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  1. American Photographer and WW2 Veteran
  2. WWII - Navy's youngest beachmaster at Omaha Beach in Normandy during the June 6, 1944 D-Day invasion
  3. Russian survivor of Auschwitz. Lives in the Russian city of Ryazan
  4. Mexican supercenterian (Born: 1905) One of the world's oldest people. She lived with those who participated in the Mexican Revolution. She lives in San Jerónimo, Guerrero, Mexico
  5. Vietnam/U.S. Marines Master Gunnery Sgt./On-board last helicopter leaving the U.S. Embassy at fall of Saigon/Lives Vista, CA
  6. Oldest Living Person in the World. Known as Dona Quita. Born: 07/09/1896. One of four remaining people alive born in the year 1896. Lives in Brazil
  7. World War 2 Veteran Aged: 100
  8. Worked at Bletchley Park during WWII as a code breaker
  9. International scientist, astronomer, UFO expert, author
  10. American judge and lawyer. Was a member of the NYC Council representing the 22nd District, from 2002 to 2013. Served as Chair of the Council's Public Safety Committee. Son of former New York City Council Speaker, Peter Vallone Sr
  11. *Doomsday Mom* accused of murdering her two children
  12. WWII: Pearl Harbor survivor, USS California, Korean War
  13. Finnish general. He is the former Chief of Defence of the Finnish Defence Forces from 1983 to 1990. He was the last Finnish Chief of Defence to have served in the Continuation War(War against Soviets during WWII)
  14. Famous Astrophysicist with his work in magnetospheric physics. Responsible for helping the NASA Program to get off the ground.
  15. Oldest Person/Netherlands - Deceased 2005
  16. Eighth President 1837-1841
  17. Navy Admiral
  18. NASA lead flight director
  19. WWII: D-Day veteran, 5th Ranger Battalion
  20. astronaut
  21. nobel physics laureate 1984
  22. High profile murder suspect
  23. One of six teens that went to JFK Airport to see the Beatles in 1964 and Ringo Starr took a picture of them. Pictured in Starr's book 'Photograph'
  24. Vietnamese General, later minister of Defense, might be living in the USA, in Vietnamese Tran is the lastname and Van Don the first names
  25. One of oldest people in the world. Born 1895 Lives in the Netherlands.
  26. 1950's Quiz Show Scandal Contestant
  27. WWII: Pearl Harbor survivor, 7 December 1941. USS Aylwin
  28. Governement
  29. Born: 21/04/1976 Belgian scientist
  30. Employee of Gawlers Funeral Home , John helped prepare Pres. Kennedy's body for viewing and burial
  31. Artist, Apollo 15 'Fallen Astronauts' Sculpture
  32. astronaut
  33. Convicted Killer, Member of the 'Manson Family'
  34. Petty Officer Third Class/Navy Cross/Book written about Nguyen's heroism was later adapted into 1988 movie named 'Bat 21'. In 1999, after classified information released, second book, 'The Rescue of Bat 21' published. Nguyen later emigrated to the U.S.
  35. Navigator of the Enola Gay Crew. Born: 02/27/1921
  36. Political Consultant and a candidate to go to Mars
  37. youngest female pilot to fly across america
  38. Bocks Car Crew, Navigator, WW II, Nagasaki
  39. Born: 20/06/1965 (Bornem) Belgium Viroligist
  40. Member of the Ulster County Historical Society's Bevier House Museum. Working to preserve the history of the wonderful town she calls home
  41. Retired Major General of the Air Force. Born 7/8/1915 was deputy inspector general at US Air Force Headquarters in DC
  42. Attorney/Host of 'On the Record with Greta Van Susteren'
  43. WW2 fighter ace from South Africa
  44. One of the last survivors of The Tri-State Tornado, the deadliest tornado in American history that occured on Wednesday, March 18, 1925. She is now 98 and lives in Mount Vernon, Alexandria, Virginia, U.S.A with her grandson Timothy Gist
  45. Centenarian American physicist and author of textbooks on thermodynamics. Chair of the physics department at the University of Michigan from 1969 to 1972 and President of Hope College in Holland, Michigan, from 1972 to 1987
  46. Climate specialist
  47. Navy Admiral
  48. Astronaut
  49. {1887-1973}Was a general in the U.S. Marine Corps. He Commanded the 1st Marine to victory in its first ground offensive of WWII. For his actions during the Solomon Island campaign, he received the MEDAL OF HONOR. Served as the marines18th Commandant
  50. British Army officer during the Second World War, fought in Operation Market Garden, is portrayed by Michael Byrne in 'A Bridge Too Far' (1977), was born in 1911
  51. WWII Navy veteran, Battle of Attu, PTO until the end of the war
  52. WW2 Navajo Indian Code Talker, 1 of only 13 remaining
  53. WWII: PTO. Served on the USS Bunker Hill (CV-17); survived the Kamikaze attack on May 11, 1945 (Battle of Okinawa) when 390 sailors and airmen were killed and 264 wounded
  54. nobel med. laureate 1982
  55. Convicted Murderer: On November 21, 2004, while on a hunting trip in northern Wisconsin, Vang shot eight people, who were also hunting in the area. Six were killed and two were left wounded
  56. Flight astronaut
  57. Jean Vanier  (2)
  58. Retired USMC General
  59. Irish Taoiseach, prime minister; first gay man, youngest person, and first member of an ethnic minority to hold that post in Ireland; Fine Gael politician
  60. WWII: PTO. Witnesses the Surrender of Japan on the Missouri from the USS Sirona
  61. WWII veteran, born 1924. Served in the Merchant Marines on the SS James Woodrow, including a Murmansk Run convoy mission
  62. medal of honor marines vietnam
  63. Studys Vampires
  64. nobel med. laureate 1989
  65. WW2/Received the Victory Medal, the American Theater Ribbon, the Women?s Army Auxiliary Corps Service Ribbon and a Good Conduct Medal/Age 102
  66. Artist, poet, scientist specializing in linguistics & writer; 'Me & Lee' 'When the Clouds Came Flying By: Poems for Kids & Classrooms' 'A Dangerous Thing to Do: Poems for Intelligent Readers' 'David Ferrie' /Lee Harvey Oswald's girlfriend Summer of 1963
  67. Last survivor of the SS Chelyuskin disaster. A Soviet steamship reinforced to navigate through polar ice that became ice-bound in Arctic waters during navigation along the Northern Maritime Route from Murmansk to Vladivostok. He is now 87
  68. (1952-2002) Was a Soviet cosmonaut. He flew as the Commander on Soyuz T-14 to the Salyut 7 space station, for part of the long-duration mission Salyut 7 EO-4. He spent 64 days 21 hours 52 minutes in space. He died of cancer at the age of 50
  69. WWII veteran (born 1918), Army Air Corps (1939-46), flew 117 combat missions in Asia and the Pacific. Commander of the 'Show of Force' B-29 fly-over of planes at the Japanese Surrender Ceremony on the USS Missouri in 1945. Flew B-10, B-15,B-17, B-18, B-19
  70. Vaughan Medical
  71. JFK - Campaign staffer for Kennedy in the early 1950s
  72. Antarctic explorer, Byrd expedition 1927
  73. A retired research scientist from the Global Hydrology and Climate Center of the Marshall Center. He received his BSME in 1951, his MSME in 1959 from Clemson University, and continued additional graduate studies in Environmental Sciences at the University
  74. Tuskegee Airmen Born July 7, 1920.He is a recipient of the Congressional Gold Medal (in 2007) and of the National Defense Service Medal in 2019, for his service in the Korean War
  75. She was the first woman to deploy with an Air Force bomber unit, and the first woman to reach the rank of brigadier general from the comptroller field. In 2000, she was inducted into the National Women's Hall of Fame
  76. Director of Air Force Recruiting
  77. Member Of The Flying Tigers (AVG) During WWII
  78. Miss Puerto Rico 1948. That same year she became the first Latina to compete in the Miss America Pageant
  79. Charles Lacy Veach (September 18, 1944 - October 3, 1995) was a USAF fighter pilot and NASA astronaut. He flew on STS-39 & STS-52.Lacy Veach died in Houston, Texas, on October 3, 1995, of cancer. He is interred at the National Memorial Cemetery of the
  80. JFK - Veasey drove one of the press cars in the Kennedy Dallas motorcade. Following the assassination, he was assigned guard duty for Gov. Connally at Parkland Memorial Hospital
  81. student protester (in the famous pictures of the shooting of students protesting the Vietnam War at Kent State)
  82. Took the Pulitzer Prize winning photo 'Burst of Joy'
  83. Veteran of the Mexican Revolution. Poncho Villa's driver
  84. French lawyer and politician who served as Minister, first president of the European Parlement, former member of the Constitutional Council of France, survivor from the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp
  85. German Army. Verfied Veteran of World War 2. Lives in Germany. Born: 01/15/1903
  86. WWII: Royal Navy veteran of the HMS Glasgow. Operation Stonewall, D-Day, Battle of Cherbourg
  87. WWII Fighter Ace (11 Victs.), Dive Bomber Pilot at Coral Sea awarded 3 Navy Cross medals during WWII
  88. Escobar Hitman known as Popeye
  89. United States Navy rear admiral and surface warfare officer who serves as the commander of Navy Recruiting Command since April 3, 2020. He previously served as the senior military assistant to the 76th United States Secretary of the Navy Richard V. Spence
  90. German World War One survivor
  91. nobel physics laurate 1999
  92. climber
  93. 'Vietnam War'/Air Force & Army/Joined 1966/Worked support to bombers/Chaplin Army Reserve Desert Storm
  94. Navy Admiral
  95. WWII: Pearl Harbor survivor, 7 December 1941. USS Detroit
  96. Belgian meteorologist Born: 14/01/1987 (Aarschot) Be'lgium He works for the Belgian army and he works also for radio MNM and Television (EEN VRT)
  97. Child survivor of the Holocaust
  98. french laywer to saddam hussein
  99. co-pilot memphis belle
  100. Bartolomeo Vernace (born around 1950) known as 'Bobby' 'Bobby Glasses' and 'Pepe', is a high ranking mobster in the Gambino crime family
  101. WWII: Atlantic. Served on the USS Block Island
  102. Trial attorney, author, and law professor at Louisiana State University. Veron?s earlier works of fiction earned him the title of 'master of fiction' fromUSA Today, andTravel and Leisure Golfmagazine called him 'The John Grisham of Golf.'
  103. WWII: PTO. 5th Air Force, 90th Bomb Group, 320th Squadron
  104. Adventurer. Guinness World Record's Hall of Fame
  105. Russian Lawyer that meet with Donald Trump Jr. to give him damaging material on Hillary Clinton to tamper with the 2016 Presidential election
  106. German politician
  107. D-Day. 101st Airborne, 501st PIR. 2nd combat jump at Operation Market Garden (September 1944), also in the Battle of The Bulge. Bronze Star, Purple Heart
  108. army general
  109. army general
  110. WWII: Survivor of the Battle of Coral Sea (1942), USS Sims
  111. Diplomat and WWII veteran. Was Ambassador to the European Union during the Reagan administration
  112. SR-71 pilot
  113. USS Oklahoma survivor - Pearl Harbor attack
  114. Female French aviator, Concorde pilot
  115. WWII Navy vet, born Nov 11, 1915. Participated in Okinawa, Ie Shima, Iwo Jima, New Guinea campaigns. Served as the ship's Chaplain while on the USS Ganymede, possibly the last to work as a full Chaplain in WWII
  116. Spy/Serving as Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence in US Department of Defense/Served Army Special Forces as non & commissioned officer & Central Intelligence Agency paramilitary operations officer elite Special Activities Division
  117. Member of the French Maquis in WW2
  118. Former President of Argentina 1976-1981, Army General, is under house-arrest
  119. Flight astronaut
  120. BP well site leader from the Deepwater Horizon oil rig, pleaded guilty to ?negligently causing the massive oil spill,? /Transocean oil rig Deepwater Horizon that blew up in 2010, the largest offshore oil spill in U.S. history
  121. Austrian Cosmonaut
  122. Former German Pilot, Member of the Crew of the 'Landshut'
  123. WWII: ETO. Ammunition chief of the 3rd Armored Field Artillery Battalion 9th Armored Division. Battle of the Bulge
  124. Living in the Russian city of Minsk when Lee Harvey Oswald defected to the Soviet Union. Vigushin was acquainted with both Oswald & his future wife, Marina Prusakova, & he practiced at the same firing range as Oswald between 1960 & 1961
  125. Cosmonaut
  126. South African general born in 1933, last Boer general alive
  127. WW2/RdM2/C, USS Chatelain that captured the U-505
  128. WWII veteran WASP (Women Airforce Service Pilot)Flew the AT-10, BT-13
  129. Centenarian (1901-2001). US WWI veteran, enlisted underage. Served in France with the Heavy Artillery/Howitzers
  130. Cosmonaut
  131. WWII: ETO. Battle of the Bulge and other major battles. 740th Tank Battalion ('Daredevil Tankers')
  132. WWII: CBI theater, 'Hump Flyer' (5th Ferry Group ATC Air Transport Command). Completed 174 crossings of the Hump in 650 hours, stationed at Sookerating AFB in India
  133. Survivor of the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake/Born 1903
  134. Author & White House correspondent for the New York Post in the early 1960s, Viorst attended press conferences and had contact with President Kennedy. Later he interviewed Marguerite Oswald and Warren Commission chief counsel Lee Rankin
  135. astronaut
  136. WWII: PTO. Served on the USS Bunker Hill (CV-17); survived the Kamikaze attack on May 11, 1945 (Battle of Okinawa) when 390 sailors and airmen were killed and 264 wounded
  137. Italian fighter ace from WW2
  138. Fighter ace
  139. WWII: among a handful of youth from the Hashomer Hatzair. She escaped just as the Nazis stormed the Warsaw Ghetto and executed everyone left. Currently living is Israel
  140. astronaut
  141. One of nine surviving veterans of Spanish Civil War. Born: September 19, 1920. .Esperantist, served with the 26th Division (Spain)
  142. Civil rights leader
  143. WWII: USMC. Battle of Iwo Jima. Later fought in Korea (Chosin Reservoir) and Vietnam
  144. WWWII - Iwo Jima. 23rd Marines, 4th Division. Also fought in the Marshall Islands, Saipan and Tinian
  145. Spanish Civil War Veteran 'International Brigade' Born: 01/26/1913
  146. Worked for John Kennedy from 1958 to 1963, in his Press Office. Helped with his speeches, occasionally signed his name for him on items, and was waiting on Air Force One when he was shot in Dallas. Appeared on Antiques Roadshow with her mementos
  147. WWII: 17th Pursuit Squadron, 24th Pursuit Group. Joined the Army Air Corps in 1940. Survivor of the Bataan Death March. Hell ship survivor (Tottori Maru ), POW (Cabanatuan; Mukden, China; Kamioka, Japan)
  148. Military
  149. Fomer U.S. General and Commander, Allied Air Forces Central Europe
  150. Cosmonaut
  151. Cosmonaut
  152. Russian cosmonaut. Soyuz 7 & 11. Died in the landing of Soyuz 11
  153. WWII veteran, born 1917. A Navy seabee, he survived being buried in an avalanche while on Attu Island in Alaska, and later served in the Philippines and construction on Tarawa. His career as a surveyor into his late 90s led to fame as Indiana's oldest act
  154. Verified German World War 2 Veteran (German Army) Lives in Germany. Born: 09/13/1902
  155. russia cosmonaut
  156. Italian aviator that boasts 80 years of uninterrupted flight activity. Born October 13, 1914
  157. Soviet cosmonaut who flew two space missions of the Soyuz programme: Soyuz 5, and Soyuz 21. He was the first Jewish cosmonaut to enter space, preceding Judith Resnik in the United States
  158. Attempted to assassinate Hitler.
  159. German-born rocket scientist, aerospace engineer, space architect, & leading figure in development of rocket technology in Nazi Germany during World War II & the United
  160. Former NASA Mission Controller
  161. Naturalist/Ethnographer
  162. German anatomist who invented the plastination technique to preserve specimen and is heavily involved in its promotion. He developed the Body Worlds exhibition of human bodies and body parts
  163. German Ambassador in London 1970-77. WWII received Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross
  164. WWII: PTO. Survivor of the sinking of the USS Liscome Bay in the Battle of Tarawa on 23 November 1943 when 687 got killed
  165. Last survivor of the July 20 Plot that attempted to assassinate Hitler
  166. nobel physics laureate 1985
  167. German WWII veteran who was taken POW at the fight for the Remagen Bridge,later to escape in the last days of the war. Years later, he immigrated to the US. At a retirement home in Florida, he discovered his friend and neighbor was a US Army vet who fough
  168. The Sun Maid raisins girl
  169. Von Moltke was a member of the the Kreisau Circle, an anti-Nazi resistance group co-founded by her husband Helmuth, who was executed for treason in 1945. Born: 03/29/1911
  170. German WWII Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross
  171. Aero-Space Scientist for NASA
  172. German ww2 pilot
  173. Joachim von Ribbentrop's daughter
  174. German tank ace of WWII (14 victs), Awarded the Knight's Cross - Son of former foreign minister of Nazi-Germany Von Ribbentrop
  175. Joachim von Ribbentrop's daughter
  176. German fighter pilot with the Imperial German Army Air Service (Luftstreitkräfte). He is considered the ace-of-aces during World War I, being officially credited with 80 air combat victories.Richthofen was a member of an aristocratic family wit
  177. German attorney and author
  178. The oldest son of Claus von Stauffenberg, a conpirator that attempted to kill Hitler in the July 20 plot
  179. One of the oldest people in the world. Born 1895
  180. German/American rocket scientist, born 1914. German WWII vet, and last living member of the Werner Von Braun team for the US Army and NASA. Produced the first complete design of the lunar rover while at NASA
  181. German WW2 Resistance Fighter/ Born: 1904
  182. WWII: Marine Corps veteran of the Battle of Tarawa
  183. navy aviator (blue angels) hero
  184. Guinness Book Of World Records Hall of Fame holder for having the highest I.Q. in the world - 228 / 'Ask Marilyn' column - Parade Magazine; married to Dr Robert Jarvik
  185. Helped hide Anne Frank
  186. astronaut
  187. astronaut NASA . STS-57 (1993), STS-63 (1995), STS-83 (1997), STS-94 (1997) and STS-99 (2000)
  188. WWII: ETO. Bomber pilot, 100th Bomb Group, 8th AF
  189. Born Feb.14, 1958, 4 Star General
  190. WWII Fighter Navy Ace (19 Victs.)
  191. WWII: PTO. USS Hornet (CV-8). Witness to the Doolittle Raiders taking off of the Hornet for Tokyo
  192. Record holder surviving the highest fall without a parachute, was flight attendant on JAT Airlines flight 367, which exploded on January 26, 1972 with her on board
  193. army general
  194. Czech pilot ace who fought for France in the Battle of France and for Britian in the Battle of Britain