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Browsing Category Home->Historical, Scientific & Military Figures->Historian , A-Z Filter: S
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  1. Professor, Political Analyst/JFK Book; 'The Kennedy Half-Century: The Presidency, Assassination, and Lasting Legacy of John F. Kennedy'
  2. Writer, Burlesque performer, worked at Exotic World in CA
  3. JFK - Contemporary witness to the Nov. 22, 1963, Dallas motorcade of President John F. Kennedy; saw the President from the 5th floor of the Neiman Marcus building
  4. Portuguese Historian and Jurist. Born: 10/03/1919
  5. TV host (Weird US), author (Weird NJ, Weird US), co-founder and editor of WeirdNJ magazine
  6. Egyptologist
  7. Historian / Television Presenter
  8. Author/America's foremost pop historian of serial murder
  9. A Dutch historian who was the last insurgent of the Nazis'
  10. Author and historian - '1000 days: The presidency of JFK'
  11. Legedary writer and history expert
  12. One of the last crew members and survivors of MV Wilhelm Gustloff, which sank after being torpedoed by submarine in 1945 resulting in the greatest ship disaster in history. He is now 86 and recently wrote the book "The Sinking of the Wilhelm Gustloff"
  13. Paleontology superstar, discovered Afrovenator, Jobaria
  14. American Child Actress,Author and Historian born 1918.knowed as BABY PEGGY in silent movies 1920-28.'Helens Babies','Family Secret','Jack and the Beanstalk','Little Rascal','Hansel and Gretel','Cpt.January' Born: 10/26/1918
  15. Holocaust survivor
  16. Famous film historian and film writer. Author of renowned film histories and a biography of Judy Garland
  17. Author- L.Frank Baum:Royal Historian of Oz
  18. African Americans' rights activist, Former civil rights activist
  19. Author and noted authority on Jewish boxing history. Historical consultant and on-air commentator for 19 boxing docs. Former boxing promoter, Inspector with the NY State Athletic Comm, and a member of the International Boxing Research Org
  20. One of the last survivors of The Halifax Explosion that occured on Thursday, December 6, 1917, when the city of Halifax, Canada, was devastated by the huge detonation of the SS Mont-Blanc. He is now 101 and still lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
  21. Time Team
  22. Film Historian and Writer
  23. Author, film historian
  24. Writer and Historian
  25. Tracey Smith  (2)
    Time Team
  26. Is a former officer in the United States Marine Corps and the proprietor of The Globe and Laurel Restaurant in Stafford, Virginia. He served in the Marine Corps for over 29 years and is called 'the living historian of the Marine Corps'
  27. Historial and constitutional expert
  28. Baseball historian. Author of The Colonel and Hug: The Partnership that Transformed the Yankees. Received the 2007 McFarland-SABR Baseball Research Award, honoring authors of the best articles or papers on baseball history or biography
  29. PhD, Historian of American medicine & health policy
  30. W.A.S.P/Women army Service Pilot ww2,flew the b-26, p-39, at-6, pt-19, b-17
  31. Philanthropist, historian is a great-granddaughter of 26th U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt and the granddaughter of Alice Roosevelt Longworth
  32. Writer, broadcaster and historian and great niece of George Mallory, the most famous Everest mountaineer of the 1920s