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  1. Ali B. 
    Famous Dutch rapper, songwriter.
  2. Actress - I'm Dying Up Here, 5 Stages, Royally, Younger
  3. Voice Over Talent
  4. Voice Over Talent, Actress, Singer (South African singer best known as a contestant on the third season of the reality television competition Supersterre, in 2010)
  5. Female Voice Over Talent
  6. Actor known for The Legend of Tarzan (2016), Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation (2015) and State Zero (2015)
  7. Actress-Stan Helsing
  8. Actor: All My Children, Miami Blues, Necronomicon, Philadelphia, A Reason to Believe, That Thing You Do, The Temptations, Life, Dawson's Creek, John Q, The Manchurian Candidate, After the Sunset, Half & Half, The Young & the Restless, Dear White People
  9. Voice Over Talent
  10. Male Voice Over Talent
  11. Italian Theater Actress, Dancer, Singer, Showgirl, and Voice Actress
  12. German Actor, most known for his role as 'Lukas Lenz' in the ZDF tv-series 'Lukas'
  13. Actor-Lord Of The Rings:The Two Towers/Return of The King(Madril),Close To Home,Bad Blood,Wild Horses,Spit Macphee,The Feels,Mysterious Island
  14. Actress-The World of Hemmingway
  15. Female Voice Over Talent
  16. Male Voice Over Talent
  17. Writer
  18. Female Voice Over Talent
  19. Voice Over Talent-Stupid Face
  20. German television presenter, television journalist, Voice Over Talent and Author residing in London, England
  21. Actor
  22. English Actress-Melody,The Medicine Man
  23. Actress-The Bill,Casualty,Doctors
  24. Presenter of UK breakfast show - The Big Breakfast
  25. Actor-Boardwalk Empire
  26. Voice Over Talent
  27. Voice Over Talent
  28. British Actor, Voice Of The Historian In 'The Dark Crystal' (1982)
  29. Author, TV Presenter, Comedian
  30. Female Voice Over Talent
  31. CNN Anchor / Reporter
  32. Actor-Tatort
  33. Actor:Lasko-The Fist of God
  34. Voice Over Talent
  35. Actress-East of Everything
  36. Actress-Home Fires
  37. Stuntwoman, Dialogue Actress - Angel, The Hitcher
  38. Actor
  39. Voice Over Talent
  40. Actress-Fresh Flesh
  41. Female Voice Over Talent
  42. Margaret Blaine in Doctor Who (2005), films include Little Voice (1998) and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005)
  43. Voice Over Talent
  44. Male Voice Over Talent
  45. Female Model(Germany's Top Model TV Show 2008) And Actress
  46. Voice Over Actress And Singer
  47. Voice Over Artist And Singer
  48. Actor-Tatort
  49. Actor-Queer As Folk,Witchblade
  50. Actress-Raging Hormones
  51. Actress, Producer, Singer, And Voice Over Talent
  52. Voice Over Actress
  53. Voice Over Talent
  54. actress-The Way We Live Now,MI-5
  55. Actor: The Sopranos, Salt
  56. Voices of Alvin,Simon and David Seville in Alvin and the Chipmunks son of david seville chipmunks creator
  57. Actress-Doctors,Where The Heart Is,Emmerdale
  58. Actress in Curb Your Entusiasm, Exit 8A, Guest on Friends, Star Trek VOY
  59. German voice actor
  60. German Actor-SOKO 5113
  61. Voice Actor
  62. Voice Over Talent
  63. Doctor Who
  64. Male Voice Over Talent
  65. Female Voice Over Talent
  66. Comedian; Never Mind The Buzzcocks, Jonathan Creek, QI
  67. Actor, 'Going Down in La La Land'
  68. Actress - plays Michelle Corrigan in TV's Doctors
  69. Male Voice Over Talent
  70. Male Voice Over Talent
  71. Female Voice Over Talent
  72. TV Host - Queen For A Day (1956-1964), Truth Or Consequences (1954-1956). Actor - It's A Wonderful Life
  73. Voice Over Talent
  74. Actor - Broadchurch, Off The Hook, Campus, Leonardo
  75. Female Voice Over Talent
  76. Voice of Chibi Trunks on the English dubbed 'Dragonball Z' and Chibi Chi-Chi on the English dubbed 'Dragonball'
  77. Actress
  78. Female Voice Over Talent
  79. Male Voice Over Talent
  80. Male Voice Over Talent
  81. Actor-Starbuck
  82. Actress And Female Voice Over Talent
  83. Male Voice Over Talent
  84. Voice Over Talent
  85. Female Voice Over Talent
  86. Voice Over Talent
  87. Actress-Call The Midwife,Doctors
  88. Male Voice Over Talent
  89. New Zealand Actor-Housebound
  90. Female Voice Over Talent And Actress
  91. Male Voice Over Talent
  92. Actress
  93. Actress-Halo 4,Grand Theft Auto 5
  94. Actor-Critical Nexus
  95. Voice Over Talent
  96. Actor: The Delinquents, Cool & The Crazy, Hot Car Girl, Juvenile Jungle, The Delicate Delinquent, The Bonnie Parker Story, Chinatown, The St. Valentine's Day Massacre, The Untouchables, Batman, The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis, Hunter, Las Vegas
  97. Actor - plays Dr Ben Kwarme in TV's Doctors
  98. Voice of Salem on Sabrina, voice of Norbert in the NickToon The Angry Beavers
  99. Jungle Book: Lost Treasure (1998) (voice) of Mowgli
  100. Male Voice Over Talent
  101. Actress-Grand Theft Auto 5
  102. Actor
  103. Female Voice Over Talent
  104. Model
  105. Male Voice Over Talent
  106. Dave Baker  (2)
    Male Voice Over Talent
  107. Voice Over Talent
  108. Male Voice Actor - Capt. Rex/Cmdr. Cody/Clone Troopers (Voice)'Star Wars The Clone Wars', And Klaus (Voice) on 'American Dad'. Also the voice of Waddles the pig on Gravity Falls
  109. Actor: The Cell, Celebrity, Oz, Spiderman 2 & 3, Drive, Trick R' Treat, Along Came a Spider, Damages, Secretariat, Kings, Revolutionary Road, Across the Universe, Fido, Hide and Seek, Kinsey, Road to Perdition, Thirteen Days, Requiem for a Dream
  110. This is Us
  111. Broadcaster
  112. Actress - 'Peer Pressure'
  113. Joan Baker  (2)
    Female Voice Over Talent
  114. Male Voice Over Talent
  115. Actress - Picket Fences (Emmy & GG wins), Boston Public, Jennifer Eight, Edw. Scissorhands, Clean & Sober, Inventing the Abbotts, Jacknife, Cider House Rules, Jane Austen Book Club, Mr. Frost, The Right Stuff, Dad, Jesse Stone, Article 99, Cold Mountain
  116. Leslie Baker  (2)
    Theater And Voice Over Actress
  117. Actor, 'Heroes' (Broken Nose Guard), Supervulcano, '90210' (Cop, Ep.4.4),
  118. Female Voice Over Talent
  119. Matt Baker  (3)
    Male Voice Over Talent
  120. Melanie Baker  (2)
    Valley of the Dinosaurs, Love American Style
  121. Male Voice Over Talent
  122. Female Voice Over Talent
  123. Paul Baker  (2)
    Male Voice Over Talent
  124. Actor - Out Of Time, NCIS, Leatherheads, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
  125. Sam Baker  (4)
    Voice Over Talent
  126. Comic Country performer/actor. Tours as his ornery redneck persona, Unknown Hinson. Best known as the lead voice of Early Cuyler in the cartoon 'Squidbillies.'
  127. Male Voice Over Talent
  128. Voice Actor
  129. Male Voice Over Talent
  130. Dutch Reporter And Voice Over Talent
  131. Actor & Director: Midnight Cowboy, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Gosford Park, Altered States, Absence Of Malice, 2010, The Majestic, The Late Shift, Jakob The Liar, Dead Bang, Bank Shot, Seinfeld
  132. Wrote the music and voiced Mr. Salt on 'Blue's Clues'
  133. Male Voice Over Talent
  134. Actor -Midsomer Murders, A Touch of Frost, Neil In 'the Office', Also Stars As Roger Hurley In BBC 3's 'Bodies'
  135. Female Actress And Voice Over Talent - Movie - 'The Debut'
  136. Nancy Balbirer (born October 8, 1965) is an American actress, playwright, performance-artist and author, best known for her solo show, I Slept With Jack Kerouac and Other Stories, and memoir Take Your Shirt Off and Cry: A Memoir Of Near-Fame Experiences
  137. Female Voice Over Talent
  138. Male Voice Over Talent
  139. BBC sports presenter
  140. Voice Over Talent
  141. Actress-Harry Potter & The Cursed Child
  142. voice in Dudley Do Right and George of the Jungle
  143. Voice actor on Gravity Falls Tad Strange
  144. Actor: Homicide - Life on the Street, Vampires, Mulholland Falls, Harley Davidson & the Marlboro Man, Attack of the 50-Foot Woman, Killing Moon, Paparazzi, Stealing Candy, The Pandora Project, Grey Gardens, Sydney, Cold Case, Christmas with a Capital C
  145. Voice Over Talent
  146. Actress
  147. Actor-Snakes and Arrows
  148. Actor: Backdraft, Flatliners, Internal Affairs, Born on the Fourth of July, Sliver, The Squid & The Whale, Dirty Sexy Money, Fair Game, Hawaii Five-0, Gossip Girl, Copper
  149. Actress/Theater Actress - Opera Singer In Movie 'Drop Dead Gorgeous' Appeared In Shows - 'Don Juan Giovanni, Figaro, Carmen, Carmina Burana, A Christmas Carol, Pirates of Penzance, and The Comedy of Errors'
  150. Supermodel-Victoria Secret. Actress - Outlander, The Escape Plan, Now You See Me
  151. Actor: Haven, 24, 6 Feet Under, Veritas, The O.C., Conviction, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Conviction, The Spirit
  152. Voice Over Talent
  153. Actress - Movie -'Exit Strategy' and Model - Argentina Playboy April 1987 Cover
  154. Voice Over Talent
  155. Actress-Mythquest
  156. Actress: Return to OZ, Valmont, Gas Food Lodging, Murder in the Heartland, Tollbooth, The Craft, The Island of Dr. Moreau, American History X, The Waterboy, Almost Famous, Ray Donovan, August Falls, Trespassers, Paradise City
  157. Voice Over Talent
  158. Actor-guest Cold Case
  159. My girl 2, The committments, Peak Practice
  160. Voice Over Talent, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
  161. Male Voice Over Talent
  162. Nathan Roberts of Home and Away
  163. Actor
  164. British Actor: Doctor Dillamond in Wicked
  165. English actor, singer, and broadcaster (b. 1962). He made his West End debut in the original London production of 'Les Mis' and starred in 'The Phantom of the Opera' (1987). In 1989, he reached no. 2 in the UK Singles Chart with 'Love Changes Everything'
  166. Actor -Hammer House Of Horror (TV), Hazell, Cold Feet, The Commander, Footballers Wives
  167. Canadian Voice Actress - 'Jane Read' in 'Arthur' and 'Headwig and Princess Marina' for 'Saban's Adventures Of The Little Mermaid', And Many More
  168. English Film Actress, Theater Actress, And Singer
  169. actress; Frozen Assets, voice of Mary Jane Watson on the 1994 Spider-Man cartoon
  170. Female Voice Over Talent
  171. Voice Over Talent
  172. Male Voice Over Talent
  173. Male Voice Over Talent
  174. Voice actress for Happy
  175. English ballroom dancer and judge on the show Strictly Come Dancing
  176. Male Voice Over Talent
  177. Romeo Must Die,Last Days of Disco,Sue,Suits,I'm not rapport,Five Dead on the Crimson,
  178. Voice Over Talent
  179. Voice Over Talent
  180. Actress- 'Hawaii 5-0'
  181. Actress, TV series - Kai Kealoha in Beyond the Break
  182. Lithuanian-­born Female Operatic Soprano and Stage Actress Now Living In Canada
  183. Actress, Model - National Commercials, Industrial Videos And Regional Advertisements
  184. Female Voice Over Talent
  185. Actor-Tatort
  186. British Actor: The Buddha Of Suburbia, Mr Collins in the BBC's Pride & Prejudice &The Bourne Identity, Gangs Of New York, Rome
  187. Actress, in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
  188. British Actor - Captain Lee 'Apollo' Adama in Battlestar Galactica, Midshipman Kennedy in TV's Hornblower, Matt Devlin in Law & Order: UK, George Talboys in Lady Audley's Secret, Jack Foley in Band of Brothers, Dotsy Doheny in Ultimate Force
  189. Canadian Female Voice Over Talent and Jazz Singer
  190. Female Voice Over Talent
  191. English Actress - Film: 'St. Trinian's II; Legend of Fritton's Gold'
  192. Male Voice Over Talent
  193. Voice of the Foreman Elf in Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
  194. Male Voice Over Talent
  195. Male Voice Over Talent
  196. Female Voice Over Talent
  197. Actress-All Good Things
  198. Female Voice Over Talent
  199. Voice Over Talent
  200. Actor-Doctors
  201. Male Voice Over Talent
  202. Stage, And Voice Over, Actress
  203. comedienne, voice of Mummy Pig on the series 'Peppa Pig'
  204. Male Voice Over Talent
  205. Voice Over Talent
  206. Male Voice Over Talent
  207. Actor
  208. Female Actress And Voice Over Talent
  209. Actor-Trauma
  210. Actor-Endeavour
  211. Actor/Voice Overs
  212. Theater Actress And Singer
  213. Actress-Mean Girls 2
  214. Female Voice Over Talent
  215. Actor-Lady Cop
  216. Female Voice Over Talent
  217. Voice Actress
  218. English Actress And Voice Actress
  219. Female Actress-The Christmas Hope
  220. Charlie Brown/Schroeder (voice) in 'Its the Easter Beagle Charlie Brown, A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving
  221. Female Voice Over Talent
  222. Actress -The Great Indoors
  223. British actress: Sammy & Rosie Get Laid, Holby City, Real Women, Doctor Who, Psychobitches, Poirot, Silk
  224. Actress: Dempsey & Makepeace, Blake's 7, Emmerdale, EastEnders, The Royal, Bognor, Family Affairs, Jane, Horror Safari, Beings, Tangiers, Edge of Sanity, The Wicked Lady, Deja Vu, Point Break, The Outpost // Spouse of Actor Michael Brandon
  225. Actor-Gilmore Girls,It's Always Sunny In Philadephia
  226. Actor-Downton Abbey
  227. Female Singer And Voice Over Talent
  228. Female Actress-Seaquest 2032
  229. Actress And Voice Over Actress
  230. Actor-Attack of The Killer Tomatoes
  231. Voice Over Talent
  232. Actress - 'Not Quite Human 2, Garbage Pail Kids'
  233. Voice Over Talent
  234. Female Voice Over Talent
  235. Male Voice Over Talent
  236. Actress-Polytechnique
  237. British Actress-Doctors,Casualty
  238. Actor-Watership Down
  239. Actor-The Bill,Eastenders,Grange Hill
  240. Actor - plays Terence Cunningham in Holby City
  241. Actress - Coronation Street, No Angels, In The Dark Half, Chickens, The Outcast, Penny Dreadful, The End Of The F***ing World
  242. Male Voice Over Talent
  243. Actor - A Touch Of Frost, The Lakes, The Bill
  244. the voice of Taran in The Black Cauldron
  245. Actress-Camping Paradis
  246. Actor/Voice Overs
  247. Female Voice Over Talent
  248. Actress-Trauma
  249. Voice Over Talent
  250. 14 episodes on Modern Family as Ronaldo
  251. Actor-Erased,Doctors,The Davinci Code
  252. Narrator
  253. Female Actress And Voice Over Talent
  254. Female Actress And Comedian
  255. Male Voice Over Talent
  256. Actor-Illegal,Showboys
  257. Male Voice Over Talent
  258. Female Actress-Blood Drive:The Movie
  259. Joey Henderson in Shortland Street
  260. English actress
  261. English Stage and TV Actress
  262. Actress
  263. Tim Barker  (3)
    Male Voice Over Talent
  264. Actor and writer, known for Kingsman: The Secret Service, The Inbetweeners Movie and Hammer of the Gods
  265. Actor-Bad Girls:The Musical
  266. Female Voice Over Talent
  267. English Actress - 'Hollyoaks'
  268. Canadian Jazz Singer, And Voice Actress In 'Fugget About It'
  269. Voice Over Talent - Mortal Kombat: Special Forces (Video Game)'Gemini (voice)'
  270. Male Voice Over Talent
  271. Male Voice Over Talent
  272. Welsh Female Actress, Voice Over Talent, Producer, And Visual Effects Producer
  273. Actress-After Birth
  274. Actor: Doctors, Split Decision, Bigga Than Ben, Stardust, Chronicles of Narnia, Dorian Gray, Westworld, Sons of Liberty, By the Gun, Seventh Son, Killing Bono
  275. Male Voice Talent
  276. Chris Barnes  (4)
    Lost, Spiderman 2, Black Snake Moan
  277. Actor: Played Greg Brady in the films, 'A Brady Bunch Movie' and 'A Very Brady Sequel', voice of Peter Parker/Spider-Man in the 1994 Spider-Man animated series, voice of Disney's Prince Eric, appeared on 'The Golden Girls'
  278. Julian Barnes  (2)
    Dr. Woodruff on LOST EP 3.12, Voices on Eragon
  279. Voice Over Talent
  280. actor: Irish cop in Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan , The Ex, Murder One
  281. Male Voice Over Talent
  282. Steve Barnes  (2)
    Voice Over Talent
  283. Male Voice Over Talent
  284. Actor
  285. Actor-Killjoys,Supernatural
  286. Actress - Movie - 'The Vow'
  287. Comedian
  288. Actress and puppeteer - Avenue Q, Between the Lions, Sesame Street
  289. Actor-Rescue Me,Home Fires
  290. Actress-Coming Of Age,Casualty
  291. Actress-Noble Soul
  292. American Female Jazz Singer, Songwriter, Pianist, And Actress - Movie - 'Pants On Fire'
  293. Female Voice Over Talent And Actress - Short Film - 'In Passing'
  294. Female TV And Broadway Stage Actress. Was nominated for Broadway's 1985 Tony Award as Best Actress (Featured Role - Musical) for 'Quilters.'
  295. Actor-The Medicine Wheel
  296. Male Voice Over Talent
  297. Actress: Open All Hours, Doctor Who, EastEnders, Carry On Columbus
  298. Voice actor, did the voice for Teddy Ruxpin
  299. Male Voice Over Talent
  300. Actor-Peking Turkey
  301. Actress
  302. Actres-Sophie Jones
  303. Voice Actress Kevin in Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy
  304. Female Voice Over Talent
  305. Female Actress - 'Life Of The Party'
  306. Actor-About A Boy,Casualty
  307. Steve Barr  (2)
    Male Voice Over Talent
  308. Actor: Remington Steele, CSI, Diagnosis Murder, King of the Hill, Matlock, V - The Series
  309. Actor - Gotham
  310. Voice Over Talent
  311. Played Shannon in Footballers wives
  312. Voice Over Talent
  313. Male Voice Over Talent
  314. Female Voice Over Talent
  315. Actress-Dark Touch,Hideaways
  316. Voice Over Talent
  317. Female Voice Over Talent
  318. Male Voice Over Talent
  319. Male Voice Over Talent
  320. Male Voice Over Talent
  321. Actor; 'Better Off Ted', 'The Hurt Locker', 'My Best Friend's Girl', 'Luis', 'Larry Crowne'
  322. Female Voice Over Talent
  323. Actor - Hitman, The Queen
  324. Female Voice Over Talent
  325. British voice-over actor, could be heard in 'Labyrinth', 'The Dark Crystal' and as Tik-Tok in 'Return to Oz'. He was also in The Four Sided Triangle as a kid
  326. Actress, 'Another World', 'Sonic Impact', 'Coplessness'
  327. Muppet Voice Of Pepe, Rowlf, Sweedish Chef And Others, Muppets Tonight
  328. Actor-Unite 9
  329. Voice Over Talent
  330. English Female Actress - TV Mini Series - 'Our Friends In The North'. Also A Voice Actress
  331. Male Voice Over Talent
  332. Actor-The Heartbroke Hitman
  333. Female Voice Over Talent
  334. Voice Over Talent
  335. Male Voice Over Talent
  336. Female Theater, Voice Over Talent, Film, And TV Actress - Guest Starred on 'Boston Public'
  337. Video Game Voice Actor for Deus Ex ( 2000 )
  338. Actor - Just Visiting, The Yards - 2 Episodes of Law & Order
  339. Male Voice Over Talent
  340. Actress-See Dad Run,Good Luck Charlie,Shameless,Free Rein
  341. British actor: Duty Free, Doctor Who, The Firechasers, Police 2020, Coronation Street
  342. Female Actress-Charmed,NYPD Blue
  343. Author
  344. Actress-The Game,All Saints
  345. Voice Over Talent
  346. John Barrow  (3)
    Male Voice Over Talent
  347. English Actress. "Lillian Tyler" in Shameless
  348. English Actress - TV Series - Doctor Who(1972), General Hospital(1972, Dates(2013)
  349. Male Voice Over Talent
  350. Actress And Singer-90210,Couples Retreat
  351. Actor-Shameless,Doctors,Titanic
  352. Guerin Barry  (2)
    Male Voice Over Talent
  353. Female Voice Over Talent
  354. American Actress - TV Series - 'The Shield' And Voice Over Talent - Movie - 'Puss In Boots' As 'Ivana/Charo'
  355. Actor-The Weatherman,Law & Order
  356. Male Voice Over Talent
  357. Actor: 'The Fast & The Furious' (2001), '2 Fast 2 Furious' (2003), Det. William Jeffries on 'Cold Case' (2003-2010)
  358. English Actress - TV Series 'Tears Before Bedtime', and Voice Actress - 'Moomin'
  359. Actor-All Saints,The Time Of Our Lives,Australia
  360. Canadian Actress - Stage and Music Theater
  361. Female Radio Announcer - Many Different Stations in Philadelphia, New Jersey, Dallas, Vancouver, and New York
  362. Voice Over Talent
  363. Actress, Voice Over, Trade Show Presentation, And Radio Presenter
  364. Actress
  365. 'Simon & Simon','Osmosis Jones'. Born: 09/29/1931
  366. German Actress And Voice Over Talent. She Is The German Voice of Nicole Kidman, Uma Thurman, Bridget Fonda, Julianne Moore When Movies Are Translated To German
  367. American Voice Over Talent
  368. Actor-South Riding,Camelot
  369. Voice announcer on 'The Ellen Degeneres Show'
  370. Male Voice Over Talent
  371. German Actress - Many Movies - 'Happy As One'(2006)
  372. Scottish Actress And Voice Over Artist - TV Show - 'Scot Squad'(2014)
  373. Male Voice Over Talent
  374. American Actress - TV Series - 'American Body Shop'(2007), And Also A Voice Over Talent Actress
  375. Female Voice Over Talent
  376. Female Voice Over Talent
  377. Australian Actress - Movie - 'Little Sparrows'(2010)
  378. Irish Actress - TV Series - Polly In 'The Clinic'(2003) And Female Voice Over Talent
  379. Voice Actor. Voiced Rei in Netflix's Neon Genesis Evangelion
  380. American Actress - TV Series - 'The Happy Mommy Hustle'(2013), And Make-Up Artist
  381. Female Voice Over Talent
  382. Actress, Meet The Fockers, Angel
  383. Actor-Storm of Love
  384. Male Voice Over Talent
  385. Voice Over Talent
  386. Actor-Detroit Rock City,Queer as Folk
  387. Actress - Short Movie - 'The D Monster' And Voice Over Talent
  388. Voice Over Talent - Tinkerbell Video Games - Voice Of 'Fawn'
  389. Australian Actress-White Collar Blue
  390. Male Voice Over Talent
  391. Actress - Voice Over Talent
  392. Actor-Remote,The Last Halloween
  393. actor, 'Three Sisters', 'United 93', 'War of the Worlds'
  394. Actor-Crackerjack,Teen Wolf
  395. Actress
  396. Belgium Voice Actress, And Actress
  397. Male Voice Over Talent
  398. Croatian Actress - TV Series - Causality 'Snezana'
  399. Female Actress - Many Guest Roles In Television Series. Also Theater Actress
  400. Male Voice Over Talent
  401. Actress-L.A.Confidential,Wayne's World 2,Batman,The Real McCoy,My Stepmother is an Alien,9 1/2 Weeks,The Getaway,Never Say Never Again,Playboy February 1983/December 1983/December 1984/January 1989/January 1998/November 2008,Cellular 'The Sentinal'
  402. Turkish Actor and Voice Actor
  403. Voice Over Talent
  404. Actor-New York Undercover,Glory
  405. Male Voice Over Talent
  406. Javier in Forever Knight, Rookie Blue
  407. Male Voice Over Talent
  408. America TV Writer - 'Kenan & Kel', 'Sister, Sister' And 'Living Color'. Acted One Episode in 'Star Trek TNG'
  409. Voice Over Talent
  410. Sam Bass  (2)
    Male Voice Over Talent
  411. Actor-The Bill,Casualty
  412. Co - Author of 'Sweet Virginia Breeze' Official State Song Voice of over 100 network TV & radio commercials Produced by John Hammond, Sr. and Jerry Wexler for Columbia Records Independent recording artist and producer of 2
  413. Female Host - WBKI 'Louisville LIVE!', And 'WDRB FOX 41 News@4, News@10' - Meteorologist
  414. Actor (b: 1935) - The Karate Kid, House Of 1,000 Corpses, The Grasshopper, Lucky Lady, Invaders From Mars '86, Black Eagle, Demon Hunter, Rituals
  415. Male Voice Over Talent
  416. American Actress - ' All My Children' And Guest Star On 'Law & Order'
  417. American Actress - Short Film - 'Sheep'
  418. Actress, Hollyoaks
  419. Actor-Neighbours,Underbelly
  420. Hes in the film Angus thongs and perfect snogging
  421. Actress-The English Teacher,Nightmare
  422. Female Voice Over Talent
  423. Voice Over Talent
  424. Actor-Boardwalk Empire,Grand Theft Auto V
  425. Male Voice Over Talent
  426. 'Lights Out' 'Stalker' 'Outcast'
  427. Actor - Zootopia, Arrested Development, Valerie's Family/The Hogan Family, Little House, Silver Spoons, Simon, George & Leo, It's Your Move, Teen Wolf Too, Juno, Starsky & Hutch, The Break-Up, The Ex, Hancock, The Switch, The Change-Up, Horrible Bosses
  428. Actress/Producer/Director: Family Ties, Satisfaction, The Closer, Primary Motive, Beware The Dog, The Night We Never Met, Bucket of Blood, God's Lonely Man, Lois & Clark, Men Behaving Badly, Say You'll Be Mine
  429. American actress, 'Annabelle: Creation', 'Nine Lives', 'Love, Simon'
  430. Actor - The Tunnel and Jekyll & Hyde
  431. American Male Voice Over Talent And Actor - TV Show - 'Strangers With Candy'
  432. Colin Bates  (2)
  433. Actress-The Bill,Eastenders
  434. Actor-Showgirls,Buffy The Vampire Slayer,Coming to America
  435. Voice Actor, Impressionalist
  436. Voice to Agent 47 in the Hitman video games
  437. Actor; My Dad's the Prime Minister, Downton Abbey, Cold Feet, The Queen (2009), Poirot: After the Funeral, Joking Apart, The Black Adder
  438. Actress - plays Sarah Barnes in TV's Hollyoaks
  439. German TV-Speaker (Tagesschau ARD)
  440. Plays Joe Pritchard in Shameless on C4
  441. Actor-The Matrix Reloaded,X-Men Origins:Wolverine
  442. Voice Actor - Voice of George in Yellow Submarine
  443. Actor
  444. Female Actress - Owner Of Charlotte Battin Productions
  445. Female Voice Over Talent
  446. Actor-The Mine,Dumb Luck
  447. Belgian Actor (b: 1938) - The Pretender (Sydney), A View To A Kill (Scarpine), Carnivale (Prof. Lodz), A Clear & Present Danger, The Rapture, The Cell, Panic Room, Kindred: The Embraced, Jackpot, Entre Nous, The Music Teacher
  448. Actor
  449. Original voice of Perdita in Disney's 101 Dalmations. Born: Sep 1 1929
  450. Female Voice Over Talent
  451. Voice actress - TV Series -'Pokemon'
  452. Actress - Plays'Belinda Slypich'in the Tv-Series'Hidden Hills', Pam on True Blood,Mera on Justice League,Once Upon A Time
  453. Male Voice Over Talent
  454. Actor: Scarface, Red Shoe Diaries, Thief of Hearts, Running Scared, Primal Fear, Gleaming the Cube, Wiseguy, Raising Cain, Snapdragon, Wild Side, Navajo Blues, Plato's Run, Traffic, Raptor Island, Ray Donovan
  455. Voice Over Talent
  456. Radio Dramatist/Voice Actor-Star Wars Episode VI:Return of The Jedi(Voice of Bib Fortuna and Admiral Ackbar),Artificial Intelligence:AI
  457. Voice actor for Jimbei in One Piece
  458. Voice Over Talent
  459. Voice Over Talent
  460. American Voice Actress - 'Pan' In Dragon Ball GT (TV Series) 1996-1997
  461. Female Actress - Movie - 'My Bloody Valentine' (2009), Now Mainly A Theater Actress
  462. Female Voice Over Talent
  463. Actor-Tatort
  464. Jan Lozinski in the ITV soap opera Coronation Street
  465. Actor-Mila,Tatort
  466. Voice Over Talent
  467. Swiss Born Actress And Voice Over Talent - TV Series 'Bleak House' (2005. Has British citizenship
  468. Voice Over Talent, The Fairly OddParents, Lego Star Wars, Gravity Falls, Powerpuff Girls
  469. Actress-The Bill,Doctors
  470. Actor-30 Door Key
  471. Actor-My Mad Fat Diary,Harriet's Army
  472. Actress-Doctors,Hollyoaks
  473. Actor-JAG,The Drew Carey Show,7th Heaven
  474. Actress-Hart to Hart,The Incredible Hulk,The A Team
  475. Male Voice Over Talent
  476. Voice Over Talent
  477. older guitarist for the band Steely Dan (Any address for HK Management will not work as they no longer manage Steely Dan or any band member, period)
  478. Scottish Actress - TV Show - Shetland (2014)
  479. Actor
  480. Male Voice Over Talent
  481. Female Actress - TV Series - On The Line (1982)
  482. Played 'Professor Litefoot' in the DOCTOR WHO story 'The Talons of Weng-Chiang'
  483. Voice Over Talent
  484. did the voice of Donkey/Diddy/Dixie kong on Donkey kong the video game
  485. Male Voice Over Talent
  486. Canadian actor, voice actor and singer
  487. Actress-The Last Song
  488. Male Voice Over Talent
  489. Actor-Yonderland,Psychobitches
  490. Actor-Romy,Silent Summer
  491. Male Voice Over Talent
  492. Male Voice Over Talent
  493. Actress - TV Series - 'Out of the Box (1998-1999) And Voice Actress
  494. Actor - played Geoff Markham in TV's A Line In The Sand
  495. Actress: Self Defense, Dancing in the Dark, Echoes in the Darkness, Martha Ruth & Edie, To Catch a Killer, Bonds of Love, Catwalk, A Holiday to Remember, Captive Heart, Sins of the Father, The Strain, Shoot the Messenger, Anne with a E, Utopia Falls
  496. Male Voice Over Talent
  497. Irish Comedian And Actress
  498. Actor: Law & Order SVU, Windtalkers, Smoke Signals, Flags Of Our Fathers, Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee, Squanto a Warriors Tale, Comanche Moon, Cowboys & Aliens, Joe Dirt, Big Love, North Of 60, Arctic Air, Backstrom