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  1. Uday Hussein's Body Double; Basis of movie 'The Devil's Double' based off his Book
  2. One of the oldest people in the world. Lives in Japan. Born 1895
  3. Survived both the atomic bomb attack on Nagasaki and Hiroshima
  4. 31st oldest person in the world born 1894 lives in Japan
  5. One of Seven Farmers who discovered the Terra Cotta Army
  6. American lawyer. She served as a United States Attorney and later United States Deputy Attorney General, having been appointed to both positions by President Barack Obama/Fired by Donald Trump while serving the White House
  7. Touching the Void is based on his and his partners esperiences.
  8. The last Marshal of the Soviet Union to be appointed before the fall of the Soviet Union (on 28 April 1990) Born: 1924. He is now 94
  9. A U.S. Secret Service Agent who did advance work on the Houston leg of President Kennedy's trip to Texas in 1963
  10. Wife of General Chuck Yeager/Dedicated her name to his aircraft
  11. Brigadier General/ 1st woman to take command of a US Army infantry division at Joint Forces Training Base in Los Alamitos, California/She served as UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter pilot
  12. He captured Kennedy motorcade on film with Kodak Brownie movie camera from NW corner of Main & Market street. Later received a firsthand account of assassination from coworker, Charles Brehm, who saw shooting from only a few feet away
  13. The Soupman - 'Basis for 'The Soup Nazi' on Seinfeld'
  14. Yen Yen Chinese restaurant proprietor in Cocoa Beach where he and Alan Shepard concocted the recipe for the 1st Moon Shot drink
  15. One of the many survivors of the dropping of the first Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima by the Enola Gay on 6 August 1945. He was one of only 14 people to live after being within 750m of the hypocentre of the explosion. He is now 80
  16. Chinese linguist, 'Father of Pinyin', Supercentenarian Born January 13, 1906
  17. Oldest American at 110 (Albany)
  18. Oldest known user of the Internet
  19. Hiroshima survivor Hiroko Tsutsumi, then 18 years old. Later married an American, moved to the US, and became known as Rose
  20. South Texas Bureau Chief for UPI , Terry secured an interview with Parkland physician , Malcolm Perry , within days of the assassination
  21. Tulsa race riot survivor. Lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma
  22. He was a POW in the Iraq Freedom war
  23. JFK - Secret Service agent, LBJ detail, best known for using his body to shield Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson during the assassination of John F. Kennedy in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963
  24. Born 1985. Russian Poltican and Journalist. Currently resides in Russia
  25. Miss Spain 2013, runner up Miss Universe 2013, first openly lesbian beauty queen
  26. Former Soviet spy, a mole in the KGB, spying for the Federal Bureau of Investigation in 1970s and 1980s before being caught and imprisoned/Would take pictures of sensitive documents using a tiny CIA camera disguised as a cigarette lighter