  (4)
  367. Soccer
  368. Philip Rose  (2)
    Broadway theatrical producer of productions including A Raisin in the Sun, The Owl and the Pussycat, Does a Tiger Wear a Necktie?
  369. Director
  370. Born in 1934 in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA as Jeb John Rosebrook. He is a writer and producer, known for The Black Hole (1979), Junior Bonner (1972) and A Hobo's Christmas (1987)
  371. Canadian television writer, producer and director
  372. Stunts in Star Trek episode, 'Mirror, Mirror' - Actress: Chamber of Horrors - Costumer: TRON, Night Shift, Sounder, Midnight Madness, Amen, Movie Madness, Trouble Man - Assistant Director: Night of the Running Man, Hard Rock Zombies
  373. Producer
  374. Dan Rosen  (2)
    Screenwriter & Director
  375. Directed the films Watership Down and The Plague Dogs. Also produced Women In Love and the Watership Down tv series.
  376. Executive producer
  377. Screenwriter & Producer: Dr. Quinn, Dark Skies, Party of Five, The Magnificent Seven, The Agency, Birds of Prey, The O.C., Step Up, Twilight, Dexter, Red Widow, Jessica Jones
  378. Actor
  379. film dir. (cool hand luke amityville honnor)
  380. Producer
  381. Film Producer
  382. Film Producer
  383. Screenwriter & Film Producer
  384. Former producer 'Ellen Show', 'Spin City' appeared on Good Morning America on March 13th 2001
  385. Film producer - (founded Tribeca Productions together with Robert de Niro
  386. TV Producer/Writer - Everybody Loves Raymond (1996-05), married to Monica Horan
  387. Director & Producer: Halloween 2, Bad Boys, American Dreamer, Russkies, Distant Thunder, Life Goes On, Devlin, The Birds II, Providence, Halloween Resurrection, Smallville, Being Erica, Drones, Halfway There
  388. Director: Zapped!, Malibu Beach
  389. tv writer/producer -- 'Cagney & Lacey'
  390. Indian Bollywood Director
  391. Italian director - Christ Stopped at Eboli 'SalvatoreGiuliano'
  392. Belgian movie director, born in 1972. Movies : "Bullhead",
  393. Screenwriter & Director
  394. TV Producer & Screenwriter
  395. Creator of C.H.I.P.S
  396. Director
  397. Director
  398. David Ross  (4)
    Screenwriter & Director
  399. Director/writer/producer of 'Pleasantville'
  400. Herbert Ross  (2)
    Film Director - The Turning Point (Oscar nom.), The Goodbye Girl, Funny Lady, The Sunshine Boys, California Suite, Play It Again Sam, Footloose, Steel Magnolias, The Owl & The Pussycat, The Last Of Sheila, True Colors, Pennies From Heaven, Nijinsky
  401. Director
  402. Actor in TV / movies 1955-61: 77 Sunset Strip, Perry Mason, Men Into Space,, Adventures of Rin Tin Tin, The Adventures of Jim Bowie, Circus Boy; plus casting Director of 28 episodes of The Betty Hutton Show
  403. Michael Ross  (3)
    Record Producer & Songwriter
  404. Director
  405. Associate Producer & Production Assistant: Star Trek-TNG, Star Trek-DS9, Star Trek-Voyager, Entertprise
  406. Director
  407. French producer
  408. writer producer director
  409. Screenwriter - Aliens Among Us, 14 Million Dreams, 15 Million Dreams
  410. Guitarist, singer, composer and Argentinean musical producer of rock and blues, resident in Spain
  411. Lost director
  412. Screenwriter & Director: Cabin Fever, Hostel 1 & 2,Grindhouse, The Green Inferno // Actor: Inglorious Basterds, Piranha, Rock of Ages, Death Proof
  413. Former Chairman of Disney Studios, Twentieth Century Fox, Morgan Creek and Revolution Studios // Producer & Director: Streets of Gold, Revenge of the Nerds 2, Coupe de Ville, America's Sweethearts, Freedomland, Christmas with the Kranks
  414. US-American director and movie producer, 'Total Reality', 'A.P.E.X.', 'Prototype'
  415. English actor and director, best known for his roles in Quentin Tarantino's films: 'Reservoir Dogs', 'Pulp Fiction', 'Four Rooms' and 'The Hateful Eight'. For 'Rob Roy' (1995), he won a BAFTA Award and was nominated for an Academy Award
  416. German director of the film 'Sophie Scholl – The Final Days'
  417. Comedian
  418. film dir. (blood bath, terminal island)
  419. Writer & Director
  420. The Ugly
  421. Actor
  422. Director
  423. French director
  424. Director of photography
  425. Director
  426. French producer
  427. Film producer
  428. French Director/Writer - Los Tarantos (Oscar nom - Best Foreign Film '62), El Amor Brujo (Oscar nom - Best Foreign Film '67), The Big Show, The Lonely Woman, Los Atracadores
  429. Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In
  430. Director
  431. Director/Screenwriter
  432. Producer
  433. a Naboo guard in Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of The Sith
  434. Former Adult Film Star/Adult Film Director
  435. French Actress, French TV Series 'Venus & Apollo'
  436. Executive producer - one day at a time
  437. Director
  438. French director, now retired
  439. Screenwriter & Director: True Believer, The Stepfather, Sleeping with the enemy, Money Train, Dreamscape, Return to Paradise, The Forgotten, The Good Son
  440. Tv writer
  441. Director Murderball
  442. Record Producer
  443. American screenwriter and film and television producer. Born: 10/08/1917. Married to Actress Kathleen Hughes since 1954
  444. Production Designer
  445. Produced 'Dawn Of The Dead' (both Versions From 1978 And 2004)
  446. Animation writer, married to Animation writer Elana Lesser
  447. Director
  448. Creator of the TV Series Hogan's Heroes Film producer - The Godfather, Mega Force
  449. Film Producer
  450. French director
  451. film dir.(breafest of champions)
  452. director of tv hit series in batman 1960's
  453. actor / singer / choreographer / filmmaker
  454. Director
  455. Director
  456. Movies director
  457. Mike Ruiz  (2)
    Photographer, director, TV personality, former model, spokesperson, creative director and actor; The A-List New York, RuPaul's Drag Race
  458. WBFF PRO, World Beauty Fitness & Fashion Athlete, Model, Wellness Boutique Director
  459. Shade Rupe's interview collection 'Dark Stars Rising,' featured Divine, Alejandro Jodorowksy, Tura Satana, Udo Kier, Teller, Richard Kern, Gaspar Noe, Johanna Went, Dame Darcy, Dennis Cooper, and other key players of outsider artwork.
  460. Director
  461. film dir. (the stunt man, freebie & the bean)
  462. Producer/Associate Producer
  463. movie director
  464. Director: The Mask, Eraser, Bless the Child, Nightmare on Elm Street 3, The Blob, The Scorpion King
  465. Film director (flirting with disaster three kings), Silver Linings Playbook
  466. Director: Ladder 49, My Dog Skip, End of the line
  467. Movie Director - 'Tommy'
  468. British born television director. She directed several television programmes between 1962 and 1981 and her work includes Doctor Who, Out of the Unknown and Quatermass. She was one of the first female directors to work on British television
  469. Actor/Writer/Producer 'Buck Rogers in 25th Century' (he played General Totuk), 'MacMillan & Wife'.
  470. Singer, songwriter, bassist, and producer music country-rock
  471. Captain America The Winter Soldier Director
  472. Joe Russo  (2)
    Captain America The Winter Soldier Director
  473. Director
  474. Producer / Writer / Director
  475. Gay porn director
  476. Screenwriter & Producer: Natural Born Killers, U-Turn, Freeway
  477. Author - Kids in the Biz
  478. Tv director
  479. Director
  480. Director/Screenwriter
  481. Screenwriter & Director
  482. Director
  483. Creator, Producer of The Shield on FX
  484. French director
  485. Actor & Director: On Golden Pond, The Fox, The Rose, The Reivers, The River, Cinderella Liberty, The Cowboys, For the Boys, Harry and Walter Go to New York, James Dean, Intersection, Crime of the Century, Gunsmoke, Everwoord, Even Money
  486. Television producer, cast member/researcher/explorer on SyFy's 'Destination Truth' with Josh Gates, and cast member and Host of 'Chasing UFOs' on National Geographic Channel
  487. Art Director & Production Designer
  488. Director
  489. The creator behind the Norwegian sitcom Mot I Brøstet from the 90s, father of actor Adam Ryen
  490. Director
  491. Norwegian film director who usually works in a team with Espen Sandberg. His 2012 film Kon-Tiki was nominated for the Best Foreign Language Oscar at the 85th Academy Awards. The duo will be directing the fifth Pirates of the Caribbean film