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StarTiger - Browsing Category Home->Performing Arts->Director/Producer , A-Z Filter: T
Browsing Category Home->Performing Arts->Director/Producer , A-Z Filter: T
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  1. actor director
  2. Director
  3. Actor & Director: Hound of the Baskervilles, Brave New World, Black Beauty, Seventh Avenue, QB VII, Chicago Story, London Embassy, Cluedo, The Rockford Files, Twilight Zone // Son of Don Siegel and Viveca Lindfors
  4. Director
  5. French director - Cousin, Cousine
  6. Director of Photography
  7. Director
  8. Actor
  9. Director
  10. film director (the gate 1 & 2 l, madman)
  11. Japanese director and animator, born 1935, famous for 'Grave of the Fireflies'
  12. creator of Scooby Doo
  13. Writer/Director
  14. Former NHL Goaltender; Currently the Director of European Scout for Dallas Stars
  15. Director: Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare, Tank Girl, Supernatural,
  16. Opera Producer
  17. Star Trek Enterprise episode Judgement. Actor, director, playwright
  18. filmmaker - The Edge (1997), Along Came A Spider (2001), Die Another Day (2002)
  19. Opera Producer
  20. Actor, Writer & Producer; born: 1934 Belgrade, Yugoslavia, 'owner of the popular Los Angeles restaurant that bears his name'; the Maitre'd in The 'Peter Gunn' 1960 episode of 'The Dummy'; and as a German sailor in 'The Enemy Below' (1957)
  21. Japanese Filmaker directed Message from Hiroshima 2015 documentary about the bombing of Hiroshima which he witnessed
  22. Japanese director who usually goes by the name of Sabu, born 1964
  23. Production Designer
  24. Art director for the Netflix Comedy: Big Mouth
  25. Director of photography
  26. Producer
  27. Known as 'ATB'. DJ, Producer
  28. Author/Director (author of 'I Loved Lucy')
  29. Executive producer
  30. Executive producer
  31. movie director
  32. director
  33. Special Effects: senior technician and assistant producer for 'Tom Corbett, Space Cadet'
  34. Creator/Producer/Director of 'Xena:Warrior Princess' and married to Lucy Lawless, star of 'Xena'
  35. Founding Father of Xena Warrior Princess and Husband of it's star Lucy Lawless
  36. Art Director 1930's-50's
  37. Director/Writer/Actor- Pulp Fiction (AA win), Django Unchained (AA win), Inglorious Basterds (AA nom), The Hateful Eight, Kill Bill vol 1&2, Reservoir Dogs, Jackie Brown, From Dusk till Dawn, Sin City, True Romance, Natural born Killers, Death Proof,
  38. Director
  39. Actress
  40. French director
  41. Author
  42. Director
  43. Son of Frank Tarloff / Writer/producer : Alice, MASH,All in the Family
  44. Film Producer & Director
  45. Director
  46. Writer/Director
  47. French director
  48. President of NBC 1980-1991 // Producer & Writer
  49. Director
  50. Director
  51. Iranianborn director who works and lives in Sweden
  52. Actor, associate producer The Brain from Planet Arous
  53. Special Effects, Art Department, Make-Up Department, Production Designer, Director, Visual Effects, Actor, Costume Designer, Writer, Producer, Costume and Wardrobe Department.Worked on Underworld 1,2&3, I Robot, Stargate, Independence Day
  54. Actor: The Stoned Age, Powder, Cool and the Crazy, Black Scorpion, Excessive Force II, Down Periscope, The Burning Zone, Melrose Place, Salt, Magic City, Westworld
  55. French director, producer, screenwriter, actor
  56. Director
  57. Actress
  58. film director
  59. film director
  60. production designer - The Godfather
  61. Director of The Sopranos, Deadwood, Boardwalk Empire,Game of Thrones, Terminator: Genesis, Thor: The Dark World and many more
  62. Writer/Director
  63. Supervising editor & co-editor on Star Trek: The Next Generation. Wrote several episodes of Deep Space Nine and the Voyager novel 'Pathways.'
  64. Jill Taylor  (2)
  65. Paul Taylor  (5)
    Choreographer/last living member of the pantheon that created America's indigenous art of modern dance
  66. Movie director
  67. theater movie director/lyricist Across The Universe, Titus
  68. french director
  69. Director: Dirty O'Neil, The Lady in Red, Alligator, Fighting Back, Cujo, Cat's Eye, The Jewel of the Nile, Collision Course, Navy Seals, The Dukes of Hazzard Reunion!, The Triangle
  70. Screenwriter/Playwright, Director
  71. movie director
  72. Belgian movie director
  73. Director
  74. Director
  75. Film Producer
  76. Film Director (Anna & The King, Fools Rush In, Sweet Home Alabama), Actor (Grease)
  77. Animation director
  78. film director of Witchboard, Peacemaker, Night Of The Demons
  79. Director - Gettin' Square, Better than Sex
  80. Director of photography
  81. Executive producer: MTV
  82. Actor & Director: Deathstalker 2, Chopping Mall, Legmen, Hard Bounty, Damned River, Guns Of Paradise, The Last Frontier, The Allnighter, Guardian, Malevolent, Army Wives, Ugly Betty, Castle, Boston Legal
  83. Animation director/ storyboard artist
  84. Screenwriter
  85. Story director: Rocky & Bullwinkle, the new Scooby-doo movies etc
  86. US director, screenwriter, producer - Academy Award Winner 2013 best adapted screenplay for Argo
  87. Dutch director
  88. French producer
  89. French actor and theater director born 1935.'7 Deadly Sins','Medea','The Milky Way','Rain Over Santiago','Detective','Red Kiss','Germinal','Once Upon a Angel','Kapo','Woman in Chains','Blood Wedding'
  90. Italian Director
  91. Director
  92. Director
  93. Director
  94. Director - All My Children
  95. Writer & Director: Thieves Like Us, Nashville, Eyes of Laura Mars, A Night in Heaven, Old Boyfriends, Cold Sassy Tree
  96. Director for: Several of the Godzilla films
  97. Producer
  98. Director
  99. Actress-The Tin Drum,Domino,Dolles Familienalbum,Winterspelt 1944,Mosch,Sophies Choice,Paradise,Follow Me,The 8th Day,Back in Trouble,Die Cleveren,King of Thieves,NVA,Kabale and Liebe,Offset
  100. Director
  101. Director
  102. Director
  103. Actor
  104. Actor, producer, director; The Lloyd Thaxton Show; co-founder of Tiger Beat magazine
  105. Director
  106. Director
  107. Screenwriter
  108. Nini Theilade (born 15. June 1915 in Poerwokerto , Indonesia ) is a solo dancer , director and ballet teacher. She is the daughter of translator His Theilade and Joanna Catarina
  109. Writer / Director - Emelie
  110. Director
  111. Director
  112. Director/Screenwriter
  113. Played for the Quebec Nordiques in the early 80s. He was a top point producer in juniors whose game was better suited to the larger ice surfaces of Europe.
  114. French production designer and art director, won one Oscar for his work
  115. French director
  116. Production manager/assistant, provided Voice in Zootopia
  117. German-American entrepreneur, venture capitalist and hedge fund manager. Thiel co-founded PayPal with Max Levchin and Elon Musk and served as its CEO/Co-producer of Thank You for Smoking, a 2005 feature film
  118. Director
  119. Director
  120. Director
  121. French producer
  122. Female Model
  123. Actress: Hill Street Blues, Troop Beverly Hills, Used Cars // Director: The Brady Bunch Movie, Private Parts, Doctor Dolittle, I Spy, The Late Shift, 28 Days, John Tucker must Die
  124. Craig Thomas  (3)
    Creator of the show 'How I Met Your Mother'
  125. Director
  126. Dave Thomas  (5)
    Supervising director - wander over yonder
  127. Editorial Director of The Australian Women's Weekly
  128. Donald Thomas  (4)
    Opera Director/Designer
  129. Director
  130. James Thomas  (2)
    Director Megaladon
  131. Jeff Thomas  (2)
    Fallen Angels
  132. movie producer
  133. Marty Thomas  (2)
    Actor/Director/Writer-*M*A*S*H*,I Wanna Hold Your Hand,FM,Big Wednesday,Torchlight,Jungle Village Turtle Time,Screen Kill,Hotties
  134. Director
  135. Series Producer - LOST
  136. Animation art director
  137. Tony Thomas  (2)
    TV and film producer: Blossom, Empty Nest, Golden Girls, Dead Poets Society
  138. television producer
  139. German film director
  140. Actor/Writer/Filmmaker - married to actress Geraldine Pailhas
  141. French screenwriter
  142. Director
  143. Creater of the TV Show Las Vegas
  144. Film Director - Cape Fear, The Guns Of Navarone, Tiger Bay, Taras Bulba, Mackenna's Gold, What A Way To Go!, 2 Planet Of The Apes films, The Blue Knight, The White Buffalo, The Greek Tycoon, Firewalker, Death Wish 4
  145. Director, 'Gay Bed and Breakfast of Terror'
  146. John Thompson  (4)
    Film Producer
  147. Producer Nebraska
  148. Director
  149. Ian Thomson  (4)
  150. Production Designer
  151. Director
  152. Director/Screenwriter
  153. Actor & Director: Sling Blade, Tombstone, Hearts Afire, Primary Colors, U Turn, A Simple Plan, Armageddon, Bandits, Monster's Ball, Love Actually, Bad Santa, The Alamo, Mr. Woodcock, Friday Night Lights, Fargo, Goliath
  154. Actress
  155. Actor | Writer | Producer | Voice Actor. Known for The Tale (2018), NBC Sunday Night Football (2013-2014), 11.22.63 (2016), Sudden Reality (2015)
  156. director - Kung Fu tv series
  157. German director - Bang Boom Bang, Was nicht passt, wird passend gemacht, Nicht mein Tag
  158. Animator and Director: Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs (2009), Ice Age Continental Drift (2012)
  159. Director
  160. German director - Taste the Waste
  161. Director
  162. Producer
  163. Executive producer of spongebob squarepants
  164. Production coordinator and producer. Worked on episodes of Law & Order SVU as well as the films United 93 2006 and 16 Blocks 2006 and others
  165. Animation director
  166. Writer and movie director from Taiwan, born in 1956
  167. Theatre Director
  168. Director
  169. Actor/director
  170. movie director
  171. Director/Screenwriter
  172. Executive Producer: Justice League Animated Series
  173. Director
  174. Director
  175. Director
  176. french actor
  177. Tv producer (mary tyler moore, cheers, bob newhart)Born: 01/11/1926
  178. Producer-Director
  179. Director/Screenwriter
  180. comedian/actor/creator - 'titus' (t.v.), Killer Klowns from Outer Space
  181. French director
  182. film director (the pick up artist, 2 girls & a guy)
  183. Director, -Supernatural-Jericho-Invasion-
  184. Mark Tobin  (2)
    Actor/Producer - Star Trek - Day of the Dove (1968), KlingonStar Trek, Space Seed (1967), Joaquin, Game Over, Man With A Van, Wrecker
  185. Writer/Director of Far From Heaven
  186. Michael Todd  (3)
    {1909-1958} Film producer was one of the major contributors to technical innovation in the 1950's. Was married to Elizabeth Taylor at the time of his death in a plane crash
  187. Director
  188. Director
  189. Screenwriter & Producer: Home Improvement, Murphy Brown, The Larry Sanders Show, Analyze This, Bedazzled, American Sweethearts, Stealing Harvard, Guess Who, Rescue Me, Rake, Outsiders, Mad About You
  190. Director
  191. Showrunner of series
  192. Film Producer: Entrapment, Finding Forrester, Just Cause, married to actor Oded Fehr
  193. Film Producer / Screenwriter / Director
  194. Director of Satan's Playground , Horror
  195. ballet dancer/director
  196. Director for CD Projekt Red
  197. Actress
  198. Art director Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back
  199. Filmmaker
  200. Director
  201. Filmmaker - Rumble In The Bronx, Mr. Magoo
  202. Director/Screenwriter
  203. Director
  204. Worked for KFC for 28 years, during which time she served as Colonel Harland Sanders' public relations assistant and the chain's director of consumer affairs
  205. Tv producer - the wonder years
  206. film director (diary of a high school bride)
  207. Director
  208. creater of dragonball
  209. Screenwriter & Producer: Sliders, Fire in the Sky
  210. Actor: Pork Chop Hill, King of Kings, The Cincinnati Kid, Crazy Joe, Coma, A Stranger Is Watching, The Beastmaster, Airplane 2, Summer Rental, Extreme Prejudice, Robocop 3, Down Periscope, Men in Black, The Larry Sanders Show, 30 Rock, Zoom
  211. Italian film director; 'Cinema Paradiso' (1989), 'The Legend of 1900' (1998)
  212. Filmmaker
  213. Director
  214. Producer, Witchhunter, Living Dead World
  215. Director
  216. French actor
  217. Director
  218. Director: In the eyes of a stranger, Dangerous Intentions
  219. movie director
  220. Musical Director / Guitar / Vocals for The Beach Boys (touring band & 2012 Reunion tour)
  221. French director 'Le petit Bougnat'
  222. Lost director
  223. French director, born in 1971
  224. Director of Xbox LIVE Policy and Enforcement at Microsoft
  225. Co-Director 1950's. Born: 09/27/1909
  226. Director
  227. Director
  228. British Actor: The History Boys, Doctor Who, Gavin & Stacey, Being Human, Little Dorrit
  229. A Dangerous Woman (2004), Initiation 21 and Muffin Top: A Love Story (2014)
  230. Director
  231. British Producer (Sumuru, The Lost World, Gor, Dragonard, Fu Man Chu)
  232. Screenwriter - Chinatown, The Two Jakes, Shampoo, Drive He Said, Days Of Thunder, The Firm, Tequila Sunrise, The Parallax View, The Last Detail, Frantic, The Yazuka, Mission: Impossible 1&2, Cisco Pike, The Missouri Breaks, The Tomb Of Ligeia. Director
  233. Director & Actor: Streets of Fire, A Soldier's Story, American Flyers, Odd Jobs, Ratboy, Hollywood Shuffle, The Mighty Quinn, The Five Heartbeats, The Meteor Man, Joseph's Gift, The Parent 'Hood, Black Lightning
  234. Author(Adrian Mole Diaries), Play Director, worked w/the BBC in Britain
  235. Lost director
  236. Bones 24
  237. Production Designer
  238. Actor, 'El Alamein La Linea Del Fuoco'
  239. Movie Director
  240. Director
  241. German writer and director
  242. Director
  243. Director- That '70s Show
  244. Actress
  245. Director - Chronicle
  246. Director
  247. DJ/Electronic Music Producer
  248. Executive Producer - Samatha Who?
  249. Musical director
  250. actor/producer/director - movie stars (t.v. series, 1999), brother of John Travolta
  251. Hungarian Producer
  252. Director/Screenwriter
  253. French director
  254. Director/Screenwriter
  255. Producer - Harry Potter
  256. French director
  257. Creator of Jackass
  258. Director and writer
  259. Croatian illustrator, film director and novelist/1993: The Night at the Museum 2013: Another Night at the Museum
  260. Director: BMX Bandits, Day of the Assassin, The Quest, Day of the Panther, Night of the Demons 2, Leprechaun 3 & 4
  261. Hartford Stage's Artistic Director
  262. German Actor/Director
  263. Director
  264. Director
  265. Director, 'Safety Not Included' and 'Jurassic World'
  266. Author
  267. Actor
  268. Director
  269. Film/TV Producer
  270. Writer/Director
  271. theater director
  272. Actor & Director: West Side Story, Unsinkable Molly Brown, Take This Job and Shove It, The Evil, Malice In Wonderland, Nashville Girl, Moonshine County Express, The Swinging Barmaids, The Last Convertible, Baywatch, The Twilight Zone
  273. Director
  274. Director
  275. Director
  276. Director
  277. Swedish director - The Emigrants
  278. Writer
  279. director - Ring of Spies
  280. Writer & Director of Body Melt (1993)
  281. Director
  282. Director
  283. Tv presenter
  284. film director (Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame)
  285. Screenwriter & Director
  286. Director/Producer episodes of Jimmy Kimmel Live, Real Time with Bill Maher and others including Kathy Griffin: Everybody Can Suck It 2007 and Kathy Griffin: Straight to Hell 2007
  287. French movie director
  288. Production Designer
  289. film director (silent running, brainstorm)
  290. Wife of Eric Trump, television host, producer & campaign advisor
  291. Stage Director
  292. Movie Director
  293. Director
  294. Director
  295. Director
  296. Director
  297. Director
  298. Casting director worked on Law & Order SVU, Dexter and Nurse Jackie among many
  299. Director
  300. Director
  301. Director
  302. Director
  303. The Goonies, Lethal Weapon Scrooged
  304. Writer | Director: Escape from Alcatraz, Tightrope, Out of Bounds, Tales from the Crypt
  305. 2nd Assistant Cameraman
  306. Director
  307. dancer, singer, choreographer, director; winner of nine Tony Awards
  308. Chinese Director The Contract Killer
  309. Film producer & Music Composer
  310. Actor
  311. Director/Screenwriter
  312. Director
  313. Director
  314. producer - The Graduate
  315. Theatre/Opera Director
  316. Director & Producer: 24, 21 Jump Street, Prison Break, Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, Andromeda, The Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits, Nikita, Cobra, Danger Bay, Airwolf
  317. Actor, producer, writer, director, Sound Department. Best known for Howling 4: The Original Nightmare, Howling 5: The Rebirth, Howling 7: New Moon Rising.
  318. Kath in Australian sitcom Kath & Kim. Also, writer, producer and director of Kath & Kim and Big Girls Blouse.
  319. Voice Over Talent
  320. Actor/Director/Docurmentary : I Used to be in Pictures..2000
  321. Actor/Director - Played Danny in 1990 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, Normal (Director)
  322. Orphanage director in Dream No Evil(1970)
  323. Director
  324. movie director
  325. TV writer
  326. Producer and Director, known for Little Miss Sunshine (2006), Loving (2016) and Safety Not Guaranteed (2012) and Puzzle (2018)
  327. Director
  328. Director
  329. Director
  330. Production Management of Labyrinth the movie 1986
  331. Director
  332. Screenwriter & Director: Warlock, Critters 2, The Arrival, Pitch Black, The Fugitive, Waterworld, Below, The Chronicals of Riddick, A Perfect Getaway
  333. Film Producer; Academy Award 2018 Nomination for 'The Breadwinner'
  334. Screenwriter & Director
  335. Norwegian director, known for The Imitation Game (2014), Hodejegerne (2011) and Buddy (2003)