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  1. Holds the record for the most free throws
  2. Ruth Anderson  (3)
    Supercentenarian Born: 07/24/1899. Oldest person in Minnesota. 33rd Oldest Living Person in the World
  3. British Marital Record Holder
  4. Had successfully implanted 'world first' bionic eye prototype, described as a major breakthrough for the visually impaired by Bionic Vision Australia (BVA)Australian scientists
  5. Mountain Bike Record Holder
  6. George Bell  (2)
    Tallest man in the USA
  7. Worlds fastest reader (1990)
  8. 2nd fastest eater in the world....guiness world record holder
  9. guinness world record holder for the longest time aloft for paper airplanes -27.6 seconds
  10. 91 year old Guinness Record Holder for Water Skiing. Born: 01/22/1915
  11. Mountain climber, oldest person to successfully summit Mount Everest
  12. U.K. businessman and possesses the worlds largest and most significant autograph collection from the Apollo Missions
  13. Guiness record holder for longest cigar measuring over 82 metres long
  14. World Record Holder For Fastest Metabolism; Weighs 101lbs, eats 6,500 calories a day to stop from dying
  15. Competitive eater, holds world record for hot dogs
  16. King of Donkey Kong, with a score of 1,090,400
  17. Supercentenarian.'Worlds Oldest Girl Scout' Born: 05/15/1900. 64th Oldest Living Person in the World
  18. Senior Vice President at Google, holds the World Record for highest Stratosphere jump
  19. Has the Most Guinness World Records Held By an Individual
  20. Nuno Gomes  (2)
    South African SCUBA diver, holder of the Guinness World Record deep dive. He is also a renowned cave diver and holds the current world record for the deepest cave dive, done in Boesmansgat cave ,South Africa in 1996
  21. American woman from Chicago who is in the Guinness Book of World Records as Furthest Eyeball Popper; can pop her eyeballs to a protrusion of 12 mm (0.47 in) beyond her eye sockets
  22. Don Gorske of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin is an American world record holder and 'Big Mac enthusiast'
  23. Supercentenarian born 1900
  24. driver of world land speed record- ssc thrust
  25. Holds the world record for oldest person to skydive
  26. Former Guinness & Current ripley's world record holder for the longest non stop wheelie in a wheelchair
  27. In the Guinness Book of World Records for the Loudest Burp
  28. World record holder for world's smallest waist line
  29. Turkish farmer who is the world's tallest living man, standing at 8'3" (2.51m)
  30. Holds the Record Speed for the Fastest on a Mini Bike
  31. Holds the World Record For Having the Most Tattoos
  32. World recording holding sky diver
  33. Italian supercentenarian Born: 11/29/1899 who is, at the age of 116 years, 0 days, the oldest living person in Italy and Europe, and the oldest living person in the world. Last known living person born in the 1800's. Lives in Verbania, Italy
  34. Talks really fast, possibly in Guiness record book, infamous FedEx commercials in the 1980s, Transformers The Movie
  35. Oldest Living Person born 1899
  36. First person to walk around the world solo, and is now an author and speaker
  37. Oldest living woman and second oldest living person in the world. One of only two people born in the year 1987 living today
  38. Worlds shortest living person, at 2' 5'
  39. guiness record holder for the world's largest natural breasts/model/actress
  40. Centenarian. She and her sister Marjorie Ruddles were recognized as the oldest living sisters until her died in December 2012
  41. This lady has the world's largest hips
  42. German businessman and stuntman; bungie jumping pioneer with several world records
  43. (born 1973, Aalborg, Denmark) is a four-time World Champion freediver and holder of two Guinness World Records
  44. Physician oldest man to circle the globe born 1907
  45. UK Supercentenarian. 67th Oldest Living Person in the World. Born: 05/24/1900
  46. World's tallest living man, from Ukraine, at 8' 5'
  47. adult star world largest breasts/guinness
  48. Japanese Supercentenarian. Born: 05/20/1899. 32nd Oldest Person in the World
  49. Known as professor splash--he jumps from high hights Down in a pool With only 30 cm of water--has been on Americas got talent
  50. Supercentenarian (1889-2002), one of the last Italian WWI veterans, and at the time of his death, the world's oldest man
  51. Mountain climber
  52. Oldest Living Person in the World. Known as Dona Quita. Born: 07/09/1896. One of four remaining people alive born in the year 1896. Lives in Brazil
  53. Guinness Book Of World Records Hall of Fame holder for having the highest I.Q. in the world - 228 / 'Ask Marilyn' column - Parade Magazine; married to Dr Robert Jarvik
  54. Record holder surviving the highest fall without a parachute, was flight attendant on JAT Airlines flight 367, which exploded on January 26, 1972 with her on board
  55. History's Tallest Man
  56. former title holder of Tallest Living Man, at 7'9'
  57. SR-71 Blackbird pilot