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  1. American inventor, whose most famous invention is the modern ice resurfacer, with his surname being registered as a trademark for these resurfacers
  2. Professor in Natural Science and a Professor of Chemistry at Stanford University.[6] Throughout his career, Zare has made a considerable impact in physical chemistry and analytical chemistry
  3. Austrian quantum physicist who in 2022 received the Nobel Prize in Physics, jointly with Alain Aspect and John Clauser
  4. nobel chem. laureate 1999
  5. Nobel medicine laureate 1996
  6. Nuclear physicist @ University of Chicago Metallurgical Laboratory/worked on Manhattan Project & credited starting World?s self-sustaining nuclear reaction by withdrawing a control rod from world?s 1st nuclear reactor on 12/2/1942
  7. German virologist, 2008 co-Nobel Prize in Medicine