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  1. Team leader on the New Horizon mission to the dwarf planet Pluto
  2. Astronaut STS-29 40
  3. Flight (astronaut)
  4. Astronaut
  5. Astronaut sts-43 52 68 81
  6. cosmonaut
  7. Worked on the cassini spacecraft and its Exploration of the planet Saturn and its moon titan
  8. Astronaut lss-19 tma 14
  9. Astronaut (3 Space Shuttle mission 1996-2001)/Survivor Panama(Exile Island)
  10. Astronaut sts-51f
  11. Flight (astronaut) sts-51f
  12. French astronaut
  13. Astronaut/Moonwalker
  14. Bloodline/Daughter of Astronaut Alan Bean/Lives in Texas Hill Country
  15. Apollo 11 and later: One of the engineers who designed the astronaut backpacks for all Apollo missions
  16. space engineer nasa administrator (81 & 85)
  17. astronaut
  18. Rocket Scientest on Werhner von Braun's Team at Fort Bliss Texas, 1946/Operation Paperclip was code name for 1945 Office of Strategic Services, Joint Intelligence Objectives Agency recruitment of German scientists from Nazi Germany to US after VE Day
  19. Author of several Space Publications/Early NASA Official/Director of advanced programs and plans
  20. Pilot Vietnam War/Astronaut
  21. former cosmonaut from Slovakia, now working as military attaché in Moscow, Russia
  22. Astronaut born Sept 9, 1957; has not traveled into space; retired 1991
  23. Russian cosmonaut, Voskhod-2 (With Alexeij Leonov)
  24. (1921-1995) Was a Soviet cosmonaut who commanded the space mission Soyuz 3 in 1968.was awarded the title of the Hero of the Soviet Union twice, first time on October 26, 1944 for his military service during World War II, and second time for his space flig
  25. Astronomer
  26. NASA - The artist who did the mission logos for the Mercury missions "Friendship 7" (Glenn), "Aurora 7" (Carpenter) and "Sigma" (Schirra); first and only woman to ascend the launch gantry and go inside the room that surrounded the vehicle
  27. Recruited by John Glenn to design and hand-paint the insignia on the outside of his Mercury spacecraft
  28. Malaysian Cosmonaut, Soyuz TMA-11
  29. Civilian Astronaut, Space Ship One pilot
  30. Flight (aviator) 1965 group 4 astronaut candidate
  31. She sewed the US flag, what was brought from Neil Armstrong with the Apollo mission and was flaged on the moon
  32. Astronaut
  33. Flight (astronaut) sts-29,33,43,58 79/81
  34. Astronaut
  35. America's first african american astronaut. STS-8 , STS-39, STS-53 , STS-61
  36. American Astronaut; STS-6, STS-51-D, STS-51-J
  37. astronaut
  38. astronaut
  39. Astronaut - Former NASA Administrator
  40. Canadian Female Astronaut - NASA Space Shuttle Discovery To Spacelab. (1992)
  41. Astronaut
  42. Astronomer/co-discoverer of the Hale-Bopp comet
  43. Andrei Ivanovich Borisenko is a Russian cosmonaut. He was selected as a cosmonaut in May 2003, and is a veteran of two long duration missions to the International Space Station
  44. Test Pilot/Astronaut - Mission Gemini 7 and Apollo 8, Eastern Airlines CEO
  45. NASA Langley Research Center, Hampton, Virginia Aerospace Engineer, Structures Division (1962) NASA Manned Spacecraft Center, Houston, Texas Aerospace Engineer, Mission Planning and Analysis Division (1962-1965) Flight Dynamics Officer Apollo Program
  46. Flight scientist
  47. astronaut
  48. Astronaut
  49. Mission operation manager on the New horizon flight to the dwarf planet Pluto
  50. Early experimental research test pilot. Boyd is an engineering test pilot for NASA and USAF. F-111
  51. American Author, Retired United States Air Force Officer, Command Pilot, Combat Veteran, Aviation Historian, And Former Director Of NASA
  52. Astronaut
  53. Astronaut-flew on STS:8,51G,32,49.
  54. Astronaut
  55. NASA Administrator; Former U.S. Representative from Oklahoma
  56. Astronaut
  57. Astronaut
  58. Was telemetry and communications specialist and part of the Apollo 11 team that maintained communication between mission control and the spacecraft
  59. astronaut
  60. Astronomer, born 1965. Discovered many objects in the far solar system, including Eris, which led to Pluto being downgraded to a 'Dwarf Planet' with Eris. Author of the book 'I Killed Pluto.'
  61. astronaut
  62. astronaut germany
  63. Flight astronaut sts-51c,61a,29,48
  64. Flight astronaut sts 90
  65. Flight astronaut 1967 group 6 astronaut candidate, turned MD in Urology
  66. Navigator on the cassini spacecraft that studied the planet saturn
  67. astronaut
  68. astronaut
  69. Austrian geophysicist and pioneer of space research
  70. Boeing engineer, born 1930, worked on the 1966 Lunar Orbiter, an early NASA unmanned probe to photograph and map the moon, and chose Apollo landing spots
  71. astronaut
  72. Retired astronaut
  73. cosmonaut
  74. Russian Cosmonaut/flew three manned space flights -- Vostok 5, Soyuz 22 & Soyuz 37
  75. Russian cosmonaut / astronaut