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  1. Civil Rights Freedom Rider who was beaten up registering voters in 1960s Mississippi
  2. Maitre d' who was leading Robert Kennedy through the kitchen at the Ambassador Hotel when he was assasinated by Sirhan Sirhan; he also helped subdue Sirhan
  3. One of the oldest people in the world. Lives in Japan. Born 1895
  4. USS Indianapolis Survivor/PFC
  5. Flight aviator / astronaut candidate
  6. Polish-American mathematician born 13 April 1909 ; participated in 'Manhattan Project', originated the Teller?Ulam design of thermonuclear weapons, invented the Monte Carlo method of computation.
  7. WWII: Survivor of the failed Operation Jubilee ('Dieppe Raid') on 19 August 1942, when 60% of the mostly Canadian landing force were either killed, wounded or captured
  8. Survivor and eyewitness to the 1958 Lituya Bay megatsunami, the the highest recorded megatsunami and the largest known in modern times. Father of Sonny Ulrich. Now lives in Sitka, Alaska, U.S.A
  9. Last surviving eyewitness to the 1958 Lituya Bay megatsunami, the the highest recorded megatsunami and the largest known in modern times. He was 8 years old at the time, with his father and survived the huge wave. Now lives in Sitka, Alaska, U.S.A
  10. USS Indianapolis Survivor
  11. WWII: Pearl Harbor survivor, 7 December 1941. USS Helena
  12. Assistant news director at KRLD-TV in Dallas , James was on the scene moments after the assassination on November 22
  13. WWII: Pearl Harbor survivor 7 December 1941, Navy Hospital Ship USS Solace (AH-5), medical corpsman
  14. One of a team who worked on the construction of The Black Knight Rocket, the United Kingdom's first rocketry project after WW2. Lives on the Isle of Wight or in the UK
  15. WWII: Wake Island Defender: Navy medical corpsman, POW, Battle of Wake Island, 8-23 December 1941
  16. Pearl Harbor survivor (born 1919), one of the last from the USS Utah
  17. Holocaust Survivor portrayed in film 'Memoirs of Holocaust' 'Graphic Artist'
  18. WWII: Pearl Harbor survivor. 25th Infantry Division. Later saw combat in Guadalcanal, Vella Lavella and Luzon
  19. Flight astronaut ASI
  20. Witold Urbanowicz (30 March 1908 17 August 1996) was a Polish fighter ace of the Second World War. According to the official record, Witold Urbanowicz was the second highest-scoring Polish fighter ace, with 17 confirmed wartime kills and 1 probable, not
  21. Serial killer
  22. Japanese pow worked on the bridge over river kwai,death railway and survived bombing at Nagasaki; author of the book 'The Forgotten Highlander'
  23. Former Under Secretary General of the United Nations, veteran of The Battle of Arnhem
  24. High-ranking member of the Bonanno crime family in New York.
  25. Cosmonaut - MIR, ISS, Space Shuttle and 'Space Station IMAX 3D'
  26. Former Secretary of Labor (1976-1977)
  27. WWII: 11 war patrols as an officer on submarines USS Drum and USS Runner II
  28. Author/historian
  29. Veteran of Polish-Soviet War. Born: 1902. (1920 Battle of Warsaw)
  30. Russian born historian and senior researcher with the Yusupov Palace. She has studied Rasputin for 22 years
  31. Flight scientist
  32. WWII: D-Day+1; 175th Reg., 29th Infantry Division, Omaha Beach. Also in the Battles of St. Lo and Brest
  33. Former soldier in the Japanese Imperial Army and a prisoner of war in the Soviet labour camps, who came to media prominence in April 2006 after it was found that he had been living voluntarily in Ukraine for six decades after the end of World War II. He h
  34. Housekeeping director at Parkland Memorial who lowered flag to half-mast after death of President Kennedy