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StarTiger - Browsing Category Home->Historical, Scientific & Military Figures->Explorer , A-Z Filter: all
Browsing Category Home->Historical, Scientific & Military Figures->Explorer , A-Z Filter: all
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  1. Anthropologist who during the 1970's, lived in Papua New Guinea studying The Abelam people, their ceremonies and religious beliefs. She also worked for the Papua New Guinea government collecting artefacts for the country's museums
  2. Accomplished mountaineer who has led memorable expeditions scaling the peaks of the Yukon. Member of the Order of Canada
  3. 14-year-old mountain climber who was born in Africa when her parents were missionaries
  4. mountaineer
  5. American mountaineer
  6. Radio Operator with Richard Byrd, Byrd Antartic Expedition 2 Team
  7. Dutch Archeologist
  8. Discovered wrecks of PT-109 JFK John F. Kennedy's boat he was Skipper of, the Titanic & Bismarck; numerous underwater scientific feats
  9. 1st woman to cross antarctica on foot
  10. Climbed mount Everest in same party as Edmund Hillary in 1953
  11. First person to freefall across the English Channel and the first human to break the sound barrier outside of a vehicle
  12. Deep Freeze: an officer on the U.S.S. Arneb
  13. Shark and Deep Water Award-Winning Conservationist. Was married to late Author, Peter Benchley
  14. Adventure Enthusiast/Explorer, Host Of 'theHistory Channel's 'Digging For The Truth'
  15. Mountain climber
  16. Born In Singapore, English Female Socialite, International Adventurer And Activist, Who Came To Prominence After Climbing The Summit Of Mount Everest On 15 May 2004, Making Her The Fourth British Woman To Do So. Awarded OBE in 2006
  17. American shipwreck diver and government specialist, currently living in Ramstein, Germany
  18. Russian Climber, Author
  19. Physicist with Richard Byrd, Byrd Antartic Expedition 2 Team
  20. Author/Mountaineer/Film Maker/'Seven Years in Tibet', IMAX 'Everest' & others
  21. American Male Sled Dog Racer, Kennel Owner And Motivational Speaker - Yukon Quest Dog Sled Race Winner (1999). Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race Runner Up (2002 And 2003). Henry Haln 200 Winner (1996)
  22. Director of 1937 Love Life of a Gorilla. Also an explorer.
  23. Joe Brown  (2)
    English mountaineer who made many significant ascents in the Alps in the 1950's. In 1955, he was part of the team who made the first ascent of the third highest mountain in the world, Kangchenjunga in the in the Nepalese Himalaya
  24. Four Time Winner of the Iditarod Dog Sled Race
  25. Walked across Africa
  26. Adventurer, Professional Speaker
  27. Italian Mountaineer/Born:01/02/1909
  28. Explorer
  29. Explorer
  30. Explorer
  31. Explorer
  32. Adventurer
  33. Last survivor of a group of four teenage boys who discovered the Cave of Lascaux in 1940
  34. First person to the summit of K2
  35. Australia's leading underwater photographer and one of the first to film the Whale Shark
  36. Mountain climber
  37. Adventurer - Australian presenter of 'Outback Adventures'
  38. French Egyptologist and scientist who published a theory stating that the stones of the Great Pyramid where not carved stone but mostly a form of limestone concrete
  39. Dennis Davis  (3)
    British mountaineer, the first man to climb the Mount Nuptse in 1961
  40. One of three to reach & rescue Richard Byrd, Byrd Antartic Expedition 2 Team
  41. Great Biker Buildoff on Discovery Channel
  42. French rock climber and mountaineer. In 1992 she became the first woman to complete a solo ascent of the Eiger's north face
  43. Author
  44. Austrian mountaineer, member of the expeditions that first climbed the Broad Peak and Dhaulagiri
  45. Russian polar explorer
  46. German mountaineer and explorer. First german who climbed on top of all 14 8000er
  47. Chief Radio Engineer during 2nd Richard Byrd, Byrd Antartic Expedition 2 Team
  48. 'Norman G. Dyhrenfurth (born May 7, 1918) is a Swiss-American mountaineer and film maker. He was the leader of the successful American Mount Everest Expedition of 1963, which placed six climbers on the summit.'
  49. Rock-Climber
  50. French navigator
  51. One of the Sir Edmund Hillary party, on the 1953 Mt. Everest feat
  52. Explorer
  53. First solo balloonist to circumnavigate the earth..
  54. Monkey Woman of the World/Reseacher
  55. Mountaineer of the 1996 Mt. Everest tragedy
  56. German explorer & wolf scientist, lived amongst wolves for several years, opened a wolf park in germany
  57. British Explorer who, along with Edmund Hillary, completed the first overland crossing of Antarctica
  58. Mountain climber
  59. Nuno Gomes  (2)
    South African SCUBA diver, holder of the Guinness World Record deep dive. He is also a renowned cave diver and holds the current world record for the deepest cave dive, done in Boesmansgat cave ,South Africa in 1996
  60. Member of the successful British team which made the first ascent of Mount Everest in 1953, he was in charge of stills photography. Now lives in Australia
  61. Presenter/Adventurer: Born Survivor, Man vs Wild. Chief Scout
  62. Explorer, Yachtsman
  63. American adventurer and author
  64. explorer
  65. Pushed his wheelchair across Canada, Author & Motivation Speaker
  66. Mountaineer and one of the last surviving team members of the 1955 Kangchenjunga expedition. He now lives in New Zealand
  67. Austrian explorer and author of Seven Years in Tibet
  68. Underwater model, wife of pioneer diver Hans Hass
  69. Deep Freeze: he operated a quad-radar unit and built the control tower
  70. Former resistance fighter and noted explorer from Norway
  71. British born marine engineer and submarine designer.He also designed the one-man microsubmersible Mantis, which he himself piloted in the James Bond film 'For Your Eyes Only'. As late as 2007, he held the world solo dive record of 3,000 feet (910 m)
  72. French mountaineer, was member of the French Annapurma expedition in 1950; later became a politician
  73. Former Norwegian explorer with Kon-Tiki
  74. Rock climber
  75. Mountaineer, Survivor Of The 1996 Mount Everest Tragedy
  76. First Black Woman to make it to the North Pole. She did this after surviving lung cancer at age 67 & traveling to the North Pole at age 75.
  77. Mountain climber; among the first to scale Mt. Everest (with Tenzing Norgay, Sherpa guide)
  78. Peter Hillary  (2)
    Mountain climber, son of Edmund Hillary
  79. Blind International Adventurer
  80. American rock climber
  81. American mountaineer
  82. Belgian explorer
  83. First double amputee to reach the top of Mt Everest in 2006; had lost both legs to frostbite in 1982
  84. The Crocodile Hunter
  85. Widow of Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter; Hosts Planet's Best on Animal Planet with daughter Bindi
  86. Discovery Channel Motorcycle Mania
  87. Adventurer
  88. WW2 vet, born 1921, and the last surviving member of Richard Byrd'sThird Antarctic Expedition in 1939. Also returned with Byrd on his 1946 and 1947 expeditions
  89. Brian Jones  (9)
  90. dog sled racer
  91. Australian Aborigine whose story was told in The Rabbit Proof Fence
  92. Antarctic explorer
  93. Mountaineer
  94. Mountain climber
  95. Four Time Winner of the Iditarod Dog Sled Race
  96. (1875-1934) reigned as King of the Belgians from 1909 to 1934. King Albert was killed in a mountaineering accident in eastern Belgium in 1934, at the age of 58, and he was succeeded by his son Leopold
  97. Author. Into the Wild, Iceland, Eiger Dreams, and Under the Banner of Heaven, and Into Thin Air, his personal account of the 1996 Mt. Everest disaster
  98. Swedish adventurer, rode his bicykle from sweden to mt Everest and climed to the top and then rode his bike back to sweden
  99. Turkish Air Force Lieutenant, best known for his 1960 aerial photograph of an outline of a ship on the peak of Mount Ararat, which is thought to be the site of Noah's Ark
  100. Italian mountaineer, 1st Person to reach K2
  101. Mountaineer
  102. Australian explorer
  103. Vertebrate Zoologist with Richard Byrd, Byrd Antartic Expedition 2 Team
  104. Last surviving witness to 'The Sutton Hoo excavation' in 1939, considered to be one of the most important excavation's made in British archaeological history. She lives in Chester, UK and is now 84 years old
  105. Pioneering female pilot. A WASP during WWII
  106. George Lowe  (2)
    British climber and last surviving member of the 1953 Everest Expedition. He now lives in Upper Holloway, near Matlock, Derbyshire
  107. Fastest solo racer around the world. (and came 2nd in the 2001 race) the first woman to sail solo around the world, comes from the Isle Of Wight - UK
  108. Mountain climber
  109. 1 of 3 People who in 2006 went on expedition to the river Nile to find its Source (where it really starts) and found it and becouse of this the river Nile became the longest river in the world
  110. Biologist best known to the general public for his interest in the Loch Ness Monster and other cryptozoological entities
  111. Winner of the 1983 Iditarod Dog Sled Race
  112. Australian Outback explorer, had a show called Adventure Bound on the Travel Channel
  113. Australian Antarctic Explorer
  114. Explorer, First person to row single handed across the North Atlantic Ocean
  115. One of the pioneers of underwater swimming in Britain and author of many books on diving
  116. 1 of 3 People who in 2006 went on expedition to the river Nile to find its Source (where it really starts) and found it and becouse of this the river Nile became the longest river in the world
  117. 1 of 3 People who in 2006 went on expedition to the river Nile to find its Source (where it really starts) and found it and becouse of this the river Nile became the longest river in the world
  118. Novelist, travel writer, and adventurer
  119. antarctic explorer / author / lecturer
  120. Mountaineer
  121. Geographer. Going to Extremes Channel 4.
  122. Japanese alpinist born in 1932, became the first person to ski on Mount Everest on May 6, 1970 and reach the summit again in 2013 at the age of 80
  123. American mountaineer, author and artist from Burley, Washington. He is best known as the author of The Challenge of Rainier, first published in 1971 and considered the definitive work on the climbing history of Mount Rainier
  124. Canadian photographer and mountain climber who was the first person in the world to have climbed the highest peaks of all seven continents
  125. World traveller
  126. Youngest person to climb Mt Everest, at age 25 in 1999
  127. Dutch Arctic and Antarctic explorer. First Person to ski to all 3 poles in one year. First Dutch person to reach the South Pole
  128. Mountain climber
  129. Indian mountaineer, who in 1984 became the first Indian woman to reach the summit of Mount Everest
  130. Spanish (Basque) mountaineer. First woman to climb all fourteen eight-thousanders peaks
  131. found 1st civil war submarine 1 31 years after it sunk
  132. Geophysicist who discovered the Chicxulub crater
  133. Zoologist with Richard Byrd, Byrd Antartic Expedition 2 Team
  134. Swiss balloonist and psychiatrist
  135. mountaineer
  136. Nepalese Gurkha awarded the Victoria Cross in June 1944
  137. Adventurer, fist swede to climb Mt Everest
  138. Iditarod Champion 1985 // First Woman to Win
  139. Mountain climber
  140. French bare-handed urban climber; AKA 'Spiderman'
  141. American boy who at age 13 became the youngest climber ever to reach the top of Mt Everest in 2010
  142. 26th US President, statesman, writer, explorer, 1858-1919
  143. Explorer/Byrd: geographic, air reconnaissance and photogrammetric officer to Admiral Byrd on two antarctic expeditions and served as Byrd's scientific advisor
  144. British born TV presenter and Antarctic explorer. He is also an experienced and popular public speaker, science support and field logistics expert, polar guide, professional diver and instructor, mountaineer and yacht skipper
  145. Russian explorer; appeared in Titanic (1997)
  146. Explorer
  147. long distance rower explorer
  148. long distance rower explorer
  149. Legally blind musher in the Iditarod Dog Race
  150. North Poal Explorer. Author
  151. British mountaineer and explorer
  152. Rowing
  153. English archaeologist best known for her studies of The Yeti aka The Abominable Snowman and The Almas, the wild man of Mongolia. Now lives in North Yorkshire, England
  154. Florida Skunk Ape Specialist
  155. Oldest man to climb Mt Everest at age 76; from Nepal
  156. The oldest of the four surviving Sherpas from the 1953 Everest Expedition. He is now 90+ and lives in Namche Bazaar, Solukhumbu District in the Sagarmatha Zone of north-eastern Nepal
  157. Mountain climber
  158. Last surviving Sherpa from the 1953 Everest Expedition. He is now 82 and lives in Namche Bazaar, Solukhumbu District in the Sagarmatha Zone of north-eastern Nepal. Also known as Fura Kancha Sherpa
  159. Mountain climber
  160. One of the four surviving Sherpas from the 1953 Everest Expedition. He now lives in Darjeeling, West Bengal, India
  161. One of the four surviving Sherpas from the 1953 Everest Expedition. He now lives in Darjeeling, West Bengal, India
  162. Discover of many comets. Was living in Flagstaff AZ
  163. Professional mountain guide since 1973 & has personally conducted over 100 major expeditions around the globe, including over 30 to Himalayas. Recognized internationally as one of the world's premiere mountaineering expedition leaders
  164. Joe Simpson  (2)
    Touching the Void is based on his experiences
  165. Joe Simpson  (6)
    Author, Mountaineer - Touching The Void
  166. Pioneer in underwater archaeology (Born: 1947) who studies shipwrecks and sunken treasure. He is also a published author. He was twelve years old when he found his first five shipwrecks. He discovered the SS Georgiana in 1965
  167. Reality star, Explorer, Naked and Marooned
  168. skydiver
  169. Polar explorer, author
  170. One of the pioneers of living under the sea. In 1962, he stayed for 26 hours at 200 feet, in 1964, for 49 hours at 432 feet
  171. First British Woman to Conquer Everest
  172. Youngest to climb world 7 summits at 17
  173. English mountaineer/army officer who took part in the 1953 American Karakoram Expedition. He is now living in retirement
  174. Explorer
  175. Robert Swan  (3)
    Polar Explorer and Environmental campaigner
  176. iditerod racing
  177. First Women to climb MT Everest
  178. artic explorer skier
  179. Wife of Lowell Thomas. Lives in Alaska
  180. Austrian mountaineer, actor an author 1892-1990
  181. Studys Vampires
  182. Antarctic explorer, Byrd expedition 1927
  183. climber
  184. Naturalist/Ethnographer
  185. Actor/River Biologist/Extreme Fisherman - River Monsters
  186. One of the Edmund Hillary group, 1953 Mt. Everest feat
  187. Explorer - longest raft voyage in history
  188. Photographer/Explorer
  189. Five-time Emmy winning cinematographer and underwater film producer who was the world's first cameraman to film the Great White shark
  190. 17 year old sailed solo aroung the world
  191. Anthony Wayne  (2)
    Member of the famed U.S. Antarctic Service Expedition, often referred to as Rear Admiral Richard Byrd's third Antarctic Expedition. He is now 98 and lives in Niskayuna, Schenectady County, New York, USA. Born: 1915
  192. Mountain climber, first blind person to reach the summit of Mount Everest
  193. One of the last surviving member's of the 1953 Everest Expedition. He is now 87 and lives in Cumbria, UK with his wife, Sally. He and George Lowe are now the only two surviving members of the 1953 Everest Expedition
  194. Cowboy, guano miner, cave explorer, and park ranger for the National Park Service. He is best remembered as the discoverer, early promoter and explorer of what is known today as Carlsbad Caverns in Carlsbad Caverns National Park, New Mexico
  195. Jim Whittaker  (2)
    An American mountaineer. First American to reach the summit of Mount Everest (1963)
  196. Man who climbed the World Trade Center in 1977
  197. One of Seven Farmers who discovered the Terra Cotta Army
  198. Touching the Void is based on his and his partners esperiences.
  199. Paranormal investigator
  200. iditarod